21 Years Old Craving a Tiny Waist and a Big Round BOOTY to Match! - Miami, FL

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Hey there ladies -- I am new to RealSelf but I am...

Hey there ladies --

I am new to RealSelf but I am SERIOUS about this BBL lol. I've been thinking about having this procedure for years. I know that I am young but you know what? I'd rather do it now that I can rock it the most. I know there are always risks associated with the surgery but... duh.
Any who, I am finally making the first steps towards that big ol' BOOTY and (even more importantly) a nice flat tummy.
I have struggled with my tummy fat since i was a little kid. My fat seems to want to concentrate itself there. At one point I went full raw "vegan" for 3 months (I say "vegan" because I definitely wasn't eating enough or getting the right nutrients... in other words... I was practically starving myself. Picture this: blacking out, dizzy spells, etc.). I stopped the vegan thing eventually for two reasons: 1) my health was declining 2) my ass and my boobs were showing less and less of themselves (smh)... and guess what? My chubby TUMMY, though it did improve, was still there.
My point: I have stubborn belly fat. Also with the increase of popularity of big asses (Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, etc.) I've found myself looking in the mirror wishing I could have that perky big butt that everyone is raving about (shame on me for letting the media get to me, I know. Whatever lol). I have gone through squat challenges galore and, though my muscle tone improves, size does not. Also, I have noticed my boyfriends love for big butt girls. Though he says he loves me no matter what, I know that girls with big butts immediately capture his attention (men will be men). Since I have that stubborn belly fat and a wish for a fat ass, I think the Brazilian Butt Lift would be perfect for me. Why not put that stubborn fat to good use... am I right?! lol

So... now I have a stable job, stable savings, and I. Am. READY. to start this process.
I booked a consultation with Dr. Armando Soto about 1 week ago, the reason being because he is local. After further review of his BBL results and comparing them to some of these other famous doctors here on RealSelf... his are definitely inferior. Additionally, BBL is not his specialty. I think he's better with the Mommy Makeover. One thing I really noticed is that his before and afters don't show a real dramatic improvement. Some pictures I could barely tell that they had anything done. Hello NO THANK YOU, I want that J-Lo booty! lol If I am going to dish out this money for this, I needs to be with someone that will give me the improvement that I seek. Not to mention, from what I've heard, he likes to charge you $$$hella money$$$ for a "meh" BBL.
I have now canceled my consult with Dr. Soto and now my attention has shifted (and rightfully so) to... *drum roll please*... Dr. Jonathan Fisher! OHHH my God, his results are incredible. And he is so down to earth from what I've seen of him.
I recently followed him on Instagram and I am in LOVE with his booties. I posted a comment on one of his photos and was amazed when I got a reply! What doctor does that?! I'm in love. Plus he's hot. haha
I immediately called Vanity (I know their reputation but I'm going for Fisher and his skills, not the office staff). I have sent the coordinator my photos and now I'm waiting for her to get back to me. I am going to have an online consultation to meet Dr. Fisher before I start talking down payments, transportation, or anything else.
Finally, to wrap up this incredibly long post, I'll have you guys know that I have informed my mom that I am having this done. She freaked lol. She went on a rant about how I don't need it, I'm too young, I'm going to regret it, etc. This was to be expected but by the end conversation I had her jump onto the BBL train. She is on-board and she will be coming with me to Miami to help me recover (Love my mommy).

I am excited ya'll.

Really bad first impression from Vanity...

Wow. I can tell you right now by just dealing with them once that the reviews about their customer service is TRUE.
I spoke to a coordinator yesterday and she was super short with me. Right off the get go she was trying to charge me the $1,000 deposit before she even asked me any questions. Like... what bitch? No. Hold up. Lol
I was like no I don't want to pay anything until the doctor evaluates me and I get an a detailed explanation on my goals/what to expect/etc. So she laughed and was like "Ok. So I'll send you a text and you can send me pictures and I'll show the doctor." I was like... "Okay..." and then the call got disconnected (did she hang up on me? or did the call drop?.... I hope the latter). So I called back and was like hey I think the call dropped, I just want to make sure everything is good to go. They didn't have a file for me. Couldn't find me anywhere. Didn't know anything. Even when the first person that I spoke to (before I got transferred to the coordinator) asked me all these questions and said she was creating a file for me. Did I mention the coordinator never told me her name?! How the hell am I supposed to find her later, wtf. Anyways when they transferred me to who they thought had spoken to me the call hung up right away (that time I'm sure she hung up on me). I got a text that said "Here you can send me the picture" w/ an email address. I'll attach a screenshot. Sooooo unprofessional.
I sent some pictures and I never heard back again.
Today I called again to ask what was going on! Again they had NO FREAKING CLUE who I was or who I spoke to. I still wasn't even in their system. Believe me I let them know I was not happy.

