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Hello Dolls! I Was introduced to RS By a friend &...

Hello Dolls! I Was introduced to RS By a friend & I've been addicted lol, I love reading the reviews of other people's experience & I also love the way everyone on here communicates with Eachother, So I decided to keep track of my journey on RS. So my surgery date is 21 days away October 13th! I'm sooo nervous. I'm having a bbl by the one & only Dr.Fisher and I I worked with a guy named Alex & he was great! The best customer service I've had in my life! Literally. He even called vanity to straighten things out when I told them that they bumped my price up by $4000 because I decided to finance. Originally If I was paying cash they told me my price would be $5000 but because I was financing my price would go up to 7,600. Alex told me that was insane & called vanity himself. He called me back to tell me that he got my price down to 5600!! I was shocked, I then added on the recovery house for 1800 making my price $7,400 WITH Recovery house. My coordinator name is Anna she is not helpful at all! I almost wanna ask for another coordiernator, I can never get in contact with her & when I call she tells them to say she is gone for the day. I called her at 2pm & they told me she was gone for the day. Then when I asked them to assign me a new coordiernator they connect me Anna. (Oh wow it's a miracle she's here) lol she gave me a Google phone number that she never answers. I asked her to call me when she received my payment from the loan company, & of course she Dident, I had to call her & three other people to get a invoice confirming my payment. I Know it sounds crazy but I'm kinda prepared to have horrible customer service with vanity, after reading the reviews It seems as if they are known for the worst customer service experience possible. So im ready to put my foot down & ask for a refund if it gets out of hand. I am very nervous to have this procedure done, although I see the fabulous results from dr fish on RS the fact that dr.fisher has his degree as a ear nose & throat doctor seems wierd & the staff at vanity is horrible. It kinda scares me and I pray to GOD i don't end up on botched or something crazy happens. Dr.fisher is very affordable I just hope he can deliver because I really can't afford to have this procedure done again, So fingers crossed.

Keyla's Recovery House

So I purchased the vanity recovery house for $1800 & after reading the reviews I decided to try & find a nurse or someone who is willing to come out & help me. I called Keylas RH & talked to a lady named gabby she told me that she couldent come to the vanity RH but I could stay @ her RH for $130 a day which wasn't so bad. Actually which I had heard of her before I purchased from vanity. Gabby told me that she heard horror story's about vanity RH & she had one girl call her crying. I'm so undecided on this recovery house mess, I called moni recovery house & spoke with a lady with a very dull "what do you want" kinda voice & then she told me it would be $700 for 4day! No Thank you! I'm so confused with theses RH Because I've read good & bad reviews on all of them. I'm really thinking about going with keyla & just hoping for the best. I know I already paid for vanitys RH Through financing but I think I'm going to be safe & stay with keyla for atleast 4days because I would hate to be in pain with nobody to help me, that's like a night mare. I wish I could just find someone to like a nurse or just someone who can go with me to vanity RH I would still pay the person. But I've been looking high & low and can't find anyone. has anyone stayed at Keylas Rh? If so how was it? I appreciate all the responses :)

Vanity Recovery house

So I finally got down to the bottom of vanity's recovery house. The name of the RH is Xanadu Recovery House. you can google them they have a website with pictures & different packages that they offer. The reason most people say they don't have help is here is because you actually have to pay extra for a caregiver each night, they even offer a registered nurse for a additional price. They have food for $30 per meal. They offer massages & more. I just called vanity to have some things added to my package. They only had me down for 4massages & I'm there for 6days so I had to add 2more massages & I also added A caregiver for 3days. Hopefully this will help me have a better experience, I will definitely keep you guys posted

Labs Done

Had my labs done today will know wassup in 2days!! Uuugghh fingers crossed

Plane ride home

Omg I'm second guessing!!! Im really freaking out about this plane thing! 7days after my surgery I have to catch a 2hour flight back home. I'm so worried I don't want my fat to die! Any suggestions guys pleaseee? I'm also worried about the pain!! I Have a 5month old to take care of back at home I hope I don't feel too bad. Not being able to sit is going to be interesting. Uuugghh

Post Op Pics

19 days before surgery!!

