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Hi girls! Ive always been obsessed with my...

Hi girls! Ive always been obsessed with my appeareance, ive always wanted to be skinny with a tiny waist i was chubby six months ago and i lost 27 pounds. I got skinnier but not exactly what i wanted. Im looking into getting a brazilian butt lift with Dr. Hasan i already scheduled my consultation for april the 12th.. but im planning to give my deposit this friday to schedule my surgery date ???? im supper excited

Im Freaking out!

So i researched more about Dr. Hasan and saw that he already killed a patient by doing the bbl! and hes not even a licensed plastic surgeon hea a dermatologist .... having second thoughts :/

Dr. Ghurani it is!

So I saw dr. ghuranis work and i loved every single picture that i saw :) he's going to charge me a little bit more but i prefer that to risk it with dr. Hasan.

Its official ! Deposit Made :)

Just gave my deposit

More wishpics

Im looking to petite and with a super small waist with a bubble butt :)

Have to gain 10 more pounds!

9 Weeks to go !!!

Aghhh it seems so far away yet so closee .... May hurry up plss!!!

Before and wishpic

I dnt wana add anything to my hips

8 more weeks to go! So excited ????????


It is seriously annoying when friends try to convince me not to do the surgery

Im back girls!

So i had forgotten to tell you i had to reschedule because of money issues... I reschedules for Jun 14th16' and Im soo excited bt nervous at the same time! Im already cleared i took my ekg and bloodwork everything came out fine... I just had a small urinary infection and they prescibed me some antibiotic which im taking.. My flight is ready....Im flying june the 11th...Since my mom lives in orlando ill be staying there... ill just stay in Miami the day before surgery the day of surgery and the day after...Then ill drive down whenever they reschedule me for the doctor visit! Im so excited girls!

One more week!!!

Im so nervous! So many things on my mind! Its only one week before my surgery and my husband lost his job :( Goodluck on my recovery time ...I have no idea how is it going to be with not that much money :/

my surgery was at 6am

Girls!!! Its horrible it hurts so much! you dont have any idea!!! i dnt even want to move it sucks i just want it to be over! besides that Ghurani is the best! Hes super nice i love him! He put me in drains Tomorrow im gna go see him theyre going to tell me the post op instructions and a massage! Im drinking alot of water and gatorade im eating subway soups with crackers and im just laying down on my stomach...It hurts to walk and to move it sucks aghh hopefully tomorrow i feel better..

6 Days post op! Loving my results!

Im 6 days post op I feel like a 60% better...still very sore and i feel so lazy to walk i just wana be laying in my bed...I have to force my self to walk ... but im loving me results...i really havent done any more massages just two...I hope i get smaller from my waist though

9 Days post op!!!

im 9 days post op! tomorrow im going to take off my drains finally!! and im flying out the day after tomorrow...Im a little bit nervous its a 3 hr flight...any tips on that?? besides that im feeling great my butt has gotten alot smaller because of the swelling and stuff hopefully it doesnt get smaller than this
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