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Hey guys! I've been stalking this site and...

Hey guys!
I've been stalking this site and everyone in it for months and just recently have i decided to create an account.
5'4 150lbs 34B cup 30inch waist 39-40inch hips.
My upper body has always been on the slim/small area.
I dont have a big ass, but i have a little ass. Not enough for me to be happy with it though.
I have thighs, which im pretty happy about and dont want to lipo!
Looking at me, you would think that i'm about 19/20 years old.
I have a little girls body basically.
So i've decided to have my ass & hips done by Dr. Hassan.
I'm finally writing this little blog/note (whatever you want to call it) because i recently put down a down payment and locked my price in!
Dr. Hassan is running a special until the end of May : $4,500 BBL w/12 areas of Lipo.
Then on Instagram, Vanity had a special for two days, the 19th & 20th, $500 off any surgical procedure with 2 free massages and 1 free faja! What a steal! I called vanity and spoke with Anna. Anna was really sweet and energetic. i needed someone like that because i was very excited (i did not want anyone to kill my mood) she the proceeded to tell me that if i wanted both deals, i would have to make a deposit of $2,000. I told her i'd think about it and that i would called her back. WELL, AS YOU CAN TELL, I CALLED HER RIGHT BACK AND SAID, "Ok lets do it".
I dont have a surgery date as of now but i def. want to get my procedure done by December so i could have a nice ass for my birthday :)
I want to keep saving, and once i have everything i will give Vanity a call back to set a date.
I have a balance of $2,000.
I want to have at least $2,000 saved up for flights, my stay, supplies, food and for emergencies.
As of now, i'm trying my hardest to gain weight...it's been really hard for me to do so.
Wish me luck ladies :) i need all the good fat i can get!

The struggle to gain weight is real!!

Hey guys,
I've alsways been on the slim side with a fast matabolism so it's really been a struggle for me to gain weight for my surgery. I am hopping to do my surgery with Dr. Hassan by DECEMBER 2015. So as of now, i have about 6months to gain 10-20lbs. I am currently 150lbs but i swear it doesnt show! i mean, it should considering my height of 5'4. i have little rolls but its not enough. I know that i am not alone in this so i need tips! I've been eating more bread and juice. Eating greasy foods. I'm thinking about drinking a cup of orange juice every morning along with my coffee. I'm not a big fan of soda either...the closest thing to it would be Apple Cider lol.

I'm too small. Need to gain weight!

Hey ladies! So I've been trying to gain weight for about a month. No luck :/ it's showing just A LITTLE. I'm seriously stuffing my face. I've got about 6-8 months until I have my surgery. (Plan on going either on December,January or February) I want to have enough fat! I want about 1,000 CC's in each cheek. I'm at 150lbs right now. (5'4 tall) if you guys can give me some tips on how u guys gained weight, that'd be great :)

Invoice for Dr. Hasan

I just wanted to post my invoice. My coordinator is Anna. She's been great. We communicate through email or text message. :)
Remaining balance is 2k! Woo whoo!

Wish pics

Vanity is now Encore?!

Have you guys been hearing that Vanity is now Encore? WHAT!? It's the same address and surgical center and all but they just changed their name. I texted Anna earlier today( still no response) but I'll be calling tomorrow. Does anyone know if they have the same surgical coordinators even with the name change? And also, if you've put in a deposit, is it still valid? All these damn changes are so frustrating.


I finally set a date for my surgery! I initianally was planning my surgery for December, but I applied for a loan with my Credit union and was approved! OCTOBER IT IS! I need you ladies! Can you tell me what i should be taking in order to prep myself for surgery and for a healthy,speedy recovery? My SC at Vanity reccomended that i start taking Iorn suppliments daily. Im also taking womens multi-vitamin gummies everyday. I am currently 5'3.5 ft and 154lbs...i am trying to get up to 165lbs. I need to know where can i find good lipo foams/boards? And compression socks. I'm also planning on getting my chin lipo, does anyone know if Vanity provides you with the chin garnment?

Question about Birth Control

Hey girls,
I have the Nexplanon implant in my arm.
I have been emailing one of Vanity's Medical Assistants and she said that i will need to remove it.
I'm thinking of removing it in August since my surgery date is in October. I want to give my body as much time to be free of any trace of the Birth Control. What your experience with surgery and Birth Control?

Recovery house options!?

Hey ladies,
I'm about 97 days away from surgery and need to find a Recover House! I emailed Cosmo Comfort Care recovery tonight but still haven't heard back. (It's sunday and diff time zones)
If i do not hear back from them by tomorrow, i will be giving them a call. I'll be going alone for this trip. I'm a little nervous...only because i've never traveled anywhere by myself and i'll be going into surgery. If you ladies have any tips for the flight (6hrs i live in cali) and just in genral, please let me know! :)

Weight update and Supply list update

Hey ladies! So here's a little update...I gained 10lbs since I started my journey back in late May. I am now 160lbs and trying to gain 5 more pounds. I feel pretty big and uncomfortable. But I know it'll be worth it! I've decided to get the chin lipo because my chin has gotten a bit out of control :/ I have about half of my supplies on my supply list. I'm buying little by little. I'm going on this trip alone too. I'll be staying with Mayda. I'm supper excited. Only 91 more days until I leave California! Let me know if u ladies have any tips. I can't wait, I really hope Hasan gives me a tiny waist and a fat ass. OH! And if you guys suggest any supplies for me, please tell me :) thanks!

Budget/money needed for the trip

Hey Ladies! I have a quick question...how much money do you bring with you on your trip? I'm staying at Mayda's recovery house for 7nights and I'll be paying in cash. In total for my stay is $1,030. I bought my tickets for $400. Just an estimate? I'm curious to see how you ladies have done it, and are planning on doing so. Any little tips help! :)

19 days until I fly out!

Hey ladies! So it's exactly 19 days until I leave California for my surgery. I'm so excited! I got my labs done 2 days ago, on Saturday. I am just waiting for my results. Hopefully they're good because I cannot go back and retake them! I'm too close! I'm posting photos of my current body. I gained a total of 18lbs. I'm a steady 163lbs. I'm still considering chin lipo... My waist is 33inches, hips are 40.5inches. Everything has been booked! I'm excited! My family supports my decision( thought they may not agree). I've been working and saving. I have all of my supplies set. I'm ready to hop on that plane! I know October 20th will creep up on me but I'm ready!

Arrived in Miami!

I am here! I have arrived. I have surgery at 5:30am but I'm far too excited to sleep! Even though I'm running on 1.5hrs of sleep :/ I'll be taking a Lyft there and back. My best friend came with me. I'm nervous but excited to get this going! Please pray for me everyone! Much love & good night!

Video update. Post op

6hour post op video
Hey girls. I didn't want to take a pic. I'm doing surprisingly very good! Up walking talking. The nurses at vanity were surprised when they called to check in. I laid down on the table by 6:15is or 6:30. Please let me know what you think! I go in tomorrow morning at10 for my post op and massage with margarita @ vanity. But I booked my 5 massages with Marian which will begin on Wednesday.

Little bit of skin to show you ;)

Ok it's 2:09 am here in Miami. I woke up feeling so sore...It hurts so bad to get out of bed to pee. Im peeing a lot! And bleeding. I was bleeding a lot more earlier in the day but it slowed down. I am really feeling the soreness now and I hate it. It hurts to move. Here are two photos so far. My friend help me change my dressings and cleaned me up a bit. I was soaked in blood. I had to. Idk if we're suppose to but I was leaking so much fluid/blood that I would leave droplets of blood On my way to the bathroom. Let me know what you ladies thing. I'm loving my results so far

First shower and massage!

So I went in for my post op today at vanity. I didn't see doctor Hasan but I saw his PA. She was really nice. As soon as she walked in her eyes opened up and was like,"wow. U look so good!"
The message was amazing. The lady was so nice and gentle. I almost fell asleep! Lol. It looks like I have a FUPA! lol but my lower abdomin is very swollen. I'm starting to itch now...

4daysnpost op. Still can't poop :/

Hey girls! Here I am! 4 days post op. I've been getting my massages by marian and she's been so good to me!!! Draining so much fluid every day. With each passing day the fluid gets lighter in color (which is a good sign). I am currently 33.1 inches in the waist, and 44 inches of booty! (Hoping I gain 1-2 inches when I fluff). I'm home sick :'( I can't wait to go home on Tuesday. I upgraded my flight to first class..I also have not pooped yet. I took two of the laxitve pills that I posted on my supply list a while back...I feel it coming but like, it isn't coming!! Lol

Front area at 4 days post op.

Sorry if I'm posting a lot guys! I'm just trying to give u guys a day by day... And I apologize if I'm not responding to every question or comment. I read all of them and I thank you all!

5 days post op

Hey girls, I'm now 5 days post op. I've had 4 massages my Marian in total. She's amazing. This morning she drain a lot out of me! It was needed. I feel so much better today. I wish she was opened on Sunday's, so I could go in tomorrow. But I will see her for my last massage on Monday morning and then I am off to vanity so they can check me out before I leave on Tuesday. I'm so thankful for Marian, she's been so amazing that I bought her a thank you card and a $25 Starbucks card. I'm so appreciative of her and her team :).

The ups and downs. 10days post op

I'm now 10 days post op. I'm feeling way better and I actually drove yesterday. It was uncomfortable but I used my boppy pillow along with a rolled up towel to place under my thighs. I had to drive myself to my massage and ended up at the mall afterwards. I'm stressing myself out because I start work on Monday nov. 2nd. Everyone keeps telling me that my ass is too big to hide...no one at work knows what I did. They think I went on vacation for two weeks... So I went to the mall yesterday to try and find big loose fitting clothing. I tried on some dresses and my ass did not look flattering in it at all. I can no longer shop how I was used to all my life. This booty changed everything. I'm not the type for attention either. That's why ppl say that I come off as snobby. But in reality, I just like to be left alone. I'm still recovering and my body has not fully healed itself. But it's tough. Physically and emotionally.

I was going to tell my job that I fractured my tail bone while on vacation and need to use extra cushioning when sitting. And that I will need to convert my desk to a stand up desk.
SO I NEED YOUR HELP. Do you ladies know of a cheap and effective way to convert your desk into a standing desk? I've checked Pinterest for ideas but I want to hear your thoughts.

13 days post op. Back to work tomorrow

Hey girls! I'm going back to work tomorrow. I take public transportation since I work downtown. It takes me about 30 mins to get to work. I have a desk job. Do you ladies have any suggestions or tips for me? Anything is greatly appreciated. You guys have been so good to me!

I went out for the first time!

I went out for the first time and maaaan. The attention was real. I was getting honked at as soon as I got out of the car. Someone was like,"Awww man. This is unreal. But looks so good" lol I had two guys approach me as soon as I walked into the BAR. But I wasn't having it. I was there with my friends. I basically had that "stank attitude " on. Which is fine, I have a man. He came to see me before I went out and maaaan. He was just like,"ohhh shiiiit. " and kept giggling. ;) I got into my faja as soon as I got home! I'm still a little swollen but I threw my waist trainer on. I need the extra compression. I wear my Cami to protect my skin. Then the foams with my triangle back board. I will be 1 month on the 19th. I have more mobility, less stiffness and I'm used to laying on my tummy. my waist is at 27inches. Ass is at 43 (I lost an inch due to the swelling) :,( I hope I gain it back during the fluffing stage!

question for the ladies about the garment

Hey ladies! Everything is good so far...I have a question about the faja. Do we still need compression on the butt/hips when you're 6+ weeks post op? I cut my faja that vanity gave me. I cut the bottom off and even the thing part because it was really digging in my butt and vagina. I have the top portion of the garment on, lipo foams and my waist trainer. My butt is jiggly but still sore in some areas...can you ladies give me some input!? My ass went down 2 inches :,( I was and still am upset but I'm trying to remain positive! Fluff fairies, please come and visit me soon? I want my two inches back!

5 months PO. Bbl

Hey girls! I'm 5 months PO! I love my results. Some days I feel like my butt is too small and some days I feel like it's too big. I have def. fluffed out. My waist is 26.5 hips are 43. I just want one more inch of butt! I sleep on my back. Everything I do is pretty normal now. Not as sore. My hips are still a bit sore and numb still! I wear my waist trainer about 6-8 hrs a day at home/night. I still get some swelling from time to time. Running doesn't hurt anymore and the sex is fun with this new booty! The hate and attention is so real! But oh well! I worked hard for this body! Seriously! 1 full time job and two part time just to pay for this surgery! I haven't posted pictures on FB or IG. I'm coo off the attention formal. Maybe later I will...but I am planning ongoing back to the gym. Hopefully I can grow some more booty. Is that possible ladies? To grow some more ass? Well my current weight is 156lbs. Loving it! Love my thighs, love my stretch marks. I love my body! I am so confident with it! Btw girls, FASHION NOVA jeans are made for us BBL sisters! Love them! So comfortable, affordable and well made. Let me know if you ladies have some questions :)
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