23 Year Old, BBL w Dr. Fisher November 10th 2015

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Hey there! Like so many others, I have wanted a...

Hey there! Like so many others, I have wanted a BBL for a while now. I have been non stop reading reviews on several dr.'s in between work, taking care of my family, and school. Now, I have made a decision on who I wanted as a dr, and will be posting pics/my journey towards my goal look. I will be posting a pretty extensive/detailed posts.

My measurements are 38 bust 34waist and 40 hips. I am 4'10 and currently at 125-126 lbs. BMI is 25.6 or so depending on weight. My metabolism is quite fast and I used to be very skinny before the baby ( See pics)

Ever since I've had my son, I have stubborn fat and weight I have been trying to get rid of but I am losing my butt while I was working out. And I feel like a BBL will help shape me and give me a good foundation that will allow me to feel confident and work out without focusing so much on my butt's volume etc.

I knew from the start I would want to go to Florida to get my BBL done. To me, it was obvious this state would be the best choice and I decided I would be willing to travel out of state in order to get this done.

I was just not sure which dr I would like. SOOO...

I narrowed down my choices to Dr. Pazmino, Dr. Salama, Dr. Salhauzer, and Dr. Fisher for the BBL.

1. Dr. Pazmino and the patient coordinator never responded to my inquiry for an out of state consultation. And after looking at a few reviews although he provides amazing shape and contour of the body, I felt as if he was very conservative about harvesting the fat and I need some major projection/hip help LOL. I have a square shaped body (as you can see from the pics)

2. Dr. Salama is a great dr. however, I think he is too booked up and I couldn't get a date that I wanted. My husband doesn't get much time off from his job in USMC so I plan around that schedule and my school and my son as well. He doesn't have much availability sooo I decided I would have to say No to an uncertain schedule.

3. Dr. Salzhauzer is the same case. He is very booked up. His virtual consultation's and his surgical dates are all the way into almost summer of 2016. I am not sure how that is even possible but he must be very popular and his price is fair too so I understand. I decided I didn't want to wait.

4. Now for Dr. Fisher I have read review after review about him on RS and it seems as though his coordinators are tough to deal with and the professionalism of them is not there and that kind of drives alot of the girls away. However, his work is immpecable and amazing. I have only read about some examples where they're not satisfied with "lumps" that soon fluff out and disappear. His pricing is very fair and he does lipo and sculpts in multiple regions which is something I feel I need.

So far I haven't read anything negative directed at Dr. FIsher himself and he does have credentials

**In order to be certified you have to be practicing as a surgeon for 5 years I believe in an established residency. That is why when you read other past reviews that are older, it wasn't the 5 year minimum but you can still operate, practice, and be a member in the American Board of Plastic Surgery. ** This is all info I read on the website which is an .org meaning they are an informative site verified verses a commercial third party website. (Basically they're legit)

Anyways, I will be posting pictures. And in my next post I will write about my experience with the staff and booking. Note: I have had a Breast Aug back in 2013

BOOKED & details

Hey, I am updating on my process for BBL w/Dr.Fisher.

So far, I have been booked and I was able to book for a $4900 BBL with lipo which includes abdomen, flanks, whole back, waist, and bra line). I booked with a woman named Shirley I think. She gave good honest advice, spoke about Dr. Fisher and his idea of a beautiful booty (he also prefers bigger, rounder, fuller), Shirley mentioned the good deal they have which ended the day I booked and she honored it completely. She also spoke about my BMI Level and how to maintain it, giving her honest opinion since she's been evaluating so many patients.

We had a good simple easy going conversation and she was quick in helping me process the transactions as well. I chose to do the deposit via credit card form ( I wanted it on bank record that I transferred into their accounts to show on my statement as well versus using cash and depositing directly). With this method, I was presented three different documents to read over and sign/fill out via docusign which I have used before. I also used tinyscan app to send them my card info and id right through my iphone. My process took about 5 minutes and later on that night she emailed me and said she can send me an invoice and receipt with all my info for my records as well first thing after the transaction clears. The transaction was smooth, date was booked, girls were easy speak with, I was given patient portal access, and I am more than satisfied with this first step I took.

I will pay off the remaining balance in a few months and continue to eat and gain weight. My advice on the weight gain or maintaining it would def be drinking ensure twice a day (strawberry is my favorite). Make sure you have a full breakfast and a pasta dish for dinner. My metabolism is really quick, so the photos of my curent body is me forcing myself to eat alot and gain weight (no hitting the gym). I knew I had to give myself all this time (6months) to gain the weight and maintain higher weight because I shed weight so quickly. I want the fat to stick and stay in my booty with this surgery :)

Now, for my hopes and dreams with this BBL LOL.
I am hoping for 800cc's in each cheek more? if possible, I find it hard to say what I should have or want EXACTLY since I am a shorty and Idk how dramatic it will look on me. I havent tried to morph my body in any photoshop pics or anything yet :(. I'm estimating 300cc's to my hips or at least a very snatched waist that will give me very good waist to hip ratio difference. My wish pics will be posted as well!

Support: I have been getting much support from the ONE friend I told LOL. She's so happy for me and excited. She has had numerous friends whose undergone this procedure and she says every single female she knows that had it done looks absolutely GORGEOUS. I am so excited and grateful for her support. I even asked her to fly out with me to Miami and help care for me the first four days until my husband can make it down w/my son. I am aware it is mandatory for someone to be with you your first few day to assist in showers, transportation, changing garments/fajas, feeding you, possibly draining, and emotional support. I can't think of anyone better. She is actually a caretaker working for the county of contra costa and one of my good friends.

My husband is on board. He's kind of weirded out taht I keep sending him a million pictures of random girls butt's and it makes him laugh because he's not sure how to respond. We look at them together and he wasn't aware of BBL's and thought most of the girls had natural blessed behinds and that's a great sign for me with Dr. Fisher's work! He is in full support and is the one paying for the procedure and my recovery costs/stay/massage/flight whatever I need. He never pushed me for the procedure, it's js been me wanting this for so long and he agreed to whatever will make me happy.

