24 Y/o 1 Bad Preeclampsia Pregnancy BBL or BBL W/TT - Miami, FL

Hello, I'm 24 year old. I'm looking into Tummy...

Hello, I'm 24 year old. I'm looking into Tummy Tuck but I wonder if a Brazilian Butt Lift can solve more of my lower mommy pouch area and flanks. I'm short 5 ft even 130s in weight and my preeclampsia pregnancy made me gain 90 pounds in fluid retention totally damage my body. Can I gain a better result with the BBL or badly need a TT?!

New Doctor will be going to DR for Mallol

The countdown begins....March 29 I leave the states head to DR SX on March 30 (Day before my birthday) too excited...Will be in DR from March 29-April 6 at Armonia Recovery House...So 9 days on the island!!! I original took the premium offer of $4750 for Tummy Tuck, Lipo, and BBL did a deposit of $250 but I called about question for Armonia RH was offer a special of $65 per night for 9 days = $585 so I went with $3900 package so I will have to pay $3650. I'm currently taking Iron 365 mg, Folate 400 mg, and 1000 mg Vitamin C everyday. I have a plenty good greens and fruits lifestyle but living with the post pregnancy Cesarean nightmare scar.

Few expenses:

Supplies: About $125
Ticket: $400

Pictures attached but I have to get a few things....
US Binder
Lipo Foam going looks at craft store
Going to do a cloth triangle (maybe?)

Almost that time 3-30-17

Putting the final stuff together only taking a carry on and small duffle on the plane hopefully all these items get clearance for!!! Ready for 3/29 to get on this plane!!! My best friend will be coming with me the first half of the trip so the critical surgery n post days!!!! I'm happy for that

NEW MD!!! Dr. Mallol in DR!!! March 2017

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