23 Year Old, No Kids, Just Want to Sculpt and Reshape my Body and Have a Bigger Butt - Miami, FL

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From a very early age I started developing breasts...

From a very early age I started developing breasts. I am a 34DDD now and I have always felt very self-conscious about my body since it's not well balanced. I tend to store most of the fat in my upper body (abdomen, back rolls, arms, breast, and face), leaving my lower body looking smaller. One of the main things I would like to accomplish with the BBL procedure is a smaller waist and make even since one side is less curvier than the other , and make my butt even as well as giving it a nicer shape (make it fuller). Mainly, my problem areas are my back rolls, those things just don't want to leave, my second problem area is my belly, especially my waist (uneven), and my third problem area is my butt being uneven as well. I want to ask how much it would be to get my chin done as well since I have some baby fat stuck there. I have my first consultation with Dr. Ortega in two weeks. I have questions about the garment and the pillows I should use. Stay tuned for more updates!


I forgot to add that I am only 5'0 ft tall and I don't want a super huge butt because I don't think it will look good on me. I just want to make my mine a bit fuller and reshape it.

More wish pics

I want a heart-shaped bootie!

I've been looking at pictures and I realized that my ideal bootie shape is heart-shaped, along with a small waist and sculpted back! I can't wait to see the doctor!

I edited my own pictures into what I would like them to look like after the surgery

Good morning beauties! I was playing with my Facetune app, shrinking and making bigger some areas of my body. Please be honest and tell ke if they look good and realistic. Hope you enjoy them! Thanks!

Is this a good faja for post op?

More pictures

Between Hasan and Ortega! Plus more Selena wish pics

Hello dolls!!! I was extremely sure that I wanted Ortega for my BBL, but now I am considering Hasan as well. I am here at Vanity speaking to a coordinator and Hasan is on vacation until June! Extremely disappointed because I wanted to speak to him. Anyways, she said that he wouldn't really speak to me unless I had a surgery date. But I told her that I needed to speak to him and feel comfortable with him. I also don't want to wait too long to do my surgery since I have a cruise vacation in September and I want to allow at least 2-3 months to heal. Who wants to be swollen on their cruise?! The coordinator was nice but I could tell she really wanted to book me right there and then. I have to put $1000 down to book with Hasan. I have my appointment with Ortega on Monday so let's see who I decide to go with. Not sure if to use CareCredit or regulr credit card. I don't want to be paying crazy interest fees.

Edited picture on both sides but like the left one MUCH better

I like hips better, not laterals

More wish pics

Dolls, I can barely sleep thinking about doctors and shit. I was having nightmares about it when I was sleeping. I want to just get the body I have always wished for. This whole process really sucks. At Vanity they rush you to book the surgery and pay a lot of money without the doctor even seeing you. Also, the surgery dates are super far and I wanted to do it by May. Ughh this is really stressing me right now. Let's see how it goes with Ortega on Monday, at least I am able to see him before I book the surgery, unlike Fischer. If I like Ortega and he has availability by May, I might end up doing it with him. On the other hand, I might end up booking it with Fischer for July, which is when he has openings. Wish me luck ladies ????

Before pictures. Any thoughts?

I just took these pictures after sleeping for around 5 hours. Maybe I look skinnier because of that

Today I am going to the beach dolls!

For some reason I don't feel the pressure to hide my back rolls or my unevenness since very soon I won't have none of them. Has this happened to any of you? Lol. I'm like whatever about, not sweating anything.

Appointment with Dr. Ortega

Hello beauties! I am here waiting to have the first consultation with Dr. Ortega. I am actually nervous for some reason. I am super anxious and excited at the same time. I have some questions for him and some pictures to show him. I'll post an update of the consultation.

Appointment with Ortega update

So we spent a good 20 minutes talking, which was very good. I told him that my main concern was to make my waist even, but I have scoliosis so it's hard. He didn't give me a concrete answer if he was able to do it or not. At the end he did say that he would try to reshape it like the more curvy side, but I don't feel too sure. I feel kinda upset because that's one of the main reasons why I want to do this surgery. Either way he said that I was going to be very happy with my results. He also said he would add more fat to the butt cheek that was smaller. He said that I had to take tetracycline to treat my back pimples because he was afraid that they would get infected when he makes the incisions and to wash my back with acne body wash. If I have any big pimples in my back he would cancel the surgery. Right now I am home since the coordinators don't get there until 10:30, which is when one of them will contact me for the prices and surgery dates. But I still feel like I need to talk more with him.