I have not chosen to tell anyone else about my procedure especially not my parents because I do not think they will react so well to it. They have issues with the whole idea of plastic surgery etc, but I am not one of those individuals. I think we all have one life to live and we should live it to our desires and whatever suits us(:

I will be updating again soon probably going to prep in advance all the things I need, flight details, and possible hotel room deals for you ladies if anyone wants to know about them.

Help w/aftercare and massages?

I am looking for someone to help me with my aftercare situation. I don't think I want to stay at a recovery house. Surgery is on December 8th,2015

I know I stated I wanted my friend to come/maybe my husband would be able to. However, just as a back up for further research I wanted to know if anyone can suggest a recovery house ( I DO NOT WANT TO STAY AT THE VANITY COSMETIC SURGERY HOUSE THEY OFFER) or possibly a caretaker that will provide care in my place of choosng. I wanted to do air bnb rental home.

-I think 10 days in Miami is good enough for recovery/massages?
-Can anyone give me suggestions for lymphatic massages /pricing?
-Any trusted caretakers who know how to assist with post op bbl in home of my choosing?
-Any recovery house I can stay in that's clean and private room vs shared?

Supplie list, To do, and patient portal Dr.Fisher

Hey everyone (: I just wanted to update and inform you of the patient portal access for vanity cosmetics. It will help you keep on track of what you must do at least a week . They have a medical questionnaire for you to fill out, and documents that state what you need for recovery, your stay, pre op, and post op.

I will be posting the documents up here for us all to read and reference once they reinstate my account, I think they are updating or something's up with their patient portal access. Hopefully they can fix it asap (:

Also, can someone tell me is a compression garment the same as a faja? Or is there a difference that can affect my BBL post op? I am thinking of getting a 2 compression garments and 2 faja (They weren't included in my price for BBL)

***What faja should I get that they sell on AMAZON. I'm getting all my supplies throught that website (: Can someone give me the number of the faja to get on here?

I have also decided to book with new body recovery center. I will probably reupdate everyone on my plans/experience about this around September.

I am considering possibly going an earlier time than December so I might be hoping to switch or reschedule my BBL for a November date if it's possible. I'm so excited and I can't wait for it. The sooner the better (: It's hard to maintain my weight at such a high level. I have to constantly eat. I'm always hungry and I think i feel so sluggish from all the non working out. :(

And an awesome wish pic to share for everyone (:

Pre/post op forms with BBL at Vanity

Hi RS Ladies (: Hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend!!

Sooo lately, I've been dealing with a lot. My husband is not in state with me due to military orders for training.. I do get to see him next week for memorial weekend which is nice (: But I've been home with the baby and also dealing with finals for school and prepping for summer school as well.. And I wont be with my husband for about 2 more months after next week and it's just tough emotionally.

My emotional issues are making me stress and have my weight fluxuate. It's hard having a quick metabolism when you're trying to surpress it so there some kind of maintenance on the weight... BLAHHH. Forcing myself to eat in this time of stress is just hard. UGH.

Anyways, I was able to upload these documents for you guys to look at and see what the vanity cosmetic patient portal has to offer. They don't give you alot of detailed items for what you need; just the necessities. They do give good instructions on how to figure out what you need to do and what type of tests to take before your final day of operation.

Also I have an awesome wish pic to share with you guys!

*Another note, I calculated the recovery house expense totals vs. having my husband care for me.. I think I prefer my husband care for me and using Air bnb to have a place close by. My husband also seems to really want to be apart of this big journey with me. He hasn't seen me this excited since our baby arrived(: I am doing this with such great support from my husband and that's a good feeling to have.

Have a great week. Talk to you ladies soon! (:

Emotionally drained

I am so tired of waiting for my appt date it's in 4.5 months! Drs recommend not getting BBL until up to 4-6 months after giving birth. I just feel like my body is so unattractive right now. I'm super top heavy and I feel like I have sticks for legs with a flat butt and huge gut. When does the feeling ever end??

On top of that I am taking care of my baby &puppy, plus going to school, not working due to relocating &being full time mommy to my newborn, and taking care of this house all alone without my husband by my side while he is in his military schools. I just feel so emotionally drained trying to keep it together. I love my kids (baby and puppy) but I just really feel like I want to do something for me. With NO TIME CRUNCH, no school work, no husband has to work in a few days. I just want a relaxing vacation with this surgery and a true reward to make myself feel confident. I am seriously considering switching to November instead of December. I honestly am so tired of waiting and feeling so emotional all the time.

My surgery will be paid off by August in full I already have supply list ready to order. I found who I wanted to book massages with. I will reserve hotels around September. I am so ready for this surgery, I just wish time went by fster for my surgery. Thats all..

I found these wish pics off other people's realself and also on IG. I am envious and craving these bodies!!! They're gorgeous. The one in the red is a patient of Dr. Fisher. Her review is under Hassan but she was done by Fisher.

Also, I gained to 130 lbs since my very first post. I am now having no trouble gaining the weight, or maintaining it but it's just so emotional being so big and unsure of yourself. My husband is as supportive as he can be after his intense 14 hour days in the field and always reassuring me but I just feel it myself.

Sorry to vent and get ya down, but I think this is always the hardest part of the pre op.. The weight gain and the emotional toll of daily life along with it.

***Side NOTE Vanity is having a 3500 bbl special. I'm not sure if thats for Fisher or another dr, but it includes 12 areas of lipo like my procedure.
I wish I got fajas, and massages with mine but whatever it's no big deal.

Changed date!! Thank you Shirley! NOVEMBER 3rd DR.Fisher BBL!! + fat transfer to lips

Hey everyone!!! I finally decided to do something about my irritability over my super late date and my sluggish feelings due to my weight gain. So here goes my update ladies!!

