23 Years Old 1 Child Hes 7 Yrs Old and I Had a C-section - Miami, FL

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I became a mother at a very young age when i moved...

I became a mother at a very young age when i moved into with the father of my child i didn't have no support from anyone on how to take care of my body after having a baby before my pregnancy i was 115lbs and than at my last trimester i hit 175 i went from small to big once i gave birth i stayed at 155. I had a c section and my belly didn't go flat i looked like i was still prego i didn't know about faja's until 4 years ago it was too late i wish i would've put one on but anyhow thru out the years Ive gained weight what i hate the most is that it goes to my sides i have that muffin top and my belly hangs i cant wear jeans because of the pouch excess skin its disgusting since giving birth to my healthy son i been really conscience about myself on how i look naked everyday like literally every day i grab my stomach and say wtf ewwe wish i didn't have it ive tried going to the gym i lose weight but still the stomach remains the same i been thinking about lipo for 3 yrs now until this month i had a friend that went to MIA to have a BBL at Vanity Cosmetics and after seeing her results i said im so in there i rather go there than fly out to Santo Domingo and anything can happen there i rather be in the U.S.A where i feel more safe and secure. So just 2 weeks ago she gave me one of Vanity's coordinators number (Yanais) shes the best!! I called her told her my situation told her i was referred by my friend that had BBL with Dr. MacAdo & he charged her $4,000 since i told her what i was looking for she said you need Dr. Fisher he is the best Dr. especially will the butt lol he will give you that figure that you want. I asked the prices she advised me that Dr.MacAdo prices are different from Fisher that Fisher is more expensive than she mentioned to email her photos so i did and she replied back FAST and quoted me $5,500 i said if i go with him can he do it for $5,000 she said yes only if you pay half so i did LOL so i went to Bank Of America deposited the money into Vanity Cosmetics account and i sent her a picture of my receipt she later calls me to inform me that they received it and she had sent my invoice to my email (which i did received) I told her i wanted my surgery to be schedule for September 23rd she confirmed that there was availability and she booked me YAYYYYY

Any ladies had any work done by Dr. Fisher????

please send me pics

Booked with Dr. Fisher September 23rd ( FisherDoll) to become

Finally im booked with Fisher i spoke with my job gave them 6 month notice that i will be on a personal leave for 3 weeks and i'll use 1 week vacation so i can get paid hey at least 1 week is covered something is better than nothing at all.

This is me currently for those who are wondering why I chose surgery

I'm 5 days late on my period

So I'm already booked for surgery and it happens to be that I'm late on my period i called my schedule coordinator to inform her and to see if i happen to be pregnant can i reschedule my surgery date since i don't want no refund regardless of the situation i want my surgery after i give birth since I've already paid $3,000 she informed me that there's no problem with that so I'm super happy with that kids are a blessing. I went ahead & booked my surgery 2 weeks ago hoping i would get my period like i always do but this time i'm late 5 days i'll be taking a pregnancy test on Sunday just to make sure if i am I'll reschedule my date and if I'm not i'll be going to start using protection with my husband so i can go ahead with my surgery in September I'll keep you guys posted....

Did the test....

So I decided to take a pregnancy test and it came out NEGATIVE..... Maybe I'm just stressing and that's why I'm running late on my period

switch dates for sooner

Hello everyone I would like to know if there's anyone who is willing to switch dates with me im scheduled with Dr. Jonathan Fisher Sep 23rd I would like to go in sooner anytime in July or Aug please lmk if anyone is willing to do so.

New Date Scheduled

So i called Vanity to put myself on the waiting list i was scheduled for September but with everything going on i wanted to go sooner i received a call 2 weeks after i put myself on the waiting list and was able to book my surgery July 12th im super excited im booking my flight tomorrow and start buying products i'll need for after care

Scheduled my blood work

So i called my doctor to schedule my blood work for this Wednesday i have surgery next month so i'm hoping my blood levels are all fine & i'm clear to have surgery my BMI is high & my coordinator advised me to lose at least 5-8lbs so my BMI can be no more than 31 she told me i dont want you to come all the way here & when you step on the scale Dr.Fisher won't be able to do you're surgery due to a couple of lbs so please keep a eye on your BMI my current BMI is 31.2 i would love for it to be at 29.9 before surgery TIME TO EAT HEALTHY & EXERCISE

Waiting on clearence

I received my lab results i sent them over to Ana from Vanity she told me she will show them to Dr.Fisher so I'm just waiting for her to call me back to see if the doc clears me for surgery im super excited hope to hear good news.

Heard from Ana

Yesterday i received a EMAIL from Ana & she notified me that Dr.Fisher reviewed my labs & EVERYTHING IS CLEAR for surgery i'm super excited now all i have to do is focus & drop 10lbs by surgery date 7/11/16 my current weight is 166 which my BMI is 31.4 I'm 5'1 almost 5'2 I was told my BMI CAN NOT BE MORE THAN 31 so you know my ass has to do this my goal is to go thru this surgery & recover idk what i'll do if i had to r/s due to gaining more weight so I'm focused to lose 10lbs at least by July 11

It's just gotten real

The day has come I'm here patiently waiting was told to be here at 7:30 am ????

Pic of the after math

You will expect blood everywhere this is me now I feel disgusted due to the amount of blood on my garment I was told its normal I can't wait to see dr.fisher tomorrow morning so he can okay me with taking a shower woot woot fresh n clean

The recovery is tough

Never did I think recovery would be this tough even with meds I'm still in pain day after surgery saw Dr.Fisher and he said everything is good & that I looked amazing I am satisfied with the outcome just the recovery part that is uncomfortable

19 day post up pics

more updated pics

feeling disappointed

These couple of days i been feeling that my ass is has decreased a lot i feel like i have the flat ass i had before doing the BBL i was told they took 4000 cc & injected 1,450 each cheek since i have been feeling that my butt has got smaller now im questioning why couldn't i had 2,000 each cheek also i been sitting a lot & eating way too much unhealthy foods i'm praying that my butt grows i miss seeing it big ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :(

Is it too late to better my results?? HELP

i can't control my mouth since having surgery i have had no diet i been eating everythinggg & hardly wear my faja i do see that im starting to get my tummy back i'm debating on doing another BBL & add hips & have my under arms lipo

Update without diet & no faja

I regret it so bad I was flat coming out of surgery I let my mouth control me did not have a diet & didn't wear my faja 24/7 for a whole month like I was suppose to now I feel like I'm getting my tummy back ???? My but is shrinking & my back rolls are coming out I'm literally considering round two lipo my stomach, back, under arms and add to my hips & ass

After math after not being in a diet after surgery

Wish I could go back in time when I first got off the surgery table these couple of months I've gained 13lbs since surgery and I've gained in a way that's horrible my upper body (arms & back) is huge my stomach is starting to look deform I'm really considering a round 2 revision and this time get a lipo sculpture and lipo my arms and add hip also a mini tummy tuck these past 2 weeks I been hitting the gym 5 days straight and also I'm eating more healthy when I went for surgery I was 158lbs now I'm at 172.7 lbs so depressing

Down 12lbs

So far I started focusing on myself and with diet/exercise I've managed to lose 12lbs in 1 month I hope it's not too late to get my results back when I first got off the table
DR. Jonathan Fisher

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