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I'm 22 years old, 5'4 and 130lbs. I have always...

I'm 22 years old, 5'4 and 130lbs. I have always had trouble with my stomach as far as losing weight from that area even though I've always been very active. I have an athletic body type so I don't have too much of a curvy body as I want. I decided to get a BBL because I want a smaller waist, bigger hips, and a fuller butt. I don't want anything unrealistic just more of an hour glass figure that's very noticeable. Talking to Jonathan Fishers assistant, she was very helpful and answered any questions I had and responded very quickly whether we were communicating via email or phone. So far the communication has been great. I'm out of state so I will be traveling to Miami to have the surgery done. The surgery alone will be 5500 which doesn't include the massages I will need after, as of right now I'm not sure how much the massages are but I will find out soon. Everything for the trip as far as the supplies I'll need, flight, room, transportation, things needed after surgery and food. I plan on spending an additional $2000 and I rounded the price up just to be safe. I will have someone with me to split the price of a car rental and where we will be staying. Also why the amount may seem low. Now as far as me being a good candidate for the BBL Fishers assistant told me that I need to gain atleast 10lbs. I have a little over 9wks to do so, so I'm gonna try my hardest to gain atleast 12-15! By doing this I plan on drinking 2-3 Boosts or Ensures a day(gonna try them both for taste sake) and eating more meals a day(about 6 small). The shakes have lots of protein in them so I will definitely still eat meat, I will just do more research by talking to my regular doctor on how much I should eat because too much protein isn't good either. I looove pastas and breads so I will most likely to eating a lot of that too. Once I get a scale for home I will keep it posted on here my weight gain process every wk(I'll start in March). I'm very excited for my BBL and can't wait for the change. A lot of people don't think I need it but it's more so what I want for myself because I don't care how much you work and diet you cannot grow hips, maybe a muscle booty will appear but I need hips!!

Gaining weight for BBL

So after I was evaluated over the phone and through via email with pictures by Dr. Fisher he told me that I needed to gain 10lbs for my bbl. The last time I went to my normal Doctor was this month around the first and when they weighed me I was 133lbs. As soon as I knew I had to gain weight for my bbl I've been eating soooo many calories and carbs, about 3,000 a day(for the past 2wks). Literally eating and taking naps right after and eating super late. I've been drinking Boost Plus with my meals and they are soo yummy, like a thick shake. They really do help maintain weight. Soo my main concern is or not really concern but surprise, I bought a scale yesterday, I go home get on it and it reads 143lbs!!!!! I think that's impossible for me to have gained that much weight and it hasn't been a month since I've changed my diet. My friends tell me they can see the difference but I don't. When I woke up this morning I weighed myself before I ate and still the same numbers! I'm happy I have the weight but I may lower my calories and carbs just so I won't blow up and have too much fat. I will post another update in the next 2wks to see if my weight goes up or down. I'll probably try to gain 10 more lbs for him to work with!

Gaining weight for BBL pics

So this is what I look like 2wks later after trying to gain weight. These pictures are from the morning before I ate anything. Also ignore the messy room, I've been staying at my friends house while renting my apt on AirBnB to save some extra cash. Her room is a messsss lol

Flying back after BBL

So I got everything set up as to where I'll be staying in Miami after my surgery. Only issue is I'm scared about flying back home! From Miami to Chicago it's only a 3hr flight but I don't want go sit AT ALL even if it is on the pillow! If I could without people looking at me crazy or think I'm gonna try something crazy on the plane I would stand the entire time. I'll be in Miami 7 days after my surgery. I'm just worried that this isn't enough time and I should stay longer but it's also really expensive. Is there anyone else that had surgery and had this issue?


This may be a dumb question but will my doctor prescribe me painkillers or will I have to get them on my own? If so which ones should I look into getting that won't have a lot of side affects as far as throwing up. Alsoooo, how long before the doctor removes all the drains or does it just depend? I've read some reviews where some ladies have had there's taken out after 7-12days.

Surgery in 28 days

So my surgery is in less than a month. This morning I checked my schedule on the portal as I always do just because I see other reviews on patients who have had there dates changed on them. Unfortunately my date was changed and without notice! I'm not ok that, I was not given a call as to why but my date was changed to a day earlier, so the 25th instead of the 26th. It's a big deal because I have my flight landing on the 24th at 11:40a. When my coordinator sent me an email for pre op she said I needed to be there in between 9a-12 to be seen. So now this messes up everything because my flight can't be adjusted. It will take me well over 20mins to leave the airport and head straight to the doctor. I contacted my coordinator to see if she could change it back to the way it was scheduled before so we will see. If they can't change it hopefully they will given me more time to get there being that it's not my fault. Also, I my coordinator told me no fake nails or nail polish. Does this mean not on my toes as well? I can't imagine going over 6wks without polish on my toes because I can't sit for a pedicure. Lol ughh

27 days!!!

I spoke to Frishers assistant and basically he changed my date because I'm an out of town patient and they want me to do the pre op and SX the same day so I can have an extra day for recovery! No longer worried now I'm just excited! I guess I should start ordering all my supplies now.


Ok, I've seen so many on so many different websites and I'm still not sure which kind or size I should get?? Do I get the one with the closed butt or the butt opening? Thigh length, full body, or the shortest? Zipper or buttons? Lol I'm so confused. The only thing I'm positive about is getting a black one! Please helpppp. Also for ladies who have already gotten the surgery done, do you guys think my body will be ready to walk around Miami after my 7th day for a few hours? I know everyone is different but I'm just wondering.