First of all, Shirley was very upfront with me a month ago when I booked my December8th date originally. She told me that there were 5 girls including me booked for surgeries that day. I'm not sure what the procedures were but that sounded like quite a bit. I read on realself that Dr.'s can do almost to 8 procedures a day and be good because not all procedures take an extensive amount of time.

I had a remaining balance to pay off and change my date. At first I called directly to vanity and to Shirley's extension. I left a VM saying I wanted to change dates ( i didn't tell her about me paying anything just to test and see how quick she would respond) and then I sent an email as well just in case. Anyways she called ASAP and then asked me what day I wanted.. I requested a day in November and she gave me NOVEMBER 3rd! Yay!!!!

I decided I wanted the bank info and to pay my entire balance because it was now or never. She gave me the info. Went to the bank.. Deposited (THANK YOU TO MY WONDERFUL HUSBAND paying for this) Bless his soul for dealing with me and my BBL obsession while he's out training 12 hour days in his military school!! LOL. Sent her my deposit through tinyscan app from my iphone. She replied immediately saying she got it and saw the deposit receipt. Shirley is bomb, I suggest you work with her if you're a candidate that's really sure about Fisher and the BBL procedure. If you are, she's the person to work with... She's fast and will respond to your questions via email or phone call.

I really enjoyed working with her and she also reminded me that the surgical department will actually handle the bloodwork packets and everything else a month or so prior to my surgery date. She also said she can help me with that closer to my BBL date, but it's really the surgical departments thing. It was also immediately updated in my Vanity portal. I am so tired of being so big but this is the sacrifice I'm making for assurance that this will be the only BBL I will need. I hope this fat is here to stay, I heard about butts shrinking because the body rejects it after the surgery or drastic volume loss. I don't want to be one of those girls. That would be so bad that's why I'm maintaining this weight for awhile.

ANY RS SISTERS With Fisher or getting a bbl date on November 3rd feel free to share!! PLEASE! (:

I am uploading my final invoice and on top of that Shirley emailed me the copied statement of what bloodwork is authorized (it's written on a prescription pad) but noted that it isn't an actual prescription. Shirley also emailed an additional supply list/pre op prep list too. She was really quick with the transactions and constant communication with every email she sent me. I am really excited for this and cannot wait. She is very short with words but so helpful in all areas that I need. I am grateful for all the RS stories I have on here to read as a reference on what good decisions to make. So thank you so much ladies (: I don't comment often on lots of the stories other RS sister's post but I am so grateful and love hearing all the RS BBL journeys!

I am going to ask Shirley later on after I do some research if they could add fat transfer to my lips and the cost of that too. I'm not too sure about it. I want to do a little more research to see whether juvaderm xlc is better than fat transfer to lips and difference in cost/upkeep. Does anyone know anything about that? Has anyone experienced fat transfer to their lips or heard about it?

Also with my weight gain (I am now about 132 lbs) I think that's a good weight to stay at and maintain. Hopefully the fat sticks (all in my tummy and sides and back). If I'm not constantly eating though, I think I'm losing weight. Lol. I'm also posting another pic of my butt now and you can def see that the fullness is on the bottom while the rest of my butt is lacking in side projection and top. This bothers me because it makes my butt look "square" ughh gross. I would take a better pic but my husband isn't here and no one else can do it for me.

Happy BBL's ladies! Alot of the one's I've been reading are for this week and i can't wait to see all the BBL results!! xoxo

BBL Surgery Date Forum


^^^^ If you want to read different members BBL Stories/various other surgeries for any new comers or just ladies who are interested. This is the forum to find peoples upcoming surgeries past/present/future dates so we can network and support each other ! Whatever date you set your operation at is when you will be posted on here. IF your date changes it will take 24-48 hours to update on this automated forum. It's pretty awesome. Thanks RS and Ill be reading lots of BBL stories :D

Date Confirmed

Hey everyone! My date is officially confirmed. I will be going to Dr.Fisher on November 3rd (Tuesday) for a BBL. I will be staying for 7 days including the weekend to heal.

I think a good tip to say is that to win over your coordinators and those assisting you in the portal/office/clinic is to remain calm and professional as possible. Even compliment them a little; appreciation to your coordinator and those helping you out go a LONG way and I know they're taking your money but these are still people who are working for someone else too on the other side.

I always let them know I will give them a day or so and if they are not going to call I will contact them and I always say I appreciate them after everything they do. I think it really helps. Or maybe I just got lucky and have really awesome professional cooridinators and people I am speaking to on my side! :D

As for the active plans now:

Plan A; My husband and baby come with me to get this surgery done with me. We can drive from where we live or fly depending on my husband's ability to focus and plan this out once he comes back from school. I would prefer we fly but my husband's strange and he likes to drive. I will be booking a resort in a busy metropolitan walking distance area so that my hubby can just grab me healthy foods/shakes.

Plan B: I do a recovery home with new body recovery. I am not really trying to do that but so many women on here say it's the better option so that's why this is plan B until I hear back from my husband after his graduation from his training in July. Thank god we have a bunch of months to paln this out! It's so hard when he's in the service and communication is minimal UGH.

Drain questions about Dr. Fisher and his technique and some Post op curiousity

Hi everyone! I've been gathering tons of BBL wish pics. I have very reasonable expectations and hopefully Dr. Fisher can fulfill it for me. I think I have 30 or so. Will upload some if possible in later blogs

I purchased the big must have items.
-I purchased 2 black compression garments with thick strap on the shoulders so no digging in the skin + back coverage as well since I'm getting full back lipo.
Both garments are smooth pullover body suits. I didn't want to get the garter kind or the zipper kind. Around $13 for each.

