7 months post

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Hi guys! I`ve been wanting a brazilian buttlift...

Hi guys! I`ve been wanting a brazilian buttlift for years now, I always felt like my butt was just way to small, ive always had the curves... just no butt. I was in the fitness world since I was 13years old, and recently put on about 10-20 pounds being a college student, and having no time to prep meals, and workout as much as I used to. I decided to make an account to get a few tips from others and to tell others about my journey after the surgery. Im having surgery next thursday with Dr. Salzhauer, and im driving him crazy probably in the mean time probably. He says hes going to put about 1500cc in each butt cheek, and im not sure if thats to big or not? I may just want 1000-1300cc for now


Hey dolls, any of you experience burns after surgery or know someone that did? which doctor? I think burns are one of my serious concerns right now. Im having surgery this week with Dr. Salzhauer, and kind of worried, although i havent come across anyone on here with a bad experience from him.

4 days post opp

Hi guys, so I’m doing an update since my surgery and the recovery process for me hasn’t been so well. The day of surgery: I went in at 6pm, and came out four hours later. I woke up shaking, and weirdly in no pain at all just discomfort. I was totally expecting it to be worse, but there’s no pain at all these last few days and I hope it stays that way. However, As soon as I got out of the car coming home from surgery, I totally passed out in my mom’s hands. The doctor says this was probably because I was going to fast from sitting to standing.

Day after surgery: Was the worst day. The nurse came by, Yaleen (if I’m even spelling it right) to check on me. I was still light headed, and there was blood everywhere! (From the drains, etc.) When she checked my blood pressure it was extremely low and she called Dr. Salzhauer. He wanted me to come in a.s.a.p. to put fluids and iron in to my body, which made me feel 100% better afterwards. Yaleen also stayed the night with me to make sure I was doing ok. She’s really awesome!

So I’m 4 days post opp and still experiencing discomfort, which is expected. The nights are the absolute worst for me.... Cant sleep, tossing and turning, throwing up (which happened last night) etc. My friends and family that know I got the procedure done ask me "so do you regret it yet" and the answer is absolutely NOT. Its only 4 days after and I’m seeing great results. I was worried that it would be too big or too small, and so was my mom. When we took the garment off for a shower, she was amazed by the Dr`s work. She says I have curves for days and a big butt, which isn’t too big though. Dr. Salzhauer is amazing and I’m so glad I picked him to be my doctor. I heard of others, but what freaked me out the most was not waking up from surgery and getting burns afterwards. So after a lot of research, and people telling me how amazing he is, I stuck with him.

I’m going to continue to post as the days and weeks go by, but I just wanted to do a quick update and upload some pictures. The pictures are me with my clothes on for now, until I get all these foams off of me when I go see him on Thursday :)
Also, he put in a little bit more than 1500cc on each side. When i woke up and it told me that I was like "What!" lol but I told him to do what he thinks will look amazing, and im glad he did!

5 days post

Took the foams off my stomach today! Still so bruised, just happy I don't have any burns at all. So far so good.

Not a huge significance?

Idk, people keep telling me that it looks nice... But I don't think I see a huge difference? He said he put 1640 in each cheek... But it's not big? Or round? Idk I might just be going through a stage

9 days post

New pics. Still alot of swelling, and bruises.... but i see them going away. My ass is also hard as a rock, cant wait until it gets soft!

2 weeks post

So I'm like 2 1/2 weeks post op, feeling good and the bruises have gone down a lot. It was my first day back at school today and got plenty of looks. My friends say my ass got huge and ask me what I been doing, so I lied and just said lots of squats and lunges lol. Laying on my stomach and sitting on the boppy pillow has been a pain in my ass, I have one more week of the pillow and then I'm free! I'm writing this as I'm walking on the treadmill, I can't workout hard or lift just yet, but I'm doing a little cardio (walking on the treadmill) for now. Just wanted to make an update because it's been a while. I'll post next week :) the last butt picture was today, and I got ALOT of looks.

Almost 3 weeks

So, I decided to upload more pictures that I took today. Went shopping for the first time, and literally the whole bike store was looking at my ass, even the girl at the register said damn girl, you have a nice shape. Ha love it.

3 weeks

Three weeks post.. my butt is so much bigger in person. Was thinking about going for a round two, but I don't think I'm going to need one.

3 weeks

Went to an event today at school, and everyone was looking at my ass. It's now the first thing guys look at, I'm really loving my results. The only problem is that the incision on my left butt cheek still hasn't closed? Sometimes it even bleeds... Should I be concerned a little? Hope it doesn't get infected.

1 month post

One month post... Posting more pictures as an update.

1 month

Okay here's more pictures as updates. Bruising is about down, still some swelling, and lumps on stomach which should hopefully go away... I'm doing well, I sat in class today without my boppy pillow... Leaving myself off of it. I was instructed to use the pillow for four weeks. And today is officially one month :) can't wait for another two weeks to take this garment off. My diet has been so-so. I eat bad some days, and the other days I eat good. It's so hard to stop eating unhealthy OMG. Still having those days where sometimes it looks small to me and other days it looks big, even though people always stare and my ass is now the first thing they look at. Does anyone know how long it takes for the "fluff" to happen?

One month

Here are some before and after pictures to see the difference, as well as some pictures I took last night


So, along with my butt... I'm inlove with the way my stomach looks now. No more flab and fat... More definition and flatness going on. Ahh love it.

One Month

Going to the gym to do some light arms. Booty looks good in gym clothes now

Loss of appetite

Ive noticed ever since I got my bbl, Greasy and spicy foods upset my stomach. Certain foods I used to eat before, make me sick... and I get full much more quicker? Maybe its just me, but I wanted to know if anyone else experienced this as well. Just wondering.


