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I love Dr. Hasan's work.. I love how he still...

I love Dr. Hasan's work.. I love how he still produces amazing booties with people who don't have a lot of excess fat. I'm hoping to get mine done in mid-August. I have contacted Margaret today, everyone said she was the best coordinator at Vanity. I'm really hoping I don't experience the "last minute cancellation" that Vanity is famous for. I am so tired of this body and I just can't wait to have what I want. I've been on this site for about a year now. I've read so many reviews. The other doctor that I'm considering is Dr. Salama but he doesn't seem to make a shelf booty, just more natural looking.

I also looked at Dr. Hazani in Beverly Hills, but I don't want to have a 4hr plane ride back!! It's only a 2 hr flight from here to FL for me!

Hope I hear back from Margaret soon so I can pay my deposit and secure a date =).

Is there anyone who's had a "good" Vanity experience?

How long to stay post op?

I have little ones, so I really don't want to stay for 7-10 days.. Has anyone stayed for like 4 days instead?

Switching Drs

Vanity is just way too skep.. Asking me to submit 2k to a bank deposit a few times.. Then a different girl asked for 1k.. Then all of the technicalities about Hasan not being board certified. + Vanity apparently has a lot of blood transfusions ,which is supposed to be extremely RARE for BBL's. I'm too chicken lol.

I am too scared of the long term effects (5+yrs) .. potential nerve damage etc.. of someone who wasn't properly trained, a 2yr fellowship is not suitable for me. I am going to just pay the extra money and go with someone who did their residency in surgery.

BUT everyone who went to him still looks amazing! I wish us all wellness, now + in the long run! I guess I have to make a new username to review the Dr I've chosen.

SO excited!

I wish I could fast forward time because I just can't wait. I'm so excited for what this procedure is going to do for me. I'm tired of the body image I have right now.. I just saw new girls post some post op pics of Dr Hazani and they look so amazing.

Have you told anyone in your family about your procedure? No one in my family knows, only 2 of my close friends even know! What about y'all?

Anyone have kids?

So I just bought my plane tickets. I'm really excited but my heart drops at the thought of leaving my little ones at home. I trust their caregiver but they've never been without me .. My youngest is 2 & my boys are both 3... I'm really nervous about it. My youngest is REALLY attached to me. Dad isn't really in the picture so that doesn't help. My mom works, so she can't watch them. My good friend is. But still.. :-(

Anyone else experiencing/experience this?

One month!!

Exactly one month left!! I'm so excited. I just filled out the paperwork!! Now, I'm torn what kind of butt I even want. I don't even understand what the actual difference between a shelf/heart butt is.. I know a shelf has more fat on the top, but do heart shaped butts still look big? Which is more natural but still a huge butt w projection?

Where do y'all find wish pics?

It's on my to do list for tonight! I don't really know where to look though, on IG?! Or just searching on here!?


Where and what shall I buy..? I know one comes with my surgery but I will be staying in a hotel/unable to wash it so I need to get one for the plane ride home!

Finally. Wish pics

So booty experts, these are my favorite butts I've found. Is this considered a shelf or a heart?

Thanks loves


I'm so anxious it's unreal.. If I didn't have kids, I feel like I wouldn't be this uneasy! My mom (who doesn't know about the sx) told me I need to get a will done, she said she did when I was little for the first time she went outta town.

What if!! Ahhhh!!! Someone calm my nerves :-( I know the long term benefits of having this procedure will change my life. I'll be a better parent because I'll have my confidence back... But what IF I don't make it back !!!

I'm so stressed that my period was due yesterday & isn't.. It's like clockwork so it's so unusual to be late & no I'm not pregnant (haven't had sex lol) !!

I need a chill pill!!

Pre Op was today!

I got my medical clearance & labs back! I'm finally getting a little excited... Haha I feel like if you read my review, I look crazy.. One week I'm freaking out, then I'm excited, then freaking out! Lol!!

My PCP was like, "well can I see the before and after?" Out of curiosity.. It's kinda unheard of around here!

14 more days y'all!! I can not wait to have a flat stomach, I think I may be more excited for that than I am anything else. Dr. Hazani is amazing, he seriously is SO attentive.. I am very happy that I chose him.

So I just uploaded a picture of me before kids.. I'm definitely going to take it down after I get this sx lol.. The second picture is me now, after 3 kids.

It's getting close!

I'm only 7 days out! Well, technically 6 since it's almost midnight here! I can't believe how fast it happened.. I only need to buy some towels, sundresses & compression socks/shoes.

It came so fast!! Ahh!!

Dr. Hazani is still great, he really doesn't care how dumb of a question I have or what the hour is. He's there to respond. He's all around fantastic. I'll definitely have my friend take pics of the day of so everyone who's unsure, or considering becoming Hazanified, can see more!!

Leaving in an hour..

Hi everyone.

I landed in California last night. I'll be leaving my hotel here in an hour. I'm really nervous. I actually think because I told no one about it that I'm more nervous/have a little guilt.

I will say that being this damn nervous has taught me the importance of trusting the doctor. Thank goodness that he is so available & caring because if I have any questions, I don't doubt that I'm in good hands. So if you're a chicken like me, maybe consider that when choosing a dr.

I will take photos as soon as I get there & after. I appreciate alllll of you ladies on here who have taken the time to be there for me! This is a great, useful site!

I made it

Hi yall!

I'll post more details later. But since I can't sleep, here are two pictures. I'll put up better ones tomorrow. It looks good, I haven't been in any pain until just now which is partially from laying on my stomach. I'm walking around my hotel room now.

I just want to be home!

I also got hips

Here's a pic. According to my friend, it's called a 'high hip' :-)

Of course I started my period today.. So fun lol.

