Hassanified May 19 Wait On It !!!

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I just began my search for a Dr. & I think I am...

I just began my search for a Dr. & I think I am going to Go with Dr. Fisher In Miami (Vanity) & stay at the recovery house. I called and spoke with Anna she is now my coordinator. She was very nice and helpful. Some time next week I will put my down deposit of 1000$ & The price she gave me was 6000 for a 7 day stay.

I live in the Philadelphia area if anybody has any other options as far as doctors or feedback feel free to share.


Im having financial problems... I want this procedure asap I prefer before my bday in april , but I just don't have the money at this moment. I have fair credit soooo companies are not approving me for a loan. I have a care credit card but i don't think they will approve me for a increase =(. I Have a job but its going to take awhile before i can pay. I also have a saving account but i don't want to touch it.!
Idk what to do... someone pls help!!!!

My Body

So I decided to post pics of my body, I know it could be worse so not going to complain but I'm just uncomfortable and insecure with my body. A little less gut & a lil more butt & hips would help !

Hasan Maybe

I been doing more research and seen really really good reviews on dr hasan. It will also be so much cheaper if I went to him. So I'm between fisher and hasan now :( .
Any suggestions pros vs cons

Going out

Going out tonight so I had to do a lil shopping just thought I would share more pics of my body!

Nothing much changed.

Hello all, so some time last week I put up my down deposit of 1000.00 paid through care credit and that leaves me 3500 to go. I 'm not staying at the recovery house unless I hit the lotto or something it cost to much. At this time I'm looking for personal loans, if I do layaway I won't get my bbl until next year around this time and I'm to impatient for that. Im thinking about just using my income tax but i hate to plan something with money I don't even have yet. I'm just hoping care credit will give me an increase once they see I'm paying off this 1000 they approved me for.

Other than that so far my experience with Vanity has been good my coordinator is Ana & she's GREAT. & the other day another lady called me to check up on me and asked if i had any questions which i liked so, they're good with me ! Im just waiting for my invoice.

Highly Irked

So my coordinator Ana told me Vanity accepts United medical credit & care credit. But they no longer accept help card. I looked on their website and it does have all three as a financial option. So clicked in the live chat and talked to a woman that irked me saying the only accepts care credit. I will be calling vanity because that's false advertisement it's clear as day on the website.

RH Info Check It Out

Good morning RS Sistas. Just wanted to share some info that a Rs sista (Tbooty.Love) shared with me... a recovery house in miami, for those staying at vanity its ways cheaper includes massages, and meals & transportation. Dont quote me cause I haven't been so do your research first https://squareup.com/market/new-body-recovery-services


One step closer! I'm so excited dr hasan here I come :)

In case I Might Need A Round 2

Rs Sistas , Does Vanity Miami Have A Revision Policy ????

Small update

Hello everybody. I'm still working towards trying to gain a lil weight in my stomach. I think it's getting a tad bit bigger. & also paying off my remaining amount... I got put back a little because of holiday spending so I'm now aiming for end of May if not earlier.
Good luck to the winter vanity dolls !

A little nervous

Ok ladies so far so good I have the rest of the money for the procedure Yayyyy! Woop whoop! The only problem is I'm nervous as hell to be going alone. Just to know I'm traveling by myself with nobody I even know in the area is freaking me out. o_0
And I'm in between wanting to rent a room off of airbnb & new body recovery services.

I'm not looking for a roommate just a friendly face, that will be supportive. I wanna set my date for beginning May or June pls let me know if you have a date around that time Thanks !

I Need More Fat

Okay. So this is my current body size. I know my stomach area isn't bad. I just have no ass and my waist sucks. I'm looking for methods for ways to not only increase my weight but my FAT!
So if you ladies have any suggestions pls share.

May 26th

Yasss ladies I finally got my surgery date. I was contemplating since last night about if I really want this procedure & this morning I made up my mind & paid in full.
So if anybody has a date close to or on May 26 message me or comment.
Next step recovery house. I called Moni from new body recovery she said call her later on so I will be putting my down deposit on that later.
yayyyy I'm almost there !


