24, Two Kids, Soon to Be Hasanified!! - Miami, FL

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I'm excited, I just paid my deposit a few days ago...

I'm excited, I just paid my deposit a few days ago and locked in a date for February 26th, i'm getting excited! It isnt that far away!!
I only spoke with a few of the ladies from vanity, they all said different things to get me to pay soon but overall they answered any questions i had and were very helpful. Even after i payed my deposit she (Anna) is still very helpful. I read after your payment it was hard to get information from them. I paid my deposit, sent a picture of my receipt and was emailed a checklist, my prescription, refund policy, and surgery instructions.

New SX date!!

I changed my sx to February 23, so i'll be arriving in Miami on the 22nd. I'm about to book my flight tomorrow and start working on my list of things to get. Finally got access to my portal, after a few days Anna started ignoring my calls and texts so i called Vanity and asked to speak with someone else and Margaret helped me, she was very nice. I'm looking for a good nurse or caregiver in Miami, it would be nice to stay at a recovery home, i just want to be comfortable and not worrying about anybody stealing my stuff while i'm out of it.

Yaaay flight booked!

All little skeptical about booking my flight so early with how janky i heard vanity can be with their dates BUT i got a refundable ticket for a pretty good price. Plus its one less thing to worry about, so i'll arrive Monday 22nd just in time for my post op and be going home March 1st. Now looking for a hotel that's not to pricey. I've been trying to contact Amy to see if she can be my caregiver but she responded once and hasn't again in two days, any other suggestions for nurses?

Caregiver/Nurse??? Amy

I finally got a response back from Amy, who I've heard nothing but good things about. She took a few days to respond but I'm sure she's super busy. She told me she's available for my surgery date Yaaaay! She said its 150 per night with no sx buddy and 125 a night with a sx buddy. So now I need to look into where I'm going to be staying. Everything's slowly coming together ????

Lab work!!!

So I went to the doctor yesterday and I'm 5'6 & weigh 187. My bmi is 31. I'm going to try to loose a few pounds before my procedure. I can't submit my blood work to vanity until 30 days before my procedure but I was to anxious and I wanted to make sure my results were in an okay enough range. I've started eating healthier and drinking more water, hoping it'll help with recovery


Sorry ladies, i havent been on here lately, i found the surgery instagram world lol, its so much easier. I was getting excited about my surgery cause it right around the corner but now with all this rescheduling mess going on im becoming less excited. So at first it was just people for january and Roxana said my date was secured and then i called today and she doesnt know when he'll be back but she cant guarantee he'll be in for my surgery on february 23rd. Like what the hell is that? I cant maybe ger my ass on a plane and check into my hotel and buy all this stuff on a maybe surgery. She offered me fisher at the same price as Hasan which is 4500 and offered me a free garment for all my troubles, as if that was enough for all this extra stuff... whoooosa lol they just get on my nerves sometimes but i knew they were wishy washy so i shouldn't be this annoyed. Soooooo i'm trying to decide if Fisher can give me the aggressive lipo and natural looking booty that i want. She did say that he uses drains and recovery would be easier and he works on higher bmi levels. Mine is at 29.4 so i was a little worried about that for Hasan. Decisions...decisions...


Let's start with labowork, i still havent redone my labwork because when i first did it my doctor ordered the wrong tests and then my period started and hasn't stopped in over 3 weeks, ugh. I was also told that i had to take out my birth control which was the nexplanon, inserted in my arm, ive had it for almost 2 years, but they told me i had to remove it i checked with a couple other hasan dolls and they had taken theirs out as well so i was like whatever i'll do it. Sooooo i get to my ob/gyn which wasnt my primary i was seeing a new doctor ans she asked a million questions, omg i was so annoyed. She wanted to tell me i was sooo young and how beautiful i was and i didnt need it and how she had never heard of anybody needing to take out birth control for lipo, she was worried i would get pregnant and do i promise not to come back pregnant in a couple months, and was my doctor board certified and blah blah blah, like take it out already so i can leave. I was being as nice as i could but she was weighing heavy on my patience. So i leave the doctors after getting it removed and SHE CALLED ME thirty minutes later!! She wanted to tell me she called a friend of hers who is an expert on contraception and he confirmed what she thought about not needing it removed like LADY get off my phone, i don't have the time or energy for this. lol So im patiently waiting for my period to stop so i can get my bloodwork done. lol

This sucks...

So i cant get a refund on my tickets which i already knew so i think i might be taking a trip to miami just for a vacation. I'm thinking about maybe coming for a different surgery, like getting my boobs done with Fisher or just lipo. I for sure only want hasan doing my bbl :(... i called vanity again today just to see if she had any new info on Hasans return and she told me the earliest she heard him returning was Early March, smh. I would hate to waste the tickets and i would hate to go down to Miami and not get anything done.

Vanity is playin!!!!

So i've been trying to get a refund from vanity all week. First it was somebody in the refund department would give me a call. Then it was they dont have a refund department anymore, a outside source does the refunds and NO they dont have a number for them, all they have is a email. If they dont respond theres nothing vanity can do about it because its no longer handled through their company. Now it took everything in me not to flash on them. Its like i might as well schedule with fisher or push out my date with Hasan because i can already see getting a refund from them is going to be like pulling teeth.
Miami Physician

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