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Hey all past, present, and future dolls! I'm from...

Hey all past, present, and future dolls! I'm from the East Coast but wanting to get liposuction with fat transfer to my hips and butt.

I lost like 150 pounds a few years ago, and since then have gotten a tummy tuck and breast lift. Not 100% satisfied with either, but I am wayyyyyy better now than what I was at 350 lbs. I have gained some weight back, so I'm currently at 230 lbs, but I'm very tall so my BMI should be fine. But anyway I would like to get down to 200 lbs before surgery.

I spoke to Selena on Friday about Dr. Fisher and she told me $5,000 is a "special" price. I will email vanity with my pics and my wish pics. Also thinking about emailing Ortega at Spectrum cosmetics.

I really just want a banging shape. Small waist nice hips and a nice upside down heart shape butt. However, the shape is of utmost importance to me. What use is a butt without hips/small waist to match??

Anyway dolls, I have yet to put any deposit down or even 100% choose a doctor, but I hope to do that this week. Good luck to everyone going through surgery/recovery now! I'll update with pics later.

So..... Leaning towards Dr. Ortega

Hey hunnirs! So I am still looking for an early August date, but I am now leaning more towards Dr. Ortega. I reallllyyyy love Fischers shapes! He really gives girls butts and hips and the overall figure 8 that I am going for. But I am jus annoyed with Vanity and don't want to go through too much. Also, I probably won't secure a date until like 3 weeks before the date that I want, and I am afraid Fisher would likes be booked at that time.

Another factor to me is cost. I am a graduate student and I'd like to get the most affordable amount possible while staying safe. Dr. Ortega is different prices in different clinics. Jazzq posted prices, and I see that Dr. Ortega is $3500 at Imagenes Cosmetics and it includes lipo, bbl, anesthesia, labs, and I think a massage or a garment? You can't beat that. That means the whole trip including surgery and flights can cost me $5k ish.

My worry about Ortega is that I haven't seen him give a really bomb shape on anyone yet. I see nice butts, but I haven't seen the hips to match. Or am I missing someone? If anyone knows of an Ortega doll who he gave an overall nice shape and hips to, please put their name below!

I will officially be HASANIFIED on August 14th!

Hey dolls, its been a while.

So I have been trying to choose between Ortega at Imagenes/Spectrum, and Hasan/Fisher at Vanity.

So I sent my pics to Imagenes and Spectrum. Imagenes did not give me the $3500 deal that includes everything. Supposedly it's because I am tall. She said that Ortega would have to do extensive lipo all over to get me the results I want, and she charged extra for that. So for all that, I figured I would just deal with Vanity.

I have realized that I have spoiled Vanity's image in my head before I even gave them a chance. I have been in contact through Selena, and she really seems like a sweetie. So far my interactions have been good with Vanity, and I hope they stay that way. But anyway, I will be going with Dr. Hasan on August 14th. I was originally going to schedule it for August 11th, but I would have to be in Miami 2 days before that, and I have a previous engagement. So our plan is to have me in for August 14th, and if anyone cancels for Hasan on August 12th, I would take that spot.

I am also interested in booking Fisher if he happens to have a spot open up that week (August 12th-14th). That would be a miracle. He is my first choice. But if I don't get Fisher, I know I will be in AMAZING hands with Hasan. I just need him to sculpt and lipo the hell out of me, give me a nice round butt like he is known for, and give me a little hip action. Selena told me that he does give hips, but his are not as drastic as Fisher's, and that is actually what I may need. I am in grad school and will be working in corporate America when I graduate, and I honestly probably don't need an OVERLY curvaceous body (as beautiful as they are). I just want a super tiny waist, a big butt, and my hips filled in. Is that too much to ask?!?