May 19th

Hey ladies. I Changed my date to 5/19/15 because Moni At new body services is booked from 5/22 - 6/6 .
So I am not staying with her 5/18-5/22. I'm so excited =D
Now all I have to worry about is supplies which I'm not spending over 120 , flight & 2 fajas which I think ima wait & get them from Moni for 70$ each

Calling All Vets

Ok so I have a date for May 17 but I cant freakin wait that long I want a April date. The only thing that is stopping me is new body recovery doesn't have available dates and I don't feel comfortable staying at Marian's or keyla recovery house.
So my question is , do you think I would be okay getting a hotel room ??? I'm going thru this journey alone & I just don't want anything to go wrong. Am I going to be completely helpless ?? How bad is the pain ??
I'm just trying to find the safest option.
Thanks in advance!

Plastic Surgery App

Omg this app is so cool lol .


Hey dolls. What's the closest hotel near Vanity Or the airport.

Pre Op / Post Op instructions & credit card Authorization form

Hello Ladies. As you see I received my information for the procedure. If you ask me it's pretty sloppy instructions but whatever. Did anybody else get this credit card authorization form? Bc I don't recall anybody talking about it on rs. Please respond back if you didn't. I don't like giving my card information out.

Supplies/ Flight Ticket / Hotel

Good morning ladies. I been t getting most of my supplies out of they way not so I don't have to run around like a crazy women last minute. So far I have
1.Lipo foam
2.Ab board
3.Ez Pee Urinal
4.Yoga Block
5.Boppy Pillow
6.Compression Socks 3pairs
8. Dresses & sweatpants
9. Pads
All I have to get is my Faja, arnica gel, mederma, something for itching, & first aide things & personal items if I'm missing anything please let me know.
(Items 1-7 purchased on eBay)

Flight- Booked American Airlines for $298
5/18 - 5/25 I'm coming from Philadelphia. I could've got a cheaper ticket with frontier but I heard bad reviews and I'm very paranoid when it comes to flying. Omw back I payed for a front row preferred seating with extra room ... I hope it's worth 48$.

Hotel- I booked a hotel for 5/22 - 5/25 at Howard Johnson Plaze Hotel I Got The Penthouse Suite It was 86/night. If you been please let me know your experience.

*btw yes I'm still staying at new body recovery house. The hotel is for after when hubby comes down.


Hey ladies I just ran across a website called BOOHOO.COM. They have cheap good quality dresses and they have a sale going on today for 30% off. I just purchased 5.

Change of plans.

Well since my ex and I broke up the other day I was kinda stuck considering the fact I only booked with new body recovery 5/18-5/22 and i purchased a plane ticket 5/18-5/25 because my ex purchased a hotel room & we were just going to stay in Miami for 3 night.
But fuck em. I just went on hotel.com & booked a room at Best Western Plus Miami Airport West Inn & Suites. They were the only hotel with free breakfast & shuttle bus to local malls, shopping center & the airport. Plus you couldn't beat the price of $116 per night.
So ima be just fine on my own. !

New Coordinator

Im started to get really annoyed with vanity & My coordinator (Anna).
At first everything was great i was getting calls to check and see how I was doing & as soon as i made my payment ...... Everything stopped the text messages , emails & phone call. I been asking questions and Its like I been getting ignored. I started to notice the only time she answers me is when she needs information. Im about to call vanity and request a new coordinator ! & if i don't get some type of answers i get a refund, take my 3500 & go elsewhere !


So I feel kinda weird about the labs my coordinator just gave me so I look at a couple rs sistas labs and I see things on theirs that's not on mine. (No name , my ps isn't circled) I just feel like she rushed through it bc I was harassing her with questions.... Idk I thought they were all the same but take a look and PLEASE let me know what you think. I don't have time for screw ups.
*Was also told may labs can't be handed in no earlier than 21 days before surgery.

Yes I have a hotel book for the days after I leave New Body Rh but a rs sista talked me into staying at another rh so I won't be lonely. And I'm still in someone's care so I booked at Magdalena rh. I will be paying 300 for 3 nights (transportation, meals, & private room w/tv.) it would've been 250 for the first night but I'm going to be 4days post op so I don't need the extra care. She doesn't have have a reservation system of any kind so I'm going to keep my hotel room just in case.

