24 Y, 1 Son, BBL. Miami, FL

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Hi! I'm 24 years old and currently 167 pounds, 5'6...

Hi! I'm 24 years old and currently 167 pounds, 5'6 tall. I have been gaining weight for 6 months to get the best results for my surgery. I was originally 146 pounds. I knew that I did not have enough fat to get the results that I wanted. I have been eating like a pig!!! I hate my body right now but I am hopeful that my sacrifices will be worth it in the end. I have yet to take pics now because I am scared of how my body is going to look. I am going to try to take some this weekend. I not really too nervous about the surgery since this will be the fourth time I go under. I had my thyroid removed, a scar revision on it, and breast implants earlier this year. I am nervous about Vanity since I have read so many bad things about them. I put my deposit down today and hopefully get the may 6 date. I will be traveling with my boyfriend and my son to Miami. He is going to take care of me. I am so blessed to have him, he is so supportive of anything that I want. He likes me as I am but wants me to be happy. He is talking a whole week of work to be with me. He is the best!!! Has anyone drove back home in a small car? We want to take a rental because our escalade is a major gas eater. We calculated that our gas to Miami would be 150 one way with our car but if we were to rent a Prius it would only use 48 dollars in gas to get there! I just know that in our car I can put the back seats down and lay on my stomach the whole way back. If anyone has rode back in a small car without sitting on your butt let me know! I chose Dr. Fisher because I love his work. The doctors here charge so much and they are too conservative. I want dramatic! Any helpful tips are welcome!

Changed Doctors

I changed my doctor to Hasan, it seems like he has better reviews. I plan on saving 7000 dollars in 9 weeks for my trip. Got to work harder this week and list more stuff on my Etsy store.

Vanity is so ugh!

So my surgery got rescheduled to Memorial Day May 30. They did not even ask me first. My coordinator Jenny won't even answer my emails. I was told that if Hasan could not do my surgery Fisher could. I called and called and Roxanna rescheduled me with Fisher on May 27. She was so helpful! She really cares, unlike my coordinator. She got my issue resolved in 15 minutes. I told them I do not care who does my surgery as long as it is Fisher or Hasan. I will not let any of their other surgeons touch me. I did not want to go with Hasan cause who knows when he is coming back. My boyfriends says I don't really need this surgery and that I am beautiful. I have always been told I should be a model because of my face features and green eyes (I'm Mexican) but I don't want to look like a runway model! I want to look like a girl from a rap video lol thick with a big butt. I already have my breast implants and a nice face, all I need now is my big booty!

Death @ Encore, one of Vanity Clinics

OMG a girl just dies @ that office. I have surgery in two weeks and I am scared :/ I go with Dr. Fisher but it is still scary. What if I am Fishers first death. Scary stuff y'all.

I'm here at Vanity

I'm so nervous. Just saw a girl walking in that had a bbl. she looked like she was in pain walking soooo slow. I just want to make it out safe and sound at this point. Ready to get this over with.
Miami Physician

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