21 Y/O Fisher Doll 3 Months Post Op- Youtube Videos- Miami, FL

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So I emailed Vanity a few days ago and got my...

So I emailed Vanity a few days ago and got my price for the BBL. My price includes (copied straight from email) Liposculpture to your full back ( bra line ,flanks,waist,love handles) whole abdomen area (upper and lower) / Chin area...... with the fat grafting to your butt and hips Surgery fee included -Blood Work -EKG (if needed) - Pre op - Operating Room fees - Anesthesia & certified anesthesiologist - Doctors Fees - Post up room with certified RN for 2 to 3 hours after surgery. - We also include complimentary of Vanity Cosmetic Surgery a FULL YEAR of FOLLOW VISITS to any of our facilities. I think I'm just going to go to Quest Diagnostics and use my insurance instead of doing it through them since I've read a few things about the disorganization of the vanity staff. Maybe they'll lower the price because of this lol. I have a YouTube channel where I will be recording my thoughts on BBL's, my day before consultation, the anxiety of the day before and day of and post op days at the recovery house. Subscribe to my channel so you can be updated every time I post a video here: My coordinator Anna told me I had to make a $1000 deposit to secure my date so I will be depositing that on Friday 11/27/15 when I get off work. I'm so excited I have been researching this surgery for a year and a half and I can't wait to gain my confidence back. I can't remember the last time I've felt comfortable in clothing or been able to wear a crop top. I will upload my Pre op pics after I make the deposit and get word from Anna that my day is locked in. Let's chat below :) Any February 2016 fisher dolls?

Channel Subscription

For those of you that want to subscribe to my channel here is the link https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=behindclothesdoorstv

I will be uploading to a playlist called BBL Diaries and the first video will be posted on Monday 11/30/15

I can't wait to get this done! My channel is suppose to be mostly fashion but I've been self conscious about recording look books because of my body. Can't wait to slay once this is done!


This still doesn't feel real lol. I deposited $500 in the Vanity bank account today and I'll be putting the other $500 in on December 2nd and then my date will finally be secure. Ive been addicted to the real self app and been searching it constantly trying to prepare myself for the necessary purchases I'm going to have to make before the surgery. Does anyone have a checklist they want to share? As promised here are some pre op pics :/ I hate the way I look now but after I'm a fisher doll I know I'll love it! I need some hips asap!!

Wish Pics

Her waist is snatched and her hips look great. One of the few people I have included in my body wish pic folder on my phone lol.

Chin Lipo

So i've been reading some reviews and I've been having mixed feelings about giving the $500 for chin lipo. Some people say it really didnt do anything but I havent seen any before and after pictures. Ladies if you have any pictures please let me know

Vanity is Annoying *side eye*

Hey ladies!
So vanity started the usual fuckery that I've read about on here. Today I put down the last $200 of my $1,000 deposit to hold my date and my coordinator did not respond to my text or email. (Strange thing number 1) but maybe she's off today. I spoke with Claudia at 4:45 today who assured me that she put me on the calendar for 02/25/16 w/ Fisher and that she would send me the info to get into the patient portal by the end of the day at 6. & guess what she left for the day and didn't give me the access. I called back around 7 and spoke to someone in the call center and they said they saw I was down for 02/25/16 so I'm not trippin yet. All I know is my coordinator Anna better have that invoice and portal access ready tomorrow because I won't want to have to get annoying or ratchet or a combination of both! Another thing I'm worried about is my surgery being on a Thursday. I've read Fisher does not work on Wednesday so idk how I would be able to have a pre op appointment a day before it my surgeon isn't at work. I'll ask Anna about that tomorrow if she decides to answer smh.

But on a lighter note .... This site has been soooo helpful! I now have a BBL buddy from Baltimore and we will be coordinating surgery dates, flights, and staying at the same recovery house. I’m very glad that this site put us together because on some days my nerves get the best of me and I realize I don’t want to go alone. We’re going to be staying with Moni at New Body Recovery House. I’ve seen a lot of good reviews and she has amazing packages that include meals & massages. I was going to put upload my first BBL Vlog this past Monday but I decided to do it closer to the surgery date so there won’t be so much time in between each video.
Here is the subscription link if you want to get subscribed beforehand.


YouTube will send you an email when I upload and I will also post the upload dates on here.

Here is the schedule I have in my head so far but I will start posting real dates in December.

First week of January – BBL Vlog 1: Why I want a BBL

3rd week of January – BBL Vlog 2 : What’s in my suitcase/ BBL Supply List

1st week of February – BBL Vlog 3: Q&A (You guys will know most of this info so this video is more so for my subscribers)

Doctor, Location,Price & Why

Tips on negotiating price


3rd week of February – BBL Vlog 4: Amanda Takes Miami/Surgery Day

3rd / 4th week of February - Post Op Video/ Update

Pain level

Measurements and etc.