Booked my surgery with Dr. Ortega for May 28th!!!

Ok dolls, I booked my surgery with Dr. Ortega for May 28th. I actually want to do it in the beginning of May for work reasons, but the 28th will do. I told her that if she got any closer date to let me know. OMG I am so excited and nervous right now! I will be having the BBL, plus chin and arms lipo. I am still debating whether or not I should do the chin lipo, but the arms for sure. Anyone doing the surgery by around that time? How did you girls feel when you booked your surgery?

Wish pictures

Wishing I could do my surgery sooner

I really want to do my surgery sooner. I feel like two months is too long (even though it's not) I'm feeling really impatient. Wondering if this happened to anyone else. Here are some wish pictures and a pre-op picture of mine.

Wish pics plus pre-op picture

A lot of abdominal fat, plus fat arms

Where are my Ortega dolls at??? Plus very important update

My newsfeed is full of Osak dolls, Fischer dolls, Hasan dolls, and I still like to read their updates and like seeing their pictures, but I barely find any from Ortega which is the doctor I am doing my sx with. I have found a couple future dolls recently, but I want to see more results from the ones that have already gone through the sx with him. Anyways girls, I am battling an issue right now, I have back acne and I have been putting PanOxyl 10% and some have gone away, but I keep on getting a lot of little ones, almost like a rash or something. I've had back acne for as long as I can remember, but the doctor said that he couldn't do the sx if I had any of those lessions on my back the day of the sx because they could infected from the incisions and it could get pretty back. So I am trying to do everything I can to get them away. He said I needed to take antibiotics two weeks prior the sx, so I am hoping that helps as well. Do any of you have any recommendations for me?

New pre-op pictures!

Hello dolls! Good morning to all. Our sx dates are getting closer and closer and I know you're all excited and impatient like me. Here are some pre-op pics as well as wish pics. I am using Panoxyl 10% on my back and as you can see it has gotten better.

38 days left and I am scared as hell!

Omg dolls, I am so nervous about the sx, I am scared about the recovery and how terrible it most likely will be. I am anxious about when people start asking me ughh. I kinda want to get it done already. I got a call from Spectrum and long story short, they said Ortega wasn't gonna be availble on May 28th (which was my sx date), but I could set it up for one or two days before, which was great for me because now I get one extra day to recover before I return to work. I have been taking a lot of care of my back acne; I got a cleaning to get rid of the infection and my back has improved, while also using the PanOxyl 10%. I have been taking Vitamin C almost everyday, I hope my labs get cleared, I always have an infection lingering so I hope it is gone by then. Soon I will start buying all the supplies and I will post them here.

Having some issues purchasing my faja. Advice!

Sooo I am trying to buy my faja to have a back up for when my first stage faja gets all bloody, I have read that you can take them in so when I get smaller I could get that done. The issue is that I don't know whether to buy a Small or Medium size. My weight is 134 lbs, waist is 32" in and my hips are around 40" in.

Chin pictures and wish pictures

I have always wanted to have a defined jawline, but that trait doesn't run in my genes at all. Not even when I was workoing out a lot did I get a defined jawline. I am super excited to get rid of that ugly fat. It makes me look unappealing. I gotta play with my angles so I make myself look more slender and thin, but it gets tiring after a while you know. Also super excited about getting rid of my arm fat.

Not enough fat?

Hello my dolls! I have been sleepig for a LONG time and haven't really eaten anything, so i wanted to look at my body only to see that I might not have enough fat for the BBL? They tell you not to eat for like 24 hrs before the sx and I look like I don't have that much fat. Thankfully I'm getting my chin and arms done too. I also don't want a huge butt either so that might help. What do you think? Do you think with my current butt shape I would be able to get a heart-shaped ass?

Exchanging numbers with soon to be Ortega dolls?

Hello dolls! I have been thinking that exchanging numbers with soon to be Ortega dolls would be a good idea to uplift and advice each other, even after sx. We're gonna go through some major shit with this sx, like some depression, pain, emotional moments. If any of you dolls want my number send me a message and I'll give it to you. As my sx date approchaes I'm getting super nervous. I think a good support system is very important for the recovery.

