21 Years Old No Kids Just Wanting the Perfect Body!!!!!! - Miami, FL

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Starting my review early because I have had a...

Starting my review early because I have had a great experience so far. I was contacted by Elena from newlife plastic surgery. She was so helpful which I loved becaused I'm a out of state patient. I sent my pictures in and im a perfect canadiate for the procedure. Im just really thankful for Elena and all the informaion she gave me. So if everthing goes right I will hopefully be having my bbl surgery in late Auugst. I will had to my review as I go along.

Complete Deal!!!

I forgot to tell you guys I'm completely happy about my deal not only do I get a bbl but also a week of stay in a recovery home for $6000.00 it gets no better than that. Fit my budget completely!!!!


So Hey girls said I'll keep you updated on my process. So first let me start off by saying I have paid for my surgery in full no payment plan no down payment the full amount. I preferred that cause that's how serious I am about this decision in my life. So my surgery date is Tuesday 8/23/16 with new life plastic surgery. I'm a month out still haven't heard from the lab lady now I'm getting worried simple fact I hate rushing and doing things on the last minute. Now alot of people going to the same facility are telling me their surgery date got pushed back and honestly I don't have time for that. Cause I have bought plane ticket and took my time off work. So that's really all at this point. I attached some wish photos. At this point just taking the vitamins and etc they want me to take

Worried and Stressed the f*ck out!!!!

1 week from surgery. So today I received a call but no good news. I was cleared for surgery they told me I was4 days ago. So I finalized everything my plane tickets my days off at work and even bought a $100 happy booty pillow lol. So i thought everything was good. I got my labs done like 3 weeks ago and my white blood cell count is high. But they knew that and still cleared me for surgery. My doctor told me I don't have an infection she just think I have a high wbc like some people in the population do. Now its a week from surgery and their saying I can't have surgery because it's against the law cause my white blood cell count is high. Talked to my doctor today we did a new lab test today so hopefully everything goes well. Cause to be honest I'm already emotionally drained from this process and I'll just ask for a damn refund. Like why clear me than tell me no it was a mistake I'm so frustrated and worried about this whole situation so pray for me guys that everything ends up in my favor.

I haven't met him yet but I will update this review as I go along. But im super execited to meet him.

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