21 Year Old Who is Tired of Having a Grandma Ass - Miami, FL

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After stalking this page since I was 19 ! 2 years...

After stalking this page since I was 19 ! 2 years later and living in Miami now I am FINALLY going to have the body I've always wanted. Kim K booty I'm coming for you ! ;) Well I'm going with Dr.Hasan because I'm completely in LOVE with his work. I stalk his fan page & all the hasan dolls because til this day I haven't seen any 'bad' reviews. I wanted to go originally with Dr Duran but I'm just not brave enough to leave the country since this will be my first surgery ever lol So FAR vanity has been decent I have Leo & so far she's lovely. I live 15 mins away from their office so any issues you know damn well ima be in there !lol but so far its good. One problem I do have is my bmi is a little high I'm at 185 & she said that I should go down to 175 but I want to be 160 before surgery so I'm also going to be in weight loss journey to lose 25 pounds !

Wish picss

Me now sadly .. Soon my BEFORE

Always hated my body, always struggled with my weight but there it is ...

About 3/4 years agoo on halloween(i was 17)

So i told my cousin about my journey & that i want to lose weight & she sends me this pic for motivation ! Lol My weight was 168/170. I kinda wanna get down to this for surgery. What do you think ladies ??

Im getting scared! lol

Any vets out there know the prices for the massages I want to go to medical massage professionals because I follow their IG and their work looks amazing has anyone gone there & typically how much they cost ? whats too expensive ? I have an aunt who's a licensed massage therapist but I don't trust her because she doesn't have experience with post op patients and she's gonna charge me ! so yeah just need some direction on that also today I will be paying my deposit I go to FIU which is on the same street as Vanity lol I'm gonna put down only 1000 for now. Im kinda having second thoughts because last night I couldnt get off RS and I saw a couple of girls with really BAD burns that really got me scared I don't think I can live with horrible scars on my body omg i would die ! that just got me really scared. Also any ladies out there who have low blood pressure and had a normal bbl. I suffer with pretty low bp and heart rate and I'm just scared its going to affect me in surgery or recovery. Any advice??

Any ladies going to get a bbl in Miami (SouthWest Area)

Im super nervous to do it on my own! I kind of want someone to go through it with me lol basically a surgery buddy ! I live in Kendall which is near Vanity. I know Miami is HUGE but it would be awesome to meet someone out here who's going through the same journey as me and be able to actually meet! :)


This is the exact shape i want im just scared the butt will be too big & i dont want to feel like i wont be taken serious because my body will be "too" much. My mom is so against my surgery because she doesnt want me to get unecessary attention. But idc !! Lol Im just a pre med student & i need to also look good in "proper" attire i guess you could say lol

This pic didnt upload but this is for the post above ^^^

Paying Vanity?

Any ladies who have dealt with Vanity , which is the safest way to pay them ? Ive heard SO MANY horror stories of them "not recieving" payments & DO not want that to happen to me. I was going to pay cash idk if thats smart. Anybody have some advice please lmk!

Payed my deposit STILL going with Hasan.

Im Still gonna go with Hasan just because they said he'll be back in April, I spoke to Leo & she said I have nothing to worry about because he will be back by then. My sx date is May 11th & worse thing that can happen is he doesnt come back if he doesnt i'll end up switching Fisher but for now ill stick with Hasan.

BA & BBL?!

Anyone did both at the same time? Is it worth it or just TOO much at one time I have NO boobs and my mom said if im gonna do my butt might as well do my breast as well idk i souldnt want to risk losing booty volume. But anyone know of successful vets who did both & prices?

Any ladies have Instagram??

If you have instagram follow my journey account :)

I Hate my Fat arms!

Does anyone know how much Hasan Would charge extra for arm lipo including the armpirt because I have that gross buldge on the side of my boobs when I have a bra on which i Haaaaaate!


Soo I told a few of my family members about my surgery & their reaction Was something I deff didnt expect ! They were not with it at all. Most of them said it was a waste of money & my aunt WHO HAS HER ASS DONE BUT WILL DENY IT TO HER GRAVE had the nerve to say the DR was going to destroy my body. Everyone said I should just lose weight. Losing weight is soemthing I want but not MY GOAL if I lost weight i would look like a skinny spongebob i am a square! & they dont get it. They say im too big boned & a big ass will look awkward on me. Understand im the BIGGEST & TALLEST woman in my family. Im 5'4 & 180 lbs every girl in my fam is 5'2 & no more than 160, its really frustrating when your own family doesnt support your decision especially when all the women in that room (aunt,grandma,mom) HAD plastic surgery. It just really fucking pisses me off!! The most support I have is here & im so thankful for everyones comments who say I will look great i really appreciate it


My belly button is not the prettiest due to weight loss/gain my whole life. Im scared how its going to look after the lipo any advice on how to make it rounder or keep it from looking like a line ?!? LOL pleass help ! & yeah deff put on like 5 pounds got a little TOO excited for the sx but TODAY starts strict diet & exercise gotta get rid of these 20 pounds!!

Me at 170 lbs

I think i'll have more than enough fat sx. I want to AT LEAST get down to this weight.


So who knew my tutoring is in the building next to vanity. Today I made another 1000 payment. It feels so good to almost have everything paid in full????

Anyone Have Tubular Breasts & Had A BA?

Sadly, I have tubular breasts(a breast deformation). & ive read that most of the time a BA on its own wont fix it. Has anyone been succesful with getting away with just a BA?
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