22 Yr. Old with 2 Kids (Dr. Hasan) - Miami, FL 04/24

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So, I have read so many reviews on Vanity...

So, I have read so many reviews on Vanity Cosmetics. I have even had my issues with Ana but yet I still decided to go with them. I have been uncomfortable with myself since a child. I was so skinny and flat assed that it got me no attention. Then after my kids. I gained a ton of weight( still no curves) and now it's way too damn much. I'm so uncomfortable with myself it's ridiculous. I am almost 5'6 and I fluctuate between 178 to 182 always and it never goes anywhere. I want my dream body and I want it now. I am looking for a flight our perhaps a room buddy around my surgery date. Any takers?

Changed my date!

So, I had to change my date because of a family emergency. My new goal is losing some pounds before I go. My new date is 4/24, the day before my birthday. Please tell me if anybody is going on or around that date.

Its Time!

Hi, girls. The time is already here. This is my very first experience doing anything like this. Thank God that I gained this beautiful friend that have rode all the there. Ily girly. I'm so excited and i have plenty faith that everything will go great for the three of us. The hardest battle for me has been trying to lose weight abd keep weight off. So I'm praying that I'm all good. Surgery date is the 24th, b'day is the 25th. ???? but Ik it's worth it.

New body is here

So hi girls. It's my b'day!!!!! I'm now 1 day post. Everything went smoothly and will be updating pics soon. I love me body. Hasan is awesome.

Here is pics!

Just had my first massage and yes it was painful but I did it. So here is pics

Here I Am!

Hi girls I have been lazy and selfish not updateding so here I am. Leaving from Miami was horrible for me. The ticket agent messed up my tickets twice and I missed two flights home because she decided to put me on stand by. Finally time to get on my flight at 8 when I was originally set to leave at 4, the weather was horrible in every which direction I had to go so I could not stand on the plane at all. They advised us to stay in our seat belts at all times. Luckily I brought my pillow with me so it made it a little easier but I was still concerned of the smashing. But it didn't look add though it was harmed. So anyways I am 1 week 2 days post op and I am still sore as hell. I haven't gotten a chance to get any massages yet. I continue to swell from time to time and it has dropped a little. I just hoped no fat was harmed. But overall I'm loving it but don't feel like most of the other girls to show it off yet. My pain suffices a lot for me right now. I feeling weird about something also. Different sections on my stomach are hard and other spots are still soft and jiggly. Any explanations for this?

I'm so late!

Hey y'all. I'm sorry I'm so late with an update but I haven't really had free time. So first thing, I'm definitely going for a round two. My swelling has gone down so much it's amazing. I had a spell where my ankles,legs, face, and arms were swelling so bad I could barely move. But I started taking the garment off for a while and walking around that it made it so much better. I have been lightly sitting with a small pillow sometimes and other times without one. But I don't think it has hurt me any. So I haven't gotten any massages since leaving Miami(sad Ik), but there is not many massage therapist here. So now I have found a surgeon that would drain me and make sure that I am healing properly. So once I handle the draining I will be updating.
Miami Physician

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