In reference to my last post

Okay so as you know I was paranoid about the labs Anna sent me . I called Vanity & spoke to Lia (she is very sweet) she told me that the labs Anna sent me was just to let me know what my actual labs would look like what time time comes ... ( I don't understand the point of that but whatever) she said my real labs will be sent out by 4/18. I asked her the time I should be there pre op? She said since my plane lands at 2:30 be there by 3. I also requested to be Hasan first patient for the day. See how smooth that was... Satisfied in 5mins Thanks Lia :)

80 Days.

The countdown has began. I'll be counting down by 20s. I got a longggg way to go. But I know it will go by fast .
I can't stop thinking about my new body , I'm addicted to rs (crying emoji) ... I need to stay off this site lol. So no more posting for awhile unless something exciting happens. Good luck to the late winter & early spring dolls!


Hey ladies. So my original plan was to stay in Miami for 1 week (7days) & return home on the 8th day....
5/18 - 5/22 I was staying at new body recovery & 5/22 -5/25 I was gonna with Magdelena. But now I'm thinking that switching from rh to rh is a lot to deal with I prefer to just stay at one place. So I was just thinking about staying with either
1.Magdalena or
2. Kayla
Please help I don't know who to stay with & I don't want them to end u booked like new body. PLEASE COMMENT OR INBOX ME


Hey ladies . Just wanted to let you dolls that are staying at a hotel or condo ect...
That NBR Is now offering private duty services starting 3/11/15.

Weight Gain Help!

Ladies I need your help my scale says I'm 160 but I sure don't look it. It's so weird to try and gain weight... Some days I look like a Hippo other days I look like a giraffe... I just don't get it. I have 9 weeks/ 64 days to gain this weight. My birth control makes me have no appetite but I eat as much as I can. I'm going to start ensure Monday, can anybody tell me how many to drink and how long before I start to see results? Do I have to drink it everyday? Also is there a supplement I can take to gain weight? Pls help :(


I'm starting to think everybody is going with Dr. fisher now. When I first got on rs everyone was going to Hasan. What's going on I need some new hasanified booties to look at lol. Can somebody drop names of some soon to be Hasan dolls? Pls & thank you -Kisses

60 Days Baby!!!

Yess ladies I'm 60 days away from being HASANIFIED!!!! Whoot whoot!!!
A couple things have changed ...

RECOVERY HOUSE: I'm now staying at Kayla's from May 18- May 25 with my bbl buddy slimthick92 , she's the best I'm sooo happy I found her. We're sharing the master bedroom for 30$ a night cheaper. (With spread beds).

SUPPLIES: I got majority of my supplies I just have to get my foam roller & Arnicare.
I started taking iron pills Monday. & I ordered my Faja from eBay seller marboston in a size M ( hope it fits )

WEIGHT GAIN: I weighed myself yesterday and I'm 165 yayyyy. 5 more lbs and I'll be my weight goal for my pre op. So I will no longer drink ensure or anything else to gain. I'm afraid I'll be over weight.. My bmi is 27.2

WISH BODY: When I first joined Rs I wanted a natural booty not a lot bigger than what I have now bc I didn't want it to attract to mug attention... But now LAWDDDD I want a big ol bubble butt. I need a LIRA GALORE BODY she's my ultimate wish pic.

Everything is going by so fast. My date will be here before I know it. I'm just trying to get everything in order. And prepare myself mentally.

Follow me on ig. Jaeej_

Hey ladies follow me on ig. I know most of you ladies don't tell ppl that you are getting this procedure ... I am one of those ppl as well so pls don't comment bbl stuff lol. I just figure it a good way to keep each other updated. Jaeej_

Miracle Watts

So since Doctors told me I don't have enough fat to get a Lira Galore Body.... Can I get a Miracle Watts Body .

Iron pills

Did iron pills make anybody else poop dark green/blackish. I googled it and it said darker colors is a sign it is working but I'm kinda panicking


I'm sooooo over with vanity foreal with this special promo bullshit. Now wanna have Full body(full abdomen & back, waist, flanks/love handles) 12 areas for 3800 for NEW PATIENTS only but my friend got the special. They pick and choose who gets the fuckin special, which is bullshit.

QUESTION: I only have 10 areas (lower abdomen, lower back, waist & flanks/love handle does anybody know how much extra it would be for full back and full abdomen ?

