22 Years Old, Got a BBL with Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu - Miami, FL

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Geez, it's been months since I discovered real...

Geez, it's been months since I discovered real self & I honestly believe that if I had never found this website I would never be going through with this surgery. All the stories & advice from other women have made this possible for me.

So I have a consultation with Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu on May 23rd. I will be paying for the procedure that day after I talk to him about what we can do with my body. I am so excited. I snagged a deal for 5,000 that includes 4 days at the recovery house. I'm going with Dr O because he does great work for a great price. He says in his videos that he is very aggressive with Lipo & I really like that.

Right now I'm 5'7 190lbs. I have always been chunky. I find that I sit great at 165-170 lbs. I hold my weight well but after having my daughter I can't get the pounds off. Which is a plus because the procedure calls for you to be about 15 pounds heavier than your ideal weight.

My consultant from Vanity, her name is Kayla, says that I should be able to get an appt date for July. So fingers crossed that I get in as soon as possible.

I will be posting some pictures of my body as well as some wish pics. I plan on documenting my entire BBL journey on here so that my story can help women looking into the surgery the same way others stories helped me.

Before pictures

So I just wanted to post some pictures of my body. When I was smaller I had a decent figure but have always lacked some booty. I'm hoping to get a nice sculpted back with a big butt & a smaller stomach.

Wish pics

So here are some results that I like. I know that these women are smaller than me but I'm interested in the shape they are, not so much being as small as them. I love the idea of being a thick curvy woman. Right now I'm thick but not curvy lol.

Wish pics of myself

So here is some edited pictures of me. This would be my ideal outcome.

Going Sooner!

Got my consultation moved to the 16th! I'm so excited. I really want to talk to Dr O so he can see what he has to work with & see if he thinks the results I want are achievable. If everything goes as planned I will be paying for my surgery on the 16th & will be getting my surgery date.

Consultation tomorrow

So I just got off the phone with Kaela. I have to be in Hileah at 9am to see Dr O :)
He has one surgery in the morning and I'll be seeing him right after.

I am hoping that he tells me that my wish pics are achievable. I'm ready to have a nice body. I've been self conscious for too long. So ready to walk with my head high knowing that I look good and can be confident.

Had my consultation at Vanity with Dr. O & it didn't go like I expected

So my appointment was at 9am. Didn't get seen by Dr O until a little after 11. He was nice at first but was very honest about my body. He recommended that I get a tummy tuck instead of the bbl because of the skin on my stomach. It's loose and I have stretch marks so when he does lipo on it, it's only gunna make it worse. I was disappointed because in my mind I was sure that the bbl would help the appearance of my tummy. He said that he wants me to be able to go show off my body with confidence and that no matter what I do I'm gunna need a tummy tuck. I'm so set on getting the bbl because I want a butt. He said he would be happy to give me the bbl but his goal is to make me look great and be able to go out & look good in a bikini lol.
If I had the funds I'd do them both.
The appointment didn't go like I thought it would. I was taken into an office with a desk & Dr O and my consultant Kaela were there. He asked me what I want & when I told him he had me go around the desk, lift my shirt up & pull my pants down. He looked at me had me turn around, grabbed my tummy a little then that was it. I didn't get to show him my wish pics. Then after that I went to pay for my procedure. The whole 5,000. I was paying with my debit card which they had told me they accept. Turns out they wanted to charge an extra 500 to pay with my card so I had to run to the bank & do a transfer. It's been a long day. My consultant is great she gave me all the information I needed to get it paid without having to pay the extra money.
I paid for my bbl in full today & my appointment is set for May 26th. They originally offered this coming Tuesday but I was like omg that's too soon I need time to prepare.
I'm so worried if I made the right decision going with the bbl instead of the tummy tuck. I wanna look good and it's like I had to choose between a nice booty or a nice tummy.
I just wanna be happy & I'm praying I made the right decision on this. I'm excited & scared for my procedure. I'm going through a big mix of emotions.

