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Yup I've been stalking this site for months just...

Yup I've been stalking this site for months just like everyone else. Lol I'm 21 5'8 and about 178lb. Most of my life I've been very thin. At the age 19 the start of collage I was 120lb and jumped to 140lb after my first year. Ever since, I've been trying to put on weight for a BBL. over the time of gaining this weight I've become so self conscience. I now have stretch marks something I thought I would never have to deal with. I've learned that my skin is very tight. Which I figured Is why I am getting stretch marks so easily.and I've always had a small perky butt. But now I just want something bigger better and sexier and more hips. I've been researching Dr. Fisher and he works wonders on smaller females. I just want to gain a little more weight before I set a date.

Surgery app

Messing around on the surgery app

Not really an update!

Ugh Still the same weight. Want to gain another 5-10lb. I'm going to Jamaica this week for 18 days. Soon as I Get back I will call vanity and make my deposit for my date. I want to add arm lipo. After gaining all this weight I hate my arms so much! They aren't super huge but they look big too me. I'll upload pics later. Anyone who's had arm lipo and bbl... Was it more difficult to heal because of your arms? Should I wait for arm lipo?

Bipolar booty

When you find the right angle to take a booty selfie for your man... HaHa

Bipolar booty

Made a deposit

Last Tuesday the 19th I finally made a deposit of $3,000... Which is half of the surgery cost. No massages no garment no foams. Surprisingly today I see that there is now a special for bbl for $5300 which includes all of the above. So I just emailed my assigned coordinator. And I am hoping I can get deal! I'm officially booked for December 10th.

I've gained some weight and then I lost it. Most likely due to stress and moving to FL. I am currently 164lb but my arms are so chubby and my belly looks prego . Lol just wanted to give a quick update.

Exactly 2 Months Away

I'm 2 months away and I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I just can't wait to see the new me. There so much negative comments about vanity but I still have faith and trust in Dr Fisher to give me the booty that I want

Surgery Instagram

I just made a surgery Instagram and I am not understanding as to why so many girls have in their bio that they are not accepting any followers? A little frustrating! Was hoping to see some more before and after pics, being that I pretty much read almost every Fisherdoll experience on here
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