Does anyone know when the "fluff" is supposed to happen?

Jean problem.

So I decided to try on my jeans now (5 weeks post op today, yay). I tried on all of my size 3's and 5's and nothing would go past my ass. So, as of today, I need jeans.
-_- lol.
Also, does anyone know when we can officially start sleeping on our backs or sides?

No jeans fit

None of my jeans fit so I decided to go jean shopping. So, a size 5 won't go past my butt and a size 7 is way to big. This could be a problem. So for now... I'm stuck in maxi dresses.

6 weeks

6 weeks post op. Still have some extra fat on my flank area but still satisfied with my results


Okay so kind of a stupid question. My friend invited me out to a party next weekend, and I was wondering how long until we can dance? Stupid and random right? Does anyone know... if i go out and shake my butt and "twerk" if it would be okay? lol

6 weeks post

6 weeks post yay

6 weeks

So, doctor said 6-8 weeks for my garmet. I think I'm going to start wearing it less and less so my body can get used to not wearing it. Love how as soon as I start not wearing the garmet... It decides to get chilly outside

Baby got back

Booty is looking good :) happy girl. Love Dr. Salz

Jean hunting once again

So I went to guess and had the same tiny problem with their jeans, except this one particular pair. The grey fit well, didn't get them because I didn't care for them much though. There's still some hope :) lol. Happy Friday guys

Almost two months.

Hi guys, so I'm almost two months post op and feeling so much better about myself, no negative comments on the journey and my procedure at all. Still keeping in contact with Dr. Salz and he's been great answering all the questions I have (responds so quickly for such a busy busy guy... He's awesome) Also, I'm Still wearing my garment... Sometimes during the day and all through the night. I'm also wasits training as well... Been sleeping more on my back and side which feels so great! However, still having the jean issue I mentioned in my previous posts. Just wanted to give you guys an update on where I am... I been so busy with school to keep updating every other day. Still thinking about going back for a round 2, not sure yet. If I do, it'll probably be in December. :)

Two months

More pictures :)

Before and after

Hi guys, just wanted to post some more before and after shots


Hi guys, went to go see dr salz today, he's very pleased with his work. I have a slight dent or dimple in my left cheek and he wants me to come back in December when I can and transfer a little more fat to that area... Most likely my arm area or inner thighs. (Wish I would have transfered fat from my arms in the first place but oh well) Other than that still so happy, and it's crazy how having a big ass.. Comes with so many damn stares and creepers.


So, as I was shopping for dresses to wear out.. I tried on jeans from guess by Marciano size 27, and they fit so well. The first pair that actually fit, and look good


So, I've heard of the drop and fluff part, and I think it's starting to happen


Might go back in December for a revision, one obvious scar that bothers me, gained a bit of weight, but still happy with results.

3 months

Thank God for dr. Salz. I'm in love with my body more than I ever been. I would write a long story about how this operation changed my life in so many ways but I won't. For all those who are on the fence about getting what YOU want done.. Don't be. I was so close to not getting this done, and listening to everybody who said I was making a horrible decision and I'm so glad I didn't.

5 months post op.

Hi guys, been a while since I updated you guys.

Its been 5 months, and everything is great. The "fluff" definitely happened, I can actually fit in jeans now that all the swolling has gone down, however, still numb in a few areas... and gained a bit of weight. Thinking about going back, but I would only want 500-800 more cc`s... in areas i cant stand. So far so good, Love my results and happy I went.

5 months

Forgot to upload one from the back.

7 months post

Hi guys. It's been a while since I updated this. Loving my body. I added a few before and after pictures so you guys can see the drastic change. along with pictures of what I look like now. Dr Salz did such an amazing job. Im getting some hate being that he tagged me on Instagram and everyone started following me. Their like "this girl makes me laugh because she posts workout pictures when she know she had a bbl" LOL ugh yea... After you get a bbl... You have to maintain that body and not let it go. People think you can get lipo and surgery and all your worries about working out are gone. - Wrong. If you don't keep it up, you'll lose it I started gaining weight back but hit the gym once I realized it. It's crazy. I added a wish pic (the one with the two Jean pics comparing each other... The left is my wish pic and the right is me now) and I got exactly what I wanted. Love this doc. Was thinking about going for a round two, not sure yet.

Year post op

Almost a year post op. I have days where I want my butt bigger, because I'm getting used to it... And I have days where I'm like any bigger and I'll look crazy. I'm so bipolar when it comes to my body. I wish I would have got lipo in my arms. I wear a waist trainer just to keep and maintain my curves. I think it's a must that everyone who gets lipo and a bbl workout and maintain their figure. Your paying too much to lose it. People think that if you get surgery, your okay... That's not the case. You need to workout, and eat right (which I struggle with) i try to respond to everyone but I'm barely on here. Since I no longer care who knows I had surgery, My Instagram is mellsmelliane ... Feel free to Ask me any questions on there since Im barely on here.

1 year op and back to salz for a revision

Hi dolls

So I went to dr salz a few months ago for another post op and I showed him a few dimples/indentations I had on my butt and expressed my insecurity about my upper body fat (because we didn't take out any fat from my arms ect the first time so I felt like I had this lower body that was skinny and didn't match my upper body) so dr salz, the sweetest guy that he is, told me he would fix it. I went in on Sunday, and he took fat from my upper body (added 300ccs of fat) and lipo my arms. Since I had nothing to do because I'm on bed rest I guess I'll post on here. Butt looks bigger, arms look better. I love my doctor so much! He's such a life saver.


Also, forgot to add a picture of me going in, my butt got so much bigger since the beginning as well. If you hear people say that what you eat, will go straight to your butt... It's true.
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