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I have decided to go ahead and document my journey...

I have decided to go ahead and document my journey on RS. I'm 22, always have been skinny my whole life. I already have a lil bubble butt going but I dont have any hips and my waist is not small. I basically have an athletic figure. I have been satisfied with this figure for a while but I think its time for a change. What I'm looking for now is for my butt and hips to be bigger, rounder and my waist to be smaller. I think I'll have to gain weight to create some extra fat but I'm ready for that!

I'm still in the process of choosing the right doctor. After many days of stalking this website for reviews and pictures, I'll be creating my top 5 doctors list. I have about 10 doctors in mind so I need to make up my mind ASAP. Does anyone know of any doctor that is especially good with transforming skinny people to curvaceous bombshells?!

My Before Pics!! Wish Picss!

Hi guys! This is me now at 124 pounds. I have narrowed my list to 3 doctors. Dr. Omulepu, Dr. Salama and Dr. Salzhauer. I may still consider Dr. Fisher but I've read a lot of bad reviews about Vanity and I'm not sure they will be worth the money. I've had a virtual consultation with Dr Salama and I was told to gain 10-15 more pounds. That was what I was expecting to hear because where else would they get the fat from lol
Anywayyy, I need opinions and/or recommendations! Which of these doctors do you think could harvest the most fat from my body and give me the body I want. I'll also upload wish pics!!!
My main wish is to have fuller hips and more projection on my butt, especially the lateral part of my butt to achieve that upside down heart shape.

Epifoam? Lipofoam? Abdominal boards?! PLEASE HELP

I'm going with Dr Fisher for my BBL and i need to know if these are provided along with the garment. If they are not provided, where s everyone getting theirs? I've searched everywhere online and NOTHING!

My top concerns about vanity!!

I called Anna to see if i could make a deposit for the special. She told me no so I offered to pay a deposit of 1,000 and then pay the rest in 5 days. She agreed after getting permission from her supervisor.

I then asked if I could schedule a date for August 4 but she said Dr Fisher will be on vacation. She recommended that I pick the 11th of August because he'll be back on the 7th. I looked on RS calendar and saw that someone is scheduled for the 4th with him. I notified the RS girl to double check with her coordinator so she doesn't get screwed over.

Concern #1
What I don't understand is how they can schedule people on Dr Fisher's vacation days. And apparently, they don't know the exact days he goes on vacation. That is absolute BS. I'm not trying to schedule a surgery date and book plane tickets and a recovery home only to find out Dr Fisher decided to go on vacation. How many people has this happened to?

Concern #2
Also, why did someone on RS try to sell me their sx date because Vanity wouldn't give her a refund. I asked Anna for their refund policy before I agreed to pay my deposit and she sent me and they offer 100% refund. Are they really not giving people their money back if they cancel?!

Concern #3
I asked Anna to send me an invoice before I made a payment just so I had an official proof to show that I am making payments for the special and not for the regular price. She said she couldn't send that to me until I paid the deposit. Ummm isn't an invoice like a bill? Don't customers receive bills for services before making payments?! She still hasn't sent me the invoice because her "manager has to create it". Did you guys pay before you received the invoice?

Concern #4
I was told to pay my sx fee into their Bank of America account. Is that what everyone did?!

Sh*t just got real!

I just put my $1000 deposit for Dr Fisher. I'm paying the rest next week! Wooooo

Paid in full!!! $_$

I took the plunge and I'm paid in full at Vanity! They are going to send me the link to the patient portal between today and Monday. Next thing on my list is booking my flight, booking a RH and getting all my supplies. I'm also waiting for a shipment of a blood builder supplement I got on amazon to keep my iron levels optimal! Sooooo excited!!

Got my Vanity portal info, info for people trying to gain weight and more!

My vanity coordinator finally emailed me access to the vanity portal. It has pre and post op instructions, your sx date and a countdown to your surgery. 118 days for me!!!!!!!!!

Good news!! I've gained 5 pounds in about 2 weeks!! I'm now 125lbs! I was 120lbs when I started consciously putting on weight. I calculated how much calories I would need to eat to gain 1 pound a week and it is 2700 calories. I drink a weight gainer in the morning with ice cream, drink a 500ml soda daily and fill the rest of my calories with carbs, carbs, carbs! I use the app 'myfitnesspal' to keep track of my calories so I know I am always eating 2700 calories a day. At first, I wasn't gaining weight, in fact I was losing weight :( I tried not to let the stress of gaining weight affect me so I stopped thinking about it. I still have about 3 months to gain more weight so I should be fine. My Megafood blood builder came in the mail and I've been taking that religiously.

Something has been bothering me though..I used to lift heavy weights. Squats, lunges, deadlifts, you name it. So now I'm scared I wont lose my muscles to make room for the bbl fat! My butt is so firm that I cant pull/stretch the skin out from it. Does anyone know what I can do to make my skin flabbier (for lack of better words?) lol.

BBL Supplies List

Faja 1 and 2
Waish Cincher
Pre and post sx vitamins
Prescription meds
Blood work/Pre
Lipo foam
Ab board
Booty Buddy
Drive Folding bench
M.A.T Laying system
Tank tops
Cotton Underwear
Anti-embolism socks
Disposable Body wipes for bathing
Throw Blanket
Maxi Dress
Silicon scar cream
Arnica gel
Alcohol prep pads
Summers eve cleansing cloth
First aid pads/gauze
First aid tape
Back scratcher
Stool softener
Liquid Iron
Women's probiotic
Anti itch cream
Medical gloves
Dial soap
Loofah with long hand

Mayda is the best!!! Surgery tomorrow at 7pm with Fisher

I went to Vanity today for my preop and of course it was a mad house and I didn't see Dr Fisher but I did all my paperwork and got a call saying my surgery was at 7pm the following day. I was a little disappointed because I requested to be one of the first surgeries. Apparently, Dr Fisher has a case with someone with a medical problem and another older lady and he schedules his cases according to BMI from high to low. My BMI is 22 so I got pushed to the end of the sx list. I don't think that's fair but whatever. As long as he gives me a great body, I'll be fine.