-I purchased the lipo ab foam board Faja MyD0104 Tabla on Amazon $28.00

-I purchased 2 lipo foam board as well for my lower back and bra line area as well. $7.58 a piece

-Female urinary device $2.00

-I purchased a four position support pillow. It kind of looks like a foam roller except flat on the bottom part and all you have to do is put a pillow on your back and your butt won't touch the ground. $15.95
I figure this works better than boppy pillow and is much less expensive than the bbl pillow I've been reading about.

-Waist trainer garment. Smooth compression like lycra or nylon $14.00

I already have thick socks that can be used for compression, slip on sandals, tanks, dresses from before so no worries there

All I need is my medical things such as neosporin, alcohol swabs, antibacterial soaps, laydown pads, med tape, and gauze in case of bleeding

My question is does DR. Fisher use drains for all BBL's or does it depend on the patient? What's the pain level of BBL drains inside the body? How long does drain stay in before dr removes? When can I expect to see dr fisher after my surgery day (4 days post op, or 3 days post op etc)?

Trip arrangements: I am staying in Hollywood FL in a spacious 1bd 1ba house which is about 30-40 mins from Vanity Cosmetics via Airbnb for $530 dollars for November 1st-8th. This includes the cleaning fee, my pet stay fee, kitchen/dining area and everything all together.Such a great deal!

The drive is 11 hours from NC where I live which isn't too bad for me I've driven alot and roadtrippin with my husband is great.

-3 lymphatic drainage massages with Marian in Miami Fl for $165. Might do 5 for $250 if I am insisted on draining everyday I am in Miami Fl but I doubt that.

-I've also found a lymphatic drainage massage therapist here in my hometown to continue my sessions as well (more details later)

If anyone can answer my post op questions about drains I would really like to know! (: Thanks

My fajas +questions about dr fisher post op

I am posting pic of the fajas I got.

I am only staying from a Sunday to Sunday (about a week) so is that enough time for me to see Dr. Fisher if I am from out of town? I wasn't planning on staying past that sunday.

Anyways, just wanted to say I'm really happy Ive been able to connect with alot of the ladies on here about our journeys/fears/accomplishments/q&a's. I've kept this a secret from so many of the people I know and it's so nice to just talk about it openly. My husband is a good support system but he just can't relate to my excitement the way I can with all you ladies!

Also my surgery date is really far from now but not one person has been scheduled for November 3rd for a bbl? :( That's so weird. Hopefully someone will soon be booking around November 3rd so we can share the date!

As for the photos I posted.. Mine are not "fajas" or vendette but just regular compression garments. Mine are smooth and don't zip or have any ties or whatever. They are just like slip on rayon lycra material. I read from many doctors that they recommend using those. I think down the line I will be buyin a garment with the butt out and start wearing it 3-4 weeks post op. Also I want to show you my waist trainer that i'll be wearing on top of my garment/ablipo board &foams!

Dominican Republic Surgery scare BBL

Omgoodness. Okay, so I'm on facebook last night and I ran into this on my news feed.


There are some really graphic images plus tragic stories about women who have travelled to the DR to get their surgery done out there. It is sad because many of the dr's working in the Dominican Republic mentioned on real self forums actually have had deaths on their table or near death episodes reported. I'm not saying it is entirely the surgeons fault or anything. However, there is a language barrier factor, some women have not been thoroughly lab tested, the hospitals are not up to par, and infections are a major issue in these surgical operations.

Be really really careful when choosing a dr. and dont make false assumptions about dr.'s or anything before doing prior research. I have chosen dr. Fisher amongst many options of certified plastic surgeons here in the U.S. because they must follow and adhere to safe medical standard practices. Another thing to see and consider is when a death occurs on a surgeon table in U.S. the dr must answer to it and be processed per death and that determines whether they can continue to practice, place on probationary status, or have practiced license revoked.

I also read on one girl's post on RS defending the DR dr's. She made the most ridiculous comment ever on why surgery in the Dominican Republic is a much better option. She said "It's called a Brazillian Butt Lift what better way than to travel to South America to get the experts to perform it!"

First of all, the Dominican Republic is in the Caribbean bordering Haiti, and has a body of water surrounding it plus a few thousand miles before you even reach Rio de Janeiro the capital of Brazil. LOL. So no, they are not exactly "experts" at BBL just because of their geographical location which is not even sensibly close to Brazil or have any reason. All I'm trying to say is, please make considerable rational options before you travel and waste alot of money and risk your health!

Consider paying the extra couple thousand for a good dr. here in the U.S. The Dominican Republic is not necessarily a horrible place to get surgeries done but there is going to be an NBC cover story on it soon as stated in the Facebook forum post. Just letting the ladies on here know who are starting out on their journeys! Good luck!

Wish Pics

4.5 months to go! I cannot wait to be a fisher doll! I got a few wish pics I found online. I forgot who the girls where but they all came from fisher dolls from 2014-2015. I apologize and if you find your pic on here please let me know so I can caption the credit!

All these girls have such great waist to hip ratio. Also their sides are full of volume and that's what I really really want! I hope dr.fisher can make it happen for me. Posting some progress pics of my weight gain soon. They def won't be flattering like these wish pics. Happy bbl to all the June dolls!

Updated measurements + rant about weight gain

Within two months or so I've noticed some changes. With this heavy weight gain I see that all my fat tends to sit on my stomach and along the mid/braline in my back. That's awesome because I heard thats the best place to have the fat harvested and lasts the longest! I couldn't help but do some low impact yoga as my exercise instead of heavy lifting/working out and my waist actually trimmed down an inch!

First measurements were : 40 Bust 34 Waist and 40 hips
Measurements now: 40 bust and 32 waist
Oh and I remeasured my height, apparently I'm 4'11-5'0 not 4'10 off by an inch. Woops. But that inch makes a big difference in your weight gain!
Current weight is 134lbs. I stopped drinking ensure and just been eating 3 large meals a day and snacks before bed time +snacks throughout the day.

