22 Years Old, 1 Child, So Ready for Fisher to Body Me!! - Miami, FL

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My expectations are to achieve an hourglass body...

My expectations are to achieve an hourglass body and big hips with a big butt of course. Right now I believe I'm 215 lbs, and Fisher said I need to get down to 197. My goal is to get down to 180 lbs and nothing is stopping me!!


So, I'll put my deposit in Jan. 13th and book my flight as well.
Feb. 24th I'll pay the remaining balance and March 9th I'll be off to Miami!! It's lit

Recovery House

So, I invited my bff & my other friend on this journey with me. My best friend is really excited & I think she's gonna come with me. I know they both have to work as well so I won't be mad if they can't make it. I already got my stay covered and I've decided to go with Magdalena's RH. She seems nice and sweet so far, and everything that's included with the stay is fine with me. I'll be staying for 6 days/$750. She also has someone who comes to the house and do massages for $60 so that's not bad. Can't wait to see how everything goes, but I just hope it go right. Talk to you dolls later!

Date Switched

Feb. 27 - Mar. 4

The Date Is Closer Than Expected!!

Ok dolls so this morning I called my coordinator Jessi @ Vanity to change my date to Feb. 24th and I wanted to put my deposit in Jan. 13th. She said if I put my deposit in by then my date will be pushed back to May because that's tax season!! Then she asked if I got down to 197 yet and I'm like no but I'm working on it lol but I'll be way down by my surgery so I'm not tripping and she said he still could take me but I said no I'm gonna lose the weight for better results. OMG ok so I have to come up with the deposit by Dec. 30th to lock my date in for Feb. 24th. On top of that my new job is giving me the run around when I can be working by now. This too much, but I'm not gonna stress it Ima gone get the money gone get the money! Lol! I'll be keeping you dolls posted.

This was last year around this time.

I still have that gut that's so hard to get rid of. After I had my baby I was 250. Then I dropped down to 222. Then I weighed myself July of this year and I was 216. It's looks like I lost more weight, but I won't find out until tomorrow! Ttyl


Hey dolls, so I've been busy with this new job of mine, but I haven't forgot about tracking my journey and keeping you guys updated.

I am now going to Alvarez Mar. 1, 2017 due to my job I can't take off until my 90 days is up so as you can see I'm not playing because I chose the first day after my 3 months is up lol!

I'm putting my deposit in Dec. 19

However, I won't be updating that much until my date gets closer. I'm gonna be mad busy so I'll talk to you dolls later!

Spending money

Hey dolls, I've been so busy with my child, work & trying to lose this weight before surgery.

So, I'll be going to Daniel Calva & my surgery will be paid off by February. My sx date is March 7. I'm soooo excited, nervous & overwhelmed all in one because I'm really going to go through with this!!

QUESTION: How much spending money should I bring with me? I'll be staying for 4 nights/5 days.
HELP LADIES who have already been through this before!!!

New Body Coming Soon!!

Hey dolls, it's been a little while since I've updated.

So I'll be going to Dr. Mallol next month for Lipo+DBL. I'm so nervous yet excited for this new journey of mine!!!!

Total cost: $3950 including- transportation, 8 day stay, etc.

I'll be posting pics out of the clear blue next month, so stay tuned!!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I've seen a lot of Dr. Fisher's work and I absolutely love it! I am positive that he can give me that hourglass shape I'm going for. We'll see next year!

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