Wish Pics!!! Make Me sexy Fisher!!!

Wish pics

More Wish

Anyone Need Recovery House?

Hey dolls anyone traveling the week of 10/14 I can give you my vanity recovery home! I already paid for it but I'm not staying and I'm sure trying to get a refund from vanity would be impossible! So this offer is for anyone who needs recovery from 10/12-10/18 you can stay in my room for a small fee. I will be at a different recovery house. You can either choose the recovery house or a hotel which is the extended stay america hotel in Miami. Thank you


Ok my date is slowly approaching, I'm 11days away from my flying to Miami to get this party started! Lol I try not to think about it so much I find that it goes by faster that way. Im not gonna make my reviews very long I'm gonna tell you guys the goods getting straight to the point. So I cancelled my RH with vanity after researching im not at all impressed & I don't feel that I'm receiving the best care staying at there RH. SO lucky for me since I financed & dident pay cash it was easier to get a refund because they had to comply with the financing company. I called the financing company & told them I wanted to cancel & I also called vanity & told them the same. I got my refund in 3days :)
1.vanity RH is on a ranch(????)
2. Your "24hour nurse" leaves at 6am which is techinally not 24 hours lol not even close.
3. Even if you pay for a nurse ($150) she only stays with you from 6am-6pm
So your by yourself for atleast 7hours
4. NO food, you can't even buy it if you wanted to so you have to order out from somewhere.& fyi they offer food but they said that you have to have a premium package?! (For $1500 that's not the premium package!!??)
5. Your transportation is not private, when you go to your doctors apt its not only you, it's you & who ever else needs to go to vanity or have a appointment or massage or wat ever! & you all have to wait on Eachother ,so if your done you still have to wait on the other girls. You guys ride in a suv after surgery together!
Anyway all thoes things really turned me off from vanity so that's why I cancelled. I now am staying with Mary. She is a nuse (with credentials to show) she charge me $900 for 6nights 7days 3meals a day. That's not bad. Her Instagram is : 305_postop_nurse
She sounds like a really nice lady & em she is african American & she speaks English so that's a plus. It's literally 50 RH's in Miami so it's like you have to jus pick one & hope for the best. Feel free to comment if you guys have stayed with her I would love to hear your experience. I bought my flight my labs are good except for my hcg, my doctor forgot to test my hcg level in my blood so I have to go back tommorow to have that test done. Guys make sure you schedule your appointment ahead of time just Incase. & always schedule 2appointments 1week from eachother just Incase you need to go back for something. Anna is still a horrible cooridernator I've been dealing with 3 different corridernators keyela & Leo & Margrette & anna when she feels like being bothered.

Garment help!!!

Ok ladies so I'm confused wat size faja or "garment" am I susposed to get? I currently wear a medium in shirts and 9 in jeans.. And what is the stage two garment all about? Should I get a smaller size? HELP. lol thanks dolls

Dr fisher Or Hassan??!!

Ok so my friend is going to dr.hassan & she keeps telling me like girl dr.hassan gives you that hourglass figure & a fat ass!! So I went on his RS page & looked at some of his dolls & I can't lie they look good!! I've been asking around who is better I even called 2 recovery houses & asked them what to they think. Since they see plenty of girls recovering & everyone said fisher is the best & Hassan is second. I also asked one of the girls that work at vanity & she said if it was her getting the procedure she would pick fisher. So idk maybe I'm tripping wanting to switch I don't think I am..think I'm gonna stick with my first mind. any other girls had second thoughts on fisher & wanted Hassan???. Hassan got girls stomachs looking like cardboard!! Fisher still leaves fat on your back braw rolls & if I wake up from my surgery with them braw rolls I'm going to die!!! I called Annette my corridernator & she said I can see Hassan October 26th, I told her to let me think about it this weekend & I would call her on Monday. Omg this is crazy I jus want to get it right the first time I'm not trying to have round 2 in a few months because it wasn't right the first time. I wanna be buying my tits by April not spending money on round 2.

