24 Days and Counting my BBL Surgery Date - Miami, FL

Well so far things are OK, leading up to my...

Well so far things are OK, leading up to my consultation it has been rough getting answers to ANYTHING, most of the staff speaks very little English and seemed to not know much, needless to say it was making me very nervous. My in person consult was this past wed, once I actually got into
The office it wasn't so bad, Dr, Rodriguez seems like a very nice guy, I have a little over 3 weeks b4 my surgery so I'm getting myself mentally prepared for the roller coaster of emotion (from pain) and emotion from happiness


Anyone having a procedure here make sure that you get as much info as you can as far as extra expenses just so that your aware because if you don't ask you may not find out.
Massages 4 for $500
Or 1 for $100
Faja (ONLY comes in one color (tan ????) $165-has to be purchased from office due to sterilization
Abdominal board -$30 (can be bought elsewhere)
Compression socks -$17.00
If you have insurance make sure your insurance card is with you for when you get your pain meds and antibiotics filled by whom ever is with you while your in surgery.... ummmmm I think, I purchased a board else where for $15 and I've also made something like a cushion for me to sit on when I'm actually able to sit which is supposed to be 2weeks after procedure to ensure best results, hope this helps

The official count down is here

Soooooo it's the 10th, and my surgery date is the 17th ???? I'm getting nervous, I'm ready for the day to come and then I wanna skip str8 to day 5. Lol


Sooooooooo I've been pretty calm until now........... SX is Monday anddddd It is now Sunday lol lipo of WAIST, ABD, BACK, and FLANKS, due to my body type I feel like the end result is gonna be nice

Finally done

Day one has been rough as hell, ladies please please drink your fluids, I almost passed out due to lack of fluid intake, I'm now drinking water, ensure, and gatoraid. Also I was never told that I was gonna have the constant urge to pee, I threw up water and was urinating at the same time (tmi I know) but I feel soooo much better now, thought I was dealing with urine retention

Shaking my head

So seriously sr rodriguez is a nice guy but his staff sucks so much like it's not even funny, they are ZERO help (except for Dailey) I'm so sick of it, you ask a question and no one knows, I have had the WORST 7days of my life and do you think the staff was of any assistance? HELL NO.
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