24 Y/o 1 Bad Preeclampsia Pregnancy BBL or BBL W/TT - Miami, FL

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Hello, I'm 24 year old. I'm looking into Tummy...

Hello, I'm 24 year old. I'm looking into Tummy Tuck but I wonder if a Brazilian Butt Lift can solve more of my lower mommy pouch area and flanks. I'm short 5 ft even 130s in weight and my preeclampsia pregnancy made me gain 90 pounds in fluid retention totally damage my body. Can I gain a better result with the BBL or badly need a TT?!

New Doctor will be going to DR for Mallol

The countdown begins....March 29 I leave the states head to DR SX on March 30 (Day before my birthday) too excited...Will be in DR from March 29-April 6 at Armonia Recovery House...So 9 days on the island!!! I original took the premium offer of $4750 for Tummy Tuck, Lipo, and BBL did a deposit of $250 but I called about question for Armonia RH was offer a special of $65 per night for 9 days = $585 so I went with $3900 package so I will have to pay $3650. I'm currently taking Iron 365 mg, Folate 400 mg, and 1000 mg Vitamin C everyday. I have a plenty good greens and fruits lifestyle but living with the post pregnancy Cesarean nightmare scar.

Few expenses:

Supplies: About $125
Ticket: $400

Pictures attached but I have to get a few things....
US Binder
Lipo Foam going looks at craft store
Going to do a cloth triangle (maybe?)

Almost that time 3-30-17

Putting the final stuff together only taking a carry on and small duffle on the plane hopefully all these items get clearance for!!! Ready for 3/29 to get on this plane!!! My best friend will be coming with me the first half of the trip so the critical surgery n post days!!!! I'm happy for that

Arrive in DR yesterday 29th

Hi, I made it to DR safely 2 stops but I was able to enjoy Puerto Rico airport. The driver was waiting on me so I went straight to the clinic to meet the doctor but he was in surgery so was sent to the recovery house. I meet him at 8:30 last night he took pictures told me I had a hernia that cost $600 but with insurance I can do it in the states. Paid my $3650 balance + 100 for his transportation guy. PS the driving over here is crazier than Atlanta and NY combined so be aware and prepare to think you came close to an accident several times. Last night, I didn't get to get any labs done but I did my labs, X-ray, and check with the cardiologist so I received medical clearance. I'm just waiting patiently for 3 o'clock to come for surgery.

Love it

Sorry been trying to post since the day of surgery my picture but I love my results!! Dr. Mallol was worth it love Armonia recovery house too definitely didn't need the staff like that because I didn't have no pain just soreness like the gym my pain tolerance is super high so I don't feel nothing. The food is amazing love their bananas and/or strawberries smoothies and pineapple juice. Love the fruits and salad and their soup Yasss!!! This experience is worth it had a great group of surgery mates.

1 Week PO

Hi, I cut my trip short was ready to go so got back home a day earlier to not have to do that long layover. I went back to work for a few hours the next two days on Thursday and Friday. I did an interview on Friday afternoon. I been up and running like usual even decided to babysit my sister 4 out 6 kids (the older and walking kids) but this is the first time I experienced being super swollen in yesterday. I still where my compression garment stage 1 about to switch to stage 2. I love the faja but my thighs so big it cut off my circulation in one of my thighs so I have to take it off for a few. I brought a knee length size small faja hopefully this solve my problem cause this old one is getting on my nerves.

Few weeks PO

Few weeks PO...I been a work since I got off my plane....Enjoying my body and the drainage stop a lil after the 3rd week PO!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

NEW MD!!! Dr. Mallol in DR!!! March 2017

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