Hassan or fisher

I don't see not one review where Hassan work looks bad. Can the cheaper surgeon really be better? Hassan is only 4500 & fisher is $5700. This is such a tough decision, the only bad thing I hear about Hassan is that his booties has no projection & are sometimes one cheek is bigger than the other or your booty will have dents in it, That's a problem for me lol. but I don't see that in the ladies reviews I see a sexy fat booty and a tiny waist!! This is driving me crazy I'm up at 5am still thinking about this,....smh

Switched to Hassan!!

First I wanna thank all you beauties for all of the comments & support, this is a really awesome site if your having a procedure done & need someone who you can talk to that can actually relate. Thank you ladies! Lol I am a only child & I don't have many friends, my family things I'm crazy & wasteing my money & my boyfriend...lol well he is paying for it all & he really dont understand, all he know is I will have a fat booty lol. So it's nice to talk to you guys on here & get your opponion. Anywayyyyy I switched to Hassan, I know I know. I was thinking really hard on this one & in the end Hassan wore the crown! Don't get me wrong fisher is good but to me he's not consistent with his work. Looking at some of the girls he did 34% of the girls he did looked amazing, 50% look alright & the other half looked like they haven't even had a bbl jus some lazy lipo. That's ano thing I felt like his lipo was sometimes lazy, I've seen him leave back fat on several women & that just won't work for me honey I need it out! lol ALL OF IT! I wanna be snatched! I don't want a big ghetto booty, just a nice juicy booty that compliments my shape. I Think I'm gonna stay off realself for awhile tho because I'm very indecisive and if I see a good looking fisher girl I will be ready to switch back. Hassan work is very consistent and he actually sculpts your body, I've seen some amazing work for him. I'm talking better than jimmerson & he is who I orig wanted to go to but dident have enough money for him, he too high, I'm talking $15,000 too high lol. if you haven't seen "AznBootyQueen" page go see it now!! Hassan showed out on her, her body is crazy. I hope I made the right choice, this is really driving me crazy. I love Hassan work I jus don't want him to give me no big donkey ass. Just something nice & sexy like a Miracle Watts booty or Lira Galore, like yes their bootys are big but they look nice not sloppy. I just changed my flight, I had an American airlines ticket first class coming back & spirit airlines going. It costed me money to change my flight dates so at this point there's no turning back because I'm not paying to change my date again. So my surgery is now set with Hassan on 10/30 & Im just gonna pray & ask GOD To be with me & hope I wake up beautiful. Feeling such a mixture of feelings happy, sad, nervous, ansious, crazy lol omg

Pre Op

Was taking pics of myself yesterday, my shape is not horrible, I just don't like the pudge I see when I wear a dress or crop top.

BellaDonna Luxury Recovery???

Soooo I'm so excited glad I choose hassan I feel so much more confident about my sx results!! I don't have to worry about trying to be the first surgery of the day because fisher does so many, I would hate to be his last patient. Anyway... I had to have a urine test done Monday because when I switched to hassan he requires it unlike fisher, not sure what that's about but It came back clean so all my labs are officially done. Has any of you ladies stayed with Bella Donna Luxury RH ?? The pictures looks nice & they were very nice over the phone but it's not many reviews on the company. Time is winding down!!! Can't wait

Mary Elite Concierge RH

Has Anyone stayed With Mary @ Elite Concierge??? I was originally going to stay with her but now I'm not sure.

BellaDonna SCAM!!!