All I do is lay down, walk, pee, repeat! I haven't used any supplies other than the chux, sterile ab pads, compression socks & this pee thing that's amazing. I forget what it's called but here's a pic. I'll look it up later.

Laying on my stomach sucks for my neck, I fell asleep with ice on it and woke up with the pillow soaked.

I'm going to walk to CVS for new socks later.

If anyone's considering Dr. Hazani, he doesn't use compression socks but I highly recommend them and can't imagine what my feet would look like without them lol.

Recovery is hard

I'm excited to leave tomorrow. I want to be in my bed.

Recovery is tough just because laying down gives me a headache now but standing for long isn't easy... It really sucks. It makes me wonder why did I do this to myself.. I know it's just because the healing process takes so long. But it's hard!

Do any vets have tips for the plane?

More pics

Hi y'all. I'm washing my garment so here are more photos. I have fluid in the lower abdomen as you can see. I also have fluid on my lower back.

I'm on my phone but I'll do the best I can explaining sx day & post op.

I flew in Sunday night, my sx was Monday morning.
I was told to be there at 8 AM. He does surgery at an actual surgery center, not his office. So there was some kind of miscommunication & I ended up having surgery at like 11. I probably would've been upset if I were alone about waiting that long. But it was ok, my friend and I took a walk & the dr did a breast surgery.

I went back & some lady who spoke Chinese did my IV. They let my friend come back until I went into the OR, this was important to me because I couldn't communicate with the nurse (language barrier). Dr. Hazani talked to me before the OR and told me he would hold my hand because I was scared of the 'burning' sensation part of I get into the OR & the anesthesiologist gave me the little martini in my IV because I was probably giving him anxiety haha.. It was much better this way.

I woke up on my back and yelled at the nurse to turn me, we made it to my side and I threw up. Once again, the woman didn't speak English. So a man came to help who was awesome, he held my hand and went above & beyond.

Post op, I woke up in a binder and was leaking everywhere. We had problems getting Uber to take us home but the male nurse knew someone who would pick us up & coordinated it. So you'll stay in the binder until day 2, then put the garment on and the binder stays on top.

I was hesitant about not being in the garment since all other docs do but I was like fully drained before the garment was put on & the fluid all came out easy, I think this way is much more effective. The garment can make it too hard for fluid to flow easily.

Anywho.. I took a total of four pain pills. This entire time lol. I took two before I went to get my garment because I knew that would hurt. And then I took two for my other plane ride. I have literally had no pain, just soreness. It 'hurts' a little when I get in & out of bed but that's it.. And super quick discomfort then it's over.


I showered by myself just now. The shower is amazing lol! TMI but the fact you can't go #2 in the garment sucks because it's so hard to get on and off!!

For anyone who's scared to shower the first time, it actually feels good and doesn't burn like you may think it would. I took a shower at 1 day post op assisted then now today.

Here are pics.

No clothes fit

So for now I suppose I'm a size large instead.. This is the only thing I can fit into. Can't wait for my butt to drop lol

1 week post op

I'm 1 week and 3 days today. Fluid in lower abdomen, under where the binder cuts off, so I can't wait for my massage. My shelf has definitely decreased & I'm not nearly as sore.

One month!

I'll be one month post op tomorrow. I love my results! My waist changes every week, it gets smaller and smaller. I recommend adding hips because dr Hazani has his own little technique w hips!

The hips also make it more natural looking, if you go for a 'bigger' than natural butt.. I feel like if he didn't recommend hips, I'd look weird lol!

I opted to get my fluid drain at like week 2 or so, it's stayed small ever since. I will let my body re absorb what's left.

The best way to sleep after 3.5 weeks.. In a boppy pillow and on your side, you'll be able to sleep for more than an hour lol!

I'm also going to attempt to sit maybe for like 5 minutes or so starting tomorrow. It's pretty weird feeling. My butt is not soft yet either :(. The bottom is though! I only have two small bruises left on my butt.

Also! Big thing, Someone on here recommended Folding a towel and placing it inside the garment for the lower abdomen, because the binder (or other clinchers) don't cover that area, DEFINITELY do it- especially if you are a Hazani doll bc he uses that binder. It will save you from any fluid build up. Fluid isn't a big deal, it's just annoying.

Also.. If you're considering Dr. Hazani, definitely do the consult so you can get a feel for him yourself. I can not describe how amazing he is. Even with his new higher volume of pts, he still takes the time to ask how I am healing or answers ANY questions. He genuinely cares about his patients, even after he has your money (unlike others). He's also handsome which is always a benefit LOL!

Just some new pictures

Hello everyone !

Here are some new pictures.

I just want anyone struggling to know that it gets better lol. This recovery is a bxtch :-|

Sorry for the delay

Here are some quick photos I just took.

Also..... Roll the towel up in your garment. If you don't, expect the giant needle to stab you lol and that shxt hurts!

Just an update

Since I have made 3 mos and hAve my 'final result' I measure 25.5 and 40.5.

Happy to answer any questions or if anyone has a photo request :-). It's been so long I'm not sure what to randomly write about lol.

Booty pics lol

Here we go. I don't know how I didn't upload these before lol
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

Dr. Hazani is amazing, not only in surgery but his personality. He was willing to hold my hand while I got the anesthesia because I'm a chicken. He answers any questions or comments, even all of my ridiculous what if questions. My body looks amazing, I didn't even have to take any pain medication post op other than before I put my garment on. I'm barely swelling at 4 days post op! I went back & forth between Drs all over the USA, but once you talk to Dr Hazani, his compassion combined with his skill is impossible to match. SHOW LESS

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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