22 Years Old and Hansafied. - Miami, FL

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My name is Indiana and I'm 23 years old. 5'1 and...

My name is Indiana and I'm 23 years old. 5'1 and 120 pounds. I always wanted to get a BBL and one day I decided to go into vanity and get a consultation. I was attended by Margaret, she was extremely nice and answer all my questions. The next day I went and fully paid my surgery and booked 3 weeks after. I already had my procedure and let me tell you it's extremely painful but I know the final outcome will be worth it.

before surgery

Before surgery I was lean, workout 5 days a week and had a good diet. My goal was always to gain volume on my glutes.

day 3 after bbl.

I am extremely swore. The hardest thing for me is getting into bed and off. Oh and taking my garment off to shower. Ladies get ready. I recommend having someone next to you at all times it is impossible to be alone. I get up every hr and walk for about 10 min. When I get up I feel much better. I def feel fluid inside, I can't wait till my massage that will be in 3 days.

before BBL

day 5

Day 5 I 'm feeling better, still pain but it's Bearable. Today I was able to remove the faja easily and without so much pain. Under the garment I have 3 lipo foams and one lipo board. These foams and board make you look a lot bigger than usual but help to maintain the skin together and keep the stomach flat. It's uncomfortable but worth it.

What I suggest

For a speedy recovery I recommend drinking a lot of fluids, which will make you go to the bathroom very often. Walk as much as possible and keep yourself on time with antibiotics and pain killers. I'm eating a balance meal, which includes veggies, protein and carbs. I don't eat large portions but rather often. I will tell you how the day of the surgery went........

My surgery was scheduled at 5 30. Unfortunately I got there late, as soon as I enter vanity I had to do a urine test, then was rushed into the operation area. I took my clothes off, Dr hasan came, took pictures and started to mark me. We had small conversation about work, school, bf, ext. The only thing I told him was that I'll like a small waist and big butt. How I said earlier I'm a petite girl with not much fat. I did gain a little before the surgery. After I was marked I went into the room, the nurse put this rub on me, I lay down and the Anesthesiologist Came put the IV and I immediately fell asleep. Once I was inside everything happened extremely fast. When I woke up I felt the worst worst pain, I was half asleep and I remember asking the nurse for something immediately for the pain. She put something through the IV and dressed me. My family was waiting for me with the car and I went home right away. My surgery began at 6 30 and by 10 30 I was leaving vanity. The 1st 3 days were terrible. The 1st day I was draining a lot. I had blood everywhere. I bought training pads and place them over the bed. Getting up and down from bed is the worst worst feeling, extremely painful. I'm happy that as the days progress it begins to get easier. I'm also very blessed to have my mom by the side that helps me with everything. I recommend getting two garments and comfortable loose dresses. I bought 10 messages at vanity to help my recovery speed up and I will start them in two days. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Home, trying dresses on for fun


So today I went to vanity and had my 1st massage. The lady said I didn't have much fluid just still swollen in my back and stomach. The massage was a bit painful, nothing too crazy. I Felt better after we were done, a sense of relieved. Tomorrow I go for another one. I bought 10 massages at vanity. I've read it is very important to get massages to smooth the skin and not have any bumps which can be common after lipo. Wish you all a great day :)

little update

Hey ladies! I'm still home recovering. Everyday it gets a little better. I'm still sleeping on my stomach which its pretty uncomfortable. My swelling has gone down, I'll say almost completely. I definitely don't want my butt to go down anymore. I'm extremely happy with my results, it's like if they put my head on a new body. I LOVE My stomach, it's extremely flat and my waist is tiny. He did add hips on the side. My bf says I look like a guitar lol. I will post a picture of my stomach soon. Thank you for keeping up with me :)

Love it!

another one

Hello :)

Hi ladies, so it's been a month and I'm feeling better still not 100%. This surgery takes time and rest. What I've noticed is that If I'm active like groceries, clean, school..... I swell very much around my back and stomach. When I sit on the Bobby pillow because of the garments I swell up. I recently bought another garment that is smaller, it's very annoying to wear but I've been good, never take it off. I just stopped wearing my lipo foam and boards. I suggest to wear them, they do make a huge difference and help with the swelling and making your stomach flat. I have to say I love my body, I feel extremely confident and I feel that I can wear anything and look good. I don't have to try to hide the imperfections. That is very rewarding because there's nothing better than feeling confident and happy with yourself, you make those around you happy. It's hard to explain but I'm sure some of you understand. I don't do anything crazy I try to take care of my body until I'm good, I know I'll have enough time to enjoy it. When it comes to eating, I eat how I ate before which is a balance meal. I eat a little of everything but for the most part healthy. For example for lunch: salmon filet, avocado, and broccoli. I try to eat small amounts of carbs my biggest downfall are sweets. Overall I Still Have pain and don't feel 100% but getting there slowly and steady. I'm HAPPY about my recovery, I did just finished my 10 massages, which were great. I'll keep you posted, thank you all for the sweet messages :)

to stay healthy, slim with curves ;)

Miami Physician

Amazing, funny, straight to the point. Loved him.

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