22 Years Old, 1 Child, Breast Lift & Bbl 12.14.16 - Miami, FL

Its about that time &; I am super excited ! I...

Its about that time & I am super excited ! I still cant believe that this is happening. I know that dr miami is going to do an amazing job. After months of searching for my perfect surgeon I found him! My pre-op apt nov23.16 , I started at 210 now I'm 188 &counting! Truly cannot wait ladies !!!


Well I'm just sitting here overwhelmed at the fact that this is happening! I was at a point where I wasn't sure what surgeon I was going to, months of searching, and you all know how frustrating that can be. To now I'm locked in for my date, my pre-op is a week away. I have a couple more pounds to drop before my pre-op. I am down 22 pounds! 22POUNDS!! I can't believe I did that. It was all me! And now I'm even more excited to drop at least another 15 or more before my surgery date DEC.14 to get even better results. And here I am on my journey :) & I'm almost to the finish line. So excited to be able to share my story with you all :)


Alrighty alrighty. I've been so caught up these past couple of days that I havnt been exactly on track making my updates on here! So to start off I had my pre-op apt on nov 21. That went extremely well! Signed all of my paperwork that needed to get signed, my coordinator gave me my prescription for every single pill I'm going to need, she gave me a list of things to purchase, what to do / not to do before surgery. She informed me on what to expect the day of surgery. I swear I love my coordinator ari she is hands down the best.


So happen when I was leaving to my pre op I met Dave(I think that was his name) I'm so horrible! He asked me if i already have a recovery home that I'm staying at, I told him no I'm still searching it's been a stressful process. He told me him and his wife have a recovery home, I'm more than welcome to look into it! I jumped right on it, he called his wife I spoke to her a little bit about it & I asked if I can get a tour first before jumping into anything I just need to make sure I would be comfortable & cleanliness means a lot to me. Dave told me I could follow him to the house for the tour & I did just that! When I pulled up to the house It already felt like home! The moment I pulled up his beautiful wife greeted me with open arms! You don't get that from most people epecially not down south! I'm from cali & that's what I'm used to , hospitality! so that right there pulled me in a lot! she is just the sweetest! I absolutely love love love her! I walked in I just loved it, from the way they had everything set up, to the cleanliness, to the rooms, relaxing patio, from the bathroom, I could just keep going on and on lol ! And then I met Trudy !!! The nurse she is so awesome, she also had a bbl done as well a couple years ago so she knows everything and completely understands! She informed me that Whatever I need/want she is at my needs, which clearly she wasn't just talking I actually got to visually experience her care taking a couple of the other girls! She cooked them lunch, every time they buzzed for her she came right away! And when I say buzz I mean this each and every girl has a buzzer thingy to push when they need the nurse For any reason & she wears the pager on her wrist so there's never a time in the house where you have to scream for the nurse you just push that button and it buzzes her then she comes instantly which is amazing because it's convienient. Trudy took her time explaining everything to me & not only that she allowed me to speak to two of the bbl patients ( of course she asked permission from ladies first) & that went well got to chat a little bit with the ladies.

So Dave & Maryann continued filling me in on everything, the day of my surgery they meet me there & once I'm done they drive me back to the recovery home, which I thought that was awesome! Not only that, I don't have to leave anywhere for my massages! The nurse for the messages come to me so everything is in house! It was literally a match made it heaven. So if you dolls are interested in looking for a really great recovery home I suggest you look any further #DollsRecoveryGetAwayMiami! Is here to fulfill your every need! I am booked for 5days if I need to extend more days I am going to do so! I cannot wait! my experience here was just amazing and I'm just so excited. Everyone's energy was exactly what I was looking for! I know they are going to take real good care of me!

DEC.14 can't come fast enough ????????
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