I'M A FISHERDOLL and PROUD OF IT Miami, FL 1*21*16

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Hello RS, I'm 22 years old with one child and I'm...

Hello RS,

I'm 22 years old with one child and I'm looking to make this body of mines into a hourglass. I"ve been doing my research and i finally found a Dr to do my BBL( DR.Mcadoo). My surgery is Jan 15th. I want to know what items am I going to need and what is steps I should take to prepare myself. feeling nervous

Looking for a recovery home!!!!! in Miami don't want to stay at the vanity recovery home Please help!!!!!

I'm getting my BBL at vanity on jan.15th... I really don't want to pay an extra 1200 to stay 3 nights even though it includes my faja and medication and nurse care and massages but i feel like that's a little pricey. If i can come out cheaper that will be even better for me. But i heard a lot of bad things about vanity recovery house and its freaking me out, so i want to know if you ladies can help me with recovery house information and where i can go to get all the proper things i need. I'm 22 and very nervous but this is something i always wanted and i just want a smooth experiences. Whats the longest i should stay in Miami before traveling back home

Before pix

Wish pic

Want my hips to be similer to this and my stomach flat with a nice rounded ass

I made up my mind I'm switching to Dr. Hasan

I've been doing my research and decided to go with Dr. Hasan instead of Dr.Mcadoo even though mcadoo price was cheaper I didn't really like the work he did because it seem like every doll he did didn't like their results, or have to go for round 2. If i'm spending my hard working money i want the best results and not have to come back for round 2. The work I seen Dr. Hassan do i'm really impress so I decided to just go with dr. hassan.

Deposit made

Just gave my deposit to vanity cant wait January 21. I'll be a hasandoll less than 2 months yay!!!!!!

My Flight is Booked. Where can i get lipo foams from?

Hello RS,

I have 9 more weeks to go before I become an HasanDoll. I'm feeling so excited and cant wait till I'm 2 weeks away lol. My flight is booked and for 570 i got a round trip flight and im staying at a really nice 4 star hotel on the beach which is about 10 min away from vanity and 15 min away from the airport. WHAT A DEAL!!!!! That 6 nights mind you. I've been looking around to find where i can get my massages done so I don't come out my pocket extra unnecessary money. when i can save. So I decided to go with MEDICAL MASSAGE PROFESSIONALS in Miami she has great deals for cheap I'm getting 4 massages from 220( not bad). Also ladies please help me where can i order my lipo foams.

21 More days and I'll be an Hasandoll

I have a few more weeks before my big day I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I got everything i need expect for my faja because I'm not sure what size to get, don't want to get the wrong size. So RS sisters please help me out on this one. The only thing I'm waiting for is my labs which i get done next Friday the 8th. My hotel flight and massages is all booked and ready. Im ready for this to be done and over with. I pay my remaining balance on the 1st. Its getting real.

I'm excited and nervous at the same time...

I'm 2 weeks away until I become a Hassandoll. I'm so exited and a little bit nervous at the same time. But anyways a few of my supplies came in today.

What I got so far:
Extra strength Tylenol
Medium gauze pads(2)
Bio-oil aka PurCellin Oil
Yoga mat 1/8 in 3mm
Neosporin+pain relief cream
Dial antibacterial soap
Lipo Foams (3)
Ab boards (2)
Compression socks (2)
Chux pads (50)

I'm waiting for:
My wipes
Iron supplements
Medical tape
Waist trainer
Go girl
Alcohol pads

If I'm missing anything else please let me k ow so I can run out and get it surgery is 2 weeks away ????????????????

10 more days !!!! I'm so nervous

Hello RS sisters..

I finally got my labs done and out the way on Friday I'm praying everything comes back good. I have 10 more days left to make sure I'm all set and prepared for this Surgery. This surgery been putting a lot of stress on me lately I keep having these serious headache. So today I'm going to relax and treat myself .

Got a phone call from vanity and Dr. Hasan flew out for and Emergency!!!!!! I'm Very pissed

idk what to do this whole surgery got me beyond stressed out... Idk if i should go with Dr.Fisher if any of you ladies had his work done or knows if his work is good please help me out. My surgery is the 21st.

I've decided to become a FISHERDOLL

Thank you to all my RS sisters that helped me decide which doctor should do my surgery. I really appreciate you guys. What would I have done without the help. In the past 24 hours my heads been pounding due to the fact that my. Surgery is 5 days away and I get a phone call saying DR.HASAN had to fly out for an emergency. I was very pissed but what I came to realize is that things happen for a reason so maybe it is best that I go with Dr.Fisher. I didn't have to come out my pocket no extra money, I get to keep my dates so everything worked out just fine. Now its time for me to relax my mind body and soul and get ready to become a FISHERDOLL in 5 days.

I have so much running around to do today before I leave to miami in the Morning

Ugh the pressure is on. I'm currently at work making a list of everything I have and don't have so I can run out and grab some last minute things. Thank god my son is five and can help me out with packing his own things to bring to his grandmothers house lol. I'm putting my life in Fishers hands and I pray to god that everything works out fine and I have a speedy recovery and I'm able to come back home to my prince and my support team. I will keep you guys posted every step of the way.

Hello Miami

Miami is so beautiful!!!! But anyways I'm here at vanity just got my blood work done was missing my p.t now I'm waiting here to sign my paperwork and head to my hotel I'm so tired ..

Fisher gave me ASS

Like I promised I'll keep you guys update but for right now I'll just post a picture and tomorrow right a review because I'm in so much pain

Sorry guys..... But I'm back ....3 weeks post op.

loving my results


Hello ladies

So let me tell you whats been going on with this healing. Let me start off by saying this, I've been healing pretty fast. Even tho Dr. Fisher told me to wait at least a month before I decide to waist train. I just couldn't wait. So during the day I wear my faja, ab board, and foams and waist trainer even when I go to the gym i do it too. At night I sleep with my foams and my faja. I get massages done twice a week because i have stiffness and numbness in my lower back, stomach and sides. So ladies please make sure you get them massages because it will help you trust. I'm finally sitting down without feeling uncomfortable some days i use my boppy pillow and some days I don't. I measured myself and my waist is at a 30 I'm trying to bring it down to at least at 29 or 28. My booty is a 44 and I'm happy with that. But as I tone and work out my booty will get more volume. I go back to Miami in May and once im down there im going to surprise Dr. fisher because he keeps saying how he cant wait to see my results because when i went for my next day follow up the whole time all he kept saying was your body looks amazing and i cant wait to see your results. BTW when i was scrolling down his IG page seen that he posted my before and afters and the comment he stated really mad me feel special. I love Dr.Fisher I'm glad things turned out the way it did for me. I'm a fisherdoll and proud of it.

I have all my exes coming back once they seen me they wont stop calling ... back then they didn't want me now I'm hot and ass is on fleek they all on me. lol


Just playing dress up

march madness

I'm loving my booty !!!

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