Anyway girls, so what is next? What all do I need for surgery? I need to start compiling a list. I know I need to figure out where I will stay, who will do my massages, and garments I need. I also need to figure out what medicines I need to bring. Is there a sparknotes with all of this information??? LOL. I read in one of our rs sister's review, of a nurse who charges like $80/day. Does anyone have her information? I am also going to book Marion for her 5 massages for $150 special. If anyone is having surgery that day and would like a buddy, message me! I will be coming alone most likely.

I wonder if it would be more economical for me to stay at a recovery house? I plan on staying like 6 days. So lets say hotel: $300. Massages: $150. Nurse: $500. Hmm... it adds up. If any of you lovely dolls have information on great recovery homes in Miami, or even people who perform these services, please list them below.

I am soooo excited!!!

Just called Vanity

Sooo y'all... tell me how I just called Vanity. I was calling to try and get an earlier date for Hasan or Fisher. Out of curiosity, I asked the lady that picked up the phone how many ladies are scheduled with me on the 14th. I am expecting her to say one (Selena told me that Hasan doesn't do more than 2 surgeries in a day). TELL ME HOW SHE SAID 5. How on earth will hasan perform 5 surgeries in ONE day?!?! I hope she just doesn't know what she is talking about. That is OD. I would like to get a really early surgery time, I hope Selena can work that out for me. She has been a doll thus far.

Anyway ladies... I'm at my internship and I haven't done any work ALL week. Just busy reading you lovely ladies' reviews.

I think my surgery date may just stay at August 14th. Now that I think about it, it may be more convenient for me than August 12th. With that being said, any other girls getting surgery on that date, who are going by themselves and want a buddy, hit me up! I was looking at Extended Stay America. I did some rough estimates for what the price would be like if I had a surgery buddy. They are as follows:

For a suite with two beds, it costs ~ $740 for 7 nights. Split that in half, for $370. Then $150 for massages. $80/day for a caretaker/driver ($40 each for 7 days = $280). 3 garments + ab boards and foams = $200. Comes to a total of $1,000 even. Compared to $1,500 recovery house stay with a buddy from Vanity. And I budgeted for more garments (you only get one from Vanity, I budgeted for 3). Is there anything I'm missing? Anyway, if anyone is getting surgery on August 14th and wants a buddy, let me know!

Weight loss/excitement

Hey dolls!

So I signed up for the gym last week and got weighed. Turns out that I'm 262 pounds, up 30 lbs from December when I got my tummy tuck. It's sooo crazy because I knew I gained weight, I just didn't think it was 30 lbs! Do I look like 262 lbs in my pictures?! I guess height really masks the weight.

But anyway, I started my weight loss journey two days ago on Thursday at 262, and I weighed myself this morning, and I am 256.4! So I'm down 5.6lbs. I know a lot of it has been water weight (I've been pissing like a race horse), but it is so encouraging to see lower numbers on the scale.

So my surgery is like 6 weeks away. Ideally I would like to be 210 lbs by then. At 210lbs at surgery, after surgery I should be like 200, and then I will slowly lose 15lbs to be at my goal weight of 185 by late winter next year.

I am so excited though. I keep looking at pics of Brazilian butt lift results. I cannot wait until it's my turn. It still doesn't feel real to me. I haven't told anyone except my little brother and a few friends in passing. But the friends that I have told don't know that I have set a date already and paid a deposit.

I can't help but think about how my friends will react. I don't want anyone to know that I've gotten anything done. I remember when I first lost a lot of weight, I lost friends with it. Now when I get my new shape, I can imagine that it will be even worse. People will be so mad! I can't wait, but I will always stay humble of course.

Anyway dolls, until next time.

Weight Loss Update

252.4 today! woop. Thursday makes one week that I have been on my diet - started at 262.6. My goal for Thursday was to be at 252, but since I made that goal today, I'd like to reach 248 by Thursday. A stretch, right? Anyway I'll aim towards it.

Hope you girlies are doing great.

Diet updates

Hey girlies. So i weighed in today at 248 pounds! So I've lose 12 pounds in the last 10 days.