Now things turned around. They transferred me to Shari which asked me ALL the same questions that I was asked the previous day. She apologized for that and told me she would make sure to get the process going for me now. She sent me a detailed e-mail RIGHT AWAY (while we were still on the phone) with a questionnaire and specific instructions on how to submit my photos. She was awesome. She told me she would get back to me by the end of the day or at most within 24 hours.
Well guess what, I sent her all the info and photos and like 10 minutes later she called me back. She told me she had no doubt that Dr. Fisher will be able to make me look exactly like what I want (yes, yes, yes.). She says my goals are very realistic. I asked her if Dr. Fisher would see my photos and she said that they trained her to be able to make that decision. She says that if she needs the doctor to see it she shows him but that in my case she is 100% sure that what I want is attainable. On the first phone call she told me I might have to gain 10 pounds (I was not happy) but after viewing my photos she told me that for my body type, I definitely hold most of my weight in my abdomen. She says that I should gain 3-5 lbs only if anything. I was HAPPY about that. :)
And she says that she will be my new coordinator. Thank God! Cause I want nothing to do with that other girl.

I am putting half of my deposit down TODAY $2,500 and I get a free garment. My surgery date is May 10th. GAH! Omg. I can't believe I'm actually doing this!!!!!!
Fisher is a booty God. I got a much better coordinator (day and night from the other one).

Deposit has been PAID!!!! Ahhh :D

So nervous......
Check out the pic! I made a list of questions. If I missed any good questions, please point out for me. :)
Ahh! Its official! I'm soon to be FISHERFIED! hahaha

Pic didn't post! These are the questions that I asked (and her replies):

1) What does the $5,000 include? Just the surgery and faja?
-$5000 includes full panel of labwork, all surgery room fees, anesthesia, 12 areas of lipo with fat transfer.

2) How many lymphatic massages do you guys recommend after surgery? How often? Do you know of any good massage places in Orlando that you can recommend?
-We recommend 5 - 10 massages- I don't now of any good places in Orlando but we sell them in a package of 5 1 hour long for $350.00- they start the day after surgery.

3) Can the procedure be done under general anesthesia?
-Yes it is. ALWAYS

4) How long should I stay in Miami post-op? Do you think that one week will be enough for me to be able to withstand a 4 hour drive back to Orlando?
-My mom will be driving. Yes, one week is sufficient- you may do your first 5 massages here.

5) I have had issues in the past with low-iron anemia. Should I start taking iron supplements?
-Yes, taking Iron supplements in your case is a must, also start eating iron enriched foods.

6) Should I start taking any other supplements? If so, which ones?
She forgot to answer this one lol

7) Can I get my labs done here in Orlando (Quest or something) or does it absolutely have to be in your clinic? I just don’t want something to be wrong with my labs last minute and my surgery delayed.
-Yes, you may get them done in your hometown- we can send you the Lab prescription 30 days or less from surgery date.

8) Where will my fat be extracted from? Abdomen, flanks, back? Will that include my little bra fat? Lol
-12 areas is full abdomen, waist, lower back, flanks and that pesky bra line area.

9) Can you tell me about incisions? About how many marks/scars can I expect to have?
-Marks are minimum and only take a stich to close. you can expect 3 on your lower abdomen, 2 on your lower back and 1 on your praline area

10) I am worried about ending up with a lumpy belly. Is there anything that I can do to avoid ending up with a lumpy belly?
-You may purchase a Lipo Board from us for $40.00 it goes under your garment and prevents skin from rolling down.

11) How many follow up appointments are needed?
-3 follow up visits

She replies within minutes!!!

Can't stop thinking about that future booty!

Oh my God. Every day that passes I get more and more nervous. I am super scared of waking up in horrible pain! I am also anemic and I tend to get lightheaded easily (I've been taking hella iron). I'm scared I'm going to be passing out left and right after surgery..gahhh.
I have so many concerns like going through with this and then the injected fat getting reabsorbed. That would be some shit :( I know it happens though.
My boyfriend is excited it seems like. Thats good, I guess.
I haven't had a second thought about Dr. Fisher. The more I look at his results the faster I want May to get here lol.
But for real the nerves are kicking in big time.
I've been so broke since I booked the surgery. I've been saving saving saving up for the rest of that money. $2,500 in two and a half months! Whew. I've been doing it though. I already have $1,500. Just $1,000 more. I also have to save for my massages too though.
I'm so excited thinking about the possibilities. Check out the pic. The Docs on RealSelf seem to think this is achievable for me. :)
.......that makes me want to ask for more. Haha

So this is happening.