Sorry Rs Sistas

Okay so I just wanted to state that being addicted and obsessed with things can make you a little cray cray & somehow I put in my head I had 10 areas offered in my quote lower abdomen, lower back, flanks , love handles & waist. But I looked over my invoice,on vanity portal & messages via my ex coordinator Anna I don't have lower abdomen. It just states abdomen which sounds like full abdomen to me. I apologize for my lil rant yesterday. I feel like I went mad but we all get a lil nuts sometimes. So no worries I'm okay now thank you to everyone's encouraging words especially Mamita, allaboutme2015 & Chelsea49344


It's grind time. 40 days Wooohoooo !
Everything is falling into place. I have all my supplies , my 2 garments, plane ticket, bbl roommate, recovery house. The only thing I don't have is large panties. I'm ready!


This will be the last set of pictures I will put up until pre op just wanted to show my weight gain. I started my journey about 154. Gained 11 lbs then lost 9 lbs now Im about 160 lbs. I'm happy my belly and booty is starting to grow but hate the fact my face(chin), and arms are huge ! #39days


So here I am 30 days away from my dream body. Ive been so up and down about this procedure .... I'm not gonna lie I'm scared as hell but God does not give us fear so I shake the devil off.!

Everything is taken care of just have to finish gathering my recovery house money. And a couple personals & i also have to do my labs which is my main concern.

I hate the fact I'm putting on weight last min , bc I can't go over 167 & the rate that I'm going I'm gonna go pass it so I need to chill on the snacks!!!
Other than that see you in 30 days hasan

20 Days Yikes

Wow time is really blowing past. It was just 40 days pre op and now I'm At 20.... I been waiting for the nervousness to kick in & it just hit me yesterday.... Am I really doing this !??? I remember when my mother and I would joke around saying we were going to get out butts done and now it's really happening ! I'm going thru so many thoughts and emotions. My #1 concern now is when is recovery really over??? When can I go back to feeling normal? I hear so many females saying everything is sore or numb like I can't take that lol. But Ima G up lol I really want this and I'm going to push forward.
UPDATES : So everything is great everything i have all supples except lil personal items so I'm slowly packing. I just did my labs on the 24th I'm just waiting in vanity to call me and let me know my results.... That's the only thing I'm stressing about. Thank god my labs are free in case I have to do them again!

BTW spring Hasan dolls y'all look BOOTIFUL if I didn't have your reviews to read I would have been got a refund. #20moredays #Hasanimcominforyou

12 days

Hello dolls. And soon to be dolls. For the post op ladies you are all looking bootiful.

As you can see I am 12 days away from being hasanified and I am full of emotions. For the most part I'm anxious ... I just wanna get this over with already so I can start my new life !!
I just got vanity to confirm my blood work & my hemp is 13.5 yayyyyyyy I'm super hype I been taking iron pills & geritol daily.
So I'm ready to go already.
I posted some pictures that I edited off of a plastic surgery app. I will be showing hasan these pictures instead of somebody else picture. I hope and pray I can get results like this.

Thirsty For A Booty !

Idc Idc I been wanting a booty since I was a teenager. My ass does not fit my body at all... From the front you'll look at my like damn I know her ass fat & then when I finally walk past ...BAMM nada !!!
Before I was cocky and I knew I looked good, I didn't have a butt but my body looked good so It really didn't bother me as much but after I had my son LAWD ! I was 200lbs due to the birth control I was on, I eventually took it out & I slowly went down to 168 which is where I am now. But I been miserable ever since I hate my body I know it could be worse but Idc I still hate it. I'm ready for this dream body & I'm single & THIRSTY for some attention from males & females(no homo)

So question for you post op ladies how real is the attention????
Is there a difference how guys come at you?
Do random ppl come up to you asking if your booty is fake?
I can't wait. I'm gonna flaunt my new body ' I'm gonna be a straight problem !

I can't stand the rain

Omgeeee 5 days to go so I decided to check the weather & guess what it's going to flipping rain & with rain comes body aches & pains which will make surgery harder (crying emoji) ... I was looking forward to some sun but whatever I guess


Gooooodmoring ladies, I hope all is well.