Preparing for Surgery

So I paid 5,000 for my surgery. I paid it all at once, went to the bank & did a transfer directly into their account. Thank goodness we had the same bank!

The price includes my bbl of course & 5days/4nights in a Recovery House.
It also includes my garment, 4 massages, lipo foam and board, and my medications.
I think I got a hell of a deal.
I have only paid for my surgery, I havent bought anything else. I need a list of supplies or something.

I still have to talk to my boss about taking off work. He has been on vacation & Wont be back until tomorrow so I'm hoping I can get the 10 days off that I need. I'm a little worried. There is a big cultural difference between us & he might like that I need off work to have plastic surgery.

So Nervous!

It's inching closer to the big day & I'm so anxious, excited & scared all at the same time.
I hope I'm ready for what's to come. Its just so unreal that after all those months of wanting this & now it's becoming reality.

I have been seeing this guy for about 8 months. We are dating officially but lately things have been getting more serious. He went with me to my consultation last week. Today we spoke & I expressed my worries to him & he offered to stay with me in the RH. I was intending to go alone but knowing that he is gunna be there with me makes me feel a lot better about it.
Either he really cares or he's just as ready as I am to see that new booty! Ha.

Well ladies I just wanted to get it off my chest about how nervous I am. Best wishes to all my bbl ladies! Goodnight.

Time Off Work

Spoke to my boss this morning. He said that I can take off for my surgery as long as my coworker is available to work during the week I will be gone. He knows what kind of surgery I want to have & he says I do not need it that I am a beautiful girl. I appreciate that but you ladies know what it's like. It doesn't matter what other people think. You do this kind of stuff for yourself.

So I won't be able to talk to my coworker until tomorrow. I honestly have no idea if she will do it for me. She's not the nicest person.
I am getting this surgery. If I have to quit my job then I'm fully prepared. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that but. . We will see.

Having to Quit Smoking Sucks!

When I found out I had to stop smoking I was like "Ok no problem I want this so bad I'm not gunna let something as small as a cigarette get in my way!"

Now I'm miserable, I quit cold turkey yesterday after the dr said I couldn't smoke in the week before surgery & ALL I WANT IS TO LITE UP!

I keep reminding myself that it's important for my recovery not to smoke & that it's for a good cause but it's becoming difficult.

Did any of my real self ladies have a hard time quitting? Any tips on making it easier?

Got My Time Off Work!!

Talked to my coworker and she said she would work if they needed her so my boss said I can take it off!
I'm so happy right now but now my worries lie on my blood work. Hopefully my labs come out good. I've read so many stories about women being all ready for surgery and not being able to do it because of their labs. I have to be at Vanity Monday morning to do mine so fingers crossed that it all turns out good!!


My anxiety level is at its all time high. I'm 4 days away from my sx now. I go through mixed emotions several times a day. The first one being omg I can't wait & the second being scared.

It seems so unreal that I'm actually gunna get a booty. Almost to the point that I feel like something is going to keep it from happening. I'm super paranoid about my labs.

I'm literally on real self all day because all I think about is my surgery. It's been the only thing on my mind all week, this can't be healthy lol. I don't even get on fb because I'm too busy here. I bet I've looked at more naked women online in the past month than my man has.

I went to Walmart & found an exercise mat on clearance for 5 bucks! It was so soft. Now all I need is a faja & arnica pills. I have arnica gel but I want the pills too. Im lost on finding a faja. I'm not gunna try to get one here & it's too late to order one online. I guess I'll see what they have to offer down in Miami

The RH lady from Vanity called. I live 1hr & 25mins away from Vanity. She said that the driver would pick me up from my home on the morning of sx. I was alittle surprised because of the distance. Is that normal? I'm gunna double check with her to make sure it's for sure going down that way.

Wish Pics

These are some pictures of bodies that I like. I know I won't look exactly like these women but they are my inspiration :)

At Vanity

So I'm here at the Miami office to get my blood work done. It's packed in here. I came early thinking I could avoid that but I figured no matter what it would be full lol. So I'm nervous as all hell.