Apparently Dr. Fisher won't be there for my scheduled date and they want me to choose between Dr. Macadoo and Dr. Orlando????
I've spent months researching Dr. Fisher.
I'm so fucking pissed. Excuse my damn language.

Just paid off the rest of my surgery. :)

So when they said they had to reschedule me to August I raised hell! My coordinator ended up putting me in place of someone that canceled. So my new date is June 7th! I just sent them the second half: $2,500. Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!! It's getting close!!

Surgery TODAY.

Oh my God! The day is finally here. Time SERIOUSLY flew by. I am nervous as hell about waking up because I don't know what degree of pain I will be in.
My boyfriend wasn't able to come because of his job........tear.
It sucks my surgery is in the afternoon. They told me to be there at 1:30 to see the doctor and everything. God knows what time the actual operation will be. I feel like it could go one of two ways....I get to sleep through this pain or I keep my mom up all night with my whining. Hopefully the first but I have a feeling it might be the second.
It's 8:11 am right now. I have to go to the pharmacy and get a few things (arnica and bromelain, Gatorade, etc).
I have my antibacterial soap to shower before surgery. I'm gonna wash my hair and shave and clean the F out myself because God knows when I'll be able to enjoy another shower.
.....Eeeeeeee!!! I'm excited. :)

One day post op

Made it :)
Pain isn't too bad at all. I got my first massage today. HUGE pain relief after it's over. I feel so much better.

Post Op Day 2

Pain is a lot worse today. Just woke up, though, so we'll see what the day brings. Yesterday I tried to shower and started blacking out when my mom took the faja off so I ended up just lying on the bed and she cleaned me off with a washcloth and put triple antibiotic ointment on my incisions. I stood up for her to wash my front and my dad held me up by my arms because I was pretty woozy.
Butt: HUGE. :)

Post Op day 3

I haven't taken any more pain meds today. It hurts but it's bearable. I'm walking more straight today. Third massage hurt the most so far but that's because I didn't take the oxycodone beforehand like I had been doing. I'm really cold today for some reason! And my face and lips are looking pretty pale. My body is weak from the trauma but I am feeling better day by day. Nights are the WORST. If I lay down too long it's really hard to get up. It's very important to walk as much as possible. It truly helps. I still haven't had a bowel movement. Maybe I'll try today.
All in all, recovery is going and my butt still looks good lol. I do think the swelling has gone down a bit though. My upper back is the most swollen, but Dr. Fisher warned me not to freak out about that. He told me "It looks worse before it looks better in that area" so I'm not freaking. Time will do its thing. :)

Post Op Day 4

Not too much to say today besides the fact that I'm feeling MUCH better. I haven't had a bowel movement at all. As per the Dr.'s instructions, I drank half of a bottle of milk of magnesia and now I'm waiting. I've been passing gas a lot so that's probably progress lol.
Walk girls!!! The more I'm up and walking, the better I feel. I have a few crappy pictures for ya'll. More when I get better, promise. :)

Post Op Day 5

Ohhhh Gosh girls, today has definitely been more eventful and it's not even 2:00. My family is going back to Orlando today and my boyfriend came down to stay with me an extra day at another hotel and to take me to my last massage and to get my drains and stitches removed tomorrow at Vanity. My mom was freaking out yesterday because I hadn't had a bowel movement and I drank half of a bottle of milk of magnesia per doctors orders. Nothing happened so 6 hours later I drank the other half. That stuff is NOT fun. Both times I got super nauseous and woozy with chills. I woke up in the middle of the night and tried to poop and nothing. But this morning......holy hell. Let's just say it's been nonstop and it has definitely not been pretty. Vanity is closed today so no massage but when I took off my faja I could see A LOT of fluid collection under my skin. You could see the whole indentation of the triangle! I freaked. I asked my boyfriend to give me a massage and he did awesome. He brought all that fluid down. I then got up and did my front and sides. Felt much better. Now I'm resting because I've done way too much today including going out for breakfast in the hot Miami sun and sitting on my thighs with this blue roll thing that I bought. Ugh. I'm going to take a nap.

Post Op Day 5

Drains and stitches are off!! It stings to get the drain out but it was bearable.
Vanity is on some shit lol. Everyone is nice but ugh. Dr. Fisher is gone so no follow up at all. I'm supposed to be back in 4-6 weeks but they said he won't be there either. Idk who I'm supposed to go see if it's not my doctor.
It's whatever, I said it was fine. I'll call them later and get them to reschedule to a day when he's there.
Anyways, I feel good today though I feel like my butt has gotten a lot smaller. Hopefully it will stop shrinking. Idk if it's just me. I'll attach a few pics and you girls can tell me what you think. I feel like I've lost weight, also. Maybe the crazy amounts of diarrhea. :/
Anyways, back to Orlando I go!!!

