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Im 23yrs old. I have always had a big butt. I'm...

Im 23yrs old. I have always had a big butt. I'm known for having a big butt. I have one child. My pregnancy was very hard on my body and I now have a gut with hideous stretch marks. I want to get rid of the gut and back fat get a tummy tuck and transfer it to my butt. Make it rounder and add more hips.

Starting to think im insecure

I'm looking at several reviews and pictures from women who have had a bazillion but lift. And some of there after pictures are similar to the way I look now. Makes me feel like I'm just insecure or lazy and just don't want to put the work in to loose this gut. I really just want a smaller waist. Idk I'm really confused now. Anyways I've been looking at two doctors. Dr. Fisher and Dr. Duran something like that. I'll keep writing about my journey even my emotional episodes. It helps.

Oh Hell NO!

So I'm up late doing some research on these doctors and some of them are quite frightening. Dr. Duran which I at first I didn't know was overseas damn neared killed a women. All kinds of hell broke loose during that women's surgery. Then Dr. Cortez reviews has so many women dissatisfied with there results. So far Dr. fisher is the chosen one. The only thing I don't like is the curves he does to from the back down to curve of the hips. There really isn't a nice curve its just small waist the bam big butt. I like a nice curve into my hips and butt. only thing that's throwing me off but im going to continue with my research.

These Dr are killing women! Do your research!!!

First off I'm not going out of the country whatsoever to have surgery done. That sounds bananas.


Dr. Cabral has killed 4 women. I advise staying in the United States for your surgery! copy and paste the link below. Its an article from the NY post. He even went to trial!
http://nypost.com/2013/09/21/woman-dies-after-cosmetic-surgery-by-dubious-doctor-in-dr/ copy

Dr. Yiliy something like that. Rumor has it that she is doing 4 patients a day!!! Shts crazy. I would hate to be patient number 4 when she is tired moody and ready to go home. especially when the surgeries typically take 4hours!

Anyways I will continue to do my research on these doctors and hopefully find one with a 0 death record. I will continue to post what I find and hopefully it will help other women on the final decision on choosing a dr.

My condolences goes to the families of those 4 women. RIP
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