Ok so I can only tell my experience with belladonna & my beliefs. So long story short I was intrested in staying @ BD I contacted Camille, she was great, answered all my questions, offered to skype so I could ask questions & she could get my medical history, I asked for more pictures, the tone in her voice changed as she laughed at me & said I have lots of pics on the website. OK (The Payment Process) I said ok send me a invoice, ok no problem there is a 25% deposit to secure your spot boom ok no problem. Oh & your payment must be made in FULL *14days BEFORE YOU ARRIVE. I said well Camille, I'm sorry but Im not gonna just wire you $1400 and I don't even know where you live, what you look like. Your not a actual business where I can google your company's name & your address and everything pops up (ex. Such as a hotel) I said we'll I will give you your $300 deposit but can I pay you in full upon arrival? As soon as you pick me up from the airport, I have no problem with that. Camille says well I don't know how to proceed from here. Now in my mind im thinking your just gonna pass up $1400 just because I can't pay you 2Weeks before my stay?!! & also my friend was going to stay there too so it actually would have been about a $3000 stay. Camille told me she could not proceed from here because that was the rules & she can't do anything about it because she is not the owner. Oh & also they have 2 numbers they tell you to call one number works & you get Camille & the other number *says this number has not been set up to receive calls.* & also Everytime Camille calls me she calls private. It says no caller ID Everytime she called. & I mean I even offered Half, Like I can give you half now & half when I arrive. She still said No! Now you make your own decision im just gonna tell you mines, & what I think. The police will look at me crazy like so why did you wire a stranger that much money again? Lmao

17Days To Go

Uuugghh Every since I switched my surgery date I feel like time is moving so slow! Tommorow was susposed to be my sx with fisher BUT! oh well! Can't wait to get this over with & start enjoying my new body & go shopping! #SoonToBeHassanified

How Do I Get To My Massages ??

Hey for the ladies who have already had their Sx, once you get home how did you make it to your massages if you can't sit down & drive. am I really gonna have to pay for a taxi everyday ?? And also how many massages did you get each week? Thx dolls BTW only 14 DAYS LEFT TILL MY SX!! :)

Omg I'm So Ready!!

9 Days Till I Fly Out!!!! 11Till Surgery COME ONNNN!!!! :)

Birthday Today & 8 More Days Before Hassanified!!!

Today is my birthday Ladiessss the big 23! Lol eventho its my birthday I'm still just like damn hurry up my surgery is almost here! Lol my boyfriend took me shopping yesterday but I DIDENT even wanna get nothing because I know my size will probally b different after SX right now I'm a Medium in tops & 9 in jeans or medium in sweats. I know that sweats is pretty much all I can wear, can't really wear a dress because it's cold where I live. Gonna go buy some sweats today size large just so they are not too tight on my butt for when I come back home. Pretty sure I'm not gonna b able to fit any of my old jeans...I can barley fit them now lol after I had my son i definitely gained some weight & my friends & family never let me forget! Uuugghh can't wait till they see me after my sx! Now who's fat bitches!!?? Lol I'm only 5'3 & 147 pounds so I'm not really fat but I used to be 130 so everyone is making a big deal about it .


Omg!!! Just Received my Booty Buddy & it is amazing! You can't have a bbl without having this thing. It is super comfortable, feels like memory foam. I also loves the way it elevates your butt area its like its designed to fit your posture. I was so worried about how I was going to be able to sit after my procedure but now I am soooo relieved. It comes in a plastic carrier & it is the perfect size for any seating works best on hard surface. I love itttt ladies please order yours if your having a bbl trust me you will NOT regret it. Ps I am noway affiliated with booty buddy company just a very happy customer #Happy Healing #BBL #Lipo

Seroma @ Home

So I live in Chicago, do I really need to fly back to Miami to have my seroma drained? It looks like everyone who gets a bbl gets a seroma. Is there a way to prevent them? I can't find anyone that is willing to drain a seroma for me in chicago which sucks uuugghh this surgery is costing so much. Now This is what I call hidden fees.

8day pre op Booty buddy

Delete my account

I'm kinda getting irritated with RS & these fake ass pages. People pretend to be a client who had a surgery or is having a surgery & u look at they page & they haven't documented a damn thing about their surgery. All they got is comments. Then u tryna tell me that bella donna isn't a scam. I don't care what u think this is how I feel about the company & my beliefs. Theses fake ass pages are made to post fake reviews about these recovery houses & stuff I'm just irritated by it. My SX is in 5days & ladies I kno u want pics but I can't take these fake pages it's rreally annoying.

