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Wanted this procedure since I was about 19yrs old,...

Wanted this procedure since I was about 19yrs old, never thought I would be financially able to get it. Im still in the planning stage of this whole process. I have bn on realself for a while looking at others results. I was ready to book a few months ago with Dr. Omulepu At Spectrum, but with the recent scares of infection I have switched to Dr. Hasan at Vanity in Miami. I have the money in my account to cover surgery but ive been thinking about financing it through UnitedMedical.

Wish Pic!!!

My thighs are huge lol, but i love them jus need a butt to match.

another wish pic..

Got this pic from vanity website. Fisher did it but i want hassan to do my surgery.

Playing with photoshop

Took my consultation pics and emailed to vanity. Pictures definitely add 10lbs lol. After looking at pics I was like damn, I need this procedure. Can't wait to feel 100% confident in my body, these love handles are a beast lol.

Gettin aggravated with vanity ugh!!!!

So I sent my consultation pic to Yesenia on Tues October 13, along with my medical questions I had to answer. She said she would let Hasan view them the next morning and get back with me. I have yet to hear from her gettin kinda pissed because today I had plans on paying my deposit and securing my date. Did Any of you ladies have issues with them getting back with you after consultation?? Do they not want my money lol. I'm sooooooo ready...

I'm obsessed with buttsss!!! lol

I am obsessed with butts lol, my moma and my bf think I'm crazy. i look at everyone's butt if not online then in person. tryna find that perfect waist to butt ratio. Talked to Yesenia today from Vanity, she said Hasan had not responded to my pics yet and she would call me monday morning. Think i may move my date up to week of Jan 11. Im a manager at a hotel & I'm stuck between going in before Mardi gras or going after. I hate mardi gras so i may jus go in before so i don't have to deal with it lol.

Ppl drive me..

People always wanna tell you what you shouldn't do with your body. It's crazy to me, like who are you to tell me what I should and should not do with MY body. Sorry for the early morning rant, but I know you ladies are probably the only ppl that can relate to me and you'll are complete strangers. Some say the reason I want this done is because I have low self-esteem, call it what you want idc.

Deposit Paid!!!! Now looking at RH.

Spoke with Jesse today, Hasan looked at my pics said Im a great candidate, said I have to be at 198lbs for procedure. I'm currently at 213lbs, so 15lbs to lose. I reserved Jan21st for sx. My original plans were for February(may change back idk). I asked my cousin who is a nurse to come with me, but then I started lookin at RHs. So confused on what to do, May stay at RH for 4 or 5 days and stay additional 2 with my cousin in a hotel, that way I'll have someone to fly back home with me. Looked at NewBody Recovery, they have a package of 4days, 2massages, 3 meals a day, nurse and transportation for $800. Additional massages $50. What do you ladies suggest?? Sooo much to think about and plan, excited and nervous at the same time lol.

Just because pic.

Anybody goin to Hasan around Jan. 2 1st

RH booked!!!

I will be staying with New Body Recovery starting January 21st. for 5 days. I'm sooo excited, this is really happening lol. I chose new body recover because I've heard nothin but good things about her and she also offers 3 meals a day,3 massages, round clock nurse, &transportation. She will be picking me up from vanity on the day of surgery.

80 more days!!! lol

I've started buying supplies and I've booked my flight. i don't want to buy to much(bad habit). Moni with new body recovery emailed me a list of things i need to bring with me, it was a list of about 15 items. I really think I'm making the right decision going with a RH, i told my mom i booked a RH and she got upset with me. She basically does not want me to be alone. I had to explain to her its better for me to stay at the RH because these are ladies that deal with post op patients all the time, so they know what to expect.(I'm rambling sorry). I will stay at RH for 5 days then stay at a hotel with my mom and cousin(RN) for an addition 3 days.
I want to start taking vitamins but idk what kind to get(help me). I plan to get my labs done in December, that way if i need to try and fix anything i have time. Im nervous and excited this is really happening,after talking about it for so long I'm finally doing it.


I want to get my labs done early so there will be no surprises. Spoke with vanity yesterday, they told me to start taking iron pills now with plenty of water.
What all do i need to be tested for?? is there a list of lab work that needs to be done?? Vets i need y'all help on this one.

Cosmicare RH..

