Future bal harbour warrior! two kids and ready to look great!

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Okay so I'm 20 years old I just had a kid not too...

Okay so I'm 20 years old I just had a kid not too long ago the baby is 6 months. The pregnancy left my body super squared. Not that I've ever been super curvy but now my body is horrible! I've lost so much weight and I'm skinny in all the wrong places! Surgery is in 4 months and this is how I look now

Should I gain weight?

I really want a curvy body. It's always been my dream. I really want something bigger than jlos booty, would I have to gain more weight for that to happen? I'm at 123 now and I'm 5'1

Wish pictures

I really would love a small waist and hips and and huge butt I'm hoping for the best! From spongebob to a coke bottle (seems almost impossible) but I have faith in dr salzhaur

What kind of faja do I need for my surgery?

Do they give it to us at doctor salz office or do I have to buy one?

Look at this!

This is the kind of dramatic change I'd like

Dr Miami has the best coordinator Monica!

So I had so many doubts about my surgery and my coordinator Monica made sure to answer all of my questions. I emailed her one day and she called me the next day! I was expecting to wait a week or so for a response since they're so busy but no they have the best staff and they're by your side the whole way! She told me I have to be up to 135 lbs by my surgery date I hope I can gain 10 pounds and I just added another area of lipo which is on my arms! Now I'll have even better results! I'm so excited.


So my surgery went up 750$ because I added another area of lipo. I really want a huge butt so I'm doing what it takes! And I also have to gain 10-12 pounds. I hope I can do this.

Post op massages

Are post op massages necessary? If so how much are they I'm only going to be in miami a week after my bbl

Hotel booked for a week!

I finally booked a hotel to stay in for my first week post op It's right by the clinic. I can't wait! I just wish time would go by a little faster.

No butt hope dr Miami can hook me up

As you can see I have no butt what's so ever! It's so saggy and it's gotten way flatter after giving birth. I'm so scared that I won't get the results I want. Like I see on here that you lose a lot of projection like what if I paid all that money and it all goes away? I'm so scared and anxious now.

Three months pre op pics

Well, this is how I currently look. I hate my body. I really hope the doctor can get a good shape out of me with the lipo and I hope for lots of projection. I really wish I could find more reviews with lady's that have the same kind of shape as I do. I have to gain about 10-15 pounds for the results I want but it seems almost impossible.


I'm having a fit. I want time to go by a littler faster, I have serious depression because of my body. After my terrible break up I just feel disgusting in every angle. I just want a sexy body to match my cute face!

What should I start buying?

Can anyone please tell me what I should start buying? I am about three months away from my surgery and I want to make sure I have everything I need. I emailed my coordinator and she told me that right now its not necessary to buy anything. they'll probably give me a list of things I need but id like to know ahead of time so I can be prepared. should I buy a regular waist trainer?

Some more pre op pics

My ass is so flat it's ridiculous and my body is horrible! I've never seen it so ugly after giving birth. I hope dr salz can do some magic and I hope he gives me a great shape I really want a smaller waist with round hips and a huge ass at least 1,200 per cheek! I'm very booty greedy. I'm going to email my coordinator and ask her if I should keep gaining weight. I want the best results possible. I wish I could see more reviews with girls that have the same body type as I do. I'm so anxious and this website has me obsessed. Three months can't pass fast enough! 107 more days!!!!!!!


So I just got a called from dr Mel Ortegas office with an offer of 5,000 for the bbl and 600 extra to add lipo on my arms and for an earlier date September 30th! Idk what to do should I stay with doctor salzhauer or should I switch? HELP PLEASE


can you ladies please find me more reviews to look at with girls that had a squared shape and no ass? I really want to see some REAL transformations.

sitting after bbl

I have a job that requires sitting 8 hours a day so what should I do? and how will I even drive to work. will the bbl pillow help? or are there any other options? how long should I wait to sit? sorry for all the questions

iron pills

what are the best iron pills to take? my coordinator told me I should start them as of now to avoid any cancellation.


I am finally gaining some weight and now its getting to me. I still have two months and a half to go. so between now and then I am going to look horrible. so I think ill just stay home till its time to come back out and show my new body! I really hope its all worth it.


I'm contemplating on adding some permalip for my surgery day to make my lips look more full! What do you guys think? I wonder how much doctor salz charges for that

In serious denial

I never knew how f****d up my body was until I decided I was going to get surgery. It makes me so depressed how I still have to wait almost three months just to begin the process of looking good and I have a HUGE GUT feeling that I'm not going to look as great as I want to! I have a horrible shaped body and I'm starting to doubt the masters work. I keep having these nightmares.

big problem

So I have a big problem. I haven't told my boss that I need two weeks off for surgery, they're kind of strict here about getting time off. I just don't know how to break it down to him because I've only been here for about for about two months lol.


I wonder if full back lipo includes the little rolls I have under my arm pits.
and whats better the booty buddy or the bbl pillow?

Help! Booty buddy or bbl pillow?

Which one is better and the most comfortable?'


Waist 31
Butt/hip 36


I still weigh the same. I wonder how long it'll take for me to actually start packing on the pounds. I eat all the junk food that my 4 year old son snacks on plus I try to drink a milk shake every night and NOTHING. I eat lots of carbs and NOTHING! this is so stressful. I've never actually wanted to gain weight on the contrary I've always wanted to lose it but now its almost impossible for me to gain weight.

No weight gain at all

I've lost three pounds, nothing is working!!!! Look at this :( long flat booty


As you can see I have loose skin but not a lot of fat. I'm two months away from my surgery and super frustrated.

Arm lipo

Has anyone had arms included? How's the process? Does it make things more difficult? I added my arms too, cause when I gain weight that's probably one of the first places that blows up.

good news

I've gained about 5 pounds already, im super excited about that. Tomorrow I will be buying all my supplies. like the bbl pillow, arnica gel, iron pills, and lipo foam.
what else am I missing? please let me know.

So sick of this

Okay so I lost everything I gained again.
I'm seriously tired of it. I can't seem to put on any weight, I eat very unhealthy and I even eat the junk that my son eats. My boyfriend says I don't need to gain weight but believe me I do. I do not have enough fat for the results I want. Any suggestions? I'm about to give up.

Little update

So I ordered my bbl pillow and the urinal funnel and now I just don't know which iron pills are the best to take? Anyways, I'm so glad I chose dr salz like he's the man he knows what he's doing! I know this long wait till be worth it. I see some reviews on here and I'm like wtf is going on? I feel like I can preform a bbl now haha I've researched so much lol. Anyways my time is reaching slowly but surely I can't wait!

Pre op pictures. Less than two months away!!

Here are some photos, I've gained about 4 pounds thank god!!! I have less than two months to go for surgery. Just hoping for the best results as possible. I'm really aiming for an upside down heart shape. I hope it's possible, and I'd love no less than 1,000 cc per cheek. That's why I'm trying to gain as much as I can. You ladies tell me what you think? Do you think I can reach my wish pic goals? Look at my pre op and look at this recent wish pic.
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