The its almost showtime !!! I'm here at phl airport omw to Miami. Leaving my baby boy was the hardest for me to do, even tho he was cool with it lol... But other then that everything has been moving smoothly ... Which never happens to me lol.
Oh except my flight being delayed 40 mins so now I'm just sitting chillin & waiting patiently ...
My current emotions / feeling is anxious and nervous ! I'm so nervous that I didn't eat dinner last night or breakfast my stomach is is knots you hear me straight BG's (bubble guts ) But this food is smelling mighty good lol.
Kayla will be picking me up from the airport as soon as I land!
Omgee as I'm writing this im panicking I can't believe I'm doing this ... It's about to get real.

Waist trainers

Hey ladies do you know any stores that sell waist trainers near vanity for a reasonable price?

Here At Kayla's Rh

Hey Love. Here's a quick update.
I arrived at in Miami around 4pm. I caught a taxi and Kayla reimbursed me. I arrived at vanity around 4:30 and it was so nice and clean... Everyone was friendly and attentive. All the Latinos bodies were amazing lol and they were all dressed to impress !!!
I signed in and sat in the waiting room, then waited about 30 mins and got called in a room to sign my life away! I got a call from hasan assistant saying my appt was set for 5:30 am.... So I'm the first patient for the day ... Am I nervous HELL YES!

Sooo then me and my bbl buddy slimthick92 went food searching with Gabby kayla's driver. We went to Benihana, it was delicious. Then we went home to the rh .... Everything was nice clean & well put together (mind you kayla redid the place) I then met all the other post op girls and everyone was nice. Now when I tell you those girls are moving around like they never got the shit done omg I was like yall make this shit look east forreal. They said it was cake! So that made me feel better. Now I'm chillin in the bed about to watch movies or something ...
I will post pics and update you ladies tomorrow. Pray for me ... Tomorrow I will have a whole new body !!!!!!!


I don't feel well enough to write everything that I want so hopefully I can do it tomorrow... Here a couple pics I tried my best lol.
Btw hasan is the SHIT

My Apologies ladies

I'm sorry I haven't updated you girls & went completely M.I.A but for me recovery is no joke... I'm not going to do a full review on the dr & vanity bc it's basically what everybody else has written .... Vanity was great in & out for every visit... & Dr Hasan was marvelous hands down... I wasn't expecting anything like this my main problem was draining fluid, I had so much fluid in my & only one incision to drain from... There were moments I was weak, about to pass out & I would get hot flashes... That hot lava fluid is nothing to take lightly that shit hurts like hell its the devil forreal.. Massages hurt but only but only in my abdomen area only bc the fluid.. Ladies make sure you get your massages they are very very important. If you have any questions just comment or send me a message... I didn't take a lot of pictures bc I didnt play dress up yet. I feel more safe & comfortable in my garment which is getting to small. I'll be back with some pictures in clothes soon. Thanks ladies for your support

What do you dolls use to sit on

Hey dolls.. Monday I return to work & i have a sitting job so I need to know what works best to sit on ... Boppy , bbl pillow , booty buddy or any other options...


Hey dolls , I just wanna apologize for not posting like I promised I would do but this whole experience just went left for me. For the first month I loved my booty and then something changed I lost the bubble , my dents on the side came back , I now have cellulite on my butt which I didn't have before and I just lost a lot of volume period. So I guess it's true for females that have a smaller booty post op in order to get the results you want you have to do this multiple times :(
My lipo areas are still healing ... But due to my stretch marks from child births abdomen looks horrible hopefully as time goes they will get better .... My back is hella numb and everything is swollen I can't wait for this to go away for real . I didn't get a lot of itching or anything else that everybody experience ... My healing wasn't as bad as a lot of reviews I heard about.
Anyhoo I been sitting on my butt now for about 2 weeks it doesn't hurt nor feel weird I'm completely soft. I'm going go to start wasn't training on my 2 month mark Bc I need my waist snatched more . If I left anything out that you ladies want to know just leave a comment below.

pictures !!!!!

May 28th my first week home

more !!!!

May 31-June 5


June 9-June 1 Due to my face pics will be taken down in a couple days


June 18

More !!!!

June 20-26
It's not the biggest I'm more Confident but........ I want more lol so ROUND 2 DING DING DING !!!!!
And This time with Dr O at vanity
Miami Physician

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