I emailed the RH woman and I'm hoping to hear back from her so I can just get into my room tonight. Waiting to hear back from her.

Fingers crossed that everything goes well!

Surgery tomorrow, hopefully lol.

So I did my blood work & I haven't been told any results or been told that I'm cleared for surgery so I guess I'll find out in the morning. I got a call to be there at 9am. I'm sooo nervous.

I will update as soon as I get some information! I'm also gunna upload a few more before pictures.

Today is the Big Day.

So I'm here at Vanity. I'm assuming that my labs came out ok because nothing has been said to me lol. So is today the day I get my new body?

If I have my surgery Ill try to post something tonight or in the morning.

I'm alive and bootyful :)

So Raul the driver picked me up at 8 this morning from the hotel. We got to Vanity in Hialeah 15 mins later and in the time Raul told me more about the bbl than anyone I've ever talked to at vanity! He's great! There was a woman in the waiting room who was having some issues because she switched her bbl to a tummy tuck today && today was her surgery! The tummy tuck was more expensive and she literally gave the ladies hell until they went down on the price. She came with a friend & her friend was already having her bbl.
So they took me back around 10:40 and had me dress for surgery, sign some papers & take some before pictures. Then Dr O came in and marked me up. As I was waiting for them to come get me I heard the same lady complaining again. She wanted to be right after her friend for surgery but because she was getting a tummy tuck she had to wait. I'm like this ***** is trying to skip me! Lol but i ended up having mine first.

When I woke up I was in THE WORST PAIN EVER! I was so miserable. I woke up on my back and the nurse came and put my garment on and flipped me over onto my belly. For some reason Dr O didn't give me a front drain so I was just leaking everywhere it was a little gross I gotta say. I told the nurse that I was hurting so she came in with a needle and put some medicine in my IV. It didn't work at all I was still in pain! It didn't touch what I was feeling. So after about 20 mins I had to pee. When I stood up I just started oozing all down my legs and my garment got soaked as well as the dress I was wearing. I made a huge mess in the bathroom trying to pee because I was just oozing all over.
I guess the drivers for vanity were busy so a nurse drive me home. It was the longest ride ever it felt like. I just now got relief from the pain when I took 2 of my pain killers. I feel so much better.
My nurse is awesome. She's cleaned my dress and cleaned up all the little blood I've been dropping. She is helping me do everything. I need it too it's so hard to get up and move.
Right now the pain I feel is just soreness really in my booty. It's big ladies lol. I can't wait to upload pics without this Lipo foam I look all hefty up top.
So I'm upload a picture or two. Happy healing ladies!

A couple pictures

Trying to get a good angle

Pictures are not doing this thing any justice. #teamdonk lmao

Going to my First Massage

I am so not looking forward to it. I'm in enough pain I don't want to be massaged! But I gotta do it. I'll update you ladies later with details from the massage and some more pics.

Thanks for all the kind words ladies. I really appreciate it and it makes me feel better.

Last night was rough and so was early this morning. I doubled up on my pain meds so I feel ok right now but I didn't sleep good at all. When does the pain get skittle better?

Massage Today, Follow up Tomorrow.

The massage wasn't bad at all. I actually feel a lot better, not as sore. I had to buy another garment because my was soaked and the lady said I needed another so I don't get an infection.

I'm starving. I think I'm gunna make my man get me some biscuits from Red Lobster. I've been craving them all day.


More pics, loving my booty :)

Follow Up

Going to do my follow up and my second massage. Will let you ladies know how it goes!

Here's some more pics cause I've been taking a lot. I look better in a dress now even with all this foam, than I ever have before! I am very happy.

Oh & I Have a Question for the BBL Vets

How long until you could sorta walk normal? I'm so hunched over. Feel like an old lady.

And how long until the pain gets better cause I am so tired of popping pills to feel relief. Just wanna be back to normal.

Love The Booty

But I hate my tummy. The skin on my tummy is all wrinkly and covered in stretch marks. To be honest it turned out kinda the way I expected but it's not pretty at all. My love for my new booty and hips trumps the ugly stomach. When I shower tonight I will take a picture of it. A tummy tuck is deff in my future. Ugh.

