My BBL Is Almost Here, 5'9 195lbs Dr. Anthony Hasan 25yrs Old

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I am 24, 225 pounds, 5'9 and attempting to get a...

I am 24, 225 pounds, 5'9 and attempting to get a BBL.... I am schedule for my first consultation tomorrow, I am going into Vanity Cosmetics, My doctor of choice is fisher. I am hoping to flatten out my love handles and stomach but mostly I want a nice nice but. I will post some before pictures.. I had a great conversation when scheduling the first appointment. I am nervous but hope that I can get some answer. I am really interested in getting it done by the end of July, August but I know that may be hard.

UPDATE!!! OF SO I finally got the money together and lost weight.

So honestly I was not ready to have my BBL, my weight was out of control and I needed to get my body in a healthier state to feel safe. I am not 190lbs when I had gotten up to 235lbs. WOW I am so proud of myself. I have had another consult sense my first 2 post. I met with Dr. Hasan because he is available within my timeframe and is very good as well. I am moving forward with him. Dr. Perry is over booked and though he is amazing, I am not willing to spend 10,000 on plastic surgery. I will keep my butt. He is aggressive with lipo and will give you to butt you as for.

My Before photos

I am excited and nervous, but I wanted to post before photos, and afters. So here are by before.


What site did you guys get your products from, IE your stomach boards, fajas, and ect.

Sx Date Update Aug 6th, 2015

I now have a Sx date, (deep breath) I am a nurse so it makes me super worried about the side effects and risk, sometimes knowing too much can drive you crazy. My girlfriend who is laying next to me right now reading this as I type, is a little, or a lot of worried, she doesn't want me to look weird. I understand her worry, because I wouldn't want her to look weird either. It is only the truth, LOL. Well Sx is paid for and date is scheduled, next up supplies and booty wish photos.

Last Min Change to SX date.

I wanted to post a full 360 video of my before, because I gained weight (was not my intention) 196 lbs now. 5'9. I lost my measuring tape so I will be doing measurements tomorrow or wed. Due to a job opportunity in August, I have moved up my SX date, now I am scheduled for Thursday June 2nd, I am super nervous!!!! It was either move it up or push it back and I'm tired of waiting, so there was only one choice for me. Have a few last minute things I have to pick up and I will be ready. Any body have a location in Miami where I can get the abb board/liposuction boards for cheep? And other supplies?

I Need Help!!

This is just an update. I made it through surgery, the last few days have been really hard. I have a very high tolerance for pain and discomfort, but I'm struggling. I need help my faja is way to large now and I need to buy another one and some lipo board. Vanity is too expensive, where else can I get them not as expensive.

I atraced some update photos

2 weeks Post-Op

I have had a very very rough recovery. I ended up in the hospital for 3 1/2 days do to anemia and a small infection. I have 2 fluid pockets that I got to vanity to get drained and will be having my first message on Saturday next week because I had to cancel due to my hospital stay. I can say I am happy with my results. My body is amazing and I think it has a lot t do with me working out before. I have abs now. I didn't have a lot of pain through it all, more soreness and the fatigue was real. That was due to the amount of blood loss I had. I went in to surgery with a hemoglobin of 14 and 2 weeks later when I was admitted to the hospital found out it was at a 6 almost. I had a tun of draining. Right now I just left vanitu, most of my swelling is gone, and my bruising. I have one bad side effect of the lipo and that is the burns. I have a large one n my stomach and a smaller one on my side. The black circle you see on my back left side is one of the burns. Here are some after photos for my two week updatr.

Update photos

Bust 36
Waist 31
Hips 46

I also uploaded 2 pics of my lipo burns.

Over 10 Months Post-Op

Hey guys I have so much to update. I'm going to attempt to write one this weekend. Let me know if you have any questions.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I had a visit with Perry a few months ago.. The only thing I can say was a negative was the wait in the waiting room. The amazing part of that was meeting his past clients, even one for year or more ago. I am on the fence with Perry or Fisher. It is more because of cost and my weight. I have lost some of the weight to be a fisher client I am down to 200 but to be within his requirements I would have to loose 20 more pounds. I love Perry but he is about 9000 for the procedure. Fisher is 5000... -_______- lord what do i do... Well I start a new job next month maybe I will be more motivated to pay for Perry.

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