8 Days Post Op

Oops, my previous post was supposed to be titled "6 Days Post Op". Sorry I didn't update you guys yesterday! I was going to do day 1-7 and then just update weekly. Then after a month, update only monthly. But since I didn't post on day 7, I'll do day 8 instead. :)
I was really down in the dumps yesterday, feeling extremely emotional with this Orlando mass shooting and I found out some crazy news about someone that is like family to me. I didn't even find myself attractive when I looked in the mirror. I felt fat and icky, curves and all.
I'm feeling much better today. My butt looks big even though its still hard. I found a place that specializes in post-surgical lymphatic drainage massage here in Orlando...actually in Winter Park, which is close by. They also include Ultrasound which helps with swelling and circulation to get rid of bruising faster. If anyone would like the information its: 1850 Lee Rd #347b Winter Park, FL 32789. Their phone number is: (407) 222-3069. She starts by stimulating the lymph nodes in a very gentle way, then she does Ultrasound, and at the end she starts the more rough massage. It HURTS, I'm warning, but she is good. If she feels any little fibroma forming under the skin she breaks it up.
I'm feeling almost back to normal. Nights still SUCK, mostly because of the compression garment and the foams and everything but also being stuck in the same position. I sweat like crazy at night, too. Ugh, I can't wait for this phase to be over. Other than that, things are pretty much back to normal. I will post some pics later on, my phone is dead right now. I put on a bikini for the first time yesterday. I like it, even though I'm still very bruised and swollen. Have a good day every one! :)

PO day 9 update, seroma, and how much fat was grafted...

Hello girls.
Today I'm feeling pretty down in the dumps again. I think I have a seroma on my stomach. I will attach a video.
I also wanted to inform you girls that 3100 cc were aspirated from my body and 1350 were injected into each cheek.
Also, I see this lumpiness forming on my side and I AM getting those massages religiously so idk why that's forming. Ugh...

12 days PO and swelling is really starting to come down

Hi lovely girls,
I feel good! Start work tomorrow and I'm sooo nervous! My scrubs don't fit so I have to go buy new ones lol. I wish I didn't have to wear foams and stuff to work... I'm wondering if I can take them off for work but I don't want to compromise my results. :(
Also, I'm starting to see the swelling come down now, such a joyyy! My butt still looks big.
The lumpiness on my side is improving with daily massages from my boyfriend (he's being awesome). I still have 3 more lymphatic drainage massages to be done professionally but when I don't go there, I do them at home with the boo.
I am still very sore on the lipo areas but my butt doesn't hurt at all unless I bump it into something. It's still super hard! I can't wait for it to soften up. I want to see that jiggle lol.
All in all, things are going well.

Feeling depressed.

I'm 22 days post op. My tummy looks lumpy and a have a huge dent on my left butt cheek/hip. My right butt cheek is perfect. The other one us fucked up. My stomach is crinkly when I bend over meaning it will look like that when I sit. I know I'm really early in the healing process and my butt looks great from certain angles but there are certain angles where that dent is so obvious and ugly and it's definitely noticeable to the touch...its huge. My 22nd birthday is next week and I'm just feeling like shit when I was expecting to have an amazing new body for my birthday.

8 months post op

My butt has definitely decreased in size. Regardless... it's still big! And my body contour is much more appealing than before. Dr. Fisher makes great butts..HOWEVER..his lipo skills aren't as good. Yeah he gives you a great shape and a big ass but he did leave some irregularity in my abdomen. He also left some residual fat around my belly button. All in all, I'm happy with my results. My tummy could be better but I have adopted a very healthy and active lifestyle now. I can reach my future goals with hard work! :)

Tummy irregularities

As you can see, there are irregularities and some residual far around my belly button. My hips have decreased in size the most so my waist doesn't look as tiny as it did a couple of months after surgery. I currently weigh 4 pounds less than I did prior to surgery. My weight was in the 140's after surgery due to swelling and stuff. That number has slowly come down through time. I am now sitting at 130 lbs. I'll probably lose another five pounds or so in the coming months. Yes people, your butt definitely shrinks when you lose weight but you keep your proportions so it's worth it! You'll still have a nice shape and your butt will still look larger than before! The surgery has been worth it. It's not perfection, but it's still a big improvement.

After weight loss

Weight loss helps with tummy irregularities. Butt shrinks but still looks bigger compared to the rest of your shrinking body. Waist on point! :)
Jonathan Fisher

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