21 Years Old Osak Barbie- Miami, FL

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Just made my deposit. Like everyone else I was...

Just made my deposit. Like everyone else I was stalking this site and was originally doi g my surgery with Fisher. I waited to long to book i guess and now Fisher is all booked out for my date. Now I'm going with Dr. Omulepu. So far I'm pleased with his work but still got some researching to do. Getting my new body in July.

Date Changed

Changed my date to May 9th. Here are some before pics

Date with Osak tomorrow

So my time has come and I really hope that all goes well with these labs so that I can have a successful sx with bangin results. I went to Vanity today and I saw two post op girls. One of em had da fattest ass I hope Osak did her. She looked like she was in so much pain though. Anyway Im at Karlas recovery house now and I must say they are great. I got lunch already lol. Pics and videos coming soon. Wish me luck.

Got booty to match dis beauty

So my SX was successful although i was really disappointed in Osaks bedside manners during consultation. He was a bit nicer during recovery when he came to check on me a few times. I woke up laying on my back and I immediately wanted to turn over. Dat pain came from Satan his self. They put my garment on like 15 minutes after cuz I kept begging. Some random bitch just got a boob job and came into the recovery room next to me. When I had to kneel up to pee I noticed she was recording me, then tried to tap the screen a few times as if shd was texting. Why tf would she have to turn 90 degrees and point her fone at me to text. Yall know i let her have it right. Anyway day one is really hard especially trying to walk and the first transport. I promise to post pics when I can move a little better.

First day post op

Yesterday was bad but i feel great today. Still a little sore when i try to move around. My aunts took some pics before they left but forget to take some when i stood up. Probably cuz I smell like some hot monkey ass right now. These real self girls left all the nasty shit out but I aint shy boo. I had my sx on friday and osak said not to take my garment off until my follow up on tuesday. I have alot of drainage going on so my garment and bed are soaked kinda often. I wont lie that bloody smell stinks to high heavens and I feel awful for my nurses but hey for $1000 they asses better suck it up. I am so happy that I stayed at this RH cuz i am a real pain in the ass and all the nurses wait on me hand and foot. I feel like they really care about you here. I had a fall this morning cuz i got so dizzy trying to brush mh teeth and Elained cried her eyes out calling 911 lol. But i felt fine. These drugs are top of the line cuz I had no pain. I must say tho that short time on the bathroom floor was the best I felt since sx. I got sum pics and videos on my phone but I cant reach it right now so maybe later.

Consultation with Osak

I keep forgetting to include the stuff i want yall to know. So i didnt get to see Osak until sx day and dat nigga was rude as hell. The first thing he told me was i need a tummy tuck cuz i had all dis loose skin. I know i was fat ass hell but i dont jiggle when i walk. My skin was on fleek but hey im not a doc so oh well. I got real defensive real quick and put vanity on blast cuz when i sent my pics in along with a detaled description of what i wanted they replied with good stuff as if osak said it his self. Trust me yall dem hoes at vanity be lying straight up. Trust no one but margaret she real as hell. Osak said they spoke on his behalf falsely. Any way he kept asking my weight and height cuz he wont touch you if your bmi over 40 so i told a little white lie and he wasnt believing me lol. He made the anasthesiologist weigh me and i swear the only thing i didnt suck in was my eye balls. I pigged out the day before since it would be my last eating fat girl food but that wasnt a good idea. I barely hit the mark but i did it and now i got my new body

more pics

4 days post op

I have so much to tell yall i hope i remember everything. I had my second massage tiday and it was ok. The pain gets less and less and you become more independent. I took some pics yesterday and today to see my progress. I didnt like my stomach area but today it looks better. Osak hooked me up I cant lie. I got 2000 cc's in each cheek and my back fat is completely gone. He initially told me dat i need a breast reduction (as if) and a tummy tuck. Everyone elsesaid my tummy is fine and i dont need it. Even looking in the mirror i think my skin has contracted well and it isnt all saggy. I guess Osak is late on his mortgage and needs dat extra cash but not today boo boo. Let me tell yall about this RH. First off I love the care givers here. The food i

Got my drains out

I literally just got my drains out like 3 minutes ago. I closed my eyes and was ready to scream like hell cuz i watched a video of my RH mate get hers out. So i was waiting thinking she takin so long but it was over before I knew she started. Seriously so quick and no pain at all. Osak was cool too. He really is a funny guy. He said that he forgot to tell me this vital information. I was like what is it and he said the only way he can guarantee my perfect results is if i bring him to the Bahamas for my next follow up on a beach somewhere, He had me crackin up but heres a video of my drains comin out. I bout to go clothes shoppin for this new body

trouble posting the video

Drains Removed Video

Gettin them drains out

Burns from Surgery

Ok yall so I think i mentioned before that I showered kinda early after surgery. Like 2 days before Osak said I could even take off the garment. When I did I noticed that I had two big black patches of skin on my left and right sides. I didnt know what they were initially and thought that being a dark skinned girl maybe the loose skin just looked darker since it contracted. I went to my first two follow ups with Osak and each time he checked me out and said that everything was looking fine and made more thorough comments about my drains and lipo foams. I noticed after a few days that the dark parts started to blister and I asked Dr. O about it at my next follow up. Dat bald head ass nigga had the nerve to look me dead in my eye, after not once or twice, but the third follow up visit and say so non chalantly "Oh yea you got burned during surgery". My sister looked at me