Buying important supplies

I don't want to over spend because I am already spending enough with the sx alone. I read a lot about what to buy and what no to buy. I am gonna wait to buy my ab board, triangle and lipo foams since I still have a little over a month. Right now I bought some non expensive things. I need cranberry pills because I always have some sort of urinary infection and I wanna get cleared. I also bought the Iron pills because I am already supposed to start taking them along with vitamin C. Here's also a list of questions and answers that my coordinator sent me.

Labs in the morning!

Hello dolls! I have my labs today at 11am. I have been taking high doses of Vitamin C, Iron 65 mg, and cranberry pills to help with any UTIs. But today my throat started hurting somewhat, it came and left. Also worried about my white blood cell count being above normal. I really hope I get cleared, girls! I don't want to stress so much about this. I will post an update when I get my results. Btw, I am still getting back pimples, it is so frustrating. Ortega clearly told me I couldn't have any for the sx and they keep on coming back, they are big and feel swollen and they leave like in two days, but then another one appears, and the cycle repeats. Ughh. Hopefully the antibitocs help for this. Xoxo

Is 1 week for recovery too little?

You dolls know I am getting chon, arm, back, front and the fat tranfer to my butt done. I took 2 weeks of work first but then changed it to one week. And I know I am wondering if I did the right thing since I am getting so many things done. I am not sure if 1 week is gonna be enough :/ My job is sitting down but I have to carry packages to a room sometimes. I feel stupid now ugh. Please enlighten me

Cleared labs?

Ok girls so everything came out right on my labs except my urine showed a small UTI. The doctor prescribed me antibiotics for a week but he said that I didn't have to redo the urine test. I am kinda confused now because how would he know I got rid of it? And also I would like for them to send me the email saying that my labs were cleared. But how would they even know? I am freaking out. School finals are also taking a toll on me. :(

Supplies + lab results

Hello beautiful ladies! Sorry for the delay. Here are my supplies, still missing the boppy pillow, Arnica gel, chux pads, Neosporin, bandaids, icepack, pineapple juice and dried fruits, and the inflatable donut to be able to lie on my back and put my butt through the hole. If you think I'm missing anything else let me know. I have been taking Cipro antibiotics for almost a week now and on Monday the 13th I will be starting another antibiotics called tetracycline for 2 weeks until my surgery and for two weeks post-op. I have a second consultation with Ortega this Monday just to go over my wish pics and the results I want, and some other questions I have for him. My back acne has been clearing pretty well with PanOxyl 10% and putting pure Tea Tree Oil, the tetracycline is supposed to help with the acne as well, according to Ortega. I have been taking Vitamin C, Iron and B12 complex. I have been showering with the antibacterial Dial soap. Two weeks before the surgery I will start eating less salt, no garlic, and healthier in general and taking Arnica pills 3 times a day. One week before I will start wearing cotton panties to prevent any other UTIs. I read that the day of surgery it is good to shower with warm water and keep your body warm until surgery because this prevents infections. Also, I have been cleaning and decluttering my room, I will clean my whole room and bathroom with the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner to get ALL the dust out. Soon I will take my gel nail polish off. I recommend you girls to inform yourselves on how to prevent infections after surgery.

How big should the hole of the floating tube be?

I am looking on Amazon for a cheap, yet useful floating tube, but apparently they have different diameters for the whole and I have no idea which one would be fine.

Finished buying supplies

Hey loves. I've been so devastated about the death of Heather on Thursday while she was getting her BBL with McAdoo (not completely sure yet). Apparently it was fat embolism. I have cried and everything. And this makes me nervous for my surgery, but I have prayed and I trust Ortega. I messed up by taking my cranberry pills, I noticed yesterday that they have vitamin E. I had taken around 4-6 starting my two week pre-op mark. I'm super upset about that. I researched that spinach has vitamin K which does the opposite of vitamin E so I'll he eating a lot of it. I'm still missing my BBL pillow but that's it. Been taking my antibiotics, they make me feel a little weird though. I'm gonna start eating better starting today, no garlic, very little salt. I'm gonna buy yogurt with probiotics, cranberry juice, pineapple juice and some vegetables. I'm really nervous girls. I thought the emotional roller coaster would start after the surgery but it has already began lol.

My sx is at 3pm tomorrow

Hey loves. My sx was changed from Friday to tomorrow at 3pm and I'm shitting bricks. They didn't give many options so I pretty much had to accept it. I'm rushing to get everything done today since I was gonna get some stuff done tomorrow. I did my eyebrows, gonna fix my nails (no nail polish). Will clean my car and set up my room for tomorrow. I'm on my period so this is gonna suck but thank God it's going away. I haven't received my prescriptions since this was last minute. Trying to drink a lot of liquids today.