My short term goals are to be 230 by July 25th, and then 210 right before surgery.

In order to be 230 by July 25th, I have to lose 18 pounds in 12 days. I will do this by fasting a day or two at a time. Other days that I do not fast, I will eat a very low calorie diet of 800-1000 calories, but full of protein and well balanced. I did some research and found out that fasting (not eating any food, just drinking water) will result in a 2 pound loss everyday, mostly of fat. It is actually good for you as it detoxes your body and gives your digestive system a rest. So far, I have found the fasting to be not so hard, because after a while you just lose your appetite.

My eating pattern is as follows:

Monday - Thursday: Eat 800-1000 calories a day, mostly high protein and whole grain carbs and fresh fruits.

Friday: Fasting day. Drink only water. Eat a fork of chicken (just to take my multi vitamin/iron).

Saturday: Eat whatever I want. I've set a limit for myself for not eating over 2,000 calories. But basically i can eat all i want this day.

Sunday: Fast (repeat Friday).

I try to go to the gym at least 3 times a week, and on my fast days. These days I focus less on cardio, and more on weight/resistance training and stretching (to prevent muscle loss).

I find that this way not only aides in my weightloss (fasting days reallyyyy help), it also has disciplined me to take control of my appetite and eating habits. I am no longer a slave to food. I eat solely to fuel my body. Also, my body is burning fat directly for fuel, so I am rarely ever hungry (fat is a more sustaining fuel source than glucose, what our body normally burns). Lastly, if I am craving something, I know that I can always fulfill my cravings in just a few days, so it helps me to stick to plan.

I get a lot of DM's asking me for weightloss advice, so here is what I am doing. Remember to consult a doctor first though. I am very healthy and don't have any health conditions, so what works for me may not work for you!


Hey girlies...

Its weird because I don't really feel like I will be having surgery in 4 weeks. I haven't bought any supplies or anything. All the supply lists I've seen are way too long and I don't see myself buying all those items. Can anyone tell me where I can find a list that is short and sweet, with just the essentials?

Anyway y'all, I asked my mom if she could pay for me and my brother to go to Miami for a week, and she said yea. So my hotel and flight will be paid for by my dear mother. But... I haven't told her the second part - that I'm getting a BBL. I will probably tell her after the hotels and flights are booked. Is that being deceitful? I mean, if for some reason I couldn't get surgery that day, I would still want to stay the week for the vacation.

Also, I am really searching for an early date. I would like a date of August 12th at the earliest. I start school a couple weeks after surgery and I will be flying between several cities for job interviews, so I want to get the surgery done as early as possible in that week. If anyone has an August 12th date with Hasan (or Fisher) and wants to switch to the 14th, let me know!

I weighed 244 this morning. Down 4 lbs since my last update. By my next update, I want to be 234.

Toodles dolls

New Date!

So 30 minutes after I wrote this review, Lia called me from Vanity and told me that a girl just had to postpone her August 13th date, and asked if I wanted to take it. Of course I said yes! I paid the rest of my surgery. So I am currently PAID IN FULL, and I got an earlier date! She also threw in a free garment! Woop Woop!

LIA @ Vanity is a gem

So I have to say that my experience with Vanity thus far has been on point. I literally have nothing to complain about thus far and I hope it continues this way. But anyway, Lia was able to get me a BBL date for August 12th! So I got my earlier surgery date thank goodness! Now this is all seeming so real to me! Once she sends me my confirmation info, I will book my hotel and me and my brothers flights within the next couple of days.

So guys, where exactly is the surgery going to be performed at? Is it at the Vanity office address that is given on the invoice? I am trying to google map everything so I can find the best hotel to stay in that's close. And this weekend I will buy a few surgery items. My garment is already included in my price, and I will buy my lipo foams and ab boards at vanity.