3 Days Post

Today has been a huge relief. I feel better, I'm not having to take my pain meds so much and I'm walking almost normal. I had my last massage today and I'm going home tomorrow after a follow up with the Dr.

I just wanna thank all the ladies who followed me and helped answer questions. All the positive support, compliments & everything else has meant so much to me.

Happy healing ladies. I'll be updating every now and then after today. No more daily updates.

4 Days Post Op

So I am finally home. I live about an hour and a half away from Miami.
I'm loving my results. My booty is big & I finally have hips. My appearance it 10x better. I finally feel confident in my clothes and feel like a woman.

My mom couldn't believe her eyes when I got home. She says I look amazing. My 3 year old daughter said wow mommy you got a big booty, she cracks me up! I didn't tell my other family members. That includes my 75 year old grandmother who is a very religious woman. I lied to her and told her I had surgery on my stomach for a hernia. She hasn't noticed a change in my booty because she doesn't pay attention to stuff like that. Then there's my cousin who lives with us. He stays stoned all day so he isn't gunna notice nor care lol. I'm very curious to see how everyone else who knows me is going to react. I think it's important because I've read countless stories about jealous friends and family treating you badly.

I went for a follow up today before I left Miami and Dr O wants me to come back Tuesday to take my drain out. If I can't find someone to drive me I'm just gunna take it out myself. Any pointers ladies? On making it easier to do?

Well if anyone has any questions at all about anything just ask. I will share everything yall wanna know. Happy healing ladies. I'll post again on Tuesday because that'll be my 1 week post op mark. From now I'll prolly just post once a week with some pictures and a little info. I refuse to be like the ladies who just disappear off real self after surgery leaving everyone hanging. It's so rare to find reviews that go into detail after surgeries. I personally loved the ladies who kept posting updates for a while after rather than stopping a week after. Because when I was researching I wanted to know long term effects not just immediate results ya know? Well I'm just going on and on aren't I? Lmao.

Happy healing ladies! Until next time.

5 Days Post

I know I said I wasn't gunna update until I was 1 week post but I've been taking so many pictures that I just wanted to share some. All my clothes that were just alittle too tight or didn't look right all look great on me now and that's the best feeling.

Upper Body & Booty Greed

I've been talking about my booty so much that I have neglected to show my realself followers my upper body. This is the best picture I could get really since I don't have a good mirror or someone to take it for me. I have my foams in and I am still tinier than before! I can only imagine what I look like without the foam in!

Can you guys tell me how long I have to keep these foam pads in? Or how long you personally left them inside your garment? I want them out as soon as possible lol.

Anyways I have an awesome curve along my back. I am just overall in love with the shape I have now! This surgery turned out better than I ever expected.

The booty greed is real! I do not want my booty to get any smaller! I love the big size it is now and I am praying that I don't loose any volume! I'm paranoid as all hell. Wake up every morning looking in the mirror to see if it has shrunk! I want it to stay big and juicy! I'm sure I'll be happy when I get done healing because it is such an improvement from what I had before.

Take care ladies! Happy healing. Also wishing safe journeys to the ladies going through surgery soon!

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

So I've been posting a lot of great pictures but I have purposely been avoiding posting a photo of my tummy. So here it is, along with some pictures I took without my pads in.
I am happy with my results. I tummy tuck is in my future after I have my last kid. But for now I can sacrifice a nice tummy in exchange for the rest of my body looking good. I can't express how happy I am. My stomach is bad but I really don't care because I love the rest of my body & it is easily hid under clothes. I've hidden my tummy before when it was huge & I can hide it now that is smaller & uglier lol.


I have great projection from the side. Everyday I look at my body and I can't believe how much it has changed. I look nothing like I did before. It's like I have an entire new body.

This is without a doubt the best money I ever spent.

I have. .