Created Instagram

I will no longer be Documenting My Bbl Journey On Rs For Post Op Pics Follow Me On Instagram @ LovelyLane124 Sx 10/30
Can't wait!!!

Pre Op Experience

So I know I said that I wasn't going to post any more but I'm not going to let the negative people stop me from telling you ladies about my experience because I know that we are all here to learn from eachothers experience. Before I got on realself I was so lost on where to start & what to buy but with the help of you ladies I am very confident that I am prepared for my surgery. So here we go....

I landed at 8:30am, my driver with A&R Home Away (ROsemary) called me at 8:50am to see where I was. I met up with him & was in the car by 9:00am. He was really nice & sweet, I was expecting a old man but he was only 21. He was dressed in scrubs very professional not regular clothes. I got to vanity & everyone was really nice I was in & out in about 1hour I signed my papers & tried on my garment & was done! The driver sat outside & waited for me the entire time he dident Rush me at all. He got out the car at the airport to put my bags in the trunk for me also at the airport. When I got to Rosemary house her chef was cooking I think her name is Carmen. She was making Cuban food, it was really good. The house was sooooooooo nice it seems new everything is clean & it is so spacious. The first thing I told her was that her house looks better in person than it do on the pictures. She has bedrooms of 2 they have 2beds in one room & every room has their own restroom. It is a 32 inch tv hanging on the wall with AT&T cable. It is 2 other girls here and they are really nice they had their surgery yesterday so they are in recovery mode I haven't seen them come out their room in about 3hours. Rosemary checked on them and brought them waters & Gatorade. Vanity is a little screwed up tho because they told me & another girl that's staying here (she is having surgery tommorow with hasan as well) to be at vanity at 5:30am..WHY THE HELL DO WE BOTH NEED TO BE THERE AT THE SAME TIME?? I'm prepared for bs tommorow I swear. I would recommend Rosemary 100% the house is very clean the staff is amazing. You will love your stay.


So my recovery has been horrible I had a blood transfusion & they are telling me I have muscle damage. Anyone else experience this? Are my muscles damage from too much Lipo? I also haven't got any massages this fluid hurts like hell moving around in me I feel like I'm going to die regretting the whole thing

Rosemary A&R Review

A&R Home Away Care (Rosemary)...I have mixed feelings about my stay, it was definitely a roller-coaster ride.

-Family Oriented Business Everyone was very nice & polite (Except For Suzie)
-House Is Very Clean
-When I Leave, I Come Back My Room is Very Clean Clothes Are Washed & Folded & Bed Is Always Made
-Carmen Is Amazing she is so nice she doesn't speak English but she understands it & she is funny too
-PAPO (the driver) Is Very Sweet & Nice

