19 Yr Old Flatty in Search of a Fatty - Miami, FL

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Hey y'all, so I'm 19 and I have tummy breast and...

Hey y'all, so I'm 19 and I have tummy breast and no butt. Bad shape! I am looking forward to getting this surgery because I am a college student and need something to assist me through school. I know some people will say I'm wrong for it but it's my life and I'm not at all happy with my body. I'm ready to fit my clothes the way I want so join me on this journey I have lost of questions. Some doctors I like are Dr. Salam, Dr. Omupelo (not sure if that's the correct spelling.) and some more whos names I will include in my next post.

Recovery plans? Paying the cost?

So, my plan is to save up enough for a good down payment to knock off a lot of the cost for the financing company. What are some companies you ladies used? What's a good monthly cost? How much on average should I look forward to spending? Where did you ladies stay? I'm planning to have my surgery in Miami but my mother thinks I should stay in arkansas. I'm torn! She will be an awesome help if she's their with me. But I don't see many reviews for dr. Spann that are up to my standards. I want that booty that gets attention and the waist that helps it out. I don't want a stretched belly button because I have a belly ring I want to keep. I might strip to pay off my loan. So my body has to be banging. Dr. Salama is a top doctor on my list. Vanity is scary tho!!!

Been searching!!!

So, I've looked through many bbl dolls photos and omg these ladies have some beautiful waists and behinds. But, I chose to pursue either Dr. Salama or Dr. Hasan for my surgery. They both have amazing results but I'm leaning on becoming hasanified. I think I will try to reach out to them both and go from there with my choice. I'm worried about when to book my date a college student can't miss class but I want my booty!!! ???? I see that ladies don't like obsessed people who sit around and fantasize about have that booty. I'm trying not to. Don't get me wrong after 19 yrs I accept what God gave me. I just need a boost in the rear where he missed the blessing lol. I also found some booty inspiration that's in my note book. Love you all, happy healing and happy searching!

An angel?

Y'all, I have been stressed out about where to go and how I'll pay for this surgery and being in debt after surgery ect. So I get a message and I almost feel like it's too good to be true. I hope it is true I really need this. My mind is made up. Bless me! With booty ????

Patiently waiting

I have asked for quotes from Dra. Duran and Dr.Baez. My quote from Hazani was way over my expected price. It would have cost my 10,000 without buying supplies or a plAne ticket ouch! So I am looking in the DR because I was a body to Mesmerize people ???? keep me in your thoughts thank you!

Missed out

Recently missed out on a great opportunity to acquire the money for surgery. So I'll be working hard this next year to reach my goal of 8k. But keep me in your prayers ladies. My guy friend isn't to happy with my decision to get surgery because he's all about the natural look and the look you are blessed with but I'm ready to upgrade my self and show myself some love and I do put others feelings over my own and it's time to make my own decisions about my life. I'm healthy and happy but I want look as healthy and happy as I am. I hope the change doesn't ruin our friendship before our relationship blossoms but if it does we weren't meant to be together because a man who loves you will love you anyway. - I'm just trying to be his eye candy ????????????
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