Sooo i switched RH, I was originally booked with Moni at New Body Recovery. I had 5 nights booked with her for $1000. I paid $50 deposit to reserve my stay. Another RS sister (teedywee04) reached out to me about a new RH in miami, She also had a stay with Moni booked.

So lets talk about this New RH, its name is Cosmicare, There are no reviews on this RH because they don't open until January 2016, so Teedy and I will be one of the first to stay. There website is They have houses in Atlanta,Houston,New York, LA, & DR. I have booked a 7 night stay with them in a private room, that allows me to bring a friend or family member with me free of charge. No lie i stared at there website for a few hours because it sounds to good to be true. They also give you something called a Cosmikit, which is a kit filled with mostly all the supplies you will need for your recovery. The next day i contacted them, i wanted to see if this was legit. I spoke with Keisha owner and operator, she answered all my question a reassured me that I was not trippin lol and they are a legit company lol. My mom wants to be by my side through this process, and the fact that they allow you to bring a guest with you honestly sealed the deal for me. I will feel way more comfortable with my mom being there and she will also insure that I'm being treated correctly.

My quote for 7nights in a private room & Cosmikit is $1575. I think it is a great deal considering hotels i looked at were $1700+ not including meals or transportation. In no way am i knocking Moni with New Body, i have heard nothing but great things about her home, i jus feel i get more with cosmicare and a family member will be by my side at all times. Hope this review helps some of you ladies out there.

Weight Loss Journey!!

Hey dolls, just wanted to update you guys on my weight loss journey. I'm 5'9 currently 208lbs. I started my weight loss journey at the end of august this year at the time I was 228 lbs(ouch). I went to a local weight loss clinic they gave me adipex I also workout about 4 to 5 times a week. I've lost a total of 20lbs as of today. Hasan wants me to be at 198lbs for my height. Im on a grapefruit diet right now and I love it. I try my hardest to not eat carbs(it's hard af lol) I carry most of my weight on my legs, arms and love handles. My stomach is flat but wide. Soo ready for this transformation.

Post op garment sale

Hey dolls, haven't Bn on here lately I've been trying to focus on my weight loss journey, but I ran across this Black Friday sale the Vedette is having. I was goin to wait until I get to Miami to purchase my garments but with these prices I could not pass it up:). There are some as low as $15. I've ordered the Celeste in Black for $48.00 original price $98.00. I believe sale will be goin on until Monday for cyber Monday. Please go check there website out. The necessities for this surgery can add up so every little dollar I can save I'm jumping on it. I hope this helps you ladies

Shape wear for post op

In my last post I informed you ladies on the Black Friday sale we're having. I ordered 2 garments from them. They completely screwed up on my stage one garment, I ordered a size 3xl in black and received a size L in nude, so I will be shipping it back to them. I also ordered a thong garment in black and it fits perfect.
Weight loss journey has not been goin so good lately I'm still at 207lbs and I need to be at 198 for surgery. I'm currently taking adipex and wondering when I should stop taking them

29 more days!!!!

Here comes the butterfly stomach. I have not been nerves this whole time but for some reason yesterday it hit me. I really about to do this omgggg!! Lol in less than a month I'll have a new body. Got a call from vanity yesterday, they are so unorganized. I was told I had until day of surgery to pay off surgery but they have a new rule that if your not paid in full 2 weeks prior to surgery it will be cancelled. For me it's Jan 7. I have 1400 left to pay I will definitely have it paid by the 7th, it's jus the simple fact that they go back on things they promise. Also she said that I have to be at least 195lbs or Hasan will not do surgery. She said it does not matter your height, Hasan does not like the number 200 and he will not do surgery. I'm currently at 203.5 so this last month I have to work so hard. I was concerned on when I should stop taking adipex she said I must be done with them 2 weeks prior to surgery, so also January 7th. Wish me luck ladies!

Labs Done!!

Got my labs done this morning will get results on Monday also made a payment to Cosmicare this morning. Sooo tired of spending money, but it's almost over! Glad I decided to pay out of pocket and not finance this surgery. That's it ladies just a quick update.. MERRY CHRISTMAS XOXO:)

Happy Birthday to Me!!! Jan. 6th is my day

Soo Today is my 24th birthday but I can't help think about what's about to happen in 14days!!! I have spent the day on the phone Vanity tryna get paperwork filled out for my FMLA, of course it's not a smooth process dealing with them. Lab work checked out everything is good-thank God! Current weight is 202lbs, I wanna get done to 195-197lbs before surgery and 180-185 after surgery. I'm takin adipex until Monday the 12th, I'm trying not to stress about these last few pounds but I'm getting nervous with only 2 weeks left. Surgery is Paid in FULL-finally lol!! Flights are booked!! Supplies and massages are included in my package with Cosmicare. Everything is falling into place I think I'm ready lol, but I am scared of the amount of pain I will be in waking up from surgery. This is really happening in 2 weeks, I'm honestly still in shock I'm actually doin this:):):)

Quick question!