Body Review

I know I post alot but I try to separate the reviews so people dont have to read the whole thing lookinfor a specific topic. I am now 18 days post op and still completely happy with my results. Beside the whole getting burned part my butt has retained alot of volume so far and thanks to my ab board my stomach is super flat for the first time in ever. I am faithful to my garment so my waist is still in tact and I still have those nice curves. No more back fat, no more love handles it is all just gone. I do wish he did a better job on the bra roll tho cuz there is still a little fat that peeks over the bra but it is dramatically less than what I started with. I give Dr. Osak an A++ for his work on my body it has been a real transformation. The stitches are taking longer to dissolve than I expected tho and sometimes they itch like hell. I have had to massages or drainage since leaving miami. No fluid build up or anything. I guess that compensates for the burns.I will post updated pics in the morning and maybe do a review of the massages. I got one of mine recorded.

Drainage Massages

Glimpse of a massage
Drainage Massage
So after surgery, whether your surgeon uses drains or not, you get these fluid pockets building up around your body. Mine were mainly at the lower back and lower stomach. The massages are suppose to help drain the extra fluid. The first one was excruciatingly painful. Seriously it was horrible. Not a little discomfort but full blown pain. I had a guy do my massages so that might have made things worse with his big rough hands. I actually recorded one session to see what he was doing to me because it felt like he was beating me up and using his knuckles. No bull shit at one point I asked my sister if he was punching me in the back and she burst out laughin cuz he was rubbing it. They do hurt less and less as your body heals and you get more but in my opinion the pain doesnt go away. It just becomes tolerable. People please beware when paying for massages. I got 6 total and felt like I wasted my money. I bought the package with my guy 3 sessions for $120. Aftr I left the recovery house I did 3 more at the hotel just as a precausion cuz I live in the Bahamas and didnt want any complications with fluid buildin up. The fact of the matter is I had stopped draining just after I left the RH. He had no fluid to massage and kept telling how good it was in that funny Columbian accent. So basically I paid for 3 unnecessary and still painful massages. It is what it is I guess. The video was kinda long so I broke it up into four, 3 minute parts but I only put up 2.

Burns Review Continued

Real self is a real bitch. This is the second review that they filtered and cut off I cant even remember everything I wrote. I was tryna tell yall thatI think the burns might have gotton infected cuz they smell so bad. Its like a mix of ass funk, mornin breath and road kill. I have been doing everything Osak said to so I dont understand. He did say tho at my last follow up that it will get worse before it gets better and that at the time it was about 80% there. Im gonna go to the clinic just to be sure tho.

Updates on Everythang

First off let me say that I really appreciate all the love and concern from everybody. Osak called and told me what cream to get so I should be cleared up in about 2 weeks. My burns are healing well and the smell has gotton better. I started wearing my stage 2 garment today because the first one is too big now. I have lost a little volume and roundness in my butt cuz my horny ass drove hella way to get a little sausage with my pancakes. I dont regret a thing lol. I must say that this whole experience has been crazy for me. Even so I am happy with my doc and my body. I see that alot of you get hyped up about the burns and infections and put a negative light on the surgeon. I wasnt pissed at Dr. O because he burned me, it was the fact that he didnt tell me right away so I could care for it right away. I complain about shit cuz I'm a bitch and I feel like after spending my money his attention and care should be completely mine and mine alone (as if right). But seriously I like his bald head ass even though we got off on the wrong foot. My roomate at the recovery house also when to Dr. O but she paid thru spectrum and I did thru vanity. She got burned too but it healed already almost perfectly cuz she had just one small one. Mine are much bigger cuz I had alot more fat. She got an infection too but hers was in the leg and mine is in one burn. We both had the same surgeon, stayed at the same RH in the same room, took the same meds ate the same food and all that other shit but our situations were different. Dr. O did not give me an infection but I felt like if he told me sooner what it was and how to care for it I could have avoided it. I got burned cuz he was aggressive wit dat lipo and if he pussied out as so to not burn me half yall fakin ass would be on here slick dissin and talkin bout he dont do good work. I dont give a fuck either way cuz I'm happy and aint nobody on RS was there with me payin dat nigga, or feelin my pain or havin to deal with my funky ass when I couldnt shower for three days after surgery. Thanks again to all the genuine people who care about how we be recoverin and not just lurkin to see what they ass might look like cuz we da same body type SMH. Dont be too quick to judge Dr. Osak he does great work and actually calls and checks up on u.

Update ! =)

I am so happy to report that my burns are healing well. Its day 3 using the cream Dr. O prescribed and the flesh is pink again. No more funky smell. I keep forgetting to take pics tho cuz it takes so long for me to clean and dress them by myself. And trust me its a pain in the ass to be takin off the garment and putting it back on. Literally. My butt has gotton kind of sore to the touch. Maybe because i leave the garment around my hips when i change my bandages at night. I practiced sitting down and it is almost painless now but im still not taki g any chances. I paid too much money for dis ass. Im gonna take some pics in the garment now and maybe a dress or two over it. The camera makes my waist look so wide tho.

Smdh. Thats all i can say right now

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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