21 Year Old, 150lb, *FISHERFIED* - Miami, FL

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Hi ladies, so I'm making a new review because my...

Hi ladies, so I'm making a new review because my last review was kind of all over the place. I had been doing my research on finding the right doctor for about 8 months until I found Dr. fisher. In Miami, a lot of my friends and family always ask me.. "Why Miami" why don't you do it out here? Well first of all, I've done my research and I was 100% sure about the doctor I was going to.

Okay so were do I start.. I'll start from the beginning.

I started of as 135lb, very slim, straight body, no butt, no curves, nothing. Once I decided I was going to go though with the surgery they told me I had to gain about 10-15 more pounds. Girl... I was eating everything and anything... 4,5 times a day. My surgery weight was 150. I was pretty happy about that. Anyways, I never had any problems with vanity, they were all very friendly and nice, the whole time. Before and after surgery.


After pictures

Chin lipo

I'm not really in a lot of pain with my chin at all.. Just feels a little numb that's all.


Before and afters

Curves and flat stomach .. I am in love!

All this ass....

I am loving my new body

What do you think?

Some random

Deleted some pics.. My bf didn't want me to post them. Sorry ladies. I will do my whole experience this week. I've just been bsy

I was trying to copy and past from my old review and it wouldn't let me . But will update soon!

My review overall over this SCAM RECOVERY HOUSE!!

Okay so today I am 9 days post op

I feel sooooooooooo much better. I can walk better, a lot of the swelling and bruising has gone down, it's still a little hard for me to bend down but it's getting easier.

I was originally suppose to stay for 5 days, ended up staying 9

So my flight was suppose to leave Friday, and dr. Fisher said he recommends people to stay at least 7 days. So I tried to call my airline to change my flight, they were charging me over 500!!! They are crazy! American Airlines ! I hated them. They said I was better off buying a new ticket. So I had to spend MORE money, on another ticket. And of course I ended up getting picked up by Joy witch was my recovery mom at the other recovery house I went to. For the Extra 4 days. My flight was originally suppose to leave Monday, at 7
And we got to the airport at 6, so casual, and it ends up being that we were at the wrong airport!!!!!!!! And we only had one hour to get there in hectic trafic !! And it was just impossible. I called JetBlue and told them I got in a car accident (I lied) and I wasn't going to make it. Long story short they waved my feed and changed my flight for the next day. And they gave me a handicap chair!! So everything worked out great because I had a lot of room, I was right in the front, and I was able to sit backwards on my knees for almost half the time lol!

Update pics

I still remember walking into my moms house on wensday and she had this look on her face like "omg" and it wasn't a good "omg" .. She just looked at me and said "it just too much, too exaggerated " coming from a Mexican family I knew she was going to think that regardless so I just didn't care what she said.. I just keep telling her it's going to go down mom lol but I love the fake look honestly .. It looks way bigger in person. This was today.

Before and after lol

This was 3 days before my surgery

Hi ladies ! Haven't been on here because I had lost my phone but just got it back!

Here are some updated pics

New pics

I found you... and this new boottaayyy

Hi ladies just doing some updated pics..

Sorry if I haven't been able to write all of you back, my baby has me busy like all day! Lol so anyways.. I am literally in love with my results ! I am so happy and feel like a whole new person, I use to get attention before. But this is like 100x more the attention. And of course .. at work I get a lot of compliments from ppl who knew me before.. but costomers Who come don't know that it's fake everybody says that it looks really natural even though I wanted the more fake look but I still think it looks somewhat fake which is what I like I have alsobeen making more money than I used to make. I was using that extra large garment when I got my surgery then drop down to a large and now I am a small my waist is getting really tiny and I love it I haven't been on any specific diet because I'm scared to lose weight on my butt. I'd rather gain weight and then work it out then to lose weight and lose my butt. I wear my garment every day unless I'm at work

This is the faja I got online

I like it but it's really uncomfortable in your vagina area.. I'm buying a new one next week
Deprada brand or whatever it's called . Colombia as way better.

What do you think ;)

I'm going skydiving tomorrow and just wanted to know if that's bad for my butt ?

Is it?

Hi ladies here's a quick update

So I did ed up going sky diving and it was super fun! I know the last post that I had posted was about me going skydiving and then I just never updated my profile but I'm alive

Yikes lol

These curves :)

You guys can follow me on IG at @babbyvbribiesca




Round 2???? Yes

I have gained weight and feel like by butt isn't as big because my waist isn't as small as before. Ppl say I'm crazy but I want it bigger

Love my results

Love my booty

Haven't updated

Sorry I haven't been updating much recently just busy with life kids and boyfriend. Anyways, I love my results but of course like everyone always wants bigger . Probably wait a year or so, anyways, as far as working out .. never do. As far as wearing my faja. I only wear it if I'm wearing a nice dress or going out. It makes my body look amazing ! And I literally have everyone staring at me lol my man loves it btw. I don't really eat healthy and I'm not on any diet, I feel like all the food goes to my butt now lol my man thinks I'm crazy but I think it does !! Lmaooo

I want to get my boobs redone now .

I had my boobs done when I was 18, I am 22 now and i had a baby, so they've of course dropped, I already had bigger somewhat loose skin on my. Breast so I don't think I went big enough, I've gone to consultations in Beverly Hills and some tell me I need a lift others tell me I just need to go bigger. But in reality if I go bigger they're only going to droop in time. You know? So I think I'll just go the size I want, and get a lift that way I don't need to think about future surgeries . Anyone know good doctors for breast lifts ????
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I met Dr. fisher the day of my surgery and he made me feel very comfortable, he's super sweet, very professional.

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