Quick question for the vests out there. I have noticed that right out of surgery a lot of Hasan dolls butts look full at the top, at what point does it drop and fill in?? Is that what everyone means with the term "fluffing?".

Weight Loss Update!!

I have FINALLY broke the 200lbs mark. With 10 days left to go. I have Bn on a strict diet and working out 6 days a week. My goal is to be at 195-197 goin into surgery ladies.

Feelings so hurt!! Lost for words:((

Got the worst possible news today!! Hasan has cancelled all his patients for next week:( I have been feeling so down all day. They gave me the option of goin with Dr. O or Dr. Fisher! Idk what to do but cancelling this surgery is really not an option. I have flights,RH,& work schedule set. I'm scared,nervous,pissed & scared some more!! Fisher is $500 dollars more and Dr. O has had patients with infections in the past. I'm willing to pay the $500 for fisher but I'm not sure if he'll have my date open, fisher also does 7 girls a day-that's a lot:(. If I go with Dr. O I will get a $100 credit because he is $3900 but I have read some bad reviews from him, most of them are from over 5 months ago but I'm honestly scared out my mind. I have worked so hard to get my weight down for this surgery, only to get 6 days away and get such bad news. I'm so depressed right now.

Fisher here I come!!

Just landed in Miami,flight was on time and smooth-except for this one lady behind me screaming she need "Aqua" lmao she was trippin. I decided to go with Fisher on Friday the 22nd, I didn't wanna pay the $500 but it is what it is. I feel very confident that Fisher will give me the results im praying for. So ready to get this done, experience leading up to this point has bn a interesting but I would feel weird if everything went as planned-things never go as planned. I check in with Cosmicare tomorrow, Kesha has bn great so far-I'm ready to meet her. I will do a full honest review on her business for yu future ladies lookin to book with her. On another note I got my weight down to197.5 so I'm pleased with that, can't wait to see my new body!!!!!

Tomorrow is the big day!!

Today was my pre op, everything went smooth. Got there around 10:30a signed a ton of papers and paid my $500 balance. Met another doll that will be goin to fisher tomorrow as well, didn't get her name but she was cool. Checked into Cosmicare RH love it so far, met the staff Everyone seems cool and ready to help me. My surgery is for 10am and right now I'm not nervous at all, I have prayed about it and I'm at peace right now. Saw some huge butts today and I pray I dnt come out looking like some of what I saw. I want a nice size butt nothing crazy. My moms flew in today and she has bn a great support so far, she was shocked that Vanity is in a strip mall lmao. She keeps saying "please dnt come out with a huge butt Bee" lol.

I made it to the other side!!!

I Thank GOD for his many blessing!! This recovery is not easy. Honesty feel like I've bn hit by a truck. Pain meds help me a lot but idk what is makin me dizzy. Lastnight was rough, I've bn drinking Gatorade and water like crazy & everytime I get up to use it I feel so weak and dizzy to the point I feel I'm gonna black out. Vanity is so unorganized it's crazy, they basically made me buy a garment from them. The say "mines was too tight" they have me in a 46 and there is not enough compression on my back. I'm goin there today and I will tell them how I feel. I went in for surgery at 10am did not get on the table til 1:45pm!! I was starving y'all and pissed!! Cosmicare has bn great so far. I love Tiffany, she is so sweet and caring:) ... Hope I'm not as weak today as I was lastnight. Anyway I love my results no more love handles!! My waist is snatched!

2 days post op!

Hey ladies!! Sorry didn't respond to any of Yu the other day. This recovery is a beast! I've learned that the Oxycodone make me extremely weak so I have bn taking regular tylenols til I can get to vanity tomorrow. Had a massage yesterday and today, couldn't finish the first one felt like I was gone pass out. Today I did much better. I've bn tryna walk as much as possible to keep this stiffness to a minimum. Bout to nap I'll come back later

Vets??. Help needed!

