21 Years Old with a 2 Year Old Son - Miami, FL

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I'm currently 21,but by the time I get my bbl done...

I'm currently 21,but by the time I get my bbl done I'll be 22... I'm soooooo excited I don't think I've ever been this devoted to saving up for anything ....like ever lol. I want a video vixen body sooooooo bad .I currently am so huge it is extremely ridiculous I am currently weighing in at a wopping 283 POUNDS may I add I have never in my life been this fucking huge smh its disgusting.... my goal to get down to 190-165 before going through with my surgery !!!! so this is definitely a journey your gonna wanna stay tunned for I'm literally gonna transform before you guys eyes lol. so its gonna take ALOT Of motivation and dedication . I've always been on the bigger side but never as. big as I am now, really a pretty girl I just wish my body matched my face!!! but soon it will
I was thinking of going with Dr macadoo at vanity in Miami but I've actually just read a review saying he has been dropped from vanity so that's pretty alarming and now leaves Me on the hunt again . I'm looking to get the fat from my tummy ,inner thighs and arm all stuffed in my new big ole booty lol but it really all depends on how my body looks after loosing all this weight, hopefully I don't have to much loose skin I'm like completely horrified of loose skin but then again if so I can always go back after my bbl and get smart lipo and a tummy tuck but well see!!! I'm looking forward for that Nicki minaj body or k micheal or Jessica dime from lhhatl of ever blac chyna ... yes I wanna be the girl with the loong bundles and the big old booty and tiny waist that I adore on Instagram lol I'm so ready to be a fisher doll its insane I'm so tired of being so cute for a "big girl" and the fact that I think I'm the shit now ... lol omg the ppl gon hate me when I'm fisher dolled up lol I can't wait you guys I'm gonna post a lot of my wish pics pls leave comments to help me out ! ill keep you guys supper posted!!! thanks loves!!!

sooooo I talked to Angie at vanity today

she told me that it is macadoo has been dropped sooo I'm now with Dr vuals I've never seen his work like AT ALL so I'm gonna start digging deep on him, if anyone knows of him or seen his work please let me know!!! good news with him is I only have to get down to about 200 lbs even for him to work on me but knowing me I wanna get down smaller before I even go through with my bbl like I said before because I want a small waist and big butt but I'll keep u guys posted! also if anyone has any ideas on helping me get this weight off fast let me know how I was just gonna work out drink lots of water detox tea and portion control when it comes to eating I also was gonna see if I can get my Dr to sign me off for some phetermine for weight loss
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