Office Review: 23 Years Old ,2 Kids (4year Old Son 7 Month Old Daughter) - Miami, FL

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Hello everyone I am new to real self .I have been...

Hello everyone I am new to real self .I have been considering surgery since I was 20 years old .I've been researching so many doctors ...I originally started with dr.jimmerson in mind however 11k is ALOT for just a booty then I looked into dr Miami but he was booked all the way up for like a year or two so then I decided I was gonna go wit dr.osak but I recently spoke with Candice at spectrum who informed me that dr osak was no longer with them anymore dude to license restrictions !!!So I found some results of dr fisher on real self and I loved them however the results on the vanity website I didn't agree with so much but from the ones on real self I was automatically sold !!!so I am scheduled for my bbl September 1st of 2k16 I am currently 122lbs my weight gain has been goin ok I've gained 7 lbs in a few weeks so I'm happy !!!


If anyone would like tips on how to gain weight for those of you with high metabolism like myself .I ordered CB 1 weight gainer pills and their shakes mix which is $40 the pills are $50 however they do stimulate your appetite and slow down your metabolism as well.I also drink 3 equate plus a day along with 3 meals or at least 2 big meals .So far I have gained 7 lbs using this method.Goodluck ????


So I am scheduled to see de fisher at vanity September 1 st 2k16 now they have rescheduled me again for September 9 2016.I want to cancel but now they are giving me trouble and trying to charge me $1500 out of the money I have towards my surgery just to cancel.They are giving me unreasonable answers as to why I am being charged so much !!NEVER AGAIN !!!

dont go to fisher !!

Well hello ladies it has been awhile !!i am a 24 y/o woman with 2 kids ages 1 & 4 I decided to go with dr.fisher originally which was costing me 5500 however after I paid them the majority which was 3500 (I paid so far) they kept rescheduling me !!!The first time was ok the 2nd time raised alittle concern but the 3rd time I said hell no I want a refund .I live in another state which means I'm not gonna keep going through booking and rebooking flights.I feel as if they gave me a date that was already full just to get me to pay the down payment my original surgery was for August 28th the first time then they switched it to sept 1 then they tried to switch it to sept 9.I gave them a down payment late March so of course I didn't want to keep pushing my surgery back.Now I requested a refund July 14 of this year it is now Sept 2nd and still I have not received my money .On top of them lying to me and giving me a hard time my coordinator Margaret gill told me I would have to pay them $1500 out of my refund money (3500).At that point I knew that she was just telling me anything just so I wouldn't cancel but still that pissed me off!!!I exchanged emails with her for a few days and decided I will
Not be going with drfisher because of his greedy staff .I asked for Margaret to send me something in writing that stated why I would be charged $1500 when they haven't done anything for me and she sent me something that said I was entitled to a full refund because they didn't provide any services to me so I told her that then she told me she sent me the wrong policy for the wrong surgeon which I knew she was lying about the whole $1500 thing .I contacted their refund department they told me I was entitled to everything back .they told me it would take 4 weeks after the first 30 days I asked them when will the money be in my account they then told me that they weren't transferring the money back into my account but that they were going to send me a check (that pissed me off even more) seems to me they're giving me the run around about my refund so they told me they would print me a check August 15 so I contacted them the day of and they let me know that they didn't issue out a check and everytime I contact them it's another excuse it's been 50 days so far so I guess I'll be getting a lawyer and suing vanity smh BE CAREFUL GIVING THEM UR MONEY IF U ARENT QUITE SURE !!!

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