A Diane brand compression garment. It's size large in black. It's the brand they give you at Vanity. The ones they give you at vanity come to your knees and I find that's hard to hide so I wanted a shorts version. I ordered the wrong size. Needed a 2X and a L came :( no refunds or returns. I paid $70. I'll gladly sell it for like $45. I live an hour north of Miami so if someone is having surgery and would like to pick it up or we could work something out and I can mail it.

Took My Drain Out

It was hell :(
I had to spent $20 on a pair of scissors just to cut the sutures.
So here's how it went. I cut the sutures and pulled. Not too fast, not too slow. It wasn't coming out, just stretching so I examined it some more and seen there was more sutures almost inside the hole so I kinda blindly felt for them and cut them. Then I pulled again. It didn't come out easily to be honest. It was like a painful burning feeling. I just pulled through taking deep breaths (which really helped!) and it finally came out. I felt lightheaded for a minute or two. Blood dripped all over the floor and I started oozing out of the hole like crazy. I'm assuming there was a blockage in the drain because I had not drained a drop in the last 24 hours. I drained for about an hour then it stopped. I kinda pushed as much out as I could, massaging my stomach and squeezing.
I do not wanna go through that again but I am so glad to get rid of that drain.

Booty Update && Important Question

I have notice that it dropped a tiny bit, it's not coming straight out of my back anymore lol. It has also got a tad smaller. It's something I can notice when I look at myself but it's still big and juicy lol. It was just the swelling going down.

I do have one concern. Does the dr remove the stitches from all this incision spots or do they fall out? All of mine are still in place with the exception of one that I accident ripped out (very painful).


I never quit smoking. I smoked all the way until the day before surgery. I was smoking half a pack a day but I cut that in half. I didn't smoke the day of surgery but have been smoking everyday since. I wouldn't advice any other women to do this. It does not seem to have affected any of my results and I haven't had any complications thank goodness. I just felt that I should share this.

2 Weeks Post Op

So I can't believe it's only been 2 weeks! It feels like so much longer. My life is pretty much back to normal. Working and taking care of my 3 year old daughter.
My butt is alittle smaller than it was right after surgery but I'm sure it's from the swelling. I am so in love with my new body. I feel like a whole new person and I couldnt be happier. I haven't snapped any pics lately but later tonight I'm gunna post some 2 week post op pics. Take care ladies! Happy healing.

2 Weeks Post Op Pictures

I used to be a fat ass, but now I just have a fat ass!

Hmm I kinda like that lol maybe I'll change the name of my review to that! Lol

Happy healing ladies!

3 Weeks Post Op

So I noticed since last week that I pretty much feel normal. I feel no pain or stiffness anymore. All that's left is slight numbness of the lipo sites which I was told will slowly get its feeling back & my booty is still alittle stiff, not as hard as a rock like before but still hard lol.

My booty is slightly smaller which I'm happy about because I didn't realize how HUGE it was right after surgery. It looks very proportional to my body now and it's still big.

I see women post after surgery and literally complain about the smallest things. "Omg I have a centimeter sized dimple in my left check I need a revision!!!" That is deff not me. Of course my surgery did not make me perfect, I didn't expect it to. I have a small dimple on my butt cheek but it's small and honestly I don't care. I look so much better than before that it's nothing to me! I couldn't love my body anymore.

I went out this weekend for the first time since surgery. I went to visit my boyfriend who live and hour and a half away in Fort Myers. I made the drive using my bbl pillow and no pressure was put on my butt. I stayed 2 nights and didn't wear my garment the entire time I was there. I did swell by the end of the day but I was doing that with the garment anyways. I honestly didn't notice a difference.

The AC broke in our house today so I'm not wearing it now. I figure until it's fixed I'll wear it at night because I was dying from this Florida heat!!! I know I need to follow the rules but I'm not gunna give myself a heat stroke to do it! I'll be fine. I read articles that doctors in New York found that patients who wore a garment looked better than patients who didn't at week 1 post but that by week 3 post they both had the same results. I also seen doctors say that they recommend wearing the garment 24/7 for 3 weeks then after that just at night. I'm going to wear it just at night temporarily and then go back to wearing it all the time when the AC is fixed. I just did some research to make sure I wouldn't ruin my results.

