Round 2- Dr. Alvarez - Miami, FL

I just paid the deposit for Dr. Alvarez. My first...

I just paid the deposit for Dr. Alvarez. My first results were good but the dr focused the liposuction on my legs and not on my stomach butt looks good but didn't get that flat stomach and tiny waist that really makes a bbl a bbl. I contemplated just doing lipo but the first time around I was so thin I only for 400ccs. I had a nice butt to begin with but just didn't get the volume I was looking for. I've checked with Blinski, Alvarez, the vanity clinic and a few others. I had my heart set on Blinski but he raises his prices out of my range and kept changing the dates you could lock in the current price and than I discovered Dr. Sergio Alvarez and knew he was the one for me. I'm Having surgery in April of 2017 and will once again pack my bags and take my butt to miami.

Current pics

Not bad but I know I can look so much better.

Stomach Wish pics

Hoping to achieve w tiny waist and nice hips
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

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