Surgery List (short and sweet):
Arnica Gel
Arnica Tablets
Cheap maxi dresses
Funnel (to pee)
Baby Wipes
Compression Socks
Boppy pillow/yoga mat

This is all I need, right?!? Also, I searched amazon for arnica pills and only "arnicare" pills/gel was coming up. Is there a particular brand that everyone uses? What is the use of arnica gel/pills anyway?

Weight loss update: Weighed myself this morning and I was 244.8 (annoyingly). However, I haven't had a bowel movement in a week (TMI, I know), and I had one when I came to work. Also, I should be getting my period in a day or so, so I know I'm easily carrying around 2-4 lbs of water weight. So I honestly think I am carrying 5-7lbs of water/waste weight, and can't wait until it goes away! My goal is to be 230 by next Friday, and 210 by surgery.

Have there been any newly hasanified dolls lately??

Toodles girls

2 weeks to go

Hey girlies. So I have two weeks to go, and it doesn't even seem real. I haven't reached my goal for surgery yet, #1. Secondly, I haven't booked any flights yet. I have booked my hotel. My hotel for August 11th-18 will cost a total of $750. It is a beautiful hotel with great reviews and a free hot breakfast included, that has gotten raves in all of the reviews. Also has a free airport shuttle. I think I did well in regards to that.

So next up is buying supplies. I hope to have all my supplies bought by the end of today, and I will be buying:

Arnica gel
Arnica tablets
compression socks
maxi skirts
boppy pillow
small pillow

That's about it. Another thing I have to do is book my massages with Mirian, and rent a car.

But first things first is I need to lose this weight! I am fasting for a week and hope to be down 10 pounds by next week. Actually, I will not write another update until I have lost at least another 10 pounds.

Anyway girls, toodles.

One week to go!

Hey girls,

So I said I wouldn't update until I've lost another ten pounds, and today I'm glad to say that I've dropped another 11 pounds this past week. This puts my total weight loss at about 24 pounds I think. I thought at this point I would be ten pounds lighter actually, but I got derailed for an entire week (my period week) and travelled and ate like crazy, so I ended up gaining 4 pounds that week, which put me up to 14 pounds in total (was planning on losing 10 pounds that week).

Anyway, I definitely wont be 210 by surgery day, but my new goal is 225, and I am sure I can make that.

So what's new? I have booked my flights and hotel. I have also ordered my supplies on amazon which should be coming in today. All I have left to do is book my massages with mirian, and rent a car, and I'm set. (Oh, and lose the rest of this weight).

I'm really proud of myself for dropping these pounds in such a short amount of time. But I don't want to hear anything funny when I go see Hasan, so I will make sure that I am low enough. Although, funny enough, I was looking in the mirror this morning, and I really hope that I have enough fat. My stomach is flat and is a bit fatty, and I have some back fat, but I really don't have all that much. I am muscular kind of and tall, so I think that is where the weight comes from. Anyway, I am interested in getting my inner thighs lipo'd and will surely ask Hasan to do that for me.

Oh, and btw, Vanity had a really good special for their recovery house. It was reduced to $1,200 for 7 days 6 nights, breakfast, nurse day of surgery, garment and foams etc, and transportation. That deal is not bad. That is actually how much the recovery house should cost.

Anyway girls, ttyl. I will post when I am down another 7 pounds, which is hopefully by Friday.


Ok girls, so I have been missing for a while but I am having several issues right now and I am overall just depressed about it. I don't know if I will get to have my surgery or not, we will see.

The first issue is my weight. I have lost over 20 pounds since I decided to get surgery. This past week I have done nothing but eat well and exercise and I have not lost a pound. I would need to lose like 6 pounds by Monday (2 days) to be able to fit Hasans requirement. But the issue for me is that honestly I don't have much fat on my. I am very muscular. I don't even have rolls or a stomach. I'm actually kind of worried that I may not have enough fat for a BBL. But for some reason I weigh 235. i think its because of my height. But I called Vanity and explained this to them, so I am just going to try and drop a couple of pounds somehow (all of my usual tricks dont work anymore) and go to vanity on monday and see what happens.