No junk food just all home cooked foods like baked fish, baked chicken, red meats, sausage and lots of grains with my diet. Dairy products /potato +eggs are also my best friend right now!

The weight gain is possible if you commit yourself! Just like weight loss is possible as well! I will probably drink ensure again closer to my surgery date but for now I think eating clean and steady weight gain throughout all this time is the way to go!

My bbl pillow. Intevision four position support pillow from Amazon!

Okay, so I bought this on Amazon for 15.95 and I'm weighing in around 134 and this is what I look like on the pillow. Sorry it wasn't such a high quality pic but I could barely hold myself steady without back support . I think this is a great block pillow and much more affordable! If this doesn't support you I think a boppy pillow underneath this one along with some back pillows to hold you up right should do the trick. From what I feel I don't think my butt is on the pillow I feel like just my lower thighs are (I have a very tiny butt) and this pillow is quite big! The measurements are 20.5 x 8 x 4.5! I got it with free shipping as well for that price! I suggest trying this half wedge circle pillow out before buying a BBL pillow that will just make you have to put something underneath as well!

Random thing I found out about CC's

So many updates today. Sorry guys .. But I thought this was interesting little thing I found online about how many CC's equals how many lbs.
In case the pic comes out too small. But heres the math:

1000 CC = 1 Liter
1 Liter weights 1 Kilogram
1 Kilogram = 2.2 lbs

or that 2.2 lbs = 1000cc

and therefore we can determine 1 lb= 454 cc

That's alot of booty weight!! :)

More wish pics

More wish pics I found on other females page I think her username is arika4857? And a few additional ones!

More pics!!! I Can't wait !!

Pre op before booty

This is my butt now. Being almost 15lbs above my weight.. I got a big gut.. No butt LOL

Sorry I'm so shy I don't even want to show my fat tummy. Hope you guys understand .

Update! What's that Triangle back board? Fajas!

Hi my BBL dolls :) I am so excited and life is in a good place! My husband comes home next week from his sniper school and I've been doing really well in school as well and I'm so close to graduating! I'll be done December 2015!! &My bbl is in NOVEMBER.. only 3.5 months left! I am feeling like everything is falling into place :)

I keep daydreaming about my new body and I cannot wait! So many of the girls who are on here have amazing results and all their post op photos are absolutely bomb. I realized that after surgery and the recovery, toning and exercise is key for fabulous results!

I think my goal/dream measurements would be 34-27-42 or 43 of VOLUME!

Current measurements: 39-34-39 (remeasured again) Current weigh in: 133lbs Height: 4ft 11in and close to 5 ft BMI: 26.0

I have tons of bra line fat and I am still breastfeeding so breast are still big for now but I believe by November I should be able to go back to my original breast size as well!.

SIDE NOTE: Very good quality compression garments/surgical garments available on aliexpress.com. To find the items TYPE IN : FAJAS REDUCTORAS and they will pop up with options of search areas, and look in the BODY SHAPERS SECTION and you will find many surgical garments available for 80% cheaper than on any type of site. I'm not sure if it's the same quality but lycra/spandex is what the aliexpress ones are made from too. If you order from aliexpress just know i might take awhile to ship to your house. I buy tons of regular clothes and maxi dresses from there :D

-What is that triangle back board thing? And how do I make one or what is the correct surgical term?
-If I am going to be weening my baby off breast feeding around the time of my surgery is it safe to still get a BBL? I'm not sure if this is a common question for some ladies. I DO NOT PLAN ON TAKING ANY opiates or whatever they issue for comfort JUST THE ANTIBIOTICS ASSOCIATED WITH THE SURGERY AND wont breast feed while recovering from surgery that week. Just wanted to know about post and pre if breastfeeding was an option.

ALSO HERE is a update photo of my WISH for my waist to hip lines. Happy BBL's ladies!! :D

So ready for the BBL!!

Haven't been posting but I have def been reading!! I love it!! All the girls I have been following for August BBL's are having them done and I can't wait to see you on the other side of booty paradise!! lOl.

Quick update on my life.. My husband has a celebrity lifestyle I feel like. He's constantly having to reschedule and schedule his training, his deployments.. Etc.. Everything and it's getting kind of obnoxious! First he can come and do the bbl with me ..next thing he can't and now he can maybe blah he's annoying me so much. lol.. He has no idea how important this is for me. I really want this, prepped for it, researched and I'll be dammed if he ruins my plans with his inconsistency and annoying schedule change. I told him don't speak to me about schedule changes until at least October for sure because I will make my own arrangements instead of abiding to his schedule. I'm not canceling or rescheduling over him and his wishy washy mess no matter how much I love him ! lOL

And the hate is so real out there. I've been following on Ig some of the girls journeys, spectrum's IG, the recovery houses as well.. And I got a friend (the one who was supposed to be supportive ) speaking so ill of me to other females behind my back. It's whatever at this point though because I'm sure of what I want and what I want to look/feel like. Their opinion and speaking of me behind my back is just negative and it's not on me to change what they feel! All I keep doing is thinking about my family and my future curves! So congrats to allllll the August bbl ladies coming up and those who are healing! ???????? can't wait to read your journeys !

Don't hate me. I changed dates again -_- November 10th2015

OMG, life is tough sometimes! LOL. I have been really stressed out due to some personal stuff and my weight went from 133lbs to 128. Honestly, I think that's fine.. I'll just keep drinking shakes and eating healthy again ( I was so stressed out these past few weeks I skipped meals).

And TBH I think if I was to be 133 and he could only extract 8 lbs of fat, I wouldn't be too happy with my results, I would probably still have back fat or slight bra line fat he couldn't extract due to fat lipo limitations. So I'm just going to maintain this weight and hope for the best! (: I read a few girls stories who stood at 5'0 and got a really great result weighing in at only 120-125 lbs! I just have to remember everyone's different and my body is my own, if I couldn't maintain the 133 lbs that means it wasn't meant to be for my short a** self. LOL.