Waiting to go into the OR

They told me to come earlier, which I did and it's been already 2 hours and the anesthesiologist said that it will be another hour before I go into the OR. I'm super hungry and also sleepy. Ortega came and drew on me, just waiting now. Good thing I have my granny and mom with me :). Im nervous but want to get this over with already. Can't wait to look awesome!!! I can tell my results will be very good. Pray for me dolls!

Big booty Judy over here

Hello ladies. Made it fine. Everything went smoothly. My main pain was my back, surprisingly, it was so bad that it was the only thing I was feeling when I woke up. When they put the IV I was out within a few min lol. Looks like I got my heart shaped butt like I wanted. I have a lot of padding but I could tell he took out most of my abdominal fat and back fat. Ive been getting up on my own, and walked. I feel pretty fine, just a little dizzy.

Loving my results!

I look great I am so happy. He put 2000 cc's in each one, I was in disbelief lol. Im feeling pretty fine surprisingly.

Swollen today

Hey dolls. Today I am super swollen. I can feel it, especially my back. It hurts to walk more than the first day I got the sx. I am like 30 hrs post op. Yesterday I went to my follow up appointment and I had to take out my faja for like almost 2 hours and I think thats when the swellig started. Then when I got home I washed my faja and let it dry by itself so it wouldn't shrink. I put the foams in after and omg it was so painful. My skin is very sensitive now and it feels swollen. I haven't showered yet. I don't know what I'm doing lol Please someone enlighten me.

First massage today

I had my first massage almost 3 days after my sx. I really wanted one the day after my sx but it wasn't possible. I'll have the second massage on Tuesday. I was able to poop today twice lol I rolled a towel and put it behind my thighs. The most uncomfortable thing is to put the garment and the foams back on.

Almost 4 days post op

I showered today for the first time. My two front insicions started hurting when the water hit them. One of them still sore now. My waist used to be a 32" now it's 30". Want it to keep going down to the 20s lol. My butt is around 43" and it used to be around 38". My back is pretty swollen, my left side and above my belly button I have some swelling. Tomorrow I will be going for a massage at Spectrum but I really want someone to come to my house. This one will be my second massage since I got my sx on Thursday. I really wanted to get massages every day but some things just don't go as planned. I love my hips, I look so sexy with them. Just can't wait for all the swelling to go down. Every time I feel upset about being in so much discomfort I try to visualize my results and how good they will be. As far as #2 I have not had to take any stool softener or anything like that, I was freaking about how I was gonna do it but the towel worked perfectly. I have a trip to New York in a month and half and I hope I am fine by then. I have not had any emotional breakdown yet. I hope I don't.

Fluid buildup?

I wanna get rid of those balls. I have massaged them a little. I'm afraid they're gonna stay becusse I haven't gotten enough massages :(

I had posted this at almost 4 days post op but I don't think it posted

I showered today for the first time. My two front insicions started hurting when the water hit them. One of them still sore now. My waist used to be a 32" now it's 30". Want it to keep going down to the 20s lol. My butt is around 43" and it used to be around 38". My back is pretty swollen, my left side and above my belly button I have some swelling. Tomorrow I will be going for a massage at Spectrum but I really want someone to come to my house. This one will be my second massage since I got my sx on Thursday. I really wanted to get massages every day but some things just don't go as planned. I love my hips, I look so sexy with them. Just can't wait for all the swelling to go down. Every time I feel upset about being in so much discomfort I try to visualize my results and how good they will be. As far as #2 I have not had to take any stool softener or anything like that, I was freaking about how I was gonna do it but the towel worked perfectly. I have a trip to New York in a month and half and I hope I am fine by then. I have not had any emotional breakdown yet. I hope I don't.

5 days post op

My butt is really nice and all but the unevenness is driving me crazy :( I know the bottom won't even out because I naturally had a different shape on the right one and Ortega didn't put fat on the bottom of the left side to make it more even. My faith is that once my left waist goes down more it will look a little better overall.