In the 3rd week of March when I really know what my body is going to look like I’ll do a shopping try on haul with an update to what my new size is etc. Then in May I’ll be doing a lot of vacation shopping try on haul videos.

More Vanity Frustration

So today I call back because vanity's follow up game is weak and Claudia who I spoke to yesterday does not answer the phone it's Roxana. -_____- I ask Roxana to give me the patient portal access and my invoice and this hoe sends me the same invoice that I already fucking have. So I send her the deposit receipt as well to show her that I've paid the last $200 along with the other two so she can do the math because I just want my damn date and she says my payment for $200 wasn't cleared???????? huh? Tf I don't understand Anna sent me an invoice within minutes for the first two payments both of larger amounts and all of a sudden my funds aren't "cleared"? Be prepared for the update on my ratchet conversation with them if I don't get something by 5pm today. ANNDD I need a new coordinator because I would like to continue to make payments and actually receive receipts smh these are not $20 deposits you would think they would take it a little more serious.

Date set!

I don't know who Roxana thought she was playing with but she triedddd it. She sent me an email with no attachment saying "here is your updated invoice" . When I saw that I had it foreal with vanity! I snapped on some random person and they transferred me to the manager who was none other then Claudia -_____- but after having a stank attitude with her and staying on the phone until it was all done I got my updated invoice and portal access so that's all that matters :)

Instead of staying with Moni, my BBL buddy and I will be staying at Mayda's Recovery House. She was very sweet when I inquired about her services today. She sent me several pics of the home and I love that she can has two patients at a time. I feel like me and my buddy will be more comfortable that way anyway. She has a massage person she partners with that comes to her home to do massages as well. Her deposit is $100 and I will be sending that to her tomorrow. Seems like this is all coming together.

57 Days/ Waiting on labs

Hey dolls! I can't believe I only have 57 days left until my surgery date. Time is flying so fast! I went to a quest diagnostics and got all the blood work vanity requires done just to be sure I'm in the clear before I start buying supplies and booking flights even though I'm anxious to do so. I spend so much time looking at all the clothes I would buy after my body is on point it's not even funny. I've told a few of my friends and the boy I'm currently talking to about the surgery and to my surprise they are all very supportive of my decision and can't wait to see the results. Once I know that my labs are good I will record and post my first YouTube video about the topic. I'm kind of nervous to put this information on my channel but the other half of me doesn't give a fuck. If you gonna spend that much money to look bomb might as well flaunt it and help others look bomb as well lol. I'll post back probably next week when I get my lab results.

Labs Clear & More Money Down

I can't believe time is flying like this! I have only 46 days left until SX. I got my lab results and they said everything came back perfect. I'm hoping that everything turns out the same in February when I retake it. I'm going to be changing my diet now to get use to the lifestyle of eating healthy to maintain my body once the surgery is complete. I'll be going on a 7 day juice cleanse/fast then ordering already made healthy meals from a local company. I'll disclose all details in my first video which will be up by Friday January 15th. I bought the same maxi dress in 6 different colors, booked my flight, & put $700 more down bringing my balance to $3,300. I'm now looking/researching my best options for post op supplies. I won't be ordering a garment before hand because I would rather not play that guessing game and get a too small one. Happy healing to anyone that is going to be January or Early February Doll !

First Video Up

Hey loves!
Here is a link to my first video! Only 36 days left. I'm so nervous and excited. Let me know if you all have any questions and want a Q+A video. Happy Healing to all the dolls in recovery right now.


Ive been on Walmart's website trying to buy supplies but trying not go overboard lol. There are so many posts with a lengthy list of supplies but Mayda and Dr.Fishers list is pretty short so I'm gonna try to do the necessities with a few other things just to make sure I am at maximum comfort. So far the six maxi dresses I ordered have already came in and I packed some measuring tape that I just found around the house so I can track the inches I lose/swelling.

In my Walmart cart I have
cotton underwear
arnica gel
antibacterial body wash

In my amazon cart I have
a shower hook (to hang drain while showering)
A body scrubbing brush (for hard to reach places in the shower)
Heating pad
Full body pillow

In my cart on chiseled lux
Abdominal Board
Lipo Foam x2

If you aren't a crazy person like me and you want all your supplies to come from one place without the hassle of having to wait for a million orders go to www.chiseledlux.com they have surgery boxes with all your post op needs inside. They have a few different options to choose from as well some include a robe and compression socks. They also sell the infamous BBL Pillow which im thinking about purchasing.

I have $2300 left to pay on my sx and Im 35 days away :)

30 more days

It still hasn't hit me yet that I'm really going through with this, time is going by so fast! My best friend is going to come with me and stay for the first 3 out of 7 days which I'm really excited about b/c after reading some of these recovery stories I know I'm going to need someone there for moral support.