I'm staying with Mayda at her high rise apartment and I couldn't have chosen a better place to stay. She picked me up from the airport the moment I arrived, took me to her place and cooked me breakfast. She took me to vanity for my pre op and helped me with the language barrier because everyone was speaking Spanish and I didn't understand what was going on. We went back to her place where she cooked a delicious lunch. She's such a great cook and has an awesome personality. She also comes prepared with everything you need for surgery so if you forget some stuff, she can hook you up! I can already tell I'm going to be in excellent hands after my surgery.

About to go into surgery

Waiting to see Fisher so he can mark me up. Pray for me! ????

Day of Surgery

Vanity told my my surgery was going to be at 7pm and that I should be at Vanity by 5:30pm. But of course they didn't tell me that until 4pm that day. With traffic, I got there around 6:10. They didn't call me to see the anesthesiologist until and hour and a half after I got there. I became frustrated and asked the pregnant lady at the desk, "why would you tell me to be there early just to have me wait" and she condescendingly told me that Dr Fisher wants his patients to physically be at vanity for at least an hour and a half before any surgical procedures start. That sounded like a bunch of bull to me. Also, Mayda my caregiver asked her for my scripts so she could fill them before I got out of surgery and she refused until Mayda kept asking for them. I really dont know what her deal was. Anyway, I waited and waited and then got called to the back to have my pictures taken and I peed in a cup for my pregnancy test. They left me in that room with my surgery coat on and then finally the anesthesiologist came in. He was really friendly, asked me questions and told me I had nothing to worry about.

Meeting Fisher:
After he left, Fisher came in an hour later. He was very upbeat and funny considering how late it was. I showed him some wish pictures and he made comments like "booty booty booty booty rocking everywhere". He's a real cool guy. At one point, he told me to go home jokingly because he thought I didnt need the surgery. I was 125 pounds at the time of surgery so I had gained about 8 pounds for the surgery. He said he wished I would have gained at least 15 more pounds but I told him it's so hard for me to gain weight and he understood. After talking to him, he marked me up and took my pictures.

Surgery time:
Shortly after, the anesthesiologist came in and put an IV in my wrist the first time which hurt like a b*itch. I can't believe he missed my vein the first time. Then he tried for a second time on my wrist. He told me he was about to put something in my IV which was going to burn and it burned! Then he put me to La La land and I remember being gone within like 3 seconds.

Recovery room:
I woke up and I was just crying and crying for no reason. I wasn't in that much pain but I guess that was just my body's reaction to waking up from anesthesia. The nurse on duty was not caring at all. She gave me pain medication in my IV twice and told me to stop crying. Of course, I couldn't stop crying so she just left me alone until Maida came to pick me up.

The ride home was the worst. I felt every little bump on the road and it was as if my stitches were coming apart. When I got home, I took the pain kills I had from a previous operation since we weren't able to fill my scripts that night. I went straight to bed and got up like 10 times at night to pee. Ladies, P-EZ is your best friend (if you know how to use it well).

I'm a huge baby and have low tolerance for pain but I think the first and second nights were not too bad for me. O took oxy for pain and xanax to relax and I was good. I had my appetite back almost immediately and I drank soup, gateorade and pineapple juice. I had my first massage by Elsi who Mayda recommended to me. I thought it was going to be the worst but she was so gentle with me. she created an ambience like a spa room and massages my shoulders first, then drained the incisions in my back, which hurt a little bit, the she massaged my legs and feet. I felt like I was in heaven afterwards. She's coming back today to drain my stomach and massage my front body.

All in all, I am very satisfied with my recovery home and massage therapist. I'm not too sure about my results yet, because I started with a booty to begin with and I wanted it to be way bigger but I don't really see a difference. I can see a light difference in my waistline but nothing major either. What do you girls think?

Eating like a Cuban queen

After everything we go through with the bbl surgery, the last thing you body needs is lack of nutrients. Mayda is a great cook and has been feeding me like royalty. She goes out of her way for me and I'm so glad I decided to stay with her

4th massage done!

This is me in the process of getting my 4th massage done by Elsie. I can't explain the feeling but it hurts so good. Elsie massages my shoulders with arnica gel then goes to my back and moves all the fluid to my waist and then towards the drain site. She then massages my legs. Then I get up and she massages my stomach. She uses an ultrasound massager too and I feel so much better after each massage. It's crazy how much fluid my body is still retaining. I drain every single day. I'm going to vanity on Thursday to see Fisher to have my drains removed.

One more thing, the ITCHING IS REAL ladies! Omg get ready to itch like there is no tomorrow. I couldn't sleep last night because I stayed up all night itching. Luckily I bought a back scratcher and the green gold's bond anti itch cream and Mayda also bought be Benadryl. The itching is less but its still there. Does anyone have any suggestions for itching?

Massages in Los Angeles

Does anyone know where to get massages around the Los Angeles area? Pleeaasseee respond if you do. thanks!

12 days post op and starting to love my new shape!

Woke up this morning, removed my faja and checked myself out in the mirror. My swelling is going down some. I bought a hand held massager to massage my belly and back since I can't find anyone in the LA area to massage me plus it saves me money! Question for the vets: Is it okay if I only wear my faja at night and when can I start using a waist cincher?

Selling my booty buddy for $50. Bought for $70

If anyone is interested, message me. Thanks!
Dr Fisher

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