Also, I have had such a hectic week and I ordered all of my supplies. I also rush ordered a new credit card (because I lost my old one). But since I have barely been home this past week, UPS has visited 3 times and I wasn't able to get my package that had all of my surgery supplies and my credit card. I even attempted to re-order them and do 2 day shipping to my hotel, but it wouldnt get there until i am post-op day 2. My credit card is a blow too because I am so broke and I don't get paid until the 15th, and I needed to pay for extra things like the balance on my massages, ab-board and lipo foam, etc. And now I will have to buy my chux, arnicare, etc in Miami. i need to rent a car also and have no credit card to do any of this.

So bleh. I am just kind of bummed right now. I am just preparing myself for the worst. This is the story of my life. On a brighter note, parisbr went to Hasan earlier this week and looks AMAZING! I only hope and wish by God's grace I will be able to have my surgery on tuesday. Pray for me dolls!

On my way

Hey girls I'm on my way to Miami. After a week of dieting and working out, the scale finally budged this morning. I also went to the gym yesterday and weighed myself and realized that my home scale weighs me as 2 pounds heavier. So I'm hoping that things even out and I make my weight.

In tightening up some loose ends and I think I should be able to get all the things I need for surgery. I ordered my supplies (minus chux) to the hotel and it should get there Wednesday when I am one day post op. My mom will be renting the car for me, and I think I should be able to get any extras I need. I just realized that I never got my prescriptions for meds.... How much did meds cost for you all? I'm kinda annoyed because I could have got it covered by insurance.

Thanks for your well wishes all. I will be headed to vanity straight from the airport, and I pray all goes well!

Here at Vanity

Hey dolls,

Vanity is so nice and clean looking. The front desk lady was very friendly, so so far so good.

I want to put you guys on to something. I don't know if you know about it, but it is an app called Uber. It's like calling a cab but better. Since cash is running low for me on this trip, I rembered that I signed up for uber through my friend, and I got a $30 credit to a ride. I logged Into the uber app and I requested a pick up from my hotel just now. I was able to pick my driver and watch him drive to me from where he was located (on a map). It was sooooo easy and seamless. I will be using uber from now on!

Anyway, I say all this to say that you girls should SIGn UP! And Dm me for a personal code to use so that we both get a free ride.

Anyway girls that's it for now. I'm waiting to see the doctor and get my labs done and I hope all goes well.


More updates

So by some miracle I made my weight, so that won't be a problem. However, I got my labs done and am awaiting the results.

Vanity is very clean and fresh looking and smelling. I met with Selena and she took me through the process of signing all my documents, getting weighed and labs, getting my pics taken, and making sure I am squared away.

I am Hasan's first patient at 5:30am tomorrow morning (pending labs). My impression of hasan is that he is very straightforward and knows what he is doing. I told him I wanted hips, but he said that I have a long butt and that requires extra fat and he can only remove 4 liters. He says if he has more fat left he will give me hips.

So right now I am just having ice cream in the coldstone near vanity. About to take a cab to my hotel and check in and take a nap until my brother gets here. Hopefully he is able to rent a car. When he comes, we will go shopping for groceries and last minute things. All I need are chux (where do I buy?), baby wipes, and antibacterial soap. The rest of my supplies will be arriving on Wednesday.

That's all for now. Thanks for the well wishes!

On the other side

Hey girls this will be a quick update. So everything went well, I feel great. I'm up walking and talking like nothing. Looks like hasan really lipod my life away. I hope so. I also saw parisbr and she looks like everything and more not even kidding. Pics are not doing her justice. Anyway, waiting on her and then I'll go to bed or something. I'll put a pic up for y'all.
Miami Physician

Dr. Hasan

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