20 years old , mother , getting bbl Miami, FL

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I've been on real self since I gave birth to my...

I've been on real self since I gave birth to my baby girl , I had her at 18( really young) which altered my shape . Of course I wasn't done growing , now I'm stuck with a beautiful mommy body (all smiles) . I've always had a flat butt and I often fantasize about having a badonk lol . I'm saving to make my fantasy a reality . I've been searching for doctors that's affordable and when I say affordable I mean in the 5-6 grand range . I would love if you beautiful people help me out .


So I'm still looking for a doc to do my bbl , got my eye on fisher , Hassan and Ortega. They all do really good work to me and they're all located in Florida , I guess I will decided when I get quoted from all three . I'm beyond excited I've been researching for 3 days for it seems like all night . I can't wait to have my dream body . it'll take my a couple months to get the money up but I'm so determined, I'm saving every penny .

Dolls I have a question , what to do if your spouse doesn't approve?

I've been wanting this for a very long time but my boyfriend doesn't approve of it , he tells me to just go to the gym , but I try to tell hm I want a hourglass figure with a nice butt , and I don't think I can get that look working out unless I'm in the gym 7 days a week and also eating healthy which is something I know I'm not going to do . Of course after I get the surgery I'm going to eat healthier and work out more than I do now but not excessively . I just wish I had his support . Even though his opinion really isn't changing my mind on getting it . I would love to get support it would make this process a whole lot better , my mom thinks it's a great idea to jump start my modeling career . I hate for us to have to fall out over this but I honestly think he'll learn to love it , what do you dolls think ?

Going with Fisher , ready to be a fisherdoll

So after all night flights looking at reviews from from you beautiful ladies I've decided to go with fisher , I love his work I love how he shapes the body and gives the hourglass . I've contacted the office for a quote . It's Sunday so I'm expecting a reply tomorrow I'm ready to send pictures and put a deposit down . I'm soooooo excited ladies bbl is all I've been thinking and talking about . Still scared of what my boyfriend reaction will be (he's against any cosmetic surgery ) but he'll learn to love it , this is for me , and maybe I'm being a tad bit selfish but I've wanted this for soo long and so bad way before I met him . Also I was a model before the baby and after this surgery it'll jump start my modeling career again .

Pictures sent waiting on quote

hi dolls , just got a reply from vanity also from the office of Ortega . His bbl are going for 5100 if anyone wants to know . I have my mind set on fisher though , so just waiting on a reply . I hate to offend anyone with this but I feel like I'm talking to myself when i come on here . And honestly I need the support from
People who are going through the same thing or process as i am . Therefore I won't be posting anymore updates , I'll just read and comment on you beautiful ladies journeys . Thanks anyway this site is still the best . Xoxo



Looking for surgery buddy 9/19/16

Please help ! Although I can travel alone. I just don't want to
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