8 days post op

Yesterday I bought stage 2 faja Ann Cherry XXL. I love it! It has such a great quality and very well made. It's very tight on my waist area but spaceous on the bottom for mt butt and hips. It has 3 hooks which is great because I don't need to keep buying anymore fajas. Measurements today: Waist: 29 and half inches Butt/Hips: 42 inches. Today is my 4th massage at Spectrum and also follow up with Ortega. I have a few questions for him.

Comparing my results

Clearly I have a lot of improvement from before, just not happy with the back rolls. I am trying everything I can to get them off. I am currently using Nivea Firming lotion since I read that it's very good to tighten the skin. I try to pull the skin up when putting my garment on, just like Ortega said. I don't know if its working and I am getting really upset. This was one of the main reason why I got the surgery and they are still there. I have seen ladies that had rolls before and after the liposuction they have none.

2 weeks post op

Hello dolls. I am 2 weeks post op today. Still haven't sat on my butt. Will wait for 4-6 weeks to do so. Today I start working ughh I bought the booty buddy pillow and I will put that behind my thighs and that's how I will sit at work. I think my results are looking incredible and so far I am really happy with them. Still have some swelling on my belly and back, mostly on my left side but a lot of the swelling has gone down. My back rolls are improving, as soon as I take my faja off they are almost gone, but they get big again within a minute, that's because of swelling. I am putting a lot of compression on them. To work I can't wear my foams, ab board or the back triangle, so I will put them all when I get home from work. My butt/hips are holding up strong at 42 inches, which I am so happy about! My waist is at almost 28 inches. Hoping it would get to 27 or below.

Question for the Ortega dolls, very important - What does Ortega say about sitting?

I am back at work at 14 days post op, had to sit on a pillow with my butt hanging but still feeling uneasy about this. I didn't ask Ortega when it was ok sit directly on my butt. Does anyone know how long he says we have to wait?

15 days post op

3 weeks post op

Hello dolls!!! I have come a long way. Much less swelling but still some. Can't wait when all my swelling goes down and my butt looks much bigger lol My right butt cheek has come down more than the left one, but that's because not all the swelling goes down at the same time. I am being very patient with my results but I gotta say I am completely in love. My left side of the waist is more swollen than the right one. I am still 29 inches on my waist and my butt has gone down to 41.5 inches, super sad about that :(. It still look pretty big though. Tomorrow I will drive for the first time in 3 weeks. I really don't want to, but I have to. I am sitting on the back of my thighs on cando. For driving I will use the booty buddy pillow with a regular pillow in my back.

When did your butt drop after BBL?

Hey girls, just wondering when your butt dropped. Tomorrow I make 4 weeks and I am curious about this because I am looking forward to this dropping stage :)

7 week post op update

Hello dolls! I am 7 weeks post op. Almost 2 months! What a jorney. I know I have been away for a while. I was just trying to let myself heal before judging my results. Overall I am happy with my results, except for my buttocks. I asked Ortega to make them even and he didn't do that. So I still have one bigger than the other. I would have to say that from the side he actually made them much more similar but from behind it doesn't look that good. This has me very upset, and not to mention that now I have more noticeable dents on my butt. As you can probably see from the pictures. I had the same dents prior to my sx but now they look bigger. I thought I was gonna feel great and very confident after sx but I am not feeling very much so. I don't even want to wear a bikini. I am constantly thinking about how noticeable my dents are in my clothes and it doesn't feel good. I feel like I am more self conscious now than before my sx :( I was so determined not to get a round 2 but it looks like I might end up doing it. I will wait the full 3 months, or even the full 6 months and workout as well and hopefully this works for me. If it doesn't, I will be doing round 2 but probably not with Ortega. I think Ortega is a very good doctor but he doesn't do nice butt shapes from behind. If you have any questions you can email me or ask me here. Thanks beauties!

12 weeks post up

All I can say is, WHAT A JORNEY. Recovery is not easy at all, very uncomfortable, itchy, swelling. A lot of shit but it's worthy. My body has changed for the better. I can say Dr. Ortega did an amazing job. He made my waist wayyyy more symmetrical, which is one of the main things I wanted to achieve with this surgery. He didn't make my butt too even but I love my results. I look much better now and I like dressing up much more. I get a lot of attention when I go out and my boyfriend loves my new body too. I am 12 weeks post op, next week I make 3 months. I have some swelling on my belly, left side, and back. I think my swelling will go away completely by 4 or 5 months.


Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ortega is a great doctor and human being. He answered all my questions and took the time to explain important things about the procedure.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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