Well ladies that's what I'm going through now. I honestly think by next week I'll be 100%. I can't wait to sit down!!!! My back is killing me from all this laying on my stomach ish. I won't lay on my sides!! They tell you not to lay on your back because of the fat grafts, well they put fat grafts in my hips so why would I lay on my sides!! That's stupid.

Just Some Pictures

I snapped some pics today. It's been a while since I took some. I'm feeling great.
I have done some sitting the past week. Not long and I sit close to the edge of the seat and lean forward to keep pressure of my bum. My baby was sick and I had to take her to the Dr and I wasn't about to take my bbl pillow in there lol. It's a small town So you gotta watch what you do here to keep people out of your business.

Well happy healing ladies!! I've been keeping up with all you're stories Its great!

5 Weeks Post, Deep Thoughts & Feelings.

It feels like it's been so long since my surgery. I swear everyday I wake up, look at my body in the mirror & want to cry.

My entire life I have had no confidence. As a child I was overweight, not pretty & contstantly made fun of. I lost some weight before high school & wasn't huge but I was chunky enough to be avoided by guys. I was never pretty.

Everything changed after I had my daughter. I learned how to dress for my body & started wearing make up & doing my hair. Slowly over the years my face became more beautiful but my body never changed. I was chunky in all the wrong places & had the flattest booty with no feminine shape.

This surgery has changed my life. I finally love what I see in the mirror. I feel beautiful & I feel sexy for the first time.

I'm crying tears of joy right now, literally.
I wish that everyone could feel this way after surgery. I believe that what I'm feeling is what every woman on here is searching for. To fix what we think is wrong with our bodies, get the results we wanted & finally love our bodies.

I have little imperfections. Of course my tummy isn't perfect. Pregnancy took a big toll on it & the lipo made it a little worse but I had been hiding my tummy for years & I am satisfied with it being flat. It only looks bad under the belly button. I have a small dimple in my left butt cheek. It's not big & to be honest I can live with that. I am not the type of person to focus on the negatives. Ladies, don't fret about the small stuff. I have seen too many women nit pick at all the tiny imperfections after surgery. I want to see all of my realself sisters be happy with their results but you will never be happy if you're looking to be perfect. There is no such thing.

Take care ladies. I know this is a very long post but I felt that it's worth sharing. I am going to post some pictures tonight as well.

Take care ladies.

Pre & Post Op Pictures!

So here are some POST OP and some PRE OP pictures just in case yall needed a reminder of how much my body has changed!!!

I got dumped.

So I was seeing a guy for 10 months. He went with me to Miami to take care of me for my surgery. Well 2 days ago he called & said he just didn't feel the same way that I did. Last night he posted pictures of him & another girl. Who let me say looks like trash! It makes me feel so self conscious. I was just gaining my confidence & i feel so hurt & betrayed. It's effecting me a lot mentally I'm just breaking down. I was feeling so great about myself & I feel like this just knocked me down so much.


So I have been focusing on myself this past week. Went shopping & bought some tight maxi dresses that show off my curves! Makes me feel sexy & confident. Slowly getting over the break up & starting to feel better. Slowly but surely I'll get back to normal. I will be taking a nice break from dating to focus on my self esteem & confidence.

I know the pictures are alittle too sexy but its just for showing off my results. Oh & I have great news! My stomach is looking better & I wore a 2 piece bikini at the beach yesterday with no cover-up! First time in my life. I was really proud of myself. I used to constantly pick at all my flaws and want to cover myself but now that I feel good about my body my insecurities aren't holding me back anymore. I can have a good time without constantly worrying about my looks.

