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So, I've been trolling this website for about 6...

So, I've been trolling this website for about 6 months and I finally decided to make a profile. So far I've booked my date with Dr. Llorente @ Spectrum Aesthetics for FEB 18 2016! I am super excited. The nervousness has not surfaced yet but I am sure the closer the time gets I will be. My flight will be booked soon. From Atlanta to Miami is a whopping $62.02 lol round trip so I'm not concerned about that. My next step is to find a recovery house or a nurse to take care of me for the duration of my stay. Wondering if anyone one out there is in need of a SX buddy. More than willing to go in half on any cost. I will upload some before pictures.

Keyla Recovery house booked

Just booked my stay at Keyla's recovery house. So ready to get to Miami!!! I've been reading a lot of reviews on her recovery house and have heard nothing but good things. I hope I made the right decision! Few more days and I should be getting my labs done. For some reason I'm worried my iron won't be high enough ugh.

Do they ever respond?!!!

Why the hell is it so difficult to get in touch with my damn coordinater. I literally can never get an email or a call back unless I harass her. Spectrum you've got to do better with this communication. Rant over.


I got a text and email today from Evelyn at spectrum to get my labs done. Nervous because IM SICK. So convenient. My son was sick all weekend and he passed it on to me. I already know this is going to throw my blood work off. Damn it. Oh well, we shall see how this goes.


I got an email today from Evelyn and spectrum saying I'm cleared but I haven't gotten my labs back. What does that mean?

19 days!!!

time is slowly winding down. I finally booked my flight. I only did a one way just for the simple fact I don't want to feel rushed to go back home and I'm not ready. Literally cost $44.00 NOT COMPLANING. lol, on the way back in thinking of booking first class for leg room. Really don't want anyone sitting next me either.
Still haven't started packing, procrastination at its finest. I'll probably start the night before. I'm excited!!!!!!!! I hope dr llorent does a good job I don't have money to waste on a poor ass job no pun intended lol.


Going to be honest with myself...do I really want to go to Llorente?!? I mean, I've looked high and low for his before and after pictures and I'm just not seeing or reading anything that jumps out at me. I've literally seen maybe two good pictures and several peoe have already said that don't see a difference in their butt. I'll be good. GODDAMN if I spend all this money to still have patty back there.


The reason why I chose Llorente is based off these two pictures. I had been second guessing in the beginning until I saw these. Now I'm like wtf again... Jesus be a fence.

Here we go

ok ladies, I'm on my way to the airport. Not nervous but I damn sure am ready to have a talk with mr. Llorente!!! Going to let him know that I don't want no "lift". He better give me an ass. Take all this baby fat out ALL OF IT lol. Anyhoo, I'll update through out the day.

I'm alive lol

Well hello, it's been a rough ride.
The aftermath is no joke. I am staying at assistance4life and I am loving it. The assistance here are so motherly and helping.
My body is so sore like I've been beaten repeatedly with a bag of soap. But I am pleased with my results.
I got my first massage yesterday and JESUSSSSSSSSSS it hurt so damn bad it felt like boiling water coming out of my body. She had to take the end of qtip and open the hole back up in order for the fluid to drain. I'm suppose to get my 2nd massage today and I'm dreading it. I will post pictures after I take a shower today


here are the after pics

Last day in Miami

good morning ladies!
This is day four and I'm feeling pretty good. I met a few ladies off of realself while I was at the recovery house it's so funny meeting people in person after talking to them through the Internet. Anyhoooo, I am at the hotel right now because Karla only has a 4 night 5 day deal for 700 and I wasn't about to pay 150$ for one night so myself and another one of the ladies from the recovery house decided to get a hotel room about 15 min away from the airport. Has free shuttles and was $125 a night so we split that fee. Everything is in walking distance from here so it's a great location.
My flight is at 3:45 this afternoon......nervous as hell. I don't want to sit on my booty at all but I know during take off and landing I have to sit down. It's going to be stupid uncomfortable but there is no other way :( Jeeze. Does anyone have any tips on what I should do? I have a boppy pillow and that's about it. I'll have to make the best with what I have. I put up a few pics too. I feel like my hips are wide lol

1 week

It's been one week since surgery. I still feel crappy every now and then but if I get up and walk around I feel fine. I still feel like I look the same in the stomach area. I kno that he obviously had to take out some fat from somewhere but I think he didint take out enough. Maybe I'm still swollen. Idk. I'm going to post some pictures.

Hard stomach

Why is my stomach so hard. Like hardddd like it hurts. Not going to lie. I haven't been doing my massages because I'm not paying 50$ every other day for someone to rub my damn back and stomach. Still taking arnica pills. Bromelian pills as well. I feel like it's fluid.


It's been a while since I've updated. Things have changed significantly. I feel like...my ass is the exact same. My stomach is the exact same. I still wear my garment and...yeah nothing so round 2 it is. Next year I will definitely be going to DR this time around. My back is still sore. If I rub against something the wrong way it burns but a lot of the stiffness has gone away.
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