23 Year Old in Need of a BBL - Miami, FL

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Hello ladies, so I have begun my search to finally...

Hello ladies, so I have begun my search to finally do my bbl. I've been wanting to do this for a few months and I am tired of thinking about it over and over again. I have officially decided to go with doctor Salzhaer. I have not yet had my consultation with him but I feel so comfortable to use him after following his snapchat and seeing the daily operations and how amazing he is as well as reading all his reviews. I have scheduled for a phone consultation for January 28th since I am coming from DC and they are totally hooked on phone consultations until then but I'm now looking at flying to Miami to go see him for a consultation as early as next month. Only problem is the earliest appointment they have as of now for a procedure is September 2016 which is way to far. I want the bbl done a lot sooner.

Is it possible to switch dates with anyone once I get my date confirmed?

Is there anything I need to know about bbl like garmets I should invest in? What type of questions should I ask during my consultation ? Any other doctor recommendations ? Ladies it'll really help if you can please advice! Thanks so much

Doctors please!

Hey ladies I need your help finding the best doctor. I am based in Washington DC, but willing to travel. I really want to go with Dr. Salzhaer but the earliest appointment he has open now is September of next year! Although I love his work im desperate and want the bbl done before January of next year. I have been so miserable lately. My body is really not that bad. I'll post pics soon but I just want it more enhanced. Smaller waist, stronger back, and just a little bit more butt! I'm looking for a very natural look.

The reason why I trust DR. Salz is because his work is so amazing but I'm sure there are other doctors out there just as good I just don't know who. Please please please give me suggestions. I don't want to wait a year in a half for doct Salz anymore. I reall want this done like asap ..

Consultation with Dr. Salzhauer

Today I had my consultation with Dr. Salz and I must say I'm so happy that I did. I flew into Miami and went straight to the facility for the walk-I'm consultation. Brittney and Rocky came down, took my name down and told me to come back at 12pm. I came back at 12 and signed some paper work. The facility is so clean and the girls there are so nice. When I met the Dr. He was AMAZING!! He's so cheerful and understanding. He told me exactly what I needed and decided to liposuction my full back, stomach and arms. They quoted me $8745 . I am definitely going to go with this procedure with doctor Salz. I just hate that the next opening is In January 2017 but I know he's worth the wait. I'll keep you guys updated

I need your help dolls

Hello Ladies, I need your help desperately. I've been having sleepless nights trying to decide on the best decision to make. I really want to use Dr. Salzhauer but what saddens me is that he is not available until 2017. I desperately wanted this done sometime in mid 2016. I have not yet paid my deposit because I know its nonrefundable and I don't want to end up changing my mind later and having to pay more out of pocket. Therefore, I'm really stuck between finding a new doctor or just sticking to Dr. Salz. Its so hard finding Doctors who are just as good as him. So many other Dr.'s have such bad reviews. I was thinking Dr. Jimmerson but to many reviews say that his results don't last after 3 months. Dr. Salama has poor customer service which Is a NO for me. Dr. Ortega has had some bad reviews recently and also bad customer service. Do you all know ANY doctor that is just as good as Dr. Salz? If I'm going to go with Dr. Salz I need to make payment ASAP to secure a date because the dates keep pushing back. Please give me suggestions.

Surgery in 3 months

Hello All, the date is so near. Im having surgery in February. So not prepared and have no idea what to get. Does anyone have any recomendations for supplies? pills? recovery house?

Help a sister out. Thanks :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I chose the absolute BEST doctor to perform my surgery and I am beyond GRATEFUL. Besides the fact that my body turned out FABULOUS, Dr Miami and Barry are heaven sent. This was a long journey for me due to his wait list being long but when I tell you it was WORTH THE WAIT..it was. Dr. Salzhaur is such an honest, caring man who really cares about his patients. He gave me the results I wanted an everyone LOVES it. His facility is so professional, clean, and safe. The entire process was amazing. Thank you Dr. Salzhauer

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