20yrs Old with No Booty or Hips - Miami, FL

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Hey everyone I'm Kellie! I'm really excited to...

hey everyone I'm Kellie! I'm really excited to join the realself community and meet some women going through or having gone through the same thing as me. So anyway I turned 20 recently and I've honestly have always been the overweight friend and its not the cute curvy big friend. Sadly no butt runs in my family- my mom and grandma may as well have inverted booties lol. I, unlike them, feel like I can't grow to love this body and God put surgeons on this earth so I can have the body I want, can I get an amen?! So I'm planning on getting a BBL this upcoming December while I am on winter break from school. Since I am young and my salary isn't too much I'm looking for a low price yet high quality doctor that my mother is helping me pay for (bc she understands the struggle lol) I'm looking to travel to miami but strongly considering going to the DR. the thing that scares me about DR is that I've heard about deaths there and people waking up during surgery???? If anyone has some surgeon suggestions that would be great! thanks for reading dolls

Definitely not going to DR

lol girlll I'm already so obsessed with this site! Okay so I did more research on going to DR and I really just can't risk it! Like so many people said they really WOKE UP during surgery like hellll no I wanna be drugged up completely, I want the STRONGEST made in the usa drugs to ensure that will not happen! lol that has to be so scary and I just can't mentally put myself in that much risk for that lol I'm extra but... just, no. Will be uploading some pics soon so yall can really see that I'm Spongebob's twin sister!

I'm a liar- now considering the DR

Hey ladiess so I know in my last rant I said i'm totally against going to the DR but no doctors in my price range seem to really be giving the results I want. I have a gut rn and I want it GONEEE after my bbl! I'm looking at Dr. Ortega and Llorente and both of them seem to be giving mediocre asses and some of the women still have a protruding gut after =(. This is making me sad lol I'm really scared to got to the DR and something happen to me... but I always don't want to have to do a round 2 bc i'm not happy with my results in the US! Ughh Lord help me

Dr. Ortega or Llorente

Okay I'm making up my mind right now and promising myself I'm staying in the US for my safety and Im either gonna go to Dr. Ortega or Llorente and just explain to him that I want AALLLLLL my gut GONE and put as much fat in my booty as it will take!

Decided to go with Ortega!!

Hey ladiesss! I'm so excited i've decided to go with Dr. Ortega and my sx date is quicklyyyy approaching! it is scheduled for November 22nd!! Since i'm in school still I scheduled it over Thanksgiving break and i'm just hopinggg I feel up to going back to class after I get this done lol Now that I have my date im working on getting post surgery supplies and i SWEAR this is the most overwhelming part!! Any tips or important items I should be getting?? HELP
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