21yo 5'3 145lbs BBL - Miami, FL

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My surgery is May 6, 2016. My roommate is also...

My surgery is May 6, 2016. My roommate is also getting hers done may 9th. Jackie the surgery coordinator has been a big help with everything and very friendly. I want my stomach, flanks, full back and arms lipo. I'm going to ask if they will suck out my dbl chin???? I might also do inner and outer legs

Surgery is tomorrow!!!!!

Super excited but super scared.... Hasn't fully hit me yet. I'm getting my chin, full back, muffin top, full stomach, and outer legs lipo'd. I'll post post op pictures ASAP!!!!


These are my before photos in or!!!

After pics

After pics In the OR!

Day after

Day after surgery before showering

Sorry for late follow ups!

I've been trying my hardest to get on and physically write a post op review but I've been sleeping a ton... So let's start with surgery day!!! I got there at 6AM no one was there yet besides dr Blinski. He talked to me and marked me up until the rest of the crew got there. Esther (eyes in surgery) nicest lady ever... Had me pee in cup to make sure I wasn't pregnant! I layed on OR table and the anesthesiologist put the IV in me and not even 30 seconds later I was out. I remember waking up not knowing where I was from the anesthesia... A nurse in there by my side from the time I woke up to the time my friends got there. I remember crying a lot and in so much pain :( friends got there and the nurse showed her how to drain in. Car ride home (35 mins) was miserable. Laying in condo bed crying miserably. I remember telling my roommate my pains meds weren't working nothing.... Nothing was getting better..( me probably being over dramatic) ;) lol so a couple hours went by pain meds kicked in and starting to get back to my normal self! I could get up and go to the bathroom on my own perfectly. DAY 1 post op was a lot better thank day 1.... Woke up sore and tight and of course a little pain. I had surgery on a Friday and the following Monday my roommate had surgery so Monday approached and that was the day I got my drains out.... Not easy at all :( I'm just a big baby with everything! Now here I am today day 5 all back to my normal self :) up and walking around. Mostly bored and tired of sleeping on my stomach. We have a message tomorrow at the doctors office.. Scared for that I'm sure I'll do okay but I'll try to update on that as well!


Was so scared of getting a massage but honestly that brought me back to life and I didn't want her (Rosalie I think that's dr blinskis massage lady) to stop!

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