Anyways, I had to change my date.. YET AGAIN. Sorry about that to people following my journey, I'm usually very sure of dates and super organized, but my hubby has alot going on with his job in the military. I want him there with me for this major life change +he speaks spanish fluently and I think I will need that at in Miami if I wana have a good time/communicate properly so I have to go by his schedule.

I'm going November 9th and surgery is on November 10th and I'll be flying home the 15th which is a Sunday. I called and got through to a coordinator on my first try who connected me to a Medical assistant NOT a patient coordinator who immediately changed my date, forwarded me a prescription for my labs, and was very polite. I am feeling like this whole process for me has been so smooth and that it's truly meant to be and that's such a positive feeling :) I will post pics of my body again this time full body stomach and all. I gota get over my insecurities and just show so everyone can see the before and after when it goes down!

Only a few months to go! If you're scheduled for November 10th, 2015.. w/ Dr. Fisher feel free to comment and share! :D

Flights booked!

Flights are booked! Flying in via southwest with my hubby and baby on November 9th early morning.
My husband and I have a tonnnn of points for alot of different airlines since we are military family constantly traveling across the US to visit family and each other etc.. So we only payed 20 bucks total and used our points for our roundtrip flights for both of us!

Planning on landing in Ft Lauderdale so it's not too heavy congested traffic. Going to sign my preop paperwork and check in via Air B n B November 9th!!!!

I'm staying til Nov. 14th night (6 days total 5 nights) (I leave 5 days from surgery) So exciting! Updating more soon!





2. I read lots of post op stories about how Dr. Fisher doesn't see you after surgery. I understand that's really upsetting but I recall having a C Section (totally different surgery but still a surgery none the less) and never seeing the actual dr who delivered by baby, cut me open/stiched me up.. til 10 DAYS LATER!! All my care, status reports, and post op consultations were done by EVERYONE ELSE BUT MY SURGEON. I had no chance of seeing him until I HAD TO CALL AND schedule an appt with his office! (Again I'm talking about my C section)

Surgeons hand off alot of their work to midwives, nurse practitioners, nurses, cna's etc and that's how the food chain goes. I understand you eventually want to see the Dr. but they wont even bother looking at you unless it's an emergency or weeks later if you're properly evaluated by their "team" of health professionals. They entrust their nurses, CNA's, and nurse practitioners to speak for them, evaluate the patients, and handle the post op care. It's sucky and if they're willing to do me like that on a C Section, I'm not surprised this is how they handle you for an elective surgery as well!

Some surgeons will go above and beyond in their OWN PRIVATE PRACTICE but again I recall from my coordinator that Fisher is contracted not an actual owner of this clinic so I'm not surprised that the CNA's and Nurses are the one's doing the face to face post op, drainage removal and speaking on your progress!

Just gota understand this is how that clinic operates and how this surgeon chooses to do his work. I think I will be crossing fingers to see Fisher for my post op, but I'm prepared that it won't be happening if I didn't even get that type of service with my c section LOL (&we all know c sections are much more expensive than any elective surgery.. Insurance or not they cost 30-40k to deliver babies and I didn't even see him without having to make myself an appt LOL). Just a personal story and harsh personal perspective of what I endured.. :(

Weight progress

So this is me... The weird thing is when I look at myself in the mirror I don't really see my body this flat or pudgy but in photos it looks like it could use a lottttttt of work:(

Current stats: 124 lbs
Measurements: 39 bust 32 waist 39 hips
Wish measurements : 38 bust 27 waist 42 hips

I really want fullness in my butt all around and my back and lower love handles gone and just some shape. My legs just do not match how top heavy i currently am.. I cannot wait to start working out again !

Just two more months.. Going to do my first labs this month to see what my levels are than going to do labs again in October as well. Talk soon! (:

28 days or so before my BBL

Hey BBL dolls! Sorry haven't updated in a while. Lots things going on in my life, and then I got sick!!!!! Like sick sick! Flu bed ridden sick. I never ever get that way. I think it happened to me once 6 years ago when I was drinking a lot and partying too much.. But idk what happened here. Anyways I'm so sad. I lost weight from the flu. I'm now ONLY 119 lbs At 4'11-5' :( i gota post some pics for you guys.. (Actually all Nakey) maybe you can help me out and tell me if you think I have enough fat still at 119?

My surgery is 28 days away! I am getting my labs done this week &will submit to my medical assistant. I will probably also submit some new photos of my current body to her to see if fisher can take a look at them and tell me what he thinks.

My stay place in Miami is on the beach, and about a 20 min drive but with traffic probably an hour or so to the clinic.
My supplies I've bought are:
Lipo foams
Ab board
Compression socks
Pee thing
Support pillow
A sub compression garment (I will be buying the surgical kind in FL)
Loose tees &pants
Slip sandals
Iron tablets ( haven't really been consistent in taking them but I'm going to start this week everyday for strong levels)

Still need:
Arnica gel
Faja (Miami)
Back triangle board (Miami)
Am I missing Anything else?

I'm booking my massages with Marian as well. Four of them since I'm staying six days(: I'll book this week and give her a call.. Unfortunately I can't stay past those six days:/ I wish I could get more than four massages

Last question and a little weird. I wear a partial weave. I'm curious can I keep it or no? Or do I have to take it out? It's a sewn in weft kind of situation. I'm pretty sure the answer is that its all good but I just wanted to make sure lol.

Thanks ladies!

Final preop pics! 3 1/2 weeks until BBL with Dr. Fisher!!!

Alright, so these are the pictures of me at 119. I took them up close so ladies can see where I hold my weight and so that if we have the same stats, you can use my review for future comparisons.