-I was told there would be 3meals a day, there was NOT! They cooked 1Time A Day & You have To Eat That For Lunch & Dinner. Breakfast Was The Worst One Morning Rosemary got up & fixed us Leggo Waffles For Breakfast like We Were 2year olds. I'm 4days post op surgery & your gonna feed me Plain Waffles For Breakfast?!! I told her "hey I'm going to get my massage this morning and I get faint if I don't eat right can you make some meat and eggs to go with the waffles? I was ignored
-I Felt Faint The Day After My surgery And I Was Rushed To The Hospital. Of Course When I got to the hospital my Hemo Was Low (because I had jus had surgery LESS than 24Hours Ago OFCOURSE it's low) My CK levels were High Due To Having Liposuction Less Than 24 Hours Ago) and I was dehydrated. Why In the hell would you rush Me to the hospital the day after my surgery just because I felt faint. ( I DID NOT FAINT) she had a rude ass helper there her name was Suzie & Boy was she rude! Rosemary told us she was her best friend ( NO ONE AT THIS RECOVERY HOUSE IS A NURSE PAPO SAID IT HIMSELF IT IS A FAMILY OWNED "illegal" BUSINESS) I had A really hard time getting in & out the bed after surgery to go pee so I needed Rosemary to help us, when Suzie arrived Rosemary stopped answering us and we got Suzie instead. I asked her to help me out of bed and she told me that she could not touch me 24 hours after my surgery. So her "helping" me out of bed was actually just standing there watching me struggle. I demanded I speak to Rosemary and I asked her what was up with Suzie not being able to touch me?! She ignored the question and then herself helped me out of bed. As the night went by Rosemary stopped answering completely Suzie told us she was sleep so I had to get in & out of bed by myself because I was told I couldn't b touched. The following morning Rosemary woke me up to some restaurant breakfast from a Cuban place. It was eggs, hams n potatoes (the only time we got a half way decent breakfast) I was a little disappointed tho because this dident seem like the kind of food we should be eating 1day post op. The ham was salty & I'm just like where is the fruits and veggies or something lol but I was starving so I ate. I had to kneel down on the floor to try n eat because I couldn't sit down Of Course so while on my knees I was eating my food at the edge of the bed. I got very dizzy and I started seeing double I'm like o shit I was calling Suzie but she wasn't answering and I was in no position to yell. When she did come and I told her I felt dizzy she told me OH YOU NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL HONEY! Rosemary came in screaming ( I swear it looked staged lol) she was like OH NOOOO. she called her husband to pick me up and put me on the bed. And Suzie just kept telling me oh you going to the hospital! You can hate me all u want but u going! I told them that I dident need to go to the hospital & that I dident wanna go because my insurance doesn't cover Miami fl. There were two girls that was there before we got there who had just had their bbl done their names was Natasha & Katrina they come in my room yelling...YES SHE NEEDS TO GO SHE IS DELUSIONAL "Katrina" which was introduced to me as Rosemary's nurse but she had just had a bbl also was yelling I needed to go. I felt like I was in a horror movie being accused of a murder being sent to the crazy house lol anyway I was put in a hospital for 2whole days because they wanted to keep me since my hemo was so low.. Suzie came up to the hospital the first night to wash my garment, she came in with an attitude And Took my garment. Then she was off to the next girls room (yes it was me and another hassan girl in the hospital we both went in at the same time from Rosemary's) I asked her when was she coming back with my garment because I felt so weird without it being I was only 1day post op. She said in 2hours.. I was like ok cool I can deal with that. So I went to sleep and I wake up it's MIDNIGHT I was so pissed. Like where the hell is this girl with my garment?! First thing I did was text Rosemary she said that Carmen tried to come to the hospital but they told them I couldn't have company after 11:30pm.. So I Immediately call my nurse like I can't have company after 11:30?! She is like no you can have company 24/7. At this point I'm pissed and crying. I'm bleeding everywhere without my garment I really needed a bath and a massage I was like this is not happening. I told Rosemary like they said I can have company 24/7 and why dident she just send the garment up to me, if I don't get that garment I'm going to swell..u could have told them ok I don't need to come up but she really needs this garment or she is going to swell. And why dident anyone text me or call me when they were up here?! Rosemary texted me that she was about to call Carmen and I dident hear from her again that night. Long story short I didn't get my garment till noon that next day! She sent her massage lady to the hospital... I forgot her name she doesn't speak English but she is a sweet heart. She helped give me a shower and gave me a 15min massage. I felt better after that.

-Your transportation is to Vanity Only! Unless PAPO feel like taking u somewhere else. Just to confirm I asked him before I left the house and he told me Rosemary lied. You only get transportation to vanity, Not Walgreens, Walmart, chipotle..lol none of that. I went to Marian for my massages and was told by Rosemary that the driver would take me! I will post my uber receipts.

-I had to ask if she could check my BP, and when I did she told me I was too much and started laughing at me. She checked everyone else's but I guess since my bP was normal before surgery it still would be now. She talked about me as if I was getting on her nerves, idk maybe I was being sensitive but she made a comment my last night like uuugghh one more night with u.

