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I am currently 167lbs weighed today. Most of my...

i am currently 167lbs weighed today. Most of my weight is in my tummy and thighs. Im about 5'7 - 5'8 and ive always had a boxy shape. No booty at all. My surgery is scheduled for July 19 with Sergio Alvarez at Spectrum in Miami, FL. I am very anxious, not nervous at all after lots of research. I will post pictures, I dont really have a specific goal picture for my booty i just want a flat stomach! I havent had alot of interactions with Spectrum yet honestly, I call just to make my payments, its Very easy and simple. I am paying cash, no financing or anything its cheaper that way. I am a little nervouse about the blood work, ive seen a lot of people talk about hemo & iron and i have no idea about those things ! Im hoping my youth comes in handy and i wont have much to improve IF ANYTHING *fingers crossed*

Also looking for a good BBL pillow, if anyone has recommendations or one PLEASE contact me. BBL pillows or any supplies im ready to buy ! Ill update after i get my bloodwork done in a few days

before pic

I am ready

Just contacted spectrum about my blood work, they told me my iron & hemo (which I was nervous about) was completely great. I've heard some mixed things about spectrum but every interaction I have had has been good so far. I am so happy everything came back great, I am 2 weeks out & I am READY. When I paid my deposit I was considering a RH, but after re-evaluating everything I have decided my man will be joining me as my caregiver. If all fails I will go to a place for lymphatic massages but I have faith he will take care of me. I'm going the affordable route and staying in a airbnb.

Supply List + affordable tips

I've seen a lot of lists of things I need to buy so I've kinda taken all those lists and made my own. Check around your home for some items first and establish what's left to be bought. I highly suggest looking to eBay & Amazon for certain things FIRST but make sure you have enough time for delivery as a lot of things coming from China to us take about a month. Next I checked the 99 cent store as a lot of things are available there as well, lastly I visited Walmart.

List of bought things:
eBay -
2 female urinals $2 (avoid sitting when you have to use the restroom)

Things from home -
Gloves free
Fish oil free (helps with swelling)
Peroxide free
Pads free (if you start your time of the month, also used for covering incisions)

99 cent store -
3 x 2pk Absorbent adult pads $3 (to lay down to sit on)
2 Cold compress & bandage roll $2
30 PK Wet wipes $1
4 PK XL fruit of loom underwear $2 (big panties to wear)
2 Waterproof med tape $2
Cotton balls $1
2 cotton rounds $2
80 PK wet wipes $1
Antibacterial soap $1
Rubbing alcohol $1
Blow up kids float $1 (to place on the toilet when I have to use the restroom)
2 antibiotic ointment $2
Shower curtain liner $1 (to place on the bed)
2 scar gel $2
Roll bandage $1
Pool noodle $1 (I've heard you can cut these and use them inplace of a bbl pillow...... We gone see lol)

Walmart -
Arnica cream $7 (helps with bruising and swelling)
Arnica balm $3 (^)
2 Laxative $2 (to help with constipation)
Daily fiber powder $6 (^)
Foam $7 (foams are used to make sure lines and indentations don't occur when wearing your faja, instead of paying for specific foam boards for that, I bought seat cushion foam to cut and place myself)

These are some tips and tricks I've seen here and some ice thought up myself, ofcourse if some don't work I'll go ahead and just purchase the correct product when in Miami because it's available locally there. Hopefully this helps someone


I've actually been trying to gain maybe 10lbs and I haven't had any luck, I've been eating like crazy & I can't leave 167.... My weight has always been a steady 160-165 it's hard for me to leave this range but I'm trying so hard just for the sake of the surgery.

Wish pics ?

Been trying to find wish pics, I don't wanna be super skinny but I do want the curves from waist to hips

Packing & getting ready

Getting packed, I am only taking one bag with everything I need. A couple people that know about to surgery keep asking if I'm nervous, but I'm not nervous at all. My boyfriend thinks I'll get nervous last minute but I'm not really sure. I'm just ready to go, anxious. The only thing I am nervous about is having the surgery paid before the due date which is the day before my surgery date. I have $775 left and I'm just waiting on money to transfer, we know how slow that can be. I'll be in Miami one extra day preop so Ima take a lil outfit incase I wanna go out. Even though I'm not nervous, all prayers are accepted, can never have enough of those. Thanks for the support here !

