19 Yr Old Wanting a BBL Procedure - Miami, FL

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Soooo I just wrote this longgg essay and it got...

Soooo I just wrote this longgg essay and it got deleted lol im upset so Im going to just run over everything quickly ! Hi everyone I am 19 years old and live in South FL and Im going to have a BBL done with Dr. Fisher ! After seeing how sweet and funny he is plus his great work and how affordable he is I decided to go on with him. Because I caught my coordinator at the time I did I got a special of $4500 as my total and all I need is to put down $1,000 to lock in my date this is a great price to me because like I said I am only 19 and footing out everything on my own with a $12 hourly job lol so yeah. Im suppose to give my first payment this thursday so Im super excited! I havent decided on a date yet but I am thinking early March of next year perhaps ! I have been researching and looking at reviews for months and I love that on this site everyone helps each other out ! Well Im going to upload pics of me and my wish pics :) btw can anyone tell me the supplies I should start buying ??? Please and thank you ! Cant wait to be a FISHER DOLL ????

More Wish Pics Guys !

Nothing major just more wish pics guys ! Lol I honestly want the combination of Lira Galore(rick ross fiance) and Miracle Watts body something along the lines of those two I am in love with their bodies ????

Just A Little Update

So today I made my $1000 deposit and locked down March 1, 2016 but she told me If I end up needing something earlier I can always contact her and she will change it so $3500 more to go I think I'm going to make payments of about $650 every month and see how that goes so it's official Im going to be a FISHER DOLL I am super excited :) I have alot of people telling me my body is fine but I feel as even though I am only 19( i will be 20 in December) I am not asking anyone to pay for anything I am coming completely out of pocket so I don't care about anyone "OPINION" ! another thing I work for customer service so I'm sitting eight hours a day did anyone else have to go back to work sitting after surgery ?

my before pics

Pics Before BBL

A Update

Hey Dolls haven't updated in a month. so my original date was for March 1st and I called my coordinator today and got an earlier date which was January 28th. I was really excited about the new early date I got and can't wait to get my new booty. I just have a few questions for all my dolls who have done this before. how do I know which Faja Garment to buy for post bbl?how many massages should I get after surgery?where can i buy yoga pants in other type of clothing items for post surgery? thank you in advance I would love if I've got any answers to my questions my surgery is coming soon and I'm just now starting to buy my iron pills. I'm super excited and it's all hitting me so soon I can't wait to finally be done with everything thanks dolls

just a update

My surgery is a little under a month away so today i just bought the last of my stuff and just wanted to post :) i also have my two boppy pillows and a body pillow along with abdomen board and foam board ill take a pic later :)

soooo excited

Soooo my surgery is exactly a week away I am super excited but hella nervous also just updating the next time I update will be the day going in :)

how i look before surgery

This Is My Body Before I Weigh 177


sooooo my wisdom tooth is growing in and it feels like it is giving em a ear infection and just my luck its Saturday and no dentists is open on the weekends and I have to wait until Monday to do anything about it but also it says going into surgery my surgery is (4 days) away that you are NOT suppose to take any medication prior . but i know for a fact if they pull the wisdom tooth there going to give me medications because i cant take this pain. anyone been through something similar ? what should i do ?


Sooooo yesterday o came to finish paperwork and the lady told me my surgery was at 5am i thought that was really early but it's her job so i said okay. I come to vanity nobody opens the door until 6am ???????????? after that this girl says she is with fisher for 6 and im like IM with fisher for 6 AND another girl came saying the same . so im like ugh so UNPROFESSIONAL. I peed in a cup for pregenanc test . i stripped down took pics naked in all angles of before . she gave me compression socks and a gown and things for my feet and weighed me and now im just currently waiting for fisher to show up ugh it's going on 7am ???? thanks for all the good luck wishes god willing will see you guys on the BIG BOOTAYYYYY side ??? and update more later when feeling better !

a few pics

cant update everything but just a few pics n honey this pain was nothing i ever felt. Get ready to use your upper body strength

first massage today

I went to my massage with beatriz today it hurt but i definitely feel better . still in alot of pain . im so grateful for my mom she and my family been doing everything. Guys you CANT do it alone


Im not draing right so i endedup going to the er but they cant give me the strong stuff becauase im allergic. I know everybody has been saying wear your faja but i was having so much pain in it was so tight vanity told me i could take it off so i did and when i was leaving the er i tried putting it back on but it wouldnt fit my boobs or nothing idk HOW them ppl got it on the first time like dont know .

hey guys

Sorry i left you guys but it took me awhile to feel better in four days i will be a month post im going to start going to the gym this week . i sat on my butt around three weeks cause i have stuff to do and i have to get back to work . i have been driving and stuff but here's a pic. Everyone says my butt is huge i just think it's average but my auntie said it's all in my head so idk. Im down to 160 lbs i went in 180 lbs. I dont get much of a appetite to be honest. Let me know if you have questions.

everyone keeps asking for a update

Some new pics
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