-I had to find out from another girl that we were paying the same price but she told me I get 1 massage & she gets 3. So I asked her like why am I getting 1 & she is getting 3 & we're both paying 1000? Sure enough she said oooohhh I made a mistake yes u get 3 too.. RIGHT

-I paid 1000 for 6Days in my package I received a Yoga Matt, arnica Cream for cracked skin,Maxi Pads and I was supposed to get lipo foam but she never gave that to us I had to buy it from vanity for $20.

- I was about to buy a urinal but Rosemary told me not too. After my surgery I asked her if she had one she told me no just stand up and pee. I had to stand up and pee and pee was flying everywhere and sliding all down my leg. I'm like wtf the PEZ was only $5 on Amazon I could have bought that

- Uugghh! The plastic on them beds are sooooo annoying and you get stuck to the plastic which makes it sooooo hard to get out of bed after you had your surgery and is in pain. But I understand why she keeps the plastic on because people from all over the world is coming to sleep in these bed so..

Also Hassan was very pissed with Rosemary because he said that she takes all his patients to the ER & he said it just like this "Less Stress For Her" because I was in the hospital for 2days and Rosemary dident give me any money back for those 2days. I ate hospital food & the nurses there took care of me (which I will be receiving a 5000 bill for). The week before I arrived I had called her and she was telling me about another patient she put in the hospital, I dident think anything of it. If they get overwhelmed they will throw u in the hospital for the hospital to take care of you that's how I feel & obviously hassan feels the same way. I told Rosemary what hassan said and I told her he said he is going to tell his patients not to come to you & she said "he can't do that because it's Realself" I'm not sure if u forgot baby love but everyone that have a procedure calls vanity first so if word gets out mama your screwed..lol

I'm not here to bash them just telling you my experience at A&R

Post Op!!

Well I'm finally feeling better now that I'm back at home. This Water in my stomach & my back is Crazy??!! I got 3massages from Marian & omg she is the best what a sweetheart. I have a pouch of fluid on my left side of my abdomen do I have to back to vanity to get that drained? Or will it leave on its own? I also have so much fluid in my stomach and I'm praying it don't get hard and turn into scar tissue. Today has made my 5th lymphatic massage and now I'm gonna start doing one every other day instead of everyday. I'm so swollen and I HATE sleeping on my tummy every night my chin is paying for it! if you have small children PLEASE DO NOT have this procedure until they are big enough to walk or something because I feel so horrible I miss laying on my back with my back resting on my chest. I'm missing moments that I will never get back. I wanna sit and hold my baby so bad this booty buddy is OK. If I could turn back I would have not got a bbl only LIPO not siting is horrible. I can't even drive my car & when I did it was so uncomfortable. Well what's done is done I will be a happier person once this fluis go away. I'm wearing a size 40garment 3lipo Foams & a Triangle.


Hey this is for all my chicago girls that are having surgery in other cities or states that may get a seroma & need to be drained. I found a lady!! Lol she is a sweetheart her name is trish & she is a RN. I have a seroma & she drained 160cc from me today! I'm so happy to have her. So if you need the info send me a private message & I will gladly share! I also know of a great post op massage lady in Chicago her name is courtney her prices are very reasonable & she comes to your home. Again. Very professional has her own massage table she sets up & everything. Inbox me if you need the info I will gladly share!!:)

Vanity & Big Faja!!!

Be careful if you get your faja from vanity they gave me a size 42 garment for surgery & it was wayyyy to big. Just ordered my mariaE columbia faja heard it runs super small so I ordered a large


Hey dolls! Does anyone know of a doctor that does good lipo & breast augmentation? I've been finding either or.. some doctors have great lipo but horrible breast & vice versa. Help! Interested in having this procedure done asap but I want to make sure I find the right doctor

Dr.Hassan 1year

I love my results I just want more lipo & breast!!!!! I want to go back to Hassan but I don't think he so breast????????
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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