18 days away from my surgery and I'm just now looking into buying my supplies. As far as my bbl pillow, not sure where a good website or brand is better to get it from. Posted some pics of which body shaper is better to have. I see some ladies with the closed butt and some with the opening. Does it make a difference between them?

Gaining more weight!

Decided to gain 3 more lbs before my sx. Only 2 weeks away. Starting at 130lbs to 142 and hopefully final weight will be 145 before sx.


Just finished my labs and I'm praying that my iron levels are good. I've been taking them everyday for the past 2 months im not gonna lie, I have missed a few days. For the past 2 wks I've been taking 2 pills a day, breakfast and dinner. Hopefulllllly I'm all good. I just read that it's better to take iron pills without any food because your body will absorb more. The whole time I've been taking them is with meals, ughhh wish I would've read this before. 13 days to gooo!

Selling my never used Garment(Faja)

I leave for Miami Sunday morning and unfortunately my faja won't arrive ar my house until Monday. I should've bought it earlier instead of putting it off. So I'm thinking I will just sell it when I get back from Miami which is the 3rd. If anyone is interested let me know. It's a size XL

Surgery time

Just got here at Vanity and its a mad house in here. Sooo many people, feel like everything is going to be rushed. We will see though

Day 1 post op

I don't even know where to start. The worst pain came from waking up after surgery I was shivering so bad and just want to drink lots of Gatorade but u can only have a little said my nurse. I've been resting all day and I have my first massage today. The pain isn't that bad after taking my meds but I do have maybe 4 bottles of medication. I don't remember what all of them are my boyfriend has been keeping track of all that for me and how and when to take. Peeing is the worst only because I get dizzy at times and I hate taking my garment off. Soon as it comes off blood leaks which is normal. It leaks down in my vagina too but there's nothing u can do to control that. I have wipes and pads, I don't worry about putting the pad on cus it's too much. I believe this is why I have antibacterial pills to help nothing get infected. I only have one pic right now and it doesn't show much I'll try to take one when I can stand and balance longer

More on day 1

Ended up not doing my massage, schedule for another day

Day 3 post op

Just got my first massage and I feel really good. Before I came I took my meds prior and also 2 advils. I also brought headphones because u can here everything moving around its sounds soo nasty.

Day 5 post op

It's been 5 days and I feel ok. As long as I take my meds then I don't have much pain. I try to take the pain killers that were prescribed at night because they make me so tired, after I take them, four hours later I take 2 advils.

So far for the past 2 days I've been able to walk around the grocery store for awhile as long as I eat before I go and take 2 advils, only so I won't feel like I'm getting dizzy or nauseous. If I'm in the sun too much then I get a little light headed but that's only when I'm walking to the car if I've been in the store for long, then it's just my body telling me to lay down for awhile.

When I'm at my rental house, I normally get up every 1 and a half hrs to walk just because only one of my knees gets really stiff. Also to give my back a break. I still also walk really stiff and it's noticeable. When I was at the store yesterday this man working was like "wow why are you so sore" I didn't get offended, I know he was just curious as to why I was waddling like a peguine. Lol simply just told him I had surgery a few days ago.

I do have lotssss of swelling and I'm gonna ask on Monday when in go back to vanity when it will go down!

Day 6 post op

Finally went number 2, yayy! Lol I had to take the stool softener but when I did I instantly went to the bathroom like 10-15mins later. Worked really good for me. Hope I don't need to continue to take them.

Playing around with clothes!

Drains removed

So I'm about to get my drains removed and I walked past a room where another lady was getting hers removed and she was screaminggggggg!!!! I'm so scared now :( does it really hurt that bad?!!!!

Old pic, never uploaded 1wk post op

3wk + 2days post op

Since sx I've been home bound. It's sucks so bad not being able to drive or go out. But I'm going back to work in 2days, which I've never been so excited about! I've been able to do everything on my own expect little things like bend over and tie my shoes. I don't feel much pain when I bend over, I'm just very stiff and swollen!

I do have a few bumps in my stomach but after I massage myself they go away or go down a little the next day. Ive been doing self massages and I do see changes in my stomach and side when I do them myself. Not saying that I didn't see changes from the massage therapist but I do think u can save money and do them on ur own.

My garment is so big now but I still wear it because I'm waiting on my new on to come in this week(going a size down from XL to L so 38) and this time I got the garment that is the boy short cut. I'll post a pic of it. I took pics this morning like 35mins after I woke up. I took my garment, foams, and foam board off and I swelled up soooo fast from not having it on. I'll post the pics but be mindful that my swelling in the pics are twice as bad then what they normally are had I taken the pics right when it came off.

As far as my eating habits, it's soo hard to cut back on carbs because I love them so so much lol. But I have been watching what I eat. Not dieting just more healthy with less carbs.

4wks + 4days

I love ittt!

Tummy looks so much better

Still have lots of swelling but I'm happy I don't have my lower fat anymore! It was impossible to go away with working out

3 months

About 8 months

8 month update. Stomach isn't as flat as it looks and I still have a ugly back roll that I got when Fisher had me back weight. I mainly have a lot of fat left in my upper abs not so much lower but it looks very uneven being flat at the bottom and slightly pudgy at the top. Going for round 2 in February!
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