Surgery in the morning

Tomorrow is the day, i go in for sx @ 5:30am. I am still not nervous but ready to go. I was kinda annoyed because i got my nails done a little before my trip to miami, and they told me told i have to remove atleast one of my nails..... wish i wouldve known that ahead of time. As far as spectrum goes, they literally give you all your info the day before, i wish i wouldve had the rules before also different people kinda gave me different info. someone told me not to eat 10hrs prior then someone told me not to eat past 9pm which is 2 different times.... these things dont really bother me too much, just a heads up. I made it to 170 which was my goal ! I been eating everything insight finishing every plate lol. I guess thats it, ill update in the morning !

It's done

Haven't felt like updating but here we go. My sx was 07/19 5:30am, when I pulled up people were outside waiting because whoever was supposed to open was late. The lady was late so she quickly rushed us to get ready & she gave me the paperwork to fill out although I'm sure she was supposed to assist me. She came off rude but I'm sure she was just hectic because she was late. I met Chris who was my anestia doc and he was very nice and I finally me Sergio who was nice as well. I was the first of the morning so they spoke with me and took me back immediately & The rest was history. I woke up lying on my back SHAKING, I think i was shocked idk but it was hurting. Sitting in the wheelchair was also terrible. My post op appt yesterday I got a lymphatic massage which left me very light headed and nauseas she told me to stop taking my percs and start takin Tylenol and arnica during the day.... Yeah aight lol. I am very pleased with my results and I am feeling great today, I took a walk down the street to stretch and loosen everything. Putting the faja back on had to be the worst pain so far. I haven't sat on my but at all !

Before & after


Okay so where do I start... Everything has gone well. My flight back home was 4 1/2 hours so I took 2 percocets and was pretty out of it the entire time. I haven't been in a lot of pain overall, I have a high tolerance for pain and was up and walking the next day. Since the surgery I've pretty much been bed ridden. My back hurts the most now my doctor told me it was very swollen on my last visit, I get back massage from my boyfriend and try to stretch as much as I can. The female urinal has probably been one of the MOST essential things on this journey, makes using the bathroom so much easier !!!! Get one for sure ! Also be sure to take the laxatives, I had a hard time using the bathroom before I started them. Overall I am not in pain but I am so bored and tired of laying on my stomach I want to hurry up and be healed lol. I'm trying to cover everything, feel free to ask questions as well.

I look great

when I take my faja off and look in the mirror, I'm so happy with my results. I am still swollen ofcourse but seeing as how I was a "smaller" girl getting a BBL, he did so much with the fat I did have. I see a lot of people go through this "depressed" stage where hey hate their results then love them but I don't have that at all. I am very happy with my decision and i look and feel great. I have a hard time falling asleep, I take Tylenol and Arnica during the day and Percocet at night to help sleep. Moving around more during the day has helped me loosen up. I forgot to mention, I had a keyloid above my belly button from a piecing and he removed it and stitched it up as well !!! That is something I've been wanting to take care of so I'm so happy he did that for me, I feel like not every doctor would care to do so ! Very happy over all, I will have more pictures soon ! Good luck to everyone taking this journey, please do not be scared. I know a lot of reviews here can freak you out but it's not a scary process ! It's not as bad as people make it seem ! God bless.

Another pic

Annoyed right now

I'm not even in pain really but I am SO UNCOMFORTABLE with this suit and these pads 24/7 the more I wear them the more uncomfortable they've gotten. I'm so annoyed the suit makes me itch like crazy, along with these damn meds. The pain meds don't do shit & I'm lowkey tired of not sitting or laying on my back. My days go so slowly because I'm just uncomfortable all day. I'm happy with my decision however in annoyed with this damn process and who knows how long until I'm healed. Fuck this faja seriously

checking in

So my last update I was very annoyed with my faja but it has gone away, I still try to wear it everyday but I am able to take it off and put it on myself now so I can actually allow myself to breathe outside of it. I've started wearing my waist shaper and spandex some days which is more comfortable to me. UNFORTUNATELY I got food poisoning which has left me with terrible diarrhea so I haven't been wearing my suit because of how frequently I've been using the restroom. Since its been days without my suit my sides and stomach are so sore and puffy but the suit will be too hard to get off as quickly as I'd need to. I've been sleeping on my side to keep myself comfortable through this sickness, with all this going on I was so nervous to completely mess up all my results but everything has been okay. Once it's all done, I'll be back in my suit and back to laying on my stomach ! I actually can't wait for my back to feel a bit better so I can start doing light work outs.
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