100% pineapple juice & iron pills will be my new best friends until my sx date. Tomorrow I'm going to pick up my juices from Khepra's Juice Bar in DC for my 7 day cleanse. Wish me luck yall cuz im an eater idk how im going to do just drinking juice for a week. I have 30 days left so I decided today will be my last day smoking. Im not even a pothead but just knowing I cant smoke if I wanted to is gonna bother me.

I've been trying to make another deposit but this east coast snow storm has had everything closed. Hopefully today I can get to Bank of America without sliding down a hill lol. Im sure this snowstorm is going to affect me receiving my supplies as well but hopefully I receive everything by February 1st so I can record my next video.

While I've been stuck at home for the past few days due to the storm my W-2 came in and I filed my taxes. Turbo tax has already emailed me and said my federal and state have been accepted. I know Im super early but I wanted to make sure I filed in time to receive the refund before I went to Miami just in case I needed some extra money for any emergencies.

This update is kind of all over the place lol but I just thought I'd share.

Arm Lipo??

Does anyone know of a person on real self who has had arm lipo done by Dr.Fisher?

Vanity is so messy

So as I'm hounding vanity as I usually have to do for a copy of my invoice... why did Roxana send me some instructions and a lab rx for Shelby Copeland?? That is definitely not my name lol. My exes last name is Copeland tho so it made me chuckle a little bit cuz this body gonna be shittin on him ctfu. I just really wanna know how slip ups like that even happen??? and all she wrote back was MY MISTAKE smh.

But anyway... exactly 3 weeks away from sx and I'm starting to get nervous but when I look in the mirror and imagine what my body is gonna look like all my nerves go away. I finally received all my supplies today and got the word from vanity that my labs are good to go! (Hemo was 13) So now I'll record my whats in my suitcase/bbl supply list video tomorrow and post it on my youtube channel Friday.

For those of you who were wondering about the juice cleanse I did. I lost 6 lbs bringing me from 194 to 188. I think I'm just going to try to maintain my weight at 188 and if I lose anymore thats a plus. My coordinator originally told me not to gain a pound when I initially sent in my weight so I thought it would be less to lose some just to give myself some room.

Is it hard for any of you dolls not to buy new clothes ? Besides the maxi dress I ordered for recovery I ordered another not so plain maxi dress and a crop top for after sx lol im anxious. What did you where to work on your first days back to conceal all the shit we have to wear like faja, board etc. ?

Supply List Youtube Vid

Hey Ladies, Just uploaded my what's in my suitcase video. Check it out here : https://youtu.be/mKntjMqknJY

Subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos!
12 more days to go :)

Q&A W/ Fisher

Surgery is in 1 day and a few hours *takes deep breath* I came up with the idea to record asking Fisher some of the questions I have for him during my Pre-Op and posting it on my youtube channel to help future dolls. Are there any questions that any of you have that you would want me to ask?

Just finished my Pre-Op

I'm semi nervous but not as nervous as I thought I would be. Signed a ton of paperwork and got fitted for my Faja. My surgery is scheduled for 6:30am tomorrow. I'm glad cuz I wanted to be the first person. Please say some prayers for me y'all for a safe surgery tomorrow. I'm about to enjoy a really good meal somewhere since I can't eat after 10pm.

Hasan FYI

So my Mayda's Medical assistant told me hasan isn't coming back at all. Since he's an independent contractor maybe he'll go practice at another facility but she said he's not coming back to vanity.

Surgery in a few

Just met with Fisher, he's really funny and nice. I'm actually not nervous surprisingly but we just went over wish pics. I'm all marked up and ready to go back. Pray for me dolls.

Made it

tired will right. more later

Pics 2 days post op

Day 3 Post Op

Right now I'm just walking back and forth trying to get in the habit of carrying this stuff ass butt lol. I've been walking since yesterday but the first day was HELLLLLL!!! I really don't know how some of you go to a hotel without a nurse. I was so dizzy and I fainted like twice. I never fell though but still it's just dangerous. My nurse put alcohol under my nose to keep me awake. This fat girl needed food lmao Mayda fixed me scrambled eggs with ham and toast and after I ate that I was good to go. Ana called me to come in for surgery time at 6:30am on Thursday after meeting him and the anesthesiologist I didn't go into surgery til 12 but I was back at the recovery house by 5. I'll have a better review on my YouTube channel when I get home. Here's some more 2 days post op before and after. I live in this faja so I hardly take pics.

3 Weeks Post Op

I've been MIA for awhile but now that I can sit I decided to come do an update. Im in love with my stomach and ass and all the things I can wear now that my stomach is flat. I still have some hard spots in my stomach and some soreness and swelling on my sides and back but overall I feel so much better every week. Here are some pics for you all and I uploaded my journey video on youtube.

1 month post op

Just some pics

Video on Youtube of me trying on clothes


3 Months Post Op

Watch my 3 month update vid here : https://youtu.be/Ol-9HyWNEmY Subscribe Here: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=behindclothesdoorstv

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