Learning New Things Everyday

I am very happy. I'm coming to realize that I look better than most women. Not trying to be stuck up or anything I swear! That's so not me. I'm trying my best to differentiate a man who likes me for my body & a man that likes me for who I am. Ive been getting ALOT of attention from men & im flattered but trying to learn to deal with it all. I'm going to dress as I please. I'm young right now & i want to show off my new curves so I know in a way I'm asking for the attention but my goal is marriage not sex. i never knew that your physical appearance could make such an impact on your life. It really does change many things.


Went out the other night & was feeling amazing.


So everything is perfect with my booty! Dr O is a miracle worker lol, at least in my case he sure is!!! My only complaint is that my sutures have not healed all the way! It's kind of annoying. I'm out & dating again. I find them very hard to explain lol. I don't plan on telling any new man about my surgery until we are very serious, if I ever decide to tell him haha! The good part is that I was in a car accident last September & I say that the sutures are from glass. Can't use that excuse much longer. When I sent my new boyfriend some sexy pictures for the first time I edited out the sutures using the app Facetune on my iPhone. These are the same pictures I posted. The ones where I am in my undies!! Sorry ladies I totally forgot until just now that I edited them! I am not trying to post any misleading pictures on here. A little upset with myself for that. They are the only indication that I've even had surgery. I think Dr O proportioned me out perfectly.


So I have a new man. We took some sunset pictures on the beach and they're about all I have to show my progress right now. Kind of over the obsessive ass shots but plan on taking more soon lol. I'm not snapping as many photos of the badonkadonk lately. These pictures show my body how I have ended up with a really nice coke bottle like figure (I think). Wishing all you ladies well.

6 Months Post Op

Well ladies, it's been 2 months let's start with the ugly. . . I've gained 10 pounds! Mostly in my tummy, face & arms. With Halloween and thanksgiving I've really let myself gain too much. I went to the gym today and will be taking walks to the park and eating better to drop the weight. My bf says he can't tell but the scale doesn't lie! Lol I haven't gained any weight in the areas that Dr O did lipo.

Booty is still looking good! I totally love my figure now and am super happy! I've moved in with my boyfriend, we got our own apartment & things have been super busy. Sometimes I even forget that I've had surgery. The few people that know what I've done say it looks so natural they can't tell.

I'm wishing all my sisters the best of luck in their surgeries and recoveries. I am also wishing you all happiness because we all know that's what we are searching for here. To be happy with our bodies.

Happy holidays!

Unexpected News

Well ladies! Guess who's pregnant. Gotta say that I'm very surprised. I faithfully take my birth control & I have not missed a pill since I was able to start taking them again after surgery. I went to the doctor because my arm has been falling asleep alot, for no apparent reason. They asked me if I was pregnant & i said of course not! Haha. Looks like I'm due is August which means I'll be about a year post op when I give birth. I am extremely worried that I'm going to gain too much weight. I'm finally happy with myself & it's going to absolutely crush me if this pregnancy ruins my body & newfound confidence. Thank goodness I didn't get the Tummy Tuck. .


So I had my baby, it was a boy! I did gain 20 pounds but my booty it still holding up! I havent lost my shape. I have already lost 10 pounds of it. If anyone is still following my page I will post pictures of how I look now. I feel like I am a success story. I got my surgery and it changed my life. I feel beautiful everyday and love the body I got 2 years ago.

Dr. Omulepu is amazing. He is very honest, don't confuse that for rudeness. He is going to look at your body and tell you exactly what kind of procedure(s) you need to look your absolute best. This man really knows what he's doing. I love my results. He did an amazing job with that he had to work with. I give Dr Omulepu 5 stars!! He's awesome. It's the company that don't have their "ish" together. They overbook appointments. They take on too many patients and the consultants have so many patients to take care of (ei phone calls, setting up consultations, answering questions) that each individual person doesn't get the best quality treatment. All the staff are very nice, just very overwhelmed. Once I had my surgery there was always someone calling to let me know when my massages and follow ups were so the communication improved after surgery. The only thing I didn't rate 5 stars was for wait time and that is specifically Vanity's fault not Dr Omulepu's. Overall i had a great experience, was well taken care of & received the results I was seeking. I couldn't be happier.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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