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Hello ladies! So I have always wanted to have a...

Hello ladies!
So I have always wanted to have a BBL done! I believe I already have somewhat of a butt, however, I've aways had more volume towards the bottom cheeks than the top. This gives me a "longer" look. When I gain weight I tend to carry it in my lower back (muffin tops) and belly. Overall, I am looking for an hourglass shape with a tiny waist and BIG ROUND booty! As long as its proportional to the rest of my body ofcourse!
I've heard great things about Dr. Mendieta.. He is known for the curves, booty and technique. I had consults with both Dr. Salzhauer (Dr. Miami) and Dr. Mendieta. I then decided to go with Mendieta because I felt more comfortable with him and his staff. Very professional, warm and knowledgable! A little pricy but I believe it will be worth it! I have scheduled my surgery date for December 16th! Less than a month away!! :) I have been trying to gain some weight, I am 5'4 and currently weighing approximately 150 lbs. I have already began taking my supplements (Multivitamin, Iron, Vitamin C). I also just received my oral Arnica in the mail, as it is suppose to help with the healing process! I will keep you all updated as my surgery date becomes closer! And along my recovery process, I sure hope it will be a speedy one! Wish me luck!

Surgery just 13 days away!

Hello all!
So, I had my pre-op appointment two days ago. There I was to pay my remaining balance and go over the medication needed, pre-surgery check-list, etc. I requested to see Dr. Mendieta (as normally you do not meet with him on your pre-op visit) because I am a bit concerned with not having enough fat for my desired look. Dr. Mendieta agreed once he saw me and said I should gain an additional 5 pounds or so before the 16th. He mentioned that when I gain weight in my abdomen area, it is not fat that is necessarily accessible to him. Most of the fat in my stomach is more internal, near my organs (visceral fat). I am now on major booty camp, eating everything in sight. 13 days pre-op, weighting 153.5 lbs. Goal is to reach at least 159 by my surgery date!


4 day post-op pics!

5-days post-op

Hello all, today I am 5 days post-op and the swelling is starting to decrease significantly. Day 1 was the worst for me. I have to state that the entire staff was great with making me feel at ease and less nervous about my procedure. They were truly amazing! The pain was manageable and the pain killers were a big help, it was just the discomfort of only being able to lay on my stomach all day long. On day 1 I had Gatorade, some chicken stock and a bit of purè later that day. Since then, I have been drinking lots of fluids and eating healthy snacks that are high in protein every three hours. So far, my recovery experience has been better than I expected! All of our bodies are different and handle shock differently!

As for the physical results so far, I am happy! I know I still have a long way to go before I get to see my final results but I am in love with the waist and shape I now have! My butt appears much more full at the top which was one of my main concerns. And the foam triangle I am to wear under my garment is suppose to help with the curve in the lower back, giving more projection.

Dr. Mendieta removed fat from my arms, abdomen, back, flanks and inner thighs. This allowed him to inject 1000 cc's in each buttock. I will continue to keep you all posted throughout my journey! :) Please feel free to comment or ask anything!

2 weeks and 2 days post op pics

As far as my recovery process, it has continued to go smoothly and every day I feel better.

I do believe my shape looks much nicer than before but unfortunately I have noticed a significant decrease in my butt size. I honestly believe it's starting to look like it did before. And it's very scary considering I'm only 2 weeks post op. I have not sat on my butt and have been sleeping on my stomach as I was advised to. I am aware that fat reabsorption is based on genetics and I know everyone is different.

We will see how this turns out. I will keep you all updated.

P.S. Your opinions on my results would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to know how others feel about the amount of decrease in size. Am I incorrect for feeling like my butt is looking similar to how it did before?

Total CC's injected

By the way, a total of 4 liters of fat were removed and 1000 cc's per buttock were injected.
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