Now that i've taken the photos, I def think I have enough fat for a BBL. LOL

I booked my massages, booked my room, got all my supplies. Now all I need to do is continue my supplements which are daily vitamins +iron tablets. I've stopped the birth control already.

I will be getting my labs done next week and I'll update everyone on that!

Current stats: 38 bust 32 waist 38 hips 119lb 5 ft

Wish measurements: 34 bust ( Igot back fat lol) 26 waist 41 hips
The wish is a bit of a stretch but I'm aiming high!!

Also, been looking at alot of the reviews made around mid 2014 early 2015 that made me choose fisher in the first place. I'm feeling confident and happy about my decision. He does alot of surgical procedures but I believe his skill answers for those surgeries and I'll be for him all the way through! The girls I saw in past reviews were the reason I decided I wanted a bbl and why I wanted Dr. Fisher. Dr. Hasan is also an amazing dr. and he will def be my other choice if anything is up with my surgery or any "emergency" cancellations occur under dr. fisher. Just about 3 weeks left til my BBL!

Labs cleared!!!!

Omgggg so my medical assistant keila she told me my labs were cleared. I'm also going to be bringing them just in case they say day of that they didn't get them or can't find them!! I'm really nervous and super excited this is happening. Also.. I'm nervous because I weighed 126 at the beginning of the journey and now I'm at 119. I'm very nervous I haven't gained enough weight back that I lost but I'm going to just pray that this all works out!

Dr fisher got an Instagram! (:

IG : fisherplasticsurgery

He's def about his biz!

Also medical massage professionals has one as well

IG: medicalmassageprofessionals

Just a few weeks before I head to Miami!

I've been eating peanut butter every night. Drinking shakes in between meals! Let's hope it goes down right!!!

Weight up! C section scar ?

So my weights up! I gained two lbs! I'm sitting at 121lbs! Hopefully not water weight(:

I'm constantly hungry at night now. And eat at night as well!

I had to have an emergency c section ... I was wondering will the scarring be even worse or the incisions be even worse because they'll be doing the marks on my scar? My scar is still quite noticeable ..

Blood test/lab work

Cbc= complete blood count
pt= prothombin time test
Ptt= partial thromboplastin time
Inr= international normalized ratio
Cmp= comprehensive metabolic panel
Hiv= human immunodeficiency virus
Hcg= human chorionic gonadotropin

In case you are curious or are from overseas and your doctors have no idea what the initials stand for. this way at least if they know the full length words they as a medical professional can link it to their version /description of the test and make it easier for you to understand what they're testing for etc..


My surgery is in nine days!! NINE DAYS!! I am a ball of nerves right now... LOL. I know it will be fine and everything is going to be amazing because of Dr. Fisher, but I just can't help it! It's so exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time! I am finally going to have the body I always wanted! :D This is so exciting and lifechanging ... Happy BBL's to all my dolls who've followed me on my long journey here!

Thank goodness for Dr. Fisher's IG

Sooo. I was nervous and a little worried about how late Fisher works into the night with so many patients lined up.. But I am happy to see that on his IG he's not just only doing BBL's which i've heard take an extensive amount of time... but he does do other surgeries like breast , tummy tuck etc and that's what fills up his day as well. The reason why I am happy to know that is because I heard that breast implants only take like 30 mins-1.5 hour tops to do and it's a simpler procedure.. So if he has 6-10 surgeries; I'm sure not all of them are BBL's. OR at least I hope not LOL. 8 DAYS.. (Technically 7 since he's in the east coast and it's past midnight over there) ;)

ALso I got me a rental car in FT Lauderdale airport. Only 16 bucks a day for the SUV kind!! so my husband has a nice car to drive around and fold down chairs so he can lay my knocked out ass on the floor of the SUV LOL !!

Dedicated Dolls!!!!

This post is for the dedicated dolls who went through an immense journey and stuck with me on mine and even inspired me to create my own. I encourage all the girls who are just looking around or unsure about their journey/decision in the BBL world to read theirs. These girls have been helpful, insightful, and honest in their entire adventure and some have even reached out to me at my low points in my journey!! Thank you ladies (: Have a great Monday !

@Filipina_miss (AWESOME DETAILS ABOUT THE TRUTHS/positives/struggles)

My booty selfie post op

So this is my 'sexy' angled booty selfie. I wanted to take one last one before I transform my body because once you go big you'll NEVER LOOK BACK! Lol.. Anyways... Here's to my old booty (: thanks for sticking by me for so many years And teaching me all the 'angles' to get my booty to look nice and thick lOL

In Miami

Quick update!
-Signed my paperwork whole process took about an 1.5 due to waiting and garment fitting
-I am an XL in vanity's faja!
-The customer service was great and they were really busy ! Upside was they were thorough and apologetic for the wait times!!!
-Saw dr fisher! Felt a little starstruck????
-I am beyond happy, nervous, excited, and feeling so shy!!
-Seen some women I think that might have been on real self but I wasn't sure and didn't wana distract them ! Lol
I'll give you a thorough update of everything when I go through with the operation! Xo goodnight!

Ps if you wana pack on the last few lbs I suggest you go to yambo or any little spot in little Havana! The food is amazing and heavy :D lots of meat and pork!

Also publix is a great market to buy inexpensive groceries from not just Walmart! :D

I made it!

Quick update! Made it .... Feel pretty good . I'm so hungry lol.. Been eating keeping hydrated and I'm soaked in my garment.. I hate that feeling .

I feel like I did too many squats and lifted too heavy but aside from that no pain yet...

Faja store?

What's it called? I can't find it on Yelp lol or in my previous comments or posts! :(

I want to purchase an additional garment and possibly some more items if need be for a MUCH cheaper price than what vanity sells please!

