23, One Kid, Finally Getting the Body of my Dreams!!! Miami, FL

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Hello Ladies! I'm finally taking that step to...

Hello Ladies! I'm finally taking that step to getting the body I been wanting since I can remember. I'm 23, and just had my first baby 4 months ago which has left me with ugly stretch marks, and a saggy flat but :/ (Not at all in vain, I love my son dearly and would do it all over again for him!!!!) However, I went my confidence back!! Sooo after researching this procedure for over a year I've finally taken that step to getting my Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr Osak in Miami!!! I have made my deposit and I have been assigned my surgery coordinator and scheduled for June 7th 2016 but may be changing to a sooner date! So if you would like to follow my journey I'm putting it all out here for you all!!

Vanity or Spectrum?

Im confused about how Dr Osak is working for Vanity and Spectrum.. Which is his facility? I made my deposit through Vanity but I see he works for spectrum.. Could someone explain to me please


I am finding out that Osak can't perform surgeries and I am livid!!! I already made my $2000 deposit and scheduled for June 7. So what's going to happen now?????? My patient portal now says Fisher, he's a doctor I don't know much about and I really don't appreciate being thrown to him like I'm just an object. I am calling vanity first thing Monday morning!! My coordinator has some explaining to do!

Thinking about getting my deposit back and switching to Duran or Yily in the DR

Has anyone tried getting their deposit back from vanity? How long did it take and did they give u any problems?? I'm.considering switching to to a DR doctor because there is too much going on with Osak at Vanity and I know know that I can get everything done at one time in the DR (bbl & breast reduction).

No Longer going to Osak. Switching to Yily!

So I have officially started my process to get my 2000 deposit back from Vanity and I will be putting that money towards my BBL and Breast Lift with Yily in the DR. Still Going to try to have my procedures done in June! I will be uploading my before photos when it gets closer to my surgery date!!


Has anyone ran into any issues with getting their deposit refund back from Vanity?? I am trying to get my 2,000 deposit back from Vanity and put that towards my Procedure with Yily ( YES She responded and quoted me a better prince than Vanity). So I know the refund process could take up to 8 weeks ( I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY) but i have been emailing the refunds dept and have not received a response. And when I call the main number they tell me all refunds are handled through email and they dont have a number to call them on. So im playing the wait game with them and emailing them daily. One way or another they have to give me my money back but I find it very unprofessional how they do business. How hard is it for some one in the office to email me back letting me know the status of my refund?

Officially going to be a yily doll!!!

So I have my $2000 refund back from Vanity so I went my $300 deposit to Yily and will be getting a BBl and Breast lift on June 23rd. I'm super excited! Does anyone know how to change my Review Dr from Osak to Yily?? I tried through edit but couldnt change the doctors name! Anyway I'll be posting my before pictures later this evening (beware they are really bad) when I get off work and will also be making an Instagram dedicated to my journey. Stay tuned ladies We are all in this together!
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