To the vets out there, how long do I have to wear the lipo foams? At what point can I start using my ab board?

Back home!!!!

Feels soooo good to be back in my city. No place like home:)-NOLA! I was tweaking for some good ole southern cooking lol. I've bn wanting collard greens since my surgery lol & that jus what I had( dnt judge me lol). I have no energy to do a full review tonight but I promise I will. I will discuss: pre op, Cosmicare, surgery & post op! Y'all let me kno anything else you wanna kno about, but for now I've had my greens,my shower & now I'm bout to hit my BED!! Jus wanted to post s few befo & after pics of what fisher did for ya girl so happy with my results !! Tty dolls later.

My BBL experience.. Full Review Surgery,Recovery,Recovery House

First off let me say that my journey was a true rollercoater!! Nothin went smooth lol, but i love my results and would do it all over again in a heart beat;)... ok so here it goes.

PreOP-Arrived at Vanity about 10:30a, lobby was packed but very clean(i love that) made me feel a lil at ease. Checked in with the receptionist & paid my remaining $500. Was approached in the lobby by this tall guy with a scrub on, he introduced hisself and said he and his wife are care givers for post op patients and they also sell supplies out there van. I told him I did not need a care giver but i did purchase a marble from him for my belly button. FYI ladies he had ab boards, foams, & marbles. Sat in the lobby for a min chatted it up with another fisher doll and then was called to the back. Signed soo many papers, tried to read over most of them but it is impossible to do so. Was picked up from pre op by Kesha from Cosimicare.

Day of Surgery- Surgery was scheduled for 10a on Jan 22nd. arrived at vanity for 9:30a checked in and went to the back lobby area. Vanity was once again BUSY...Butts EVERYWHERE: nurses and all lol. My mom was amazed she kept saying this is like a candy shop. Saw a lot of post op girls coming in some were moving fast, some i could tell were in real pain. For some odd reason i was not nervous at all, i thought I would be shaking at this point but I was so ready to do it. After waiting almost 2 hours my name was finally called. Nurse asked did I have a garment i said yes she took one look at it and said this is too small and you can't go into surgery without another one. I said you dont know how it fits and she said i can look at it and tell. than she tells me you can buy one from us its $120 cash only, but you can't go into surgery without a new one. I was so pissed, i was basically pushed into a corner and forced to buy it from them because i had no time to go to another faja store. Got to the back room waited for Fisher to come in. He is very nice and welcoming, he asked if i was one of Hasan patients and I told him i was, I also thanked him for picking up where Hasan left and making room in his busy schedule. He drew all over me and took pics said he does not see where I'm holding 197lbs at. Took a urine test and waited & waited some more i even fell asleep lol. I was so hungry, nurse woke me up it was 1:30p and i hear Hello-adele blasting lol. Anesthesiologist came in-he is so hot! asked a few questions we laughed about how hungry we both were. He walked me to the operating room, I played down got my Iv and lights out! woke up cold af nurse put the heater on me. pain wasn't too bad butt was sore tho. She gave me gatorade until my moma and Kesha came around the back to get me.

Post Op- learned a few things about myself during this journey. I CAN NOT take codeine, no shape or form:( I was giving Oxycodone took them for 2 days and was WEAK the whole time, could barely make it to the bathroom without getting dizzy. I called Vanity that monday to get Tylenol3, began to take them and discovered they also have codeine!! worst feeling ever. I began just taking regular tylenol ES and they work perfect for me. This stiffness and soreness is the worst but it gets better day by day.

COSMICARE- I had the 7 night package booked, Condo is beautiful, brand new space 3br 2bth. I was in the master bedroom which had the master bathroom. When i arrived the Cosmikit was on my bed with a card. Kit comes with tons of supplies needed for the surgery. I do believe me and TTlove28 were the first to stay. The ladies are very nice and funny, we all clicked and had good time. Massages were booked with Sapphire and were amazing everyday. i will list my pro and cons, but overall i enjoyed my stay and would recommend them to future dolls.

PROS: Beautiful Space, Spacious rooms-privacy, Cosmikit, location-3blocks from vanity, Helpful nurses 3 shifts a day.

CONS: Transportation- most of the time there was only one vehicle for transportation, which would have bn ok if it was a larger vehicle such as a Van or Suv, but it was a Mid size car. most of Teetee's and I massages were on the same day at the same time so we had to both get in the back seat, which was uncomfortable.
Menu: Food was not bad at all but i do wish we could have seen menu before hand, just incase there was any dietary restrictions.
Overall i really enjoyed myself and would recommend them to you ladies!

Stomach Flat, but extremely hard!

I'm 10 days post op my stomach has gotten rock hard, no lumps or anything jus rock hard. After I got my drain taken out I was told I could not get any massages for 7-10 days. Is this normal is my stomach supposed to be hard for now? Will it loosen up in the next couple months? Help I'm freaking out!!

Deep Tissue or Lymphatic Massage??

Reason I ask.. My stomach and sides are hard, flat but very hard. I have bn massaging myself after I shower. It is almost impossible to find someone to do lymphatic massages in NOLA, guess bbls are not common enough. I have a little swelling in my back not much. Would a deep tissue massage be effective for this hard tissue on my stomach and sides? Or should I jus continue my search for lymphatic massages?

Current measurements 2 weeks & 2 days po

Waist is at 32in with hardness, I really want to get it down to a 27 or 28 once my hardness is gone. Hips/Butt is at 46in hope it stays this size!!

S/O to us Jens out there lol!!!!

1month post op!!

today makes 4 wks post op for me!. Not much has changed, my butt is about 50% soft, my stomach and sides are still hard. I'm still dealing with swelling mostly on my lower back. I have started wearing my wasit trainer on top of my garment with foams under my garment. Only time I sit is when I'm driving & I use a boppy pillow to do so. When I'm at work I turn the chair backwards and straddle it so I sittin on my tighes. I went through this phase of thinking my butt was losing volume lol but she is still hold strong at 46in. It has dropped and I must say I love my new body! So glad I decided to have this done. Here are some pics!

Almost 7 wks post op

Friday makes 7wks po, time is flying by & I am in LOVE with my body. I'm so happy with my results I literally stare at myself everytime I pass a mirror or anything I can see my reflection in:) I do sit without my pillow, I only use it in the car and at work butt has softened jiggles with every step I take lol. My bf is absolutely obsessed with it lol so am I. My stomach is gettin softer by the week, my waist is down to a 29in & hips/butt are still at 46in. My social life has definitely turned up a few notches, I think I'm having to much fun with this new body.
Befo my surgery I was reading a review and she stated that she had lost a really good friend after surgery, I never thought this would happen with me because all my friends were so supportive, boy was I wrong one of my closet friends changed up on me real quick. The attention is real when we would go places and I learned that everyone can't handle that, we went from talking and hanging out everyday to barely talkin once or twice a week. I say that to say this surgery is a life changer some for the good some not so good, everyone does not want to see you happy. At the end of the day long as you are happy that's all that matters & I am truly happy:) That's it for now ladies I'll be back in a couple of wks XOXO!!

3months PO!!!!

I made it!! Lol I'm officially out of the red zone. My body feels 90% back to normal, but jiggles and has definitely fluffed it's quite big but I love it.. I no longer sit with a pillow or any type of cushion. I no longer wear my garments, but I do sleep with 2 waist trainers on. My waist is currently at a 28-29inch and my hips/butt are a 46in. Just wanted to do a quick update for yu ladies. Fisher definitely blessed me. I'm extremely happy with my results!!!

Summer 16!!

So ready for this summer to show off this new body!!!:)


I'm not sure what had went on with COSMICARE since I stayed with them back in January but I telling you ladies now DO NOT BOOK with them. Kesha the owner booked my cousin for a 10day stay at her DR house. She called my cousin on the day of and CANCELLED!! She was paid in FULL(2k), Kesha excuse was that she had a girl in Miami that was sick-Kesha is not a nurse and if the young lady was sick why not bring her to the hospital!!..My cousin had to come up with more money to pay another recovery house where she did not get proper care, she ended up goin home early and got infection!.. Kesha only refunded her $600 of the $2,000 she had paid her. It had bn over a month and Kesha has blocked her on all social media and not taking any phone calls from her. I have also tried to contact her since it was me that recommended my family to stay with her. I really do regret doin so, my cousin is basically out of $1400 because of me and I feel terrible. I'm telling you ladies now do not book with her she is unprofessional and a scam artist. She talked to my cousin almost everyday up until her surgery to turn around and cancel on her and take her money!! Do yourself a favor and book with someone else!!!

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