2 day post op

Marian is a lifesaver! Had my first massage! She drained me so well and I feel a million times better (: Drinking pineapple juice from El Salvador and eating plantain chips from Colombia! Lots of healthy eateries around the north Miami beach area! (Gluten free, vegan, fitness & low sodium) YELP: healthy eats you'll see it all! Drinking water and taking antibiotic. Don't need the pain meds because it's not that bad! My compression garment is somewhat larger on the legs yes... But my butt is secured and snug not overly tight. I like that my garment is just snug not going to give me an anxiety attaxk or cutting into my butt fat. Ab board and foams fit well and feel so good. The large faja I bought is way too tight. Sticking to my bloody garment;( don't wana wash and hang dry just yet. Might get too swollen being out of the garment too long .. Will wait till later ! I did shower though! Drain sucks but keeps it neater so not too many chux being used .. I'm not going to lie ladies .. This surgery is hard but manageable ! Hardest part is walking and laying down constantly ...

Picture of waist

Pics don't do much justice. My waist is thoroughly snatched.. But swelling is kind of making it hard to see

Lol the sad before and the new after!

Thank you fisher! Thank you Marian! My detailed reviews will come on everything when I can finally sit again (: I promise

Have an IG

The ig is fisherdoll07 !! Follow me for more pics! Dm me if you're using a personal page !

Review on Dr. fisher

He is an amazing surgeon and I have nothing but good things to say about him. He has an eye for every girls body, non judge mental, and very humble. We talked about almost everything people we first meet talk about and for a good almost 30-40 minutes. He walked in shook my hand said hello and looked at my file. He asked a few questions about my kid and husband which led To us sharing stories about our families &one of his good friends who became a smokejumper after leaving med school. He talked about his practice, his goals, how he ended up in Miami, and even how he loves doing BbL's but that for many years he was known for his amazing breast work and still is. He loves us patients ladies I'm telling you! He loves what he does ! Dr fisher joked about how us girls do our best to not sit and that he's heard some funny stories about the girls who fell into 'that' corner by the toilet near the plunger and toilet bowl brush????. He told me 'dont be that girl'. LOL . He asked me to undress so he can take more pics and see what we were going to do. I stood up and he laughed and said no way you're not 5'.. Maybe close to 4'11 but I think your 4'10 LoL????. We talked about how he really likes girls to be at the just right weight so that it's easier to lipo and healing will not be as complicated and the results are very dramatic according to him(: . He asked me what I wanted. I said 'I want it all.. Just make it big and projected.. And you pick the shape'.. He laughs again & says we can give you heart shape since you have a good foundation and fill out the sides. Asked me for wish pics.. I said all of my wish pics were your patients.. So you get the drift. He laughs again and was like let's do this! Anddd I woke up with this amazing butt and an awesome review of my dr. He tells you everything that's going to happen. He tells you the process right in the room & he tells you what you must do to keep the donk and your sanity though this process (: . Great person, great surgeon. Great experience with him. His jokingly attitude eased my nerves and brought out my humor as well(: *super long* sorry but he's kinda my current mcm! LOL

Progress pics/medical massage professionals review

OMG. I love these ladies. The entire staff is helpful and the massages are absolutely wonderful. Marian is very experienced with over 23 years and it shows. She can see and pretty much predict your outcome with the way she touches you &rafter every treatment can tell you what changes are happening to your body. Everyday she drained me and everyday I learned something new from her. Its great to see a place that really stands by their work. Val will help you with your garment and all your foams as well and get all the good angles for your progress pics ! And the other staff member (didn't get her name) massages so well! There are only good things to say about this company. The prices are great for their massage packages as well. I can't believe that every girl in Miami getting a bbl doesn't come here! Thank you again

Vanity review/ 13day post op pic

My previous/current measurements review of Vanity
Previous measurements: 38' 32' 38
Current measurements: 34' 27' 42'
I pretty much got my wish measurements!! Can't wait to see the progressive changes(:

Anyways my review on Vanity/day of surgery/Post op care: Vanity is not my first pick of a place to go for surgical procedures. The building is somewhat outdated but clean. The ladies who work the front desk and the garment fitting/paperwork are really nice and prompt.

My day of surgery after I woke up... This older woman with tattooed eyebrows .. she was so rude and shoved an oxygen mask on my face when I started to panic and cry after I woke up. I was kind of out of it but I felt her push my head against my bed to 'quiet' me down. So I stopped moving since I was helpless and she wasn't going to help anyways. I tried to breath without the oxygen mask she shoved on my face by pushing it off. It was horrible.. I was shaking uncontrollably.. She then drags me and tells me to lay belly down on this leather lazy boy chair, I was finally coming to and I'll say I was 90% okay.. Just had a headache. So i called my husband myself and Told him.. Please come get me babe hurry.. And she jumps into the convo snatches my phone and goes 'are you done?' She didn't provide water or Gatorade or anything. I just wanted to leave. She was horrible and so rude. I saw her get frustrated and irritated when another patient asked her if he could use the bathroom and he just had facial surgery. She wheeled me out and finally started talking to me saying she's worked here for years and does her job well.. I laughed at her and she tried to help me into the car. Told her no. Grabbed my husband's arm instead.. She told my husband In Spanish which he later translated to me.. That I need to learn Spanish if we were going to stay married. My husband responded with that's ridiculous. And we left -_- so rude. He wasn't happy about that or when he heard her say 'are you done' earlier..

Anyways my post op lady Yisel was okay though. She saw me for five minutes for my checkup the next day was very brief whatever didn't matter I rather just go to my massage anyways. When I saw her to take my drain out she was nice and informative. So that ended up okay. Overall.. Vanity is okay despite the one or two bad people who work there.

Ladies!!! Follow me on IG!!!!

Soooooo I'm much more on IG then RS just because it's a little easier to get to the notifications and comments to answer any questions and to communicate ! My IG is fisherdoll07! If you use your personal acct just direct message me so I can accept your requests! (: so I apologize if I'm not updating on here but I had been updating on IG (: love you dolls xo!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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