Dr Ortega Doll on the Making August 2016 - Miami, FL

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So I have contacted Liz and she gave me some...

So I have contacted Liz and she gave me some information, she seems like a nice girl and I am so excited about the procedure! Every day I find myself thinking about what it'd be like with a fat bubbly booty and all the nice tight fitted clothing I will be able to wear. I am 5 10.5 weighing at 156 pounds. I want that tiny waist with a bubbly butt! NOT like a strippers ass but a nice bubbly one. I have not given a deposit yet, but I will sometime next month or early January. I am so excited! I will be posting before pictures after I hand in a deposit.

Will keep you guys updated!


22 , Before Pictures Dr OSAK !! 2016

Hey guys just updating with before pics. Just ate fat meal (ribs,salad ,Sweet potatoes.) Look really bloated in the pics. Anyways! Just a reminder of my stats

Just turned 22
29" waist
155-156 pounds.

Goal... I want my ass to be full and my hips to be filled out . I put my deposit down , I locked down a price of 4000, but since I live in Canada the exchange rate is by far ridiculous. I havnt booked a date yet because I havnt saved yet so I'm thinking maybe the end of April 2016 or mid May 2016 . I have never traveled alone so I'm kind of scared .. Any tips?

more photos

Just some more photos


So I have received my bbl check list, I am so excited !

Changing to Dr. Ortega Booked!

Hey guys! So I changed Dr's from Osak to Ortega. I booked my appointment for August 8th 2016!!!
anyone going around that time?

Switching to Dr Ortega ! August 15th 2016!

I tried posting earlier I guess it didn't work so here is my update for who ever is interested in my journey , I switched over to Dr ortega because osak apparently doesn't work anymore. I am excited but nervous. Since my last post I have tried gaining weight and I put on about 5 pounds give or take. My current stats are 5 foot 10 160-164 pounds I paid most of my surgery off and paid my deposit to Keyla at keylas recovery house. Days are going by quickly, it hasn't sunk in yet that I am actually doing this. I really want that tiny waist and bubble butt and I hope Dr ortega can work his magic on me. So far dealing with spectrum has been easy they are friendly and my coordinator Liz is such a sweet heart. I'll keep everyone updated on my journey. Here are some updated photos xoxo

One step closer

So I finally decided to order most of my supplies off of amazon. These are the items I have purchased so far.
1. Arnica Montana Tablets
2. Arnica Gell
3. Iron Supplements
4. P ez
5. Ab board
6. Booty Buddy Pillow

I will be purchasing these items in store.
1. Antibacterial Soap
2. Baby Wipes

Spectrum does provide Compression Socks and one Garment.


THE EXCHANGE RATE SUCKS btw. Lol have to pay double of for everything basically.


Holy crap, One more week and I am flying out for my surgery. I had the worst week last week trying to get my labs done, iv'e sent 2 of my blood work in to Spectrum and I will be picking up my last test today to send over. I checked my results online and its saying that my tests were out of range... hopefully its nothing serious and that I will be cleared for surgery. My plane ticket has already been paid for so I am extremely nervous. FINGERS CROSSED.

Flying out in 5 days!!! Surgery in 7 days!

The wait is almost over. I packed my suitcase a few nights ago, hopefully I packed all the right things....

Here are a few items I am bringing along with me.

1. Booty buddy pillow
2. P-ez X2
3. 3 tank tops
4. 2 PJ dresses
5. Slip on shoes + Flip flops
6. Arnia Pills + Gel
7. Polysporin
8. Medical tape + Gauze
9. Alcohol wipe
10. Q tips
11. Band aid
12. Antibacterial body wash
13.Ab board
14. Book
15. Socks
16. Iron Supplements
17. Outfit for day that I leave
18. Charger
19. Hair and Makeup items
20. Oral Hygiene items

Sorry ahah I made my list super detailed.

Iv'e been feeling extremely nauseated ever since I woke up from my nap yesterday... I keep having this weird feeling in my stomach. I was at my second job, and i just felt like i was gonna vomit, I ran to the back and just gagged. I think i might have had some bad food a couple days ago. Hopefully I snap out of it soon.

I have been eating everything my heart desired the past 4 - 5 months, and I am excited to go back to eating clean. I actually miss eating salads, vegetables, and fruits! xoxoxox

1 day left

I am officially in my way just waiting at the airport I am beyond tired this is going l on to day 2 with no sleep and to make it worse I have my period . I just want to sleep. Ugh.

Made it

Sorry for not posting last night I was so tired from my flight. My plane got delayed 3 hours. The plane was about to take off and right before the pilot realised that the emergency breaks were not working!!! Holy I was so scared the whole flight that might happen.

Anyways on with my experience.

I had my appointment at 5 30am I got to spectrum and honestly I read so much reviews on how rude the staff was but they arnt. They are so friendly and keep in mind these girls are up at 3 or 4 am, so if they seem kind of grogy be understanding. I had photos taken and Waited for Dr Ortega to come in. He is very friendly and very clear with what he thinks and detailed in explaining what he will be doing with the procedure. He told me that I'm lucky because I have fat and said that most girls with my frame don't actually have fat. I met with the anesthesia and answered a few questions and went into the O.r. let me tell you these guys in the o.r are very handsome hahaha I was blown away I wished the men looked like thay back home haha. Anyways I dozed off and woke up freezing. I was so cold and so uncomfortable! Let me tell you, I thought it would be a piece of cake but I personally couldn't deal with the discomfort. I got a ride back to "KEYLAS RECOVERY HOUSE" I will write a second update about her and her staff.

I laid down and ate soup and fell asleep. I woke up and I leaked a decnet amount. My hips area hurt so bad! The booty does not hurt at all just my hip area. The pain is annoying I started to cry because I didn't get my medication yet one of the other girls lent me some pain killers until my medication came. I have yet to check mself out because I'm not going to risk taking off my garnet, I will take photos tomorrow before my massage. If you have any questions font hesitate to msg me I want everyone to have a better understanding and feel confident in your decision :)

Xoxoxoxxo until tomorrow loves


I just wanted to take the time to write an review on keyla and her staff.

Let me scratch that and say family. There is so much love and care here it is beyond refreshing. I was given a list of different recovery houses and I decided to contact keyla. First impression she is quick to respond , she is super nice , and she's beautiful! She had her driver pick me up his name was Pedro and he was also very kind ! I met keyla and her nurse and she is so sweet. I am so happy I chose to stay here I have never felt more welcomed ever. I ate some soup which was delicious and home made and spoke to keyla. I asked her since my surgery is tomorrow morning if I could get out and experience miami. She told me to rest and she will wake me up and take me out. We went out to eat and she brought her friend it was such a good time ! Positive vibes,positive people I love it. I'm going to keep this short all I have to say is if you plan on getting any work done keyla is the woman to go to. I kinda want to move here now ahahah.

Go to her website and check her out , Im posting her website because I want everyone to have a good time recovering because this can be a very emotional time if you don't have the proper care or proper people around you .

Www.keylarecovery house.com

I vouch for her anyday if you want any info on my experience here I'll be happy to answer :)

Day 2

I went for my first massage today I almost passed out 3 times. My yummy and waist are still very swollen. So far I am happy with my results ! I will be getting a second massage later today , I will be keeping this short I am so tired. I will post more later on


Some more photos

Day 3

Note photos

Day 4

I woke up with a bad head ache bit swelling is going down slowly , here are some updated butt pictures ahha.

Day 6 leaving back home

So it's day 6 and I'm waiting at the airport I have two short flights and I'm very nervous about my butt. Hopefully I can save it from any stress or pressure.

Pain is not as bad just a bit sore and my waist is coming along nicely. He did a great job I feel like.

Little update

So it is now day 7 which means one week! My back is hurting and I'm waiting for my swelling to get down. I just bought some advil ibuprofen to help with the discomfort. I took out the lipo foam and trainagle but honestly guys they do help alot with the swelling and the markings you get from the garment. I can't wait to finally wear regular clothes and showoff my figure..... gahhh

Any tips for flattening tummy and how to minimize swelling in waist.

So i known keep stressing about this but I have no tummy my stomach is flat but when I turn to the side it looks kinda bloated if that makes any sense... Is there anyway to minimize the swelling? I feel so impatient and I'm stressing. Gahhh any tips ??? When does swelling go down ???


Swellibg going Down abit




Been busy sorry, I can't tell if I'm still swollen or if I'm getting fat lol , feels loke I've been recovering for months but it's only been a couple weeks .


It's been a hell of a recovery. Daily life was kind of difficult. Am I happy with my results ? Yes. I Plan on coming up with a workout routine and meal plan to maintain the fat and try to increase my glutes to enlarge my but. That means no cardio and strictly weight training and eating the right food to feed your muscles. I dropped about 8 pounds in the past week. I think it could be from swelling and stress. But here are some phtos.
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