24 Year Old Hoping To Gain Her Confidence Back - Miami, FL

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I'm 24 and have been contemplating getting a...

I'm 24 and have been contemplating getting a surgery done for a couple of years now. Over the years, my weight has always been up and down, but I've never had a big or round butt; which I was okay with until recently now that I've gained more weight. I have lost all of my confidence and I know for sure that fixing my body will bring me back to the confident, secure person I once was. I was fixated on going to Dr. Miami for my surgery, as I heard good things about him and know a few girls who went to him and have awesome bodies. However, not only is he booked until MARCH 2018, I've also heard that lately, his work has been a bit "sloppy." I'm not sure what to believe, but I do know I will not be waiting until March 2018 for a new body! I've been looking into a few doctors and I think I'm going with Dr. Blinski. I initially found him on a site that ONLY lists doctors who are a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This site was SO helpful because it makes me feel a bit more at ease about choosing a qualified, experienced doctor. After viewing Dr. Blinski's profile I looked him up on this site and he has some pretty good reviews. He sent me a detailed email along with a quote so I'll be contacting him sometime this week to get more information and hopefully to put down my $500 deposit! I'll keep you ladies updated. In the meantime, if you know of any other amazing doctors please feel free to let me know! So excited for this journey!

Scheduled My Date For Surgery!

After a bunch of phone calls with Dr. Blinski, I finally put down my deposit today to secure my date. I'm all set for January 10th! Let the countdown begin!!

Blinski's IG page

Hi Ladies,

Anyone know what happened to Dr. Blinski's IG page?


Hi Ladies,

My surgery date is scheduled for Jan. 10th with Dr. Blinski, and I'm excited, but I'm also beginning to panic.

I'm currently 195 lbs and 5'5. I spoke with Blinski & he told me I should try to be 180 lbs before the day of my surgery. He also let me know he will NOT operate on anyone with a BMI over 32. I have begun to exercise and have changed my diet but I'm afraid I won't hit my ideal weight before my surgery date. Does anyone have any advice?? Please let me know! My flight is already booked and I would hate for Blinski to cancel my surgery due to my weight. :-(

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

Had my consult today with Dr. Blinski and tomorrow is the actual survey!

Blinski is very upfront and quite blunt. Although I lost 10 pounds since my last update, he told me I might need a round two. I'm hoping everything just goes well and that I'll fall in love with my results.

My patient coordinator, Jackie, was absolutely amazing. She reassured me that everything would go well and that I would look great. She made me feel at ease and 100% comfortable.

I will update you guys soon! Wish me luck!

24 Year Old BBL

I am 5 days post surgery and I still feel the same level of discomfort and pain from day one. Overall, however, my results came out great. I'm anxious to see how my body will continue forming over the months & the anticipation is the only thing keeping me going despite the pain.

I cannot do anything on my own. I can't use the restroom, bathe, bend, stand, or dress myself. I meet with Dr. Blinski tomorrow to have my drains removed & check my progress. Hoping to hear some good things! Here's some pics in the meantime. I'll post more as the weeks bypass.

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