any fisherdoll going in March??

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Need to find out how to book at the rh and what to...

Need to find out how to book at the rh and what to get for after the surgery. Need someone to keep me company anyone in Jan or Feb? For Dr fisher I'm so nervous still have to reach my weight goal I'm 230 now and I'm trying to get to 180 so I better get started.. Can't wait until I finally book the date

Get my supplies

Ahh so frustrated don't know what garments to buy..I'm just braking my head trying to book my flight pay my surgery complete off book hotel room saying in Miami after I leave the rh plus get a rent..

been debating for a bit but going to finally book tommorow

So finally talked to selena from vanity going to book and pay for my surgery tomorrow I'm getting lipo bbl and doing my arms!!excited


So I'm kind of upset because I'm not hearing what I want to hear. So I need to explore my options again.. Looking into Dr fatima in domican republic I seen reviews and picture she did on this women and it was amazing I mean regardless everyone beautiful the way they are but I mean she took this big plus size women and made her look like a barbie doll.. So who know going to look into that in the a.m

So Finally Got my Date Jan 20

So I'm going to have my bbl with liposuction plus my arms package deal at vanity with dr fisher. But I'm lost about the recovery house can someone please help me find a good recovery house. Anyone going around my time with dr fisher? I I'm planning too stay in a hotel I'm miami for an extra five day with one of my closes friends helping go threw this journey. Just incase of anything plus a little vacation lol. Let me know


Need help on looking for a right garment my surgeon if providing me with the first one but still need to get one more and a butt lifter any suggestions??


Ok so my surgery is on January 20 and I need to know is there a certain te I need to stop taking my vitamin my levels are very high well it's at 10.7 so I'm freaking out what should I do can someone please inbox me with some information it will really be great

Date moved

So I was suppose to have sx done on January but switched it to march 10 my weight driving me crazy going up and down need tips on what to eat healthy to keep it steady????

Surgery after giving birth

My son is about to be eight months how long do I have to wait to get surgery my bmi is at 34 no complications with birth and I healed very quick

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