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I'm 24 years old from nyc & I will be having a bbl...

I'm 24 years old from nyc & I will be having a bbl & chin lipo with Dr. Omulepu. I am in no way over weight I just tend to carry weight in my face & midsection & I want to change that. I haven't told my family because I don't want to deal with negativity or nay sayers because it is happening regardless of anyone's opinion. I amhere to document & share my journey to an extent. I have no plans to share any before photos out of personal choice unless requested but I will share some after photos! I chose dr.omulepu because I love the results that I see & the price is awesome! & although his staff can be questionable at times I am confident that he will give me the result I am looking for. I originally planned to stay in a hotel & hire a caretaker for a day but I chose to stay at a recovery house. Frankly I think the rates of some of the places in Miami are ridiculous but I thank god I found Amy & will be recovering with her in her home. I have literally contacted about 10 other women/clinics that offer recovery services & I felt most comfortable with her. That's just my personal choice she has great reviews, prices & answers all my questions & gives tons of additional info she really just wants to help you have the best experience & recovery. I was beyond scared before but I honestly feel super comfortable & happy now that I found her & have everything lined up. I'm open to all questions & helping as best I can I am no expert in any sense but I'm friendly & totally willing to do what I can. I have a few recovery house numbers if any of you ladies need options.

Blood work

So I have been taking my supplements & eating plenty steak on top of the other things I've been eating to gain a little weight. I got my bloodwork done 6/26/15 haven't got my results back yet but I hope that everything is ok. I'm starting to get more excited & nervous by the day my bag is already mostly packed lol I can't wait!! New me coming soon ???????????? more wish pics also!

Blood work results

I got my results back & everything is good to go for surgery I'm so excited & nervous I've been on an emotional roller coaster. Stalking real self profiles like a mad woman lol I'm ready for it to all be over with the anxiety is a bitch right before!! More wish pics mostly found on real self lol

Blood work results

Blood work came back great so I'm cleared for surgery. Stress & anxiety is killing me now I can't wait for this to be over with I'm so nervous now that I'm a week out. I'm on an emotional roller coaster right now lol idk why oh well 8 more days to my new body!!

Bag packed & ready to go!!

Honestly my bag has been packed for about a week now but I put the final thing in the bag beside a toothbrush. I'm getting more & more nervous by the day. Kind of going into a shut down mode. Doing my hair, lashes & nails tomorrow lol I figure if I'm going to feel like shit I don't have to look like it. Might make me feel better too! Next update after my consultation maybe I'll finally add a before pic as well idk


Stress beyond belief I'm honestly so nervous & scared. For one I don't have medical insurance at the moment God forbid something goes wrong idk wtf I'd do & I see ladies w all kinds of infections & it's scaring the f**k out of me. it's 2:30 am in ny & I have to be awake by 7 am for my flight & I can't sleep I'm so stressed out about this ughhh man I'm going to be praying a hell of a lot. Who knew I'd be so scared. I've had surgery as a child & i was no where near as afraid as I am now. Oh well I'm all in now pray I make it to the other side.


Finally in Miami! Surgery the 10th just trying to relax & clear my head fill u in more after my consultation


Went to spectrum today. Nice office & the girls that work there that did have work done have humongous behinds like CURVYYY lol but mostly the girls there haven't had work which I think is cool too anyways I was there for about three hours due to a slight health issue they just wanted to make sure I am in tip top shape for Friday which I appreciate to the highest extent! Nurse was super nice everyone else there seemed ok also. Go back tomorrow for my consult & stuff so another update tomorrow night & then surgery!!! I feel a lot better I saw a few girls post op & they survived lol can't speak for results because they were wheeled out & nicely wrapped in blankets but they were alive & that's most important night rs anther story tomorrow! More wish pics too!

Bad news

So they are postponing my surgery due to a UTI.. A fucking UTI?? I work in the medical field & have seen plenty of surgeries performed on people with UTI it is a localized infection tonight is the last night I booked for the hotel & then I'm supposed to go to the recovery house after surgery tomorrow so idk wtf I'm supposed to do they gonna have to make it work tomorrow give me a waiver or something because I didn't come here for nothing!!!

Surgery time

All clear & good to go except now Amy is not answering her phone so I'm not sure about recovery! I spoke to her last night so I'm confused!!!!

1 day post

Surgery is done & I really don't feel too bad I haven't taken any Vicodin yet only Tylenol & Aleve. More stiff then pain I have a good pain tolerance so im fine. Worst part for me is being on your stomach so I've been walking around. Only needed a walker right after surgery I'm fine walking now :) no real appetite. Surgery & recovery is smooth so far all due to gods mercy. Amy answered & was there as soon as I woke up which was a relief she is an angel so caring & understanding I can't wait to heal to come visit her! Dr. O was great & treated me well. Haven't taken off my garment yet to see results. Also he won't do the chin if that's what u want but I don't suggest doing bbl & chin because u spend alot of time on your stomach. Any ways just filling u all in. Another post in a few days


So ladies I finally was able to take off my garment today & change my padding & wipe down.. Putting the garment back on hurt a whole lot I was very dizzy & had to take a nap after. I still have not bathed & I don't care lol. No massages yet either the pain in general is not bad just taking the garment off is too much for me personally so ill wait till I get home. I am in LOVE with my results I have beautiful curves!! I told him what I was hoping for & he gave me more then I expected!! I'm so happy I can't express it. And I also cannot give Amy enough praise she is an angel she keeps on top of my meds, temperature, comfort, food & liquid intake. She talks to me when I have the strength to talk but she also gives me space & whenever I need her she is right there for me for anything I need. Her granddaughter is so beautiful & her being around makes me feel soo much better she's so sweet & funny I'm so thankful I found her she makes me feel like family & not just a $$$. Overall I literally cannot complain about one thing! Surgery went well & my recovery is going well also & amys food is very delicious. She had a bbl done as well so she she understands exactly how you are feeling & her curves are amazing also. Idk what else to say ladies I've just had a great experience overall other then the uti scare & almost not having surgery but I'm glad that they were so cautious it means they take patients health very serious which is great. I'll post before & after pics in a few days

Home in nyc

Flight home was hell it was delayed 2 hours & kinda bumpy. Had my follow up right before I went to the airport & took the garment off over my butt & can I say it is a beauty lol I'm in love w my new shape can't wait to see final results once I'm down healing. I made a mistake & didn't take pain mess after I found the delay & was basically ready to die most of the flight & drive home from the airport.. Took all my meds & I'm fine again. Tomorrow I will take a full after shot to post. Dr. Omulepu did his damn thing for real like I'm amazed with the results I was able to receive!

Long awaited photos

Keep in mind I am swollen I haven't had my garment on for a few hours because I am washing & air drying it so I may have puffed up. Here are my before & afters

Won't be updating

No more updates till I reach 2 weeks & then monthly but I'll answer all questions.. Later ladies

2 week update

Incisions doing well. Had a few lymphatic massages & they helped a billion with my mobility & stiffness also with my contours & shape. Loving the curves still so far. Everyone that I've told wants to see dr.o lol. Swelling is slowly going down I'm patiently waiting just over sleeping on my belly & this faja is pissing me off! Most annoying thing in life I can't sleep w this thing because I'm not on post surgery sleep/anxiety meds anymore. I may start the meds up again for a few days. Tried on a dress & I felt amazing in it!! Can't wait to fluff & for my swelling to subside!!

4 months post

Loving my results.. Scars are a struggle idk what to do about them but so far all I received is compliments on how amazing my body looks from both sexes :D I feel amazing everything went great. I struggled with yeast infections & bacterial vaginosis for months after wards still not sure if it's completely cleared but that was my only negative comment. Here are some pics

Very professional & excellent surgeon. Short consultation pre-op but he understood exactly what I wanted & delivered. Great attitude, patient, understanding & funny. Didn't see him for my follow up to no fault of his my schedule was all messed up & I had to catch my flight home. Anesthesia went